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Oftentimes, when analyzing a prominent news event from the perspective of hindsight, it strikes one as truly remarkable the absolute dross the mainstream media has shoveled upon the public.

The case of the DC or Beltway “snipers” is no exception.

As one shall soon observe, this psychological operation was clearly engineered to begin placing the “gun control” issue firmly into the forefront of public consciousness. And unfortunately, it seemed to have performed this role in quite spectacular fashion. However, when one looks beneath the surface of the story’s details promulgated by mainstream media sources, the glaring anomalies become readily apparent.

Firstly, the logistics of how the attacks were carried out by the alleged snipers simply falls apart under the slightest scrutiny, and secondarily, one has discovered the performance of a famous Hollywood host actor from the superstar ranks of the music industry scripted into the role of none other than the police chief heading the so-called investigation.

No doubt, this famous music producer was cajoled by his puppeteering overlords into being contracted for the role in exchange for being hoisted to such a prominent position on the mantel of fame and fortune. 

As one shall readily observe, details of the DC sniper event, published by both Wikipedia and other mainstream sources are rife with the usual numerological markers.

Beginning with the preliminary shootings which allegedly began on February 16, 2002 (13/summit of masonic pyramid) 21 year-old (777/angelic transformation/intelligence joker code) Keenya Cook (ee/33/high degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry/CK/33/oo/88/mark of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families) was shot by the alleged assailant Lee (ee/33) Malvo near the front door of her aunt’s residence in Tacoma, Washington.

Then, on March 19, 2002 (26/2 6’s=33), Jerry Taylor, aged 60 (33), was reportedly slain by a single shot to the chest allegedly fired from long range while playing golf in Tucson, Arizona. It is claimed Malvo’s co-conspirator, John Muhammad, was visiting his sister’s residence alleged to have been located in the immediate vicinity. Subsequently, two deaths and four injuries (6/3-3/33) followed in other states from March through July of 2002.

Speculative intuition indicates the ruling masters of the US corporation may have reasoned – with their twisted sense of logic – that with the American populace still firmly clenched within the traumatic grip of what occurred on September 11, 2001, there was no better time period in seizing the opportunity to launch their prefabricated gun control agenda, which would later reach a culminating apex with Sandy Hook and other such subsequent and highly propagandized operations.

On August 1, 2002 (13/summit of masonic pyramid), John Gaeta, 51 (6/33), while changing a tire in a parking lot in Hammond, Louisiana, was allegedly shot in the neck by Malvo.

Now, with the following detail culled straight from mainstream sources such as the New York Times (more about that publication later), Wikipedia, and other prominent mainstream sources, the hidden perpetrators of this psychological operation – as they so often do, just to see if anyone among the masses is still paying attention – choose to reveal the true nature of their sinister game.

It is claimed that the assailant’s bullet exited through Gaeta’s neck and that he “pretended to be dead” while Malvo proceeded to filch his wallet. Once he was certain the shooter had completely absconded, Gaeta fled to a nearby gas service station, and after discovering he was profusely bleeding, was administered to at a nearby hospital and allegedly and miraculously released one hour later.

How is it possible  – given the victim actually suffered from a near fatal gun wound – the victim was shot in what is possibly the most vulnerable area of the human anatomy, consisting of sensitive and vital arterial jugulars, and managed to not only survive while profusely bleeding and prone on the ground during the entire time the assailant was allegedly stealing his wallet, but then “run” to a nearby gas service station without suffering from blood loss severe enough to terminally threaten his life?

As if that isn’t incredulous enough, the victim – after suffering a potentially life threatening wound to an especially vulnerable section of the human anatomy – was subsequently released only one hour after being administered to at the local hospital?

Not a chance folks.

This is almost akin to the miraculous physical recoveries of the fictional, animated character Wile E Coyote while starring in the old Warner Brother’s cartoon production of the “Road Runner” after each time he fell off a cliff, was blown up, or smashed pancake flat by one of his own faultily constructed ACME contraptions.

Then again, given the entire story of the twin DC snipers is a government and mainstream media fabrication, one supposes Gaeta’s rapid, cartoon-like recovery shouldn’t be considered so fanciful.

Adding the requisite maudlin melodrama to the story, mainstream sources claim that eight years later, Gaeta received a letter of apology from the alleged assailant, Lee Boyd Malvo.

Indeed, how very considerate of such a heinous and ruthless killer, huh folks?

Here’s a video excerpt culled from a documentary entitled “23 (2 3’s/33) days of terror.” Notice and observe the rather crude neural linguistic programming designed to inculcate and foster the desired psychological reaction of primal, mass apprehension:

The fear dished out by the “report” featured in this clip is indicative and typical of the kind of marketing the US federal government has utilized for decades to sell the idea to the public of the necessity for their provisions of mass security, and to justify the exorbitant amounts of tax dollars collected to maintain its hegemonic subjugation over the masses. The video is also loaded with occult symbols and of course, numerology, and at the very beginning, one shall notice an alleged law enforcement official interviewed to recall his testimony regarding the shootings while standing directly in front of a large red brick wall, which is of course, symbolic of the hierarchy of Scottish and York Freemasonic Rites. There is also mention of a white van (repeated three times for the # 33 in case you didn’t get it the first time), which is an occult reference to the book of Revelation and the white horse of the apocalypse.

The numerological coding continues with the mainstream accounts of each alleged shooting carried out by the reported perpetrators.

On September 21, 2002 (777/13), at 12:15 (777/15/tetragrammaton) a.m., 41 year-old (41/14/77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer) Million A. Woldemariam was fatally shot in the head and back with a .22 caliber pistol in Atlanta, Georgia while helping the owner of Sammy’s Package Store close up for the night  Mainstream news sources then allege that nineteen (Jesuit sun number) hours later, on the identical date, a 52 (7/zayin mind weapon/G centering masonic square and compass) year- old liquor store clerk, Claudine Parker (the ruling elites love to use that name while perpetrating their hoaxes. And why? Because folks it is the numerological equivalent to 33) was shot and killed during a robbery. It is alleged her co-worker, 24 (6/33) year- old Kellie Adams, was injured but managed to survive the onslaught of the assailant’s gunfire.

At the risk of belaboring the point, one could choose to add additional mainstream accounts from this so-called event, but it should be obvious to even those visiting for the first time that the target of this mainstream media driven psychological operation was the masses of American working class, to make them feel vulnerable to random and perhaps potentially lethal attacks while ensconced in their workplaces, which – all thanks to Big Daddy government – they would begin to subscribe to the stated legitimacy of the ongoing threat(s).

Amid the prevalence of terror broadcasted by “trusted” sources over the mainstream, corporate controlled airwaves, they would begin to consider themselves – as the Beltway sniper operation was designed – to be no longer safe within their respective workplaces.

Thus, like so many times before, the public cries out to the government for more security, and begins to feel it is justified that more of their hard earned tax dollars are being siphoned from their already meager paychecks to fund the colossal protection racket of the ruling elite Jesuit families.

Thelma and Louise

In case there are still any doubts about the collusion of Hollywood and mainstream media, one shall again direct attentions towards the opening frame of the video displayed above, and to the alleged “reporter” relating the supposed “on-scene” report while firmly planted in front of a studio green screen. That is American screen writer, director and producer Carolyn Ann “Callie” Khouri, best known for her Academy Award winning screenplay, Thelma and Louise, which features a plot of two disgruntled and sexually abused women fleeing from the law while leaving a coast to coast path of death and destruction in their wake before finally meeting their demise.

Sound familiar, folks?

The only difference is that with the Beltway sniper script she may have created, the two protagonists are African-Americans, a socio-economic and racial class also perceived to be perpetually avenging perceived injustices. But, this is typical of the sort of rancid and cynical manipulations the colluding efforts of Hollywood, mainstream media, and the US Federal government enjoy heaping upon the unwitting and psychologically vulnerable masses.

Not surprisingly, Khouri is a self-confessed feminist.

Funny how these government controlled, “feminist” operatives, while publically advertising their distaste for the male overlords they happen to secretly serve, are always keen to jump on the “gun control” propaganda bandwagon, despite contradictorily creating screenplays and producing cinematic productions featuring the lawless and violent revenge fantasies of women utilizing guns. And yet, one feels they may be among the very few daring to point out this blatantly ludicrous hypocrisy.


Those who perhaps were devotees of MTV during the 1990’s shall begin to recognize the host actor portraying the so-called former FBI profile expert (oh the ruling elites can always rely on their “experts” to bamboozle the masses), Jim Clemente – it is screwball comedian and comedic actor Chris Elliot.


Notice very carefully how the guest is positioned while seated in front of the back screen projection. Clemente’s head is positioned in such a way that only the letters M and E (33) in the word CRIME can be observed.

This is no accident, folks.

The masonic masters who are executive producers at the major mainstream networks love to subliminally broadcast their signature into the collective subconscious mind of the public. Unless, of course, you’re a regular here at Newsspellcom.org, someone who has acquired the necessary acumen to discern the occult signs and symbols of the ruling elite Jesuit families.

And then, there is the issue of the assailant’s Chevrolet Caprice allegedly modified to resemble what was termed by mainstream media sources as a “rolling snipers nest.”

It is claimed, the back seat was modified to allow Malvo, the alleged assassin, access to the trunk, where it is further claimed he was able, through a hole near the license plate, to clandestinely fire shots through the tiny aperture while remaining hidden by the enclosed trunk.

This is a falsehood, and is in fact, impossible – a canard designed to take advantage of the public’s ignorance of the specifications of the alleged weapon in question, the Bushmaster XM-15, a semiautomatic .223 (322 Skull and Bones) caliber rifle equipped with an EQTech holographic weapon sight, with an effective range of up to 300 (33 again, folks) meters.



Even if such modifications to the vehicle could have been adequately made to facilitate strikes on individual targets, such modifications, while certainly proving to provide adequate and clandestine cover for the assassin, would have served to hamper the accuracy of such strikes rather than facilitating them.

For, even if the modified aperture constructed above the gas tank of the vehicle in question had allowed for adequate penetration of the weapon’s muzzle to steady the rifle upon a desired target from a prone position, such conditions would have nullified the effectiveness of the holographic weapon sight, and in fact rendered it virtually inoperative and completely useless.

Blair Witch Project

In addition to shaping the perceptions and consciousness of the masses, the ultimate purpose of such psychological operations is to make a profit, and in the case of the DC sniper case, a host of books, movies, and television specials have served to profit very nicely for the constantly expanding portfolio’s of the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families. It should be noted however, that their ever faithful handmaidens at America’s so-called newspaper of record, the New York Times, played a prominent role in spreading propaganda in their usual all-pervasive but dubious manner.

Once again, however, one of the “reporters” at the vaunted Times, Jayson Blair, responsible for much of the nationwide, printed coverage of the case, was caught fabricating most of the presented “facts”, which lead to the resignation of the paper’s two top editors, Howard Rains and Gerald Boyd.

And they wonder why their subscription numbers keep slipping, huh, folks?

Funny too, how most will show up here at Newsspellcom.org to inform the author his empirical evidence accompanied by fresh and original thinking is flawed and without basis, but will continue to take stock in the fabricated lies of propaganda rags like the mainstream New York Times? One speculates this is the prevailing circumstance, primarily because most still prefer to be spoon fed the comfort of politically correct lies rather than to make the genuine effort of thinking for themselves to discern the truth, thus risking becoming a social pariah?

The Chronic

And then, there’s the issue of the Montgomery County Sheriff in charge of leading the investigation and brought forth amid the fatal mayhem to calm the fears of the public stricken from the trauma of random nationwide rifle attacks threatening the peace and serenity of their communities.

But, here again folks, one has discovered the presence of yet another host actor culled from the ranks of the music industry and contracted to portray a very public and prominent role in a government sponsored psychological operation.

Charles Moose, chief of the Montgomery County Department of Police, was portrayed by gangster rapper, hip-hop music producer, and former owner of Death Row Records, Dr. Dre AKA Andre Romelle Young. In addition to having been given credit for discovering Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and 50 Cent, and performing on his seminal, multi-platinum album, entitled The Chronic, Dre has had some Hollywood acting experience, starring in the comedy The Wash, and later starring with Denzel Washington as a crooked police detective in 2001’s Training Day, which featured Dre’s character as part of a corrupt Los Angeles police narcotics unit fixing and framing a rookie cop for the murder of a wanted suspect.

How’s that for art imitating life, huh folks?

However, on the other hand, which is ultimately which?

But that is the essence of the current paradigmatic, post-modern milieu mankind finds itself hopelessly mired.

For decades, and perhaps for centuries, the ruling elite Jesuit families have distorted the perceptions of the masses to such an opacity, that no one can adequately discern between what is fantasy and reality.

Assuredly, that is right where they want you, folks  – fearful, confused, docile, passive, and obedient.


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