The Cleveland Elementary school shooting of 1979 has by now long faded into the mists of public memory. Nevertheless, this widely reported media event at the close of the 1970’s undoubtedly served as a blueprint for similar psychological operations to follow.

Not only did even the most cursory examination of this particular event reveal the usual numerological markers, the starring roles also proved to have featured a then emerging young female Hollywood celebrity with genealogical connections to the ruling elite families as well a then well-known late- night talk show host.

Many may also fail to recall, this event was further immortalized by a popular song recorded by an Irish rock band, The Boomtown Rats, led by Bob Geldof of Live Aid fame. The lyrics of this popular song, released during the emergence of the MTV era of the early 1980’s, are quite revealing and, also appear to foretell of the ruling elite’s microchip and mass surveillance agenda.

Not surprisingly, Geldof has been connected with the OTO, the occult/masonic secret society which at one time was attended upon and led by the late MI5 agent and  culturally influential rogue occultist, Alistair Crowley.

Predictive programming is a cornerstone element of any psychological operation.

This early historical example of a crisis simulation event or “school shooting” as they are more popularly termed today, took place on January 29, 1979 at San Diego’s Grover Cleveland Elementary tucked away in the quiet suburb of San Carlos.

From the standpoint of the most objective analysis, the ruling elites undoubtedly envisioned the chance to utilize predictive programming upon the callow minds of the MTV generation just then coming of age. Their gruesome vision seems to have become successful, for now that the MTV “X” generation have well advanced into middle-aged adulthood, they find themselves thoroughly and psychologically attuned to the commonplace regularity of such “school shooting” events.

This event featured many similar elements with which the general public – at least those now becoming more aware of the clandestine and ulterior social and political agendas – have grown all-too-accustomed. At the time of the event, the alleged assailant was publicly framed by the MSM from the identical boilerplate blueprint utilized decades later to sketch together the familiar characterization of Sandy Hook’s Adam Lanza: A disturbed and isolated teen raised in a dysfunctional environment with access to semi-automatic weapons and yet no clear motive for having committed such overly heinous crimes.

From the outset of one’s investigative research into this relatively obscure event, it became readily apparent that the great deal of energy with which one is accustomed to normally expending to thoroughly expose such government sponsored hoaxes would not be entirely required. In fact, on this occasion, completely debunking the authenticity of the MSM’s bogus reportage seemed to, pardon the morbid pun, resemble child’s play. Indeed, the crisis simulation event at Cleveland Elementary seemed tantamount to nothing more than just as it appeared: A gross regurgitation of details from a preconceived script; a documentary of a drill simulation featuring actors portraying scripted roles.

It also became apparent, from one’s initial examination derived from both facial and voice recognition analysis, that both the alleged assailant and the county District Attorney were respectively portrayed by a then budding Hollywood child star and a late-night television talk show personality.

There also existed a slew of alleged “witnesses” and MSM anchors who predictably spouted what would later develop into the identical and tired clichés synonymous with such crisis simulation events. Some said the alleged event “didn’t seem real” or that which allegedly took place resembled absolute “chaos”. As loyal readers shall soon observe from the footage of a BBC documentary chronicling the Grover Cleveland Elementary school event, the testimonies of witnesses and the dramatic descriptions given by MSM anchors directly contradict what appear to be the rather orderly and scripted conduct of those participating in a prescheduled emergency drill or crisis simulation exercise.

Yes folks, the ruling elites love to cause psychological chaos and, while taking care in speaking though their MSM mouthpieces – those employed as television sorcerers and well-trained in the utilization of neural linguistic programming to better spread their psychological spells – must always  feel compelled to inform the masses of their exact intentions.

Unfortunately, a majority of the general public still lack even a rudimentary understanding of what is routinely being done to them. Perhaps, the best antidote to such a prevailing malaise would be for those so confounded to immediately abscond from the HD television clicker and endeavor – like the growing number of one’s loyal readers – to begin visiting regularly here at Newsspell.

Although in retrospect, the deeper scrutiny of objective analysis would seem to contradict the seemingly random and motiveless nature of such an event that not only strains at the boundaries of credulity but contradicts sheer mathematical probabilities, therein nevertheless lies the magical secret in truly discerning its thoroughly engrossing psychological and emotional effectiveness.

After all folks, the sheer visceral purpose of such events is intended to engage the emotions, not the intellect.

The ruling elites want the general public to remain fearful their communities lie constantly susceptible and ultimately vulnerable to random attack, therefore bolstering the psychological impression greater shares of their tax dollars are required in surrendering to an even greater reliance on government sponsored surveillance and security.

Ultimately, whether one is wholly convinced or not, governments represent nothing more than protection rackets enforced by armed goon squads euphemistically entitled “law enforcement”.

“Just as every cop is a criminal…” the Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil

Research into this “event” began with a thorough viewing of the aforementioned documentary of the Grover Cleveland Elementary shooting filmed and narrated by the BBC and subsequently aired on American corporate network television.

Perhaps appropriately, the documentary featured the identical title of a once popular song, said to have been inspired by the Grover Cleveland Elementary event and its alleged villain, Brenda Ann Spencer , “I Don’t like Mondays”.

The Boomtown Rats video first aired on MTV in the early 1980’s. It features several interesting graphic components, the most readily noticeable of which is the opening panoramic scene of an isolated schoolhouse seemingly surrounded with incarcerating barbed wire. This imagery may be metaphorical, representing the traumatized minds of children and the general public imprisoned by the dreaded malaise of psychological bombardment, hurled at them through the conduit of the television/media/entertainment complex.

The scene then intensely cuts to the inside of a schoolhouse classroom, where the narrator/singer (Geldof) can be seen adorned in a checked jacket, the design of which is identical to the checkerboard pattern found within the sanctum of most masonic lodges, symbolizing mankind’s duality of good and evil.

But most telling of all, are some of the lyrics of the song, particularly the opening line:

“The silicon chip inside her head gets switched to overload”

Could it be, this is a horrific foreshadowing of the dystopian, global agenda planned for humanity by the thirteen ruling elite, Jesuit families?

Today, many Fortune 500 companies have micro-chipped their employees and sales forces. There are also many government agencies that have also required micro-chipping for their employees. The song, “I Don’t like Mondays”, became a huge global hit for Geldof and the Boomtown Rats. According to official music industry sources, such as Billboard magazine, the song charted in the top forty most popular songs in as many as thirty countries (30/EE=33/High-Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Of course, the music and entertainment industries are valuable, instrumental cogs in the global commercial system, utilized first and foremost to program the social and political behaviors of the masses while secondarily garnering massive commercial profits from them.

As mentioned before, not only is the story of this 1970’s “school shooting” fully inundated with the usual numerological markers and occult symbols, but initial research into San Diego’s Grover Cleveland Elementary revealed a most peculiar anomaly. According to the official California School Directory, the elementary school in question did not open to begin classes until July 1, 1980, which would seem to contradict the official story proffered by the MSM, which claimed this “shooting” took place on the morning of January 29, 1979 at the very beginning of the school day (

As one shall observe after clicking the link provided above and carefully perusing the official government information made available, the school was closed 9 years (9/6 in the occult mirrored reflection=33) after the event on June 30, 1989.

Cognizant that numbers and numerology represent great significance in relation to the planning and execution of such psychological operations, further research divulged revelations that held still greater significance.

Apparently, the Cleveland Elementary event preceded the hoaxed assassination attempt of then newly elected US President Ronald Reagan by 791 days, which further reduces to 17, a number which in the world of the occult, represents the Number of the son of Man, the evolution of the Cosmos and its tendency toward Karmic liberation (1+7=8).

The number 17 is also symbolic of the man participating in both worlds, celestial and terrestrial, the junction of the material world and the spiritual and, according to high-degree Freemasonry, the number 17 can also represent that of an initiate who has succeeded his interior marriage of bringing the harmony of order out of the disharmony of chaos.


It is fair to assume, when any mainstream media outlet subsequently chooses to produce a televised documentary 26 years after the fact (26=2 6’s/12/21/777 intelligence joker code) there may exist evidence of greater symbolic and occult significance. Upon viewing the following video’s content, it didn’t take long to notice the production was not only rife with occult symbolism and numerological markers,  but that its overly maudlin sensationalism proved telltale in discovering this event had been completely staged with the complicity of law enforcement, the MSM, and elements of Hollywood.

According to the official account reported by BBC, the alleged assailant, 16 year-old Brenda Spencer (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon), a student at the nearby Patrick Henry High School in San Diego’s San Carlos suburb, opened fire with 7 shots (Kabbalah Zayin, mind weapon) from a .22 caliber rifle (22/master mason’s apprentice) upon the school grounds while in residence at her father’s house, located directly across from the Grover Cleveland Elementary. The alleged assailant’s initial barrage was claimed to have killed the school principal, Burton Wragg (David Hogg/Burton Wragg, GG/77 hoax code, get it folks?).

Wragg’s name sums to 11 in English Ordinal gematria, which equals 151/ 7 in Reverse Ordinal and, 61/7 in Reverse Full Reduction. Added together with the number of initial shots alleged to have been fired at the school, we have the equivalent of the triple seven/777 joker code once again.

In addition to Principal Wragg, the MSM reported the school janitor was also fatally shot while allegedly attempting to pull a child to safety. There is a problem with this heroic testimony however (there always has to be a hero, right?). The MSM claimed the children, some 300 in number (3/EE=33) were all lined up outside the school’s front gate, waiting for the principal to arrive and let them in. Contradictorily, and as one shall observe while closely watching the BBC documentary, the narration frames the scenario as if the children were already on campus, claiming that first responding law enforcement had to evacuate the bulk of the student body.

MSM went on to also allege that, while barricaded inside her father’s home, Brenda Spencer went on to fire a total of 30 (3/EE=33/High-Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) shots from her Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle (10+22=32/2 3’s/33) killing two (masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) and wounding a total of eight others (44 destruction code) including a responding San Diego patrol officer, aged 28 (2 8’s/mark of the Jesuit order/2X8=16/7/Kabballah Zayin, the mind weapon).

The official narrative claims Spencer’s father had bought the rifle and given it to her as a Christmas gift.

In the event’s aftermath, the MSM went on to claim the alleged rifle had a telescopic sight and was capable of loading 500 rounds (5/2+3/2 3’s=33) of ammunition. Prior to that, it was alleged that Spencer, while inside the Grover Cleveland Elementary, was known to hunt birds with a BB gun from a school window, for which she was summarily caught, arrested and further charged with burglary. Details such as this, as with all such psychological operations, are planted within the prepackaged narrative to cement the desired impression of plausible criminal intent in the minds of the general public.

In December of 1978, approximately one month before the date of the alleged “shooting”, Spencer had reportedly undergone a psychiatric evaluation, arranged by her probation officer, recommending she be admitted to a psychiatric facility for depression.

Her father however, reportedly refused to grant permission.

This latter detail, as loyal readers have no doubt readily ascertained, marked the beginning of the MSM freely associating the concocted mental health meme in connection with events featuring the theme of what today is propagandistically referred to as “gun violence”.

When watching the video, loyal readers will take immediate notice of the fact, the tale of the Grover Cleveland Elementary school shooting grows exponentially more improbable as it progresses. Allegedly, while barricaded in her father’s home, Spencer was interviewed via phone by a reporter from the San Diego Union-Tribune. As if that isn’t sensational enough, when asked why she had endeavored to commit such a heinous atrocity, she allegedly responded, “I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.”

After all folks, the psychological component nor the cinematic narrative of an event such as this just wouldn’t be as dramatic lacking a snappy quote from the alleged villain, right?


Of course, Hollywood, corporate MSM, and the masonic guilds of law enforcement have always been willing bedfellows, and there can be no doubt that all of these elements colluded to firmly place indelible images, drawn from the pantomime portrayal of the mass casualty, crisis simulation at Grover Cleveland Elementary school shooting, into the collective psyche of the American general public.

Brenda Ann Spencer:

Jodie Foster:

District Attorney, Richard Sachs:

Tom Snyder:

Not only does the voice track of Sachs from the BBC documentary sync up perfectly with voice samples culled from Tom Snyder while hosting American television’s Late, Late show from the 1970’s and early 1980’s, but the producers of the documentary have utilized two of the most reliable tricks in concealing the identity of District Attorney Richard Sachs’ host actor – hair dye and eye wear.

It is also noteworthy that in 1981, Snyder was one of the first to interview alleged counter-culture, serial killing cult leader Charles Manson AKA Hollywood entertainment mogul David Geffen, indicating by that time in his television career, Snyder was certainly no stranger to having willfully aided and abetted in the perpetuation of the cultural myths planted in the public mind by MSM/government sponsored psychological operations.

Regarding the alleged Cleveland Elementary shooter, Brenda Spencer (sums to 124 in English Ordinal gematria=7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon), it has been alleged by Wikipedia and other mainstream media sources that Spencer, who was subsequently charged with 12 (777/joker code) felony counts and sentenced to 25 years to life (7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon), was said to have self-identified as “having been gay from birth.”

Not surprisingly, television child star and Hollywood icon Jodie Foster, Spencer’s host actor, has also self-identified as having lead a similar alternatively themed lifestyle.

Furthermore, Foster attended Yale, the campus that features the infamous mausoleum crypt of the Skull and Bones Fraternal order. But more than this, it should be noted that Foster has genealogical ties to America’s founding families. Reportedly, Foster’s father hailed from a wealthy Chicago family, whose forbears included John Alden, who arrived in North America aboard the Mayflower in 1620. Lucius Foster III was also a decorated US Air Force lieutenant colonel, a military rank loyal readers have learned has often been associated and synonymous with various psychological operations executed in the past.

Stay tuned folks, for part II of Marlon Brando: Godfather of Hollywood chameleons? – coming very soon!








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