Those who regularly visit this sight may recall the identification of the host actor, known to have portrayed the “late” “Ruth Bader Ginsberg”.

SEE: Ginsburg’s court is a supreme hoax

Ginsberg was identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Candace Bergen, perhaps best known for her role in the popular television series “Murphy Brown”.

What if, however, the “judge” recently nominated to the Supreme Court as Ginsberg’s replacement was also identified as yet another character fabrication?

This is, indeed, what has occurred and, on this occasion, the host actor identified in portrayal of Supreme Court nominee, “Amy Coney Barrett”, comes from a royal European family which is most familiar to us – the Grimaldi of Monaco.

Then again, given the true identity of “Donald J. Trump”, this discovery should come as little surprise.

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

Turns out, Barrett is a close royal relative of Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA “Brian Williams”/”Donald Trump”.

But as we’ve also discovered, the criminal integrity of Post-Modern Reality Simulation is carefully and calculatingly maintained in such deceptive and sinister ways.


The following article – entitled “Candace Bergen Recalls Date With Donald Trump he was also a “Douche” – should serve as an amusing anecdote.

Certainly, given what we’ve discovered concerning the genuine identity of both “Trump” and “Bergen”, the salacious and scandalous content of the article found at represents a particularly petty, manipulative and, even, cruel mockery.

In essence, the perpetrators of such ridiculous stories – the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families – are using one of their own highly promoted fabricated character schemes (“Donald Trump”) and the host actor (Candace Bergen) of yet another character scheme – one who portrayed “late” Supreme Court Justice “Ruth Bader Ginsberg” – as tawdry fodder to psychologically bludgeon those whom they genuinely consider “douches”: the gullible public. 


Nevertheless, yet another article, recently found published at, presents us with a rather ironic, if not equally comical headline: “Who is Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Expected Supreme Court Pick?”

Don’t expect, however, after reading this particular piece of political puffery, to glean any insight as to Barrett’s true identity, outside of the usual trite banalities, blatant misdirection, and psychological perception management (warfare) deployed by hapless MSM hacks, those commonly known as “journalists”.


After clicking the link, made available above, immediately following the bold headline, everyone will notice, the website in question does present us with an interesting image.

Perhaps, unwittingly, the image in question and, of more paramount concern, whom is found present in that image, provides us with a plethora of clues as to exactly who “Amy Coney Barrett” truly is. 

Below, is a link to an image which is very similar.

As everyone will notice – in addition to Supreme Court nominee “Amy Coney Barrett” featured in the foreground – in the background, both to Barret’s immediate left and to her far right, exist some familiar faces with European royal genealogy.

Comparatively, does the woman featured in the following image – Princess Camille, of the Grimaldi family of Monaco – appear at all similar to the young woman found to be seated to Barrett’s immediate left in the image at the latter link, found immediately above? 

Princess Camille Gottlieb of Monaco:

Under closer scrutiny and examination, there are striking similarities – concerning facial geometry (cheeks, lips, chin, eyes, as well as hair) between the woman seated to Supreme Court nominee Barrett’s left and Princess Camille of Monaco.

Princess Camille of Monaco:    

Again, referring to the image available at, there is an elderly woman placed to the far right of Supreme Court nominee “Amy Coney Barrett”.

Everyone who frequents this site has seen this woman before.

In fact, this woman once appeared as First Lady “Barbara Bush”, a criminal accomplice who acted in concert with the character modification scheme now known to American history as “George H.W. Bush”, yet another pseudonym employed by Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco (AKA “Brian Williams”).

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

Under closer examination, the woman in question, seated to the far right of “Amy Coney Barrett”, very closely resembles Fernanda Biffi Casiraghi who, like her royal relative, Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi, is supposed to be dead. 

Fernanda Biffi Casiraghi:

Fernanda Biffi Casiraghi: 


Upon further examination of the “official” biographies of “Amy Coney Barrett”, more than a few numerological markers as well as connections to the Jesuit order were discovered. 

According to Wikipedia, Barret “is an American lawyer, jurist, and academic who serves as a circuit judge on the U.S Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.” 

Right away, everyone surely noticed the number of 7 (Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon, the hook).

In tandem with this biographical detail, Wikipedia also informs us Barrett has seven children and that also, “she is the eldest of seven children.”

Thus far, in relation to “Amy Coney Barrett”, the number of sevens has appeared three times. As everyone, frequenting this site, has learned, 3 7’s is equivalent to 777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.     

Wikipedia then informs us, “President Donald Trump nominated Barret to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals on May 8, 2017. Before and while serving on the federal bench, she has been a professor of law at Notre Dame Law School, where she has taught civil procedure, constitutional law, and statutory interpretation.” 

The preceding paragraph – composed by the hacks at Langley’s CIA, or the Company, an intelligence arm of the Jesuit order conceived by William Donovan, a Knight of Malta – deserves to be further scrutinized with interpretation. Judges, whether at the federal or statutory level, take an oath to the middle temple of the Crown Temple in the City of London, of which the US corporate government is a subsidiary.

SEE: How Crown Temple Rules America

The date listed for Barrett’s appointment to the federal bench (May, the 5th month + 8 + 19) adds to the number of 23 or 2 3’s/33, the highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry.

Barret’s post-graduate alma mater, Notre Dame University, was founded by Edward Sorin, a Roman Catholic priest. The Vatican, in Rome, the ecclesiastical headquarters of Roman Catholicism – as everyone who frequents this site has discovered – is thoroughly controlled by the Jesuit order or the Society of Jesus. 

The present controversy surrounding Barrett’s nomination for the Supreme Court derives from two factors: 1.) she claims to be a devout Roman Catholic and, 2.) Barrett’s devotion to Roman Catholicism is perceived to exist as a possible hinderance to the nominee’s legal objectivity, particularly when Roe vs. Wade – in future – may become a pertinent legal issue before the Supreme Court.

Thus far, Barrett’s critics have been keen to point out that, her predecessor, the “late” Ruth Bader Ginsberg, remained staunchly supportive of the legal tenets of Roe vs. Wade throughout her Supreme Court tenure.

Of course, like Barrett herself, her “critics” are acting out their roles in a grand play of scripted political theater, while lacking the wherewithal to reconcile the inherent hypocrisy of their own ideological dogmatism.

While claiming to be staunch supporters of the philosophical and legal tenets of Roe vs. Wade, they remain shockingly and hypocritically mute in the face of a president willing to deploy the military – “Operation Warp Speed” – to unlawfully force Americans to accept delivery of poisonous and possibly lethal vaccination dosages.

This is a prima facie example of the dualistic sorcery of psychological warfare: Distract the target with the right hand path of trivial perception management while the left hand covertly implements and executes a hidden or covert agenda.

But independent and rational thought has never been an occupational prerequisite for political operatives or professional apparatchiks.

In fact, it could be argued that Trump’s appointment of Barrett to the Supreme Court is designed to eliminate any legal and constitutional roadblocks to the implementation of “Operation Warp Speed”. 


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Another interesting detail to note, concerning Wikipedia’s biographical entry for “Amy Coney Barrett”, is Barrett’s involvement in the “mock trial” program at Rhodes College, located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Rhodes college, it should also be noted, has a symbolic owl (symbolic of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom) included in its official logo.

Rhodes college logo:



Further examination of Barret’s official images indicates evidence of photo shop manipulation and compositing.

For example, the following image, available at the link provided below, features former First Lady Laura Bush who, also proved to be yet another fabricated character modification scheme, was portrayed by Caroline Grimaldi of Monaco, the Princess of Hanover. (SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince9/11 “victim” Barbara Olson still Alive?)

Laura Bush:

In the image of Laura Bush, her image has been pasted onto a stock background and, upon further analysis, shows clear evidence of pixel manipulation to alter ocular perceptions of the facial geometry and the facial landmarks.

Such manipulations are often deployed to conceal the host actor portraying the fabricated character scheme.

When put to greater scrutiny, similar or identical photo shop manipulations appear to have been performed to create the images of the character scheme now known to the public as “Amy Coney Barrett”.

At the following links, provided immediately below, are two more examples of photo shop manipulation, stock background utilization, and pixel raking of the facial geometry and facial landmarks. 

Amy Coney Barrett:

Further image comparison, ear biometric, and facial recognition analysis demonstrate that Supreme Court nominee “Amy Coney Barrett” is a fabricated and modified character scheme portrayed by Princess Stephanie Grimaldi of Monaco, the mother of Princess Camille, who everyone observed in the image displayed earlier. Stephanie, of course, is also a direct genealogical relation of Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA Brian Williams/Donald J. Trump.  

Princess Stephanie Grimaldi with daughter Princess Camille:

Princess Stephanie Grimaldi of Monaco: 


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    1. Thanks, and good to have you back at Newsspell. As for the pseudonyms, the covert – and sometimes not so hidden – references to genitalia are remarkably consistent with the Jesuit order’s methods of operation when executing psychological warfare. I believe this is also related to the symbol of the red and white rose, which is also related to Isis, or Sophia, the female energy. Your analysis is also consistent with the idea of the arrival of the new age of Aquarius which, according to Manly P. Hall (also a Jesuit priest) and other high-level occultists, symbolizes the predominance of the female energy or the left hand path.

  1. “Donald Trump” also played “Elvis Presley”, as well as the current “President” of the United States.

    1. I’ve got another article, in future, coming up concerning both Elvis – who, in a past article, I identified Paul McCartney – and the Beatles, some of whom – as I indicated in the most recent articles – were possibly the hidden offspring of Bing Crosby (AKA Leopold III of Belgium/Adolf Hitler) and Walt Disney (AKA Prince Louis of Bourbon-Parma/Fred Astaire/Al Jolson).

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