How Crown Temple Rules America (Part IV)

How Crown Temple Rules America (Part IV)

One felt it was of paramount importance, to once again reiterate, who it is that rules over the world, and why the actor based reality, detailed in a slew of past installments, is legally allowed to exist. The system of global governance ruling over the masses of the Anglo-American West, Europe, and the remainder of the known world, is called the Crown Temple, centered within the one square mile of the city of London.

The Crown Temple, including the middle and inner Temples, along with the principalities of Washington D.C., and the Vatican complex, represent the administrative, commercial, military, ecclesiastical, and legal structures governing not only the corporation known as the United States, but the four corners of the known world.

In the spirit of full disclosure, one would be remiss not to mention one’s primary motivation for returning to this particular subject.

Lately, one has heard disturbing rumors that may be affiliated with a certain prominent figure in the alternative media community generally thought to be a disinformation agent, and known for utilizing ear bio-metrics and other forensic tools as the cornerstone of his investigations. One finds it truly unfortunate, the verifiable body of work to be discovered here, dismissed thoroughly out of hand by some, solely based upon such superficial assessments. There also seems to exist the general impression a majority of the material to be discovered here, has been borrowed from other source material. Even now, there are those, who would attempt to utilize crude Jungian psychology, to enclose one in their echo chambers, in the desperate hope one might be persuaded to abscond from previously drawn conclusions. Above all, one asks, is there anyone else to be found, virtually anywhere, addressing the topic of the Crown Temple?

Think about it, folks.

To those who persist with such faulty notions, so be it, and to the everlasting detriment of naysayers, and their baseless accusations.

On the other hand, one supposes such disparaging dismissals exist as a rare species of compliment, and should therefore be construed as a sort of perverse flattery.

Be that as it may, not seeking validation, and with no regard for the misguided and capricious opinions of others issued without probable cause or empirical evidence, one soldiers on, concerned only with the revelation of the truth. Continue reading “How Crown Temple Rules America (Part IV)”

A holiday to celebrate America’s ‘independence’?

Sorry to disturb the serenity of the food and fireworks on this hallowed holiday of July 4, but the search for the truth never rests.

For more than almost three centuries now, Americans have believed in a lie so monstrous it can scarcely be believed. The United States is a not a country, but a corporation.

In truth, it would be more accurate to say, the US is still a colony, which in the strictest of legal terms, represents a corporate or (e)state franchise of the Crown, or more specifically, the Crown Temple in London. Kings James I became renown for not only having created the text that is known today in the modern age as the Bible, but he also established the first charter of Virginia in 1606.

This royal charter not only granted America’s first settlers and forefathers the right to colonize land owned by the British crown on the east coast of the North American continent, it also granted Britain’s future monarchs complete sovereignty and dominion over America’s future generations of citizens. The charter also granted the right of Crown agents to levy and collect taxes on behalf of the Crown.

But, here’s where the confusion for most Americans begins.

Though the British Crown may have later renounced the terms and conditions set down in the Virginia charter with the Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Paris Peace in 1783, those rights and liberties were merely transferred to agents of the Crown Temple bank. Thus, while America may have gained independence from the British monarch, its colonies became (e)states, unlawfully but legally owned by the Crown Temple bank.

A closer examination of America’s signed treaties and charters reveals this shocking truth-that America’s independence is only a false perception, propagated through the ages until the present time.   Continue reading “A holiday to celebrate America’s ‘independence’?”