By now, mostly everyone – those who’ve maintained attentiveness and have managed to remain undizzied by the MSM’s perpetual carousel of news spin – is well aware of the infamous Pfizer pdf document marked “confidential” which was recently made public.


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Reportedly, Pfizer’s confidential documentation includes a virtual laundry list – several pages worth, in fact – of potentially lethal side effects associated with the pharmaceutical giant’s mNRA Covid-19 “vaccine” (AKA gene therapy delivery).

Safe and effective?

No, certainly not.

A fact which – given the gullible public’s uniform credence to the MSM’s shrill toned Covid-19 propaganda – could be considered darkly comical if it were not so tragic.

However, as others have surely and duly noted, given that this document was “leaked” out to the public while simultaneously the MSM went full throttle with its war propaganda machine, the timing seemed cleverly if not nefariously preplanned.

But along with this, there also exists yet another consideration.

Given the fact, during the execution of the Covid-19 psychological operation, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and other Big Pharma “vaccine” manufacturers were provided complete prosecutorial and legal immunity from the US corporate government, it appears, at this particular point in time, the executives at Pfizer felt they had nothing to lose.

In which case, the deliberate leaking of such damning information appears to have been borne out of a subtle if not especially malicious intention.

It was almost as if Pfizer’s executives, while secretly gloating at their astounding success, were attempting, in a most passive aggressive manner and in a quiet but no less threatening tone, to signal to a mostly confused general public whom they knew had been deliberately duped and deceived: Yes, folks, we were hired as professional hitmen, to commit genocide on behalf of the US corporate government – but exactly what are you going to dare do about it now that most of you have been foolish enough in choosing to take our “vaccine”?

Of course, all along, for more than the last two years and on behalf of the Crown Temple bankers in the City of London and the Society of Jesus in control of Vatican City, the MSM has been complicit with Pfizer and Big Pharma in their execution of the Covid-19 psychological operation. And they did so because, since the beginning of the Covid-19 “pandemic”, Pfizer accounted for most of their profitable advertising revenue.

In fact, now, one of the MSM’s own – a popular Fox News anchor and commentator who was trained as an attorney and, before her success as a news anchor, had worked as a law clerk in the office of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – has been caught and exposed in portrayal of a cruel impostor, one who, while certainly well-disguised, has been cast in the role of CDC Director “Rochelle Walensky”.

But that’s not all.

The man alleged to be her “spouse” is not a ‘doctor’, but has been identified as a supreme court justice, a man who was previously involved in yet another of the MSM’s psychological operations, involving a woman by the name of “Christine Blasey Ford” who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, assistant professor of Medicine at Ha



After clicking on the pair of links to Pfizer’s “confidential” documentation listed in this article’s introduction, it readily becomes clear not only as to why Pfizer and other pharmaceutical giants sought prosecutorial legal immunity from the US corporate government, but secondly, as to why both BIG PHARMA and the US corporate government wished to keep this rather deplorable information hidden for seventy-five years after-the-fact.


From the perspective of a police investigator, this documentation alone is indicative of the ruthlessly clandestine behavior of a criminal suspect, one who not only possessed means, motive, and opportunity, but also conspired with the highest levels of the US corporate government to commit genocide, while the MSM actively worked to shield Pfizer, both one of the chief criminal perpetrators of the Covid-19 psychological operation/hoax and their lucrative advertising benefactor, from any suspicion at all costs.

As everyone can observe, listed under the subheading of “Appendix 1. List of Adverse Events of Special Interest” are copious side effects and diseases resulting from the experimental application of Pfizer’s mNRA “vaccine” to human recipients.

Though the executives at Pfizer possessed foreknowledge of these dangerous and debilitating side effects, they actively and criminally conspired with both the FDA and the US corporate government to bury such information under a pile of bureaucratic rubble where it would not be discovered for seventy-five years after-the-fact.

Apparently, when the reams of health experts, public officials, and MSM propagandists regurgitated mealy mouthed assurances to the general public that Pfizer’s “vaccine” was both “safe” and “effective”, they meant it was safely but secretly expected its “fast” and “furious” application by government “mandate” would effectively eliminate large sectors of human resources among the American working and middle class population so that they could then eventually be replaced – via the “Build Back Better” bill (666) – by artificial intelligence and robotics systems in several integral employment markets.

What Pfizer’s teleprompter reading co-perpetrating criminal conspirators among the MSM could not admit, of course, upon pain of job dismissal and public disgrace, was that the swift application of Covid-19 “vaccines” was merely but one incremental step towards the full global implementation of the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030.   


Before getting to the identity of the host actor (live-action role player) behind the well-conceived mask of CDC director “Rochelle Walensky”, one shall endeavor to quickly dispense with her alleged “spouse” – “Doctor Loren Walensky”.

Below: Doctor Loren Walensky

By the way, that particular name – “Loren” – turned out, in retrospect, to serve as a key clue in leading to the identification of the host actor (live-action role player) in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Rochelle Walensky”. 

Nevertheless, as many may have wondered while reading the subtitle posted immediately above, who is Vince Foster and what exactly does he have to do with “Rochelle” and “Loren Walensky”? 

According to an article published at, “In early 1995, Brett Cavanaugh, a rising star in conservative legal circles, wrestled with one of the most inflammatory questions of the Clinton presidency: How did White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster die?”

Below: Brett Kavanaugh 

The article at further reports, “Kavanaugh, then 30, argued that unsupported allegations that Foster may have been murdered gave {independent counsel Ken} Starr the right to probe the matter more deeply. Foster’s death had already been the focus of two investigations, both concluding that Foster committed suicide.”

Cavanaugh’s “investigation” – set up as an obvious vehicle for career elevating self-promotion – links him to both former US president “Bill Clinton” (AKA Hollywood actor Perry King/Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg) and to former presidential first lady/Secretary of State “Hillary Clinton” (AKA Hollywood actress Annette Bening/US senator Elizabeth Warren/Secretary of Energy/former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm). Bening, of course, was most recently identified in the role of “Jane Dudley”, who was alleged to be the prime witness to what was reported by the MSM as the tragic “collapse” (AKA controlled demolition) of the Fern Hollow bridge in Pittsburgh, PA.

SEE: Eyewitness Testimony Collapses MSM Bridge Story

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Of course, a short while later in the article cited in one of the preceding paragraphs, the Washington Post finally admits to the crux of the matter regarding Brett Kavanaugh’s chief impetus for endeavoring to investigate the death of former Clinton presidential staffer Vince Foster, “His handling of Starr’s Foster probe helped to elevate Kavanaugh’s career…” 

It should be noted that the Washington Post is not only owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, but, as confirms, the mainstream periodical now also enjoys a very cozy relationship with the CIA and, by extension, the Society of Jesus’s international intelligence octopus. 


Still later on, in 2018, before Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as justice to the Supreme Court, he dutifully played his role in a psychological operation/masonic humiliation ritual which was not only heavily promoted by the MSM but helped to promote the #Metoo 3rd wave Marxist-emanated feminist agenda.

At the time, according to Wikipedia, “In early July 2018, Kavanaugh’s name was on a shortlist of nominees for the Supreme Court. Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor at Palo Alto University, contacted a Washington Post tip line and her U.S. Representative, Anna Eshoo, with accusations that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when they were in high school.”

After further investigation into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s involvement with the “Christine Blasey Ford” affair, both extensively conducted facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirmed “Ford” as a media-generated fabricated character scheme portrayed by comedian Amy Schumer. 

Below, L to R: Christine Blasey Ford, Amy Schumer

In the image of “Christine Blasey Ford” posted to the left immediately above, everyone will notice she is positioned next to Anita Hill, the woman who once accused Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas of sexual impropriety, the very same supreme court justice for whom the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as CDC director “Rochelle Walensky” once worked as a law clerk before becoming a popular MSM news anchor/political commentator.

As for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirm Kavanaugh was modified (via photo shop cropping of the facial geometry, with especial attention paid to the contours of the chin/cropping/reshaping of the hairline) into the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “Doctor Loren Walensky”.

According to Wikipedia, Brett Cavanaugh was educated at Georgetown Preparatory School, a Jesuit founded institution which, historically, has served as a feeder system for not only Georgetown University, but for the CIA, the Pentagon, Council on Foreign Relations, and other high-level US corporate government posts, the carefully vetted appointees to which go on to serve as merely strawmen puppets controlled by the Crown Temple in the City of London and by the Superior General of the Society of Jesus which, in turn, remains in complete control of Vatican City in Rome.

Below: L to R, Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh, Doctor Loren Walensky 

As has been pointed out in several articles published on this site, the US supreme court, in addition to both the US House of Representatives and the US senate, has been found to be populated with other fabricated character schemes, including “Antonin Scalia” (AKA Hollywood actor George Clooney/the “late” John F. Kennedy Junior/Jay Leno/US senator/”Climate” Czar John Kerry/MSM/Fox News anchor/commentator Sean Hannity/Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark), “Ruth Bader Ginsberg” (AKA television actress Candace Bergen), and Amy Coney Barret (AKA Princess Stephanie Grimaldi of Monaco). 

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But as everyone shall also soon observe, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of CDC Director “Rochelle Walensky”, before becoming known as a popular Fox News anchor/political commentator, was trained and educated in preparation for a career at the highest levels of the legal profession. 


While performing keen ocular comparisons between the succession of images posted immediately below, featuring “Rochelle Walensky” and Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, and while particular attentions are paid to making ocular comparisons between the respective facial geometries, everyone will begin to notice identical similarities between the contours/genetic markers of the jaw lines, chins, lips, necks, as well as identical similarities in geometrical architectures and contours of both the noses and brows.

It also becomes evident that copious amounts of black hair dye, darkening contact lenses, strategic makeup applications, as well as distorting lighting angles/photo shop have helped to well conceal the identification of the host actor behind the portrayal of CDC director “Rochelle Walensky”. 

Below: in descending order, Rochelle Walensky, Laura Ingraham

In the image displayed to the left immediately below, everyone will also note, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham has a habit of wielding a writing instrument (phallic symbol) during public speaking engagements. As evidenced by the image of “Rochelle Walensky” which immediately follows, this was a habit Ingraham obviously carried over into her portrayal of the current CDC director.

In the pair of following video excerpts, it is recommended that everyone’s attentions should be particularly concentrated upon the audio portions, to better compare the identical similarity of the voice samples between the fabricated character scheme known as “Rochelle Walensky” and Fox News anchor/political commentator Laura Ingraham. The first thing everyone shall notice is that, comparatively, between Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham and CDC director “Rochelle Walensky”, both possess a similarly and uniquely pitched nasally vocal delivery.   

According to her official biographical entry located at Wikipedia, before she became well-known as a Fox News anchor/political commentator, Laura Ingraham was educated and trained for the legal profession and, in addition to having served as a speech writer in the presidential administration of Ronald Reagan – yet another Hollywood actor – Ingraham served as a law clerk in the office of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Ingraham has also been employed by the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom in New York City. Most interestingly, SASM&F, in 2012, took on Viktor F. Yanukovych, the former president of Ukraine as a client.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, “One Skadden attorney, Alex van der Zwann, was convicted of lying to the FBI about his work on Yanukovych’s behalf and served 30 days in jail.” Surely, everyone noticed the numerological masonic reference of 30 (three/EE=33/highest degree Scottish Rite freemasonry).     

Wikipedia confirms, “In 1985, Ingraham earned a B.A. from Dartmouth College. She then attended the University of Virginia School of Law, where she was a notes editor for the Virginia Law Review. She graduated with a Juris Doctor in 1991. In the late 1980’s, Ingraham worked as a speechwriter in the Reagan administration for the Domestic Policy Advisor. She also briefly served as editor of The Prospect; the magazine issued by Concerned Alumni of Princeton. After law school, in 1991, she served as a law clerk for Judge Ralph K. Winter Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York and subsequently clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.”

As most who regularly visit this site may recall, Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, in a previous article, was positively identified as a perpetrator of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

In addition to CDC director “Rochelle Walensky”, Ingraham has also been modified into MSM news anchor “Harris Faulkner”. 

SEE: Why MSM Wont Talk About George

Here’s something else to consider: the surname of “Walensky” appears to be of Polish national origin.

Sure enough, according to Wikipedia, “Ingraham grew up in Glastonbury, Connecticut, where she was born to Anne Caroline (nee Kozak) and James Frederick Ingraham III. Her maternal grandparents were Polish immigrants…” 

Here’s one more biographical element both “Rochelle Walensky” and her host actor Laura Ingraham have in common – they both have three kids. 

EE=33/highest degree Scottish Rite freemasonry 

Considering all of the aforementioned, does it not make perfect sense an intelligent and articulate woman, one possessing experience with and formal training in not only the particulars of esoteric legalese and one who worked both as a former law clerk in the office of a supreme court justice and in the office of a prestigious internationally renowned law firm, would be chosen and cast in the role of CDC director, a high-profile role requiring a quick study and subsequent grasp of complex medical terminology and its accompanying bureaucratic jargon?

And yet, the general public, hapless victims to the psychological manipulations of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, remained completely convinced and totally unaware they were being thoroughly bamboozled by a popular Fox News anchor portraying a media-generated fabricated character scheme.      


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  1. Great article! Thank you for sharing the link of adverse effects. Did the MSM report on this? I wanted to share it on my Facebook page, but the 90% of my friends who drank the kool-aid may feel offended. Ecclesiastes 1:18

    I found some comedy in the phallic link reference; “The Pen-is in hand”

    1. I must confess, this particular case, for months, had me stymied. However, during my investigation into Fox News’s “Sean Hannity”, and when a video excerpt of Laura Ingraham came up, one immediately detected a distinct similarity of voice between the Fox News anchor and CDC director “Rochelle Walensky”. Although, in this case, the actor behind the mask was especially well hidden, it was then, I was struck with the epiphany. Regarding the link to the Pfizer document, though one has heard it may be advisable to take care when endeavoring to share it, I would certainly encourage you to share it far and wide with anyone and everyone.

    2. As for the MSM reporting on the contents of the “leaked” Pfizer document, to the best of my knowledge, they have not, and they aren’t likely to do so either now or in the near future. Most likely, if they do report anything at all, it will be spun as an unfortunate error, as if to say ‘we didn’t know’ when, in fact, all-the-while, they knew very well the hidden purpose of the “vaccines” and of their expected deleterious effects upon the general population.

      1. Great paper! yes and already it’s on to the next pfizer ‘vaccine’. Ingraham is Walensky makes sense. and where is Fauci!? he looked rather weird in the last white house press briefing. I just see them all as being in masks with fake identities and they can disappear as easy as they appear. looking at Kamala her neck is looking more weird by the day and that Vivek Murthy is CGI all of this is bullshit so I hate even wasting my time thinking about it all how we are so lied to and pushed to mass suicide but I guess that’s the consolation prize, knowing.

      2. Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to comment. Regarding “Doctor Anthony Fauci”, I’ve identified him as Hollywood executive David Geffen who also has a direct link to “Kamala Harris” (AKA Hollywood actress Vera Farmiga). As I chronicled in my article concerning VP Harris, Vera Farmiga is married to Ren Hawkey, who once played in a band called Deadsy with Elijah Blue Allman, whose father was Greg Allman, another fabricated character scheme portrayed by David Geffen (AKA Sonny Bono) who is still married to Cher Bono. As I also pointed out in the article, in 2002, Deadsy had a video – Key to Grammercy Park – which not only visually featured blatant examples of masonic symbolism, but in certain scenes, the band members were wearing what appeared to be facial paraphernalia eerily similar to Covid masks.

  2. Fascinating article, I must say. And, of course, if Walensky and Ingraham are played the same actress – who in this case utilizes latex, hair dyes or wigs, etc. to disguise herself – it fits with the whole modus operandi of opposition control. One is playing a mainline CDC bureaucrat who is in favor of compulsory vaccination in alignment with population control policies and filling the pockets of other corrupt bureaucrats in the public sector and corporatists like the executives and shareholders of Pfizer, the other is a news panelist and media celebrity in right-wing circles who criticizes those same people when on FOX news in front of millions of unsuspecting watchers and who appears to question the overall “liberal” establishment narrative put out from places like the CDC while doing her job as Laura Ingraham. Classic example of controlling the opposing sides of one or multiple narratives, in this case COVID-19 and its implications.

    1. Yes, I find your description of the article to be both a solid analysis and an accurate characterization of both “Walensky” and Ingraham. Given her background in the legal profession, I was not altogether surprised Ingraham had been chosen to portray the role of “Walensky”. Having watched some of her broadcasts for research purposes, one gets the genuine sense, if it came to it, unlike most of her MSM colleagues, Ingraham could probably perform without benefit of a teleprompter. But yes, indeed, I believe the example of Ingraham/Walensky demonstrates a dramatic illustration of the masonic concept of duality and the Hegelian dialectic, of just how comprehensively the MSM’s narrative can be so tightly controlled to influence if not control public discourse and perception of world events.

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