The Bush family legacy of CGI lies


As yet, many do not subscribe to the concept of the actor based reality.

Rather, those shrinking from such a notion do so either out of ideological blindness, adherence to social pressures despite some lingering subconscious inkling, or from the deleterious effects suffered at the hands of repeated exposure to corporate television programming.

Still others cannot conceive of the actor based reality because they claim there exists a dearth of empirical evidence presented here at Newsspell to support the very idea – of what to them – seems such an outlandish and perhaps even preposterous notion. Even despite presenting such incredulous doubters with empirical examples and direct links to sources demonstrating the US is a commercial corporation ruled over by London’s Crown Temple, rather than heed the cue and corroborate such evidence for themselves, they choose to first smear the researcher as a “liar”, then perhaps in an even more cowardly fashion, do so anonymously then quickly abscond back into the comfortable womb of their digital rabbit warrens.

Nevertheless, and yet again, one shall proceed in this installment to argue a convincing case that yet another of America’s “elected” presidents was indeed an actor operating under a pseudonym, and that by empirical implication, the very pseudonym this character has utilized to fool the American people may be no more legitimate than that of the historically vaunted “Kennedy” family moniker.

Be that as it may, one manages, once again, to peel back the masking layers of deception.

Come with me now, on an adventurous and revealing ride that just may – by the end – leave one psychologically and emotionally scarred, and yet ultimately emerge no worse, and perhaps even better for having suffered.

Indeed, there are no primrose paths leading to the perilous summit of triumphant truth.

Not only will one discover the news broadcast on all mainstream, corporate networks to be a complete theatrical fabrication, but as one shall soon learn, those actors reading you the “news” from their teleprompters may also be the host actors serving as executive protagonists in these very scripted productions.

Yes, as painful as that fact may be to many and their delicate sensibilities, nevertheless, such seems to be the case. But with modern, digitally based post-production, green screen, and the exponential sophistication of CGI, such illusory deceptions have become a rather simple matter to maintain.

Researching the capabilities of these tools utilized as psychological weapons is paramount when attempting to discern the existence of the actor based reality.

Indeed, such tools have been used to rig elections, pose counter-intelligence/destabilization agents at the head of what appear to be grass roots social/cultural movements (feminism/civil rights/LGBTQ/Occupy Wall Street etc., etc. ), hosts of saber rattling Middle and Far Eastern/South American/African tin pot dictators fresh from Hollywood central casting who act on behalf of the international intelligence octopus and are funded by central bankers, provide multiple and lucrative careers in the music and other entertainment industries, and maintain profitable careers in a host of other fields of human endeavor including those of the academic and corporate business spheres. Difficult as the idea of the actor based reality may seem to many, nonetheless such has been the case for decades (if not centuries), not only here in the US, but around the world. Above all, the actor based reality conceals the centralized global governance of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, as well their prevailing commercial system of corporate monopolies.

Therfore, one must ask before succumbing to emotional investment in any “news” story presented on any mainstream, corporate network usually accompanied by narratives featuring prominent characters sporting household names; is any of this real?

The answer – if one allows an objective and honest assessment – is most likely and in all cases, negative.

And if living in the modern/post-modern age has taught anything, it is that one should never allow those working in the capacity of serving the mainstream media complex to formulate their perceptions of reality.

“Poppy” Bush’s heroic wartime myth

As with many other prominent historical figures examined before, the mythical character of Bush family patriarch George H.W. “poppy” Bush has been historically substantiated with a tale of wartime heroism.

Since the historical cornerstone of such mythical characters is always found firmly planted in the fertile, psychological soil of the collective public consciousness, the concept of war, with its stories of traditional, chivalric deeds serves as the fertilizing catalyst that blooms vast gardens of heroic and immortal images for the sake of a marveling and remote posterity.

This is a tradition with the ruling elite families going back several centuries, when tales of chivalric heroism during times of “war” often served to solidify the legend of a king or noble prince in the mind of the governed populace.

Unlike the maritime war myth of John F. Kennedy, Bush’s moment of chivalrous heroism occurred in the air while allegedly piloting a plane during the second world conflict. Per established mainstream history, Bush became the youngest naval aviator up to that time after enlisting soon after graduation from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and completing a ten month aviation course.

Commissioned as an ensign in the United States Naval Reserve and subsequently assigned to the naval air station at Corpus Christi three days before his 19th birthday on June 9, 1943, Bush’s glorified moment of wartime heroism would soon arrive.

However, from this point forward, folks, the anomalies contained in Bush’s biography become especially evident.

Despite having trained as an aviator, Bush’s first naval billet was with a Torpedo squadron (VT-51) as a “photographic officer” (huh?). Quickly, Bush was promoted to Lieutenant on August 1, 1944, and while his squadron was aboard the USS San Jacinto, the vessel commenced operations in the South Pacific against Japanese naval forces in what was reportedly one of the largest naval air battles during the entire second world conflict: the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

During one of the battles near the Bonin Islands, Bush was allegedly ordered to throw aside his photographic camera to commandeer a Grunman TBM Avenger aircraft, and proceed to attack Japanese installations on the island of ChichiJima. While bombing the island however, Bush’s plane sustained damage from heavy anti-aircraft volleys and caught fire. Despite the immediate danger, and like the fabled “Red Baron” of World War I fame, our wartime hero managed to maintain control of the burning hulk to complete his assigned bombing raid, and somehow managed to allegedly score several damaging hits. Due to the Navy’s own statistics concerning the primary weapon and the listed specifications of the TBM Avenger aircraft, one shall soon observe the credulity of Bush’s heroic tale begins to disintegrate.

Per US Naval data, the Mark 13 torpedoes, when dispatched from aerial positions, were not highly accurate, and tests of the weapon prior to and during the war demonstrated that the Mark 13 failed in 70% of the drops made from aircraft traveling faster than 150 knots (170 mph). Given the TBM Avenger Bush piloted was capable of a top speed of 275 mph, it is safe to conclude the rate of failure for the Mark 13 dropped from Bush’s aircraft would have exceeded 70%.

And yet, our mythical, wartime hero, George H.W. “Poppy” Bush (during the war reportedly nicknamed “skin” by his crewmates) managed to remarkably defy the Navy’s own statistical analysis and destroy most of his assigned targets despite hampered flight maneuverability due to fire damage.

You see folks, when it comes to the making of historical legends, these sorts of problematic details can be easily overcome, because heroes always hit their targets even when their planes are disintegrating beneath them into meteoric and fiery wrecks.

As if this heroic tale couldn’t grow any taller, despite the engine well ablaze, Lieutenant Bush managed to fly his irreparably damaged Avenger craft several miles from ChichiJima before he and his two crewmates bailed out, and reportedly all, save one, were able to unfurl their parachutes to wait four hours in an inflatable raft upon the open waters (one wonders where the inflatable raft materialized from?) while friendly fighter planes encircled overhead until the pair could be lifted to safety aboard the rescuing USS Finback.

At least – and after several historical revisions – that is now the official mainstream chronology of events.

But this is where additional difficulties come into play. It should also be noted that the brand of torpedo bombing plane piloted by “Poppy Bush” also helped to establish the myth of the “Bermuda Triangle,” when on December (12/21/777/joker code) 5, 1945, after losing radio contact during a US Navy overwater navigation training flight, all 14 (77/lightning charges of Lucifer) crew members suddenly disappeared and were never to be found, or so the mythical story goes.

As one shall soon detail, in earlier versions of Poppy’s mythical story, only Bush was able to don a parachute to abscond from the burning wreck and survive, while his two crew members perished.

Yes, folks, one finds the name of the recuing Naval vessel, “Finback”, appropriate, because this alleged tale of Bush’s wartime heroism is indeed, one big fish story.

Over the ensuing years, when Bush’s mythical wartime story was lofted into the forefront of public consciousness during his 1988 presidential run, the recounted details of the presidential candidate’s story seemed to change and even at times contradict, especially regarding the mortal fate of his pair of Avenger crew members.

Psychologists have long determined that the establishment and maintenance of lies is a bit akin to managing the exponential expansion of a geometric equation, a formidable task most mortals find ultimately insurmountable. For indeed, when one endeavors to tell a lie regardless of the proportion, it is dismayingly discovered two more must be told in order to cover for the first, and so on and so forth, until eventually after the elapse of time, and especially under the gaze of heavy scrutiny, the liar’s house of cards is forced to collapse under its own weight.

Regarding his concocted wartime adventure, such seems to be the case with the host actor portraying the character of “Poppy” Bush.

Soon after the tragic incident, Bush wrote to his parents claiming after it was clear the plane had caught fire and would most likely crash, though he remained certain he had ordered his two crew members to don parachutes and abandon ship, due to the billowing smoke allegedly filling the cockpit, he was uncertain as to whether or not they had bailed out and made it to safety. And yet, the version of the story above, drawn from the authoritative pages of Wikipedia, claims at least one of the pair of Bush’s crewmembers made it into the inflatable raft from which they were later rescued miles from land under the protection of encircling Allied fighter planes.

An excerpt from the letter in question is worded as follows:

“They {his pair of crew} didn’t answer at all, but I looked around and couldn’t see Ted {one of the pair of crew members manning the aircraft’s rear gun turret} at all, so I assumed he had gone below to get his chute fashioned on.”

And still much later in the 1980’s, Bush told writer Doug Wead, who had been hired by Bush’s staff to compose the book George Bush: Man of Integrity, the following:

“I looked back and saw that my rear gunner was out. He had been machine gunned to death right where he was.”

Uh, yeah – RIGHT!

Still later in the same decade, Bush cited this version to Wead:

“One of them jumped out and his parachute streamed. They had fighter planes over us and they could see the chute open, and the other one…he was killed in the plane. You can see (in) a torpedo bomber, the pilot is separate from the crew, but you can look over and see the turret, and he was just slumped over.”

What is ironic about this is that though various mainstream sources – depending upon designated political ideology of course – were quite willing to heatedly debate the details of the event and the contradictory nature of some of Bush’s recollections, none of them were willing to ever entertain the notion that the event may have been completely fabricated – or more to the point yet, that the very identity of Bush himself may have been fraudulent.

And why, folks?

Because substantiating empirical evidence as such regarding Bush’s wartime heroic tale, or who he really is, isn’t commercially viable in terms of continued profitability. After all, one can’t keep writing subsequent books, creating documentaries and blockbuster Hollywood movies if someone – perhaps an established historian or even a well ranked academic – is allowed to mass circulate their empirical findings to the public.

That wouldn’t be good for business.

Which leads one to the identity of “Poppy” Bush’s host actor, and how it was the ruling elites propping up their puppet decided to ultimately and cleverly settle the controversy once and for all.

Loyal readers may recall that in Newsspell’s debut installment entitled “Fake news sold as the real thing,” one detailed the Iraq imbroglio ensnared mainstream anchorperson Brian Williams, who was later forced to retract a story he recounted while live in the air concerning an attack on the military helicopter he claimed to have been aboard. As in all things, there is always payback – some would term it Karma – and Williams was forced to retract his false recollections (read lies).

This is how the ruling elites admitted the wartime heroism of their fabricated puppet, George H.W. Bush, was a hoax, and that the character acted out under a pseudonym for the purposes of mythical posterity was also a hoax – they did so indirectly, without the general pubic becoming aware they had given the entire game of the actor based reality played out for centuries completely away.

Well, that is until now, folks.

It can now be reported through facial landmark, ear bio-metric, and voice analysis, that the identity of the host actor portrayed the historical character of “Poppy” Bush was none other than the one known to the public as disgraced NBC nightly news anchor, Brian Williams.

But, that’s not all folks, because Bush’s spouse is also portrayed by a host actor.

Murder she wrote

From time to time, one chuckles over the reams of disinformation and misdirection layered via proxy by internet shills indirectly in the employ of the social media corporations monopolized by the ruling elite Jesuit families. For the longest time – perhaps for a period of several years now – there have been voluminous numbers of videos, articles, and digital publications claiming Barbara Bush is a genealogical relative of the late occultist and British wartime spy Alistair Crowley, the self-professed “Great Beast.”

This is just the sort of pseudo-portentous and dime store satanic nonsense thrown at the masses who seem to swallow such utter swill whole as if it were the proverbial mother’s milk. But now, the aforementioned shall be exposed for what it is – which, like the “flat earth” and “Mandela effect” psychological operations – utter claptrap designed to achieve what the ruling elites have been doing for centuries – dividing and conquering the masses.

Dame Angela Lansbury, DBE, in addition to a renowned and distinguished actress of both  stage and Hollywood silver screen, was perhaps best known here in America for her long running role within the entertainment medium of television cast as Jessica Fletcher, the shrewd distaff sleuth of “Murder She Wrote” everyone turned to crack impossible to solve murder cases.

She has also – named by none other than the British Queen Elizabeth AKA Lucille Ball – recently joined a very exclusive club – that of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, an order of chivalry (more on this in a moment), rewarding contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organizations, and public service. This distinguished order was established by King George V in 1917, and consists of five classes across both civil and military divisions, the most senior two of which designate the recipient either a knight or a dame. Lansbury, is of course, the latter.

Orders of chivalry have a long standing tradition in Britain and Europe, extending back to the beginning of the medieval period of the Crusades between 1099-1291. The idea of chivalric orders is tied in with various organizations such as the Knights Hospitaller, the Knights Templar, and of course, papal orders such as the Knights of Malta – yes, folks, the Jesuits.

It also remains noteworthy that Lansbury, in a recent article published by the Daily Mail, talks over regrets of her daughter, Diedre, having been involved with not only drugs and alcohol but the notorious Charles Manson. Yes, folks, you read that right – good old Charlie M – Mr. Hoax serial murderer and fake hippie himself.

How fitting then, that identical facial landmarks and ear biometrics demonstrate the distinguished Angela Lansbury to be indeed, the host actor portrayed Barbara Bush, proving once and for all, the Kennedy’s are not the only fake prominent family to disgrace the dubious pages of America’s history books.




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