How Crown Temple Rules America (Part IV)

One felt it was of paramount importance, to once again reiterate, who it is that rules over the world, and why the actor based reality, detailed in a slew of past installments, is legally allowed to exist. The system of global governance ruling over the masses of the Anglo-American West, Europe, and the remainder of the known world, is called the Crown Temple, centered within the one square mile of the city of London.

The Crown Temple, including the middle and inner Temples, along with the principalities of Washington D.C., and the Vatican complex, represent the administrative, commercial, military, ecclesiastical, and legal structures governing not only the corporation known as the United States, but the four corners of the known world.

In the spirit of full disclosure, one would be remiss not to mention one’s primary motivation for returning to this particular subject.

Lately, one has heard disturbing rumors that may be affiliated with a certain prominent figure in the alternative media community generally thought to be a disinformation agent, and known for utilizing ear bio-metrics and other forensic tools as the cornerstone of his investigations. One finds it truly unfortunate, the verifiable body of work to be discovered here, dismissed thoroughly out of hand by some, solely based upon such superficial assessments. There also seems to exist the general impression a majority of the material to be discovered here, has been borrowed from other source material. Even now, there are those, who would attempt to utilize crude Jungian psychology, to enclose one in their echo chambers, in the desperate hope one might be persuaded to abscond from previously drawn conclusions. Above all, one asks, is there anyone else to be found, virtually anywhere, addressing the topic of the Crown Temple?

Think about it, folks.

To those who persist with such faulty notions, so be it, and to the everlasting detriment of naysayers, and their baseless accusations.

On the other hand, one supposes such disparaging dismissals exist as a rare species of compliment, and should therefore be construed as a sort of perverse flattery.

Be that as it may, not seeking validation, and with no regard for the misguided and capricious opinions of others issued without probable cause or empirical evidence, one soldiers on, concerned only with the revelation of the truth.

The United States is a corporation, ultimately overseen by a board of directors, or Council of Templars headquartered in the city of London. The states, under their present legal designation, expressed in capital letters, were not designed to be, and in truth never have been, independent entities. Before explaining how it is the US government is merely a tool of the Crown Temple, and why it is actors operating under pseudonyms are allowed to hold high political office, one shall reiterate the origination of the Crown Temple and the true nature of its governing predominance.

The history of Crown Temple goes back to thirteenth century England, to the reign of King John the first, and the signing of the Magna Carta. The predominant merchant banking families of Europe served as the official exchequers of the British and other European crowns. Their business interests, which chiefly consisted of labor and legal guilds, and money lending operations, were finally and officially consolidated in the mid-thirteenth century, and became known as the Crown Temple. As time went on, the temple was divided into four inns of court, or franchises, consisting of the inner and middle temple, and Lincoln’s and Grey’s court. Lincoln’s court is named after the third Earl of Lincoln in the thirteenth century. Each inn represents a private country club, or secret society.

The sitting monarchs of England, and other European royal families are members of the inner and middle temple. None of these inns are incorporated, and exist without charters or statutes, which means they are officially and legally non-entities, and therefore no legal claims can be filed against them. They are, for all intents and purposes, permanently shielded from accountability or legal censure.

This is why, when one discovers an actor with an appropriated pseudonym performing in a live crisis event, or Homeland Security preparedness drill, sold to the public as actual, they are in effect, legally speaking, non-persons that do not exist, and are therefore shielded from legal accountability.

A majority of the signatories to America’s founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, founding Constitution, and Treaty of Peace, were in fact esquires, or attorneys, with sworn allegiances to the Crown Temple. The terms of the Treaty of Peace, drawn up subsequent to the cessation of American revolution hostilities in 1783, were negotiated in Paris by Crown Temple esquires Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. Remarkably, all signatories involved in negotiating the terms, of not only the Treaty of Peace, but all of America’s founding documents, were representatives of the same presiding contractual agent, the Crown Temple, and not acting in direct legal opposition.

Therefore, extending from the year 1776, by legal virtue of all subsequent charters, patents, licences, and statutes negotiated by Crown Temple agents, and by virtue of debt notes issued by private banks such as the Federal Reserve, affiliated with Crown Temple, America was legally bound in perpetuity to the Crown Temple, and it’s middle inn, and not, as successive generations of Americans have been fooled into believing, free and independent.

See: How Crown Temple rules America part 1

The generally believed portrayal of how America was founded, chronicled in public school history books, and other scholarly history texts, is a complete fiction, and represents a colossal lie. This lie has been perpetuated through false perceptions promulgated by public schools and American universities of so-called higher learning. America’s judiciary, filled with esquires beholden via verbal and written oath to the Crown Temple, have purposely misinterpreted the terms and conditions of America’s founding documents, in order to keep this secret undisclosed to the American public. But, words, the interpretations of which often have two meanings, one for the elites and yet another for the common man, have always been the keenest weapon in the ruling elites arsenal, cleverly and judiciously utilized in the maintenance of their hegemony over the masses.

Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton, generally known as one of America’s founding fathers, was in truth, a massive scoundrel. His family genealogy is either skewed, or worse, been obliterated altogether. Hamilton’s father, named Levine, of Jewish descent, was a member of the Crown middle temple, and an esquire, or attorney. As all attorney’s called to the temple bar, still to this day, Levine, or Hamilton, due to solemn oath, was legally beholden to the Crown Temple. His son, Alexander, educated at King’s college New York, which later became known as Columbia University, was specifically installed in the newly established Crown colony American government as Secretary of the Treasury to establish the first state bank of New York, a private bank overseen by the middle temple inn of the Crown Temple. The New York bar, to which Hamilton was soon called after completing his law exams, is a direct franchise of the Crown Temple, specifically the middle temple. Perhaps more than any figure in American history, Alexander Hamilton is responsible for establishing America’s devastating debt based economic system, saddling generation after generation with an albatross of perpetual debt that will never be removed in the foreseeable future. It is rather amusing to have learned there is now, currently playing, on Broadway, an eponymous entitled production lionizing the life and times of this monstrous figure.

But, such is the triumph of popular perception over objective reality.

Right from the inception of the United States, Americans have been fooled into the perception the legal crown colonies were independent nation states, but in truth were not, and never have been. They were, and still are, colonies of the Crown Temple, through letters, patents and charters, meaning they possess no legal authority to exist independently of the rule and order of the Crown Temple.

The legal STATE, expressed in all legal documents in capitals, is the legal Crown Temple colony. Through the deception of legal semantics, terms and conditions, Crown Temple agents have hoodwinked Americans into perceiving America’s founding documents established liberty and independence, when in truth, they ensured its perpetual slavery to Crown Temple debt and unlawful, but legally tyrannical uniform rules and commercial codes.

For over two hundred years, the American people have been duped, through social conditioning, through indoctrination centers masked as public schools, into believing they are free, when in fact, they are not, and never have been, liberated from tyranny.

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17 thoughts on “How Crown Temple Rules America (Part IV)

    1. I can assure this isn’t conspiracy theory. The Crown Temple does rule over America, and the people have been duped by the legal semantics put down in the founding documents,

    1. Very astute comment. To get a larger perspective on this, everyone in America should read two books, one entitled ‘The Grand Chessboard’, and the other ‘Between Two Ages. Both were written by Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Secretary of State during the Carter administration, and still today a member of the Tri-lateral commission, a powerful think tank tied in with the UN.

      1. You can know we’ll be getting those books for our leaning and library. Amazing how only certain books ever reach the best read list. I guess we know why, lol.

      2. Yes, I suppose it is what is generally termed a ‘soft’ sort of censorship. When you explore either of those titles, you shall become shocked how conspicuous the real agenda of the ruling elites actually is.

      3. Its okay. From our backgrounds these books reveal truths that we deep down thought were occurring and then to read confirming reports makes us feel healthy again.

      4. When you begin to read either book, what will become most striking, is how out in the open the ruling elites are about their overall agenda, and yet, all but a small portion of the public dismisses any such notions as ‘conspiracy theory’.

      5. Now, of course, in a rather Orwellian twist, Google has altered their algorithms to filter out any sites or videos that espouse any viewpoint of opinion deviating from the mainstream propaganda as ‘fake new’.

      6. Try as they might, and perhaps this is a bit naive, but the truth can never be submerged for very long. The methods employed to submerge alternative perspectives to my mind invalidates the veracity of the establishment line. If their position weren’t so deceptively weak, they wouldn’t go to such absurd lengths to ensure only the governments version of events remained prevalent.

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