News stories designed with hyper-emotionally driven narratives produce the highest ratings and the greatest profits for corporate advertisers and shareholders alike.

Emotionally manipulative MSM stories, such as the one we are about to examine, keep those numbered among the general public clicking the You Tube and social media news feed buttons on their home computers and cell phones and, as well, keep them glued to their HD television screens.

Yes folks, long ago, those who own the MSM – the thirteen Jesuit families – learned that the deliberate manufacture of emotional furor among the general public equals ballooning profits and soaring stock margins.

But, symbolically, financial profit represents a weapon, while politics – the maintenance of power through deception – represents the will to pull the trigger.

Everyone, by now, at least, is more than well-familiar with the detailed narrative of the recent news story we are about to examine.

Less well-known, however, are the true identities of the perpetrators and those that serve them – such as Victoria, Australia’s current Premiere, Daniel Andrews.

This particular investigation shall be more preoccupied with the identities of the perpetrators than those of the participating actor(s), particularly, the story’s heavily promoted protagonist, “Zoe-Lee Buhler”.

The protagonist’s surname, it should be noted, offered a paramount clue as to the genuine identity behind the media mask of Premiere Daniel Andrews, a key perpetrator.

Andrews, of course, has recently come under fire.

Lately, Andrews has been beleaguered with accusations of political overreach and, even, gross incompetence.

The latter charge represents a deliberate misdirection. After all, Daniel Andrews, like all such “elected” officials, is a puppet controlled by puppet masters, ensconced at the Vatican, in Rome.

Andrews’s masters, as shall soon be demonstrated, are those connected to the highest levels of the Jesuit order and to the Jesuit’s Council of Thirteen, which consists of prime emissaries – usually, the sitting crowned monarch – from each of the royal thirteen Jesuit families.

As everyone has learned, the Jesuits – executional masters of psychological operations and the long-term planning of grand geopolitical schemes – have never been in the habit of allowing for compromising blunders.

Everyone may be stunned to discover, Andrews – like US president “Donald J. Trump” (AKA Brian Williams/Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco) is a fabricated character scheme and, on this occasion, one discovered to be portrayed by a once famous Hollywood actor.

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

In fact, Andrews’s host actor, it has been confirmed, is more renowned for the famous role he played in a seminally popular Hollywood produced cinema blockbuster during the era of the 1980’s.


For those newly arrived visitors, who may be unfamiliar with the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, the most heavily promoted news stories represent noting more than covert propaganda. 

Such stories are promoted in wide circulation because they serve the interests of the thirteen Jesuit families, the media’s monopoly owners.

The objectives are twofold: 1.) the financial or commercial benefit to shareholder profit(s) and, 2.) to influence, shape and, ultimately, control the perceptions and social behaviors of the proletariat or the general public.

Ultimately, the end result of achieving both objectives is the maintenance of hegemonic power; the balance of the status quo – control and ownership of the means of production – struck between the proletariat and the ruling thirteen families. 

It would appear, the widely-promoted arrest of “Zoe–Lee Buhler”, a twenty-eight-year-old Australian woman, has well-achieved its main objective: to emotionally agitate and divide the general public.

Everyone, surely, noticed the number of 28 or 2 8’s (88/aces and eights/Saturn/mark of the Jesuit order).

Symbolically, the number of 88 represents the occult concept of the infinite time loop. 

Neither should it come as a surprise to anyone that – at least to anyone who regularly visits this site – this latest psychological operation involved the participation of fabricated character schemes whom acted under pseudonyms.

As everyone shall soon observe, the cloying and heart tugging arc of Zoe-Lee Buhler’s news narrative featured all the usual elements we’ve come to expect: masonic symbolism, photo-shopped image trickery, evidential narrative scripting, and numerological coding. 

Added to this, of course, connections were discovered to Jesuit institutions of higher learning, to the Society of Jesus itself, and to the Crown Temple in the City of London.

Part and parcel of the clever operational trickery utilized with this story, had to do with the possible deployment of a faded Australian pop star, who is now living in Los Angeles. 

Then, there is the issue of the protagonist’s moniker: “Buhler”.

Turns out, folks, Daniel Andrews, Premiere of Victoria, is a political character fabrication portrayed by a once famous host actor, a former 1980’s American teen film star.

The spouse of Andrews’s host actor, it has been confirmed, once portrayed a renowned character cast in an award-winning situation comedy, an American television production which became widely popular during the era of the 1990’s. As well, it has been confirmed, that, among Andrews’s political administration, there are several Jesuit-trained agents.   

But before we can begin to examine the particulars of that investigation, we shall begin by delving into and examining some of the narrative elements and details particular to the “official” story of “Zoe-Lee Buhler”.


The connection between the arrest of “Zoe-Lee Buhler” and Facebook, the popular social media platform, serves as yet another primary clue this widely distributed MSM news story was concocted out of whole cloth.

In other words, folks, the story of “Zoe-Lee Buhler” was nothing more than a media-driven hoax, one which, nevertheless, was created to serve an ulterior agenda.

It is interesting to note, JavaScript, the conceptual basis upon which the creation of the world wide web is constructed and which later facilitated the creation of Facebook and the other commonly used plethora of social media platforms, was first developed at Santa Clara University, a private institution of higher learning established by the Jesuit order.


It has also been well-established, all existing social media platforms are preponderant with swarming hordes of government agents, activists, faceless trolls, shadow accounts controlled by AI bots and, of course, “influencers”, those that are paid to sway public opinion and to shape and steer the perceptions of the unwitting, the ill-informed, and the gullible.

Largely, it appears the work of these social media “influencers”, particularly regarding the story of “Zoe-Lee Buhler”, has been successful.

Nearly everyone, it seems, especially those prone to regurgitate the MSM narrative as well those numbered among the “alternative” news community, have swallowed whole the intended message of propaganda as if it were chicken feed or mother’s milk.

Everyone, accept, of course, those regular visitors to this site. 


Historically – when it comes to the execution of psychological operations – the utilization of covert media veils, as a prime method of operation, have well-served those among the Jesuit order and the Vatican bank connected Crown Temple, in the City of London.

This method of sinister media operation involves a dialectical process: the establishment of covert media agents whom appear to stand on opposing sides of a paramount issue, whether political, social, or economic. 

These opposing agents, set up as authoritative experts, are essentially straw men, designed to divide the public into warring camps and to provide the true perpetrators of such manufactured agitations with some modicum of plausible deniability.  

Case-in-point: an “opinion” piece discovered published at, composed by Greg Barns, a graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, an Australian school of higher learning whose chancellor, Ziggy Switkowski, happens to be Jesuit educated (Saint Bernard’s college in Essendon) .

Switkowski, it turns out, is heavily connected to some of Australia’s largest private sector telecommunications businesses.

According to Wikipedia, “His most public role was as the chief executive officer of Australia’s largest telecommunications company Telstra from 1994 to 2004. During his tenure, he oversaw the privatization of the then government-owned corporation through a series of public tranche sales (known as T1, T2, T3 sales). Currently, he is chairman of both NBN co and Suncorp, a director of Healthscope, Oil Search, and Tabcorp and the Chancellor of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University).”

Interestingly, again, according to Wikipedia, one of the companies to which Switkowski is connected – Healthscope – “is a for-profit Australian company which operates private hospitals, medical centers, and international pathology services.”


Certainly, as chairman of Healthscope, it would be a rather simple matter for Switkowski, a highly-placed figure and well-connected to some of Australia’s largest medical facilities, to oversee the manufacturing of coronavirus “cases” and the fabrication of “Covid-19” statistics. 

Such manufactured data – without much difficulty – could then be passed on to other highly-placed connections employed by the MSM, those whom, presumably, would also be connected to the highest-degrees of the international freemasonic brotherhood, an organization controlled by the Jesuit order, in Rome.  


How convenient, then, that, Greg Barns, a professional colleague of Switkowski’s, has composed a highly-charged “opinion” piece in the wake of the controversial arrest of “Zoe-Lee Buhler” by the Victorian police, a psychological operation which, clearly, was designed to manipulate the perceptions of the Australian general public. 

Barns’ “opinion” piece, published at, appears scathingly critical of the Victorian police and their behavior during the arrest of “Zoe-Lee Buhler”.


Barns “opinion” runs counter to the position of Luke Cornelius, Victoria’s assistant police commissioner, who maintains the arresting officers under his charge acted “appropriately”.

In the following video excerpt, everyone will observe that Luke Cornelius is dutifully reading from a script, prepared for him by his high-level masonic masters.

Turns out, however, though they appear to stand on opposing sides in relation to the arrest of “Zoe-Lee Buhler” and “Covid-19 protests”, the interests of Greg Barns and Luke Cornelius are one and the same.

Barns is a legally licensed barrister, an esquire sworn to the Crown Temple in the City of London. 

Cornelius is a police commissioner sworn to serve the interests of Victoria, Australia, presided over by Queen Elizabeth II, the legal exchequer of a Crown Temple colony, a corporation, which is subject to Admiralty Law.

This method of Jesuit operation is termed, the Hegelian dialectic.

Quite simply, in posing a pair of “authority” figures to take opposite sides on a news story involving a gross power imbalance between the state, represented by the masonic police guilds, and a vulnerable victim – a young woman amid a 7 month pregnancy alleged to have been charged with “incitement” – the public is, in turn, incited to agitative reactions, to become embroiled in emotionally-driven impulses.


Of course, everyone noticed the MSM’s use of the number 7 in connection to “Zoey-Lee Buhler” (Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon, the hook)? 

The surname of the victim – “Buhler” – turns up telltale gematria calculations.

“Buhler” sums to 66 in English Ordinal gematria and, in Full Reduction, sums to 30 (Three=EE/33/highest-degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

When “Buhler” is calculated in Reverse Full Reduction, we also get a sum of 33. 

The digits making up the number of 66, when added, equals 12 which, when subjected to the occult law of mirrored reversal, equals 21 or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s infamous joker intelligence code.

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley 


As a result of the rather chaotic present state of affairs, a majority of those among the general public will be unable to detect the inherent paradoxical contradiction regarding the alleged arrest of “Zoe-Lee Buhler”.

Paradoxically, while the perceived victim – “Zoe-Lee Buhler – was charged with “incitement”, the entire psychological operation was designed to incite the public to raging anger.

But inciting civil disobedience from the Australian general public achieves two objectives: 1.) a protest consisting of an angry mob which is further incited by covert police agitators gives the presiding Victorian government administration of Daniel Andrews the legal justification it seeks for declaring Martial Law and, 2.) widely promoted and televised footage of a violent protest which results in mass arrests and even the deaths, whether real or imagined, of clashing protestors benefits the stockholders of the MSM in terms of profitability (skyrocketing ratings/exponentially increased ad rates). 

But, of course, simultaneously, while the thirteen Jesuit families are manipulating and inciting the Australian general public –  perceived by such royal ruling elites to be demoralized, weak, and helpless – they are being deliberately mocked.

The following image – immediately below – serves as a dramatic illustration.

Everyone will notice, while examining the image, there is a wiccan moon symbol, with a pink rune stone, placed on the wall directly behind “Zoey-Lee Buhler”.

This particular symbol, according to Wiccan lore, is the symbol of a crown.

Runes are utilized in the practice of casting spells.

During her “arrest”, Buhler was donned in pink pajamas.

This would seem to correspond with the utilization of the pink rune stone, evident in the image available at the link, displayed above.

When combined, the words pink and stone sum to 123 in English Ordinal gematria, a number which also reduces to 6 (2 3’s/33).

The Full Reduction of “pink stone” sums to 42 (6/33) and 120 in Reverse Ordinal, which reduces to the number of 3 (EE=33).

In Reverse Full Reduction, “pink stone” sums to 48, a number which also reduces to 3 (33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry).

When added together, all of these reductions (6+6+3+3) total the number of 18 or 666.   

Essentially, this Wiccan or occult spell – demonstrated in the image of “Zoey-Lee Buhler” which was allegedly taken during her “live-streamed” performance –  was designed to summon Isis or Sophia, the Queen of Heaven, the feminine energy of the new age of Aquarius.

Everyone will also notice, the image of the character fabrication known as “Zoey-Lee Buhler” is depicted with her tongue struck forth, an act which, according to the following article at, symbolically represents a vulgar gesture, implying the most ruthless and unempathetic form of mockery.


Everyone will also notice, the caption underneath the image – shown at the identical link leading to the web page of Greg Barns’ article at – clearly states the event of Buhler’s “arrest” was “live-streamed from her home”.

This statement carries with it stunning implications, indicating the event was, indeed, a staged psychological operation executed by the Victorian police department and with the tacit consent of Daniel Andrews’s governing political administration. 

Furthermore, preliminary comparison analysis between the pair of images, featured below, reveal stunning facial landmark similarities, between “Zoey-Lee Buhler” and Australian pop star, Iggy Azalea.

When observed closely, ocular examination of the images will reveal similarities between the architectural symmetry and geometrical contours of the noses, cheekbones and lips.

Though everyone will notice, the comparative facial landmarks – between “Buhler” and Azalea – may be differentiated by what appears to be a birth mark, located along the lower left contour of Azalea’s chin, this appears to have been artificially applied, similar to the kind of vintage beauty mark Hollywood make-up artists would apply to their female stars or clients with a sharp-pointed darkening pencil.

In essence, it appears, Buhler’s fabricated character scheme is merely a modification of Iggy Azalea made to appear disheveled in pink pajamas and without her normal make-up specifications applied.

At the time of her “arrest”, MSM reports claimed Buhler was seven months pregnant.

This narrative arc would seem to correspond with the details of the following article, published at and dated for July 16, 2020, which details Azalea’s recent pregnancy. 


Zoey-Lee Buhler:

Iggy Azalea:


As was alluded to earlier, the political administration of Victorian Premiere Daniel Andrews harbors Jesuit-educated and trained agents.

One such Jesuit agent among Andrews’s administration, is Robert Hulis, the Victorian Deputy Premiere, and the 23rd in the history of the office.

Surely, everyone noticed, in connection to the Premiere’s deputy, the number of 23 (2 3’s/33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry)?

According to Wikipedia, Hulis “was privately educated at Xavier College”. 

Again, according to Wikipedia, Xavier “is a Roman Catholic, day and boarding school predominantly for boys, founded in 1872 by the Society of Jesus…”

Yet another Jesuit-trained agent present in the Andrews administration of Victoria is Linda Dessau, who was recently awarded with the Order of Australia, an order of chivalry established by Elizabeth II of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who, according to Dessau’s Wikipedia biographical entry, is “Queen of Australia”.

Dessau was educated at Saint Catherine’s School, Toorak, a Roman Catholic school.

The headquarters of Roman Catholicism, of course, is the Vatican, in Rome, which is under the control of the Society of Jesus. Dessau also educated at Melbourne University, which was established in the 19th century by Hugh Childers, a genealogical relation of the British peerage, to Sir Culling Eardley, the 3rd Baron of Eardley.

Undoubtedly, behind the curtain of the recent media blitz surrounding Premiere Daniel Andrews, the aforementioned individuals represent the true shot callers of the Victorian government.

Keep in mind, officially, Andrews is the 48th in succession to serve as Victoria, Australia’s Premiere. Elementarily, the sum of the numbers of 4 and 8 equal 12 which, when applied to the law of occult mirrored reversal, in turn, equal 21 or 37’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code. 

As for Andrews, himself, his presence merely represents a theatrical prop, a lightning rod for public outrage, a public punching bag and puppet instrument propped up to provide the genuine perpetrators of the Covid-19 psychological operation with a fortressed measure of plausible deniability. 

How can we lend any credence to this hypothesis?

Does anyone remember this actor, who starred in the 1980’s Hollywood blockbuster comedy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm that Daniel Andrews is portrayed by a Hollywood host actor, Matthew Broderick. 

Daniel Andrews:

Matthew Broderick: 

Additionally, facial recognition and image comparison analysis also indicate that Premiere Andrews’s spouse, Catherine, is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, formerly the star of American television’s situation comedy production, Sex in the City, during the era of the 1990’s.

Catherine Andrews:

Sarah Jessica Parker: 


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