Before delving into this installment’s main topic, one would like to address the most recent spate of propaganda proffered by the MSM regarding the alleged forest fires in California. This event happens to tie-in with one’s research into Marlon Brando which in turn, led straight to the family of America’s most powerful merchant bankers, the Rockefellers.

Therefore, in accurately casting a single proverbial stone, as it were, one shall proceed in killing a pair of very suspect fowls.

Like everything broadcasted by the MSM, the recent fires occurring near Thousand Oaks, in remote Paradise, California, represented yet another psychological operation’s dramatic illustration, purely designed to serve an overarching agenda.

That the so-called journalists employed by the MSM are nothing more than purveyors of government spun propaganda should not, at this juncture, come as a surprise to one’s loyal readers, nor to anyone with at least a miniscule portion of either brain’s hemisphere still critically functioning.

However, it is not so much what the MSM reports that remains particularly noteworthy.

Rather, like California’s governor Jerry Brown, what is noteworthy is how often they lie by omission. Unfortunately however, such a sinister practice has always served as standard procedure for those serving in any official government capacity. Avoiding specifics allows, both legally and politically, for a great measure of plausible deniability. Framing the issues in vague generalities also facilitates the ability to either spin, misdirect, or further obfuscate when expedient.

Before moving on to Mister Brando AKA Burt Reynolds, the first portion of this installment shall include footage from the California governor’s recent press conference and, a brief analysis of what he may have unwittingly implied regarding the state’s response to the forest fires.

Needless to say, as with most politicians, when it comes to digging out the kernels of truth from their waste heaps of political propaganda, one must never be found reticent in choosing to sully one’s metaphorical hands. One shall also take note, that during the press conference, California governor Jerry Brown speaks in the vaguest of generalities. However, in doing so, he nonetheless manages to completely give the game away when, several times, he obliquely alludes to specifics relating to population control methodologies enumerated within the UN’s globally mandated Agenda 21.

As for the main topic of this installment, it turns out the theme of a Hollywood movie production from the 1970’s, in which Burt Reynolds AKA Marlon Brando starred, happens to exist as one of the earliest examples of predictive programming for the future public onslaught of Agenda 21 propaganda. This is a globally mandated agenda which has a connection to the Rockefellers, America’s prominent family of seemingly ubiquitous merchant bankers.

More than this, one shall endeavor to definitively demonstrate that one of Brando’s fellow cast members in this Hollywood production also has a surprisingly direct connection to Hollywood icon, Jack Nicholson.

For those that have yet to view California governor Jerry Brown’s press conference, held subsequent to the quelling of the alleged fires near Paradise, California, the governor’s performance truly represents an instructive exercise in sinister political theater.

Brown appears to resemble a disingenuous coward, a mealy mouthed prevaricator possessing the chutzpah to issue veiled threats while surrounded by a comical phalanx of armed, grinning goons.

Of course, that most Americans are more concerned with the diameter of Kim Kardashian’s derriere and the petty soap opera’s of reality television and mind numbing trivium of social media, one more than realistically expects such a fair and objective evaluation of Mister Brown’s shameful performance will remain mostly unnoticed.

Upon viewing Mister Brown’s performance, one’s mind harked back to when a petty and feeble minded troll that once attempted to attack the author, asked why – and speaking from paraphrased memory – one did not remain merely content to discuss the “good things happening in the world?”

To which one’s first thought occurred: What higher good could be served than endeavoring to discern and articulate the truth?

Given that such a sentiment would have been lost on someone only interested in fostering their petty antagonisms and receiving their next allotment of Walmart gift cards from their gang stalking masters in law enforcement, one felt it was better to heed the advice of the wise sage: Never cast pearls before swine.

Nevertheless, Governor Brown’s press conference served as a brutal reminder of the utter moral bankruptcy of America’s current ruling class:

Brown’s opening statement includes the phrase, “crystal clear”, which equals 122 in English Ordinal gematria (5/2 3’s/33/High-Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

“It’s how people live, it’s where they live…and its the changing climate,” Brown attempts to claim.

This seemingly cryptic statement is an oblique allusion to the details of the UN’s Agenda 21, a global mandate based on the “scientific” consensus of anthropogenically-influenced climate change. Solidifying this perception in the minds of native Californians and their local public officials through the psychological manipulation of rampant threats from unpredictable forest fires – that those who live in rural areas of California, their communities, and homes are randomly vulnerable to disaster – reduces property values, therefore fostering mass migrations to more highly concentrated, urban areas where the ruling elites can then, not only intensify mass surveillance, but satisfy their preconceived notion the West and other geographical regions are overpopulated.

If the prospect of this were not chilling enough, near the end of his barely serviceable presentation, Brown punctuates his cryptic allusions to a preplanned dystopian future for Californians with a thrust of the Baphomet hand signal and then with resounding, almost ominous force, he states, “We have the most expensive lawyers in the world who will argue it out in the most exquisite detail.”

Brown also makes mention, though he is assured the forest fires will continue in future, the state of California possesses the funds to “get the job done.”

In essence folks, with the help of Hollywood, green screen and CGI, the state of California, with the blessing of the Governor’s administration, is completely invested in willfully implementing the globally mandated edicts of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families. Though despite Governor Brown appears powerful and almost inscrutable while surrounded by his gaggle of low-grade law enforcement ruffians and ‘expensive lawyers’, it would take only a well-concerted effort on the part of outraged Californians to begin chipping away at their thin façade of confidence, for they are essentially cowards whose political and legal position is deceptively weak, backed only by the strategic advantage of a well-organized force of armaments.

For decades, the Rockefellers have been instrumental in funding Agenda 21 propaganda through their tax free foundations. With the help of CIA, an organization their considerable financial largesse founded, they have systematically and successfully been able to market ‘climate change’ propaganda into television programs, television commercials and even, Hollywood movies. An early example of such propaganda merging with the concept of modern cinema was represented by 1972’s ‘Deliverance’, an award-winning Hollywood production which starred, among others making their Hollywood film debuts, Burt Reynolds AKA Marlon Brando.


The nationwide release of ‘Deliverance” coincided with the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency from an executive order decreed by the Nixon administration in 1970. Of course, Richard Nixon AKA Warren Beatty was a Rockefeller puppet who would later allow himself to be publicly slain by Watergate’s sword of Damocles wielded by his benefactor, Nelson Rockefeller (See: The mysterious man of many famous faces (part III) .

Beginning operations shortly after the signing of Nixon’s executive order on December 2, 1970 (777/joker code), the federal organization soon grew enormously. As of 2018, while employing almost fifteen-thousand scientists, engineers, and environmental specialists, the agency’s annual budget has ballooned to over 8.1 billion. Since the consolidation of the Kyoto Protocols in 1992, the international treaty which extended the administrative framework of the UN’s climate change agenda and solidified the international climate change consensus, these teams of EPA scientists and environmental specialists, have been performing Herculean labors to rapidly implement Agenda 21 here in the West. However, long before then, the EPA stood as the vanguard and prime partner of Agenda 21’s smart growth initiatives.

The role of the Rockefeller Foundation has been instrumental in achieving the goals of the UN’s Agenda 21. Most recently, the Rockefeller Foundation has partnered with USAID (Agency for International Development) to promote the concept of environmental “social responsibility” and other alleged public benefits. Companies who decide to become “benefit corporations” and choose to become certified by the Rockefeller funded “B-Labs”, are then promised significant advantages over their market competition with not only significant tax breaks, but preferential access to lucrative government contracts. While the goals of the Rockefeller Foundation to “save” the environment may seem progressively minded and perhaps even grandly altruistic, these superficial appearances mask a criminal scheme to dominate and monopolize all human and natural resources in the West on behalf of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Myopically enthralled with prospects of enormous, but short-term market gains, these companies partnering with the Rockefeller Foundation and USAID have likely not even considered that in choosing to revel in the material scraps thrown from the Rockefeller’s table of bounty, they have condemned the future of their fellow man into the chains of global, feudalist enslavement.

The plot of ‘Deliverance’ seems to parallel the dire scenario depicted by the mainstream media in latter-day California. From the films initial frames, the viewer becomes introduced to the idea that an area of the remote Georgia wilderness is being destroyed and redeveloped in the name of “progress”. Four Atlanta men – one of which is Brando AKA Reynold’s character of Lewis Medlock – endeavor to take a trip down the Cahulawassee River before it is destroyed by the construction of a dam and covered over by an enormous lake. It is clear from the dramatic scenario presented, that the locals –  depicted in the film as largely knuckle dragging hillbillies and treated condescendingly by most of Medlock’s party – will be permanently displaced, their livelihoods and remote communities destroyed in the wake of the dam’s construction.

“Don’t ever come back here again,” the town sheriff warns Ed Gentry, portrayed by academy-award winning Hollywood actor, Jon Voigt, “I’d like to see this town die peacefully.”

Yes, folks, the title of this award-winning film seems to imply that in future – much like the implication put forth by California’s Governor Brown subsequent to the “fires” near the tiny hamlet of Paradise – those remaining content to live in rural geographical regions will be forcibly delivered into tightly-packed, overly inhabited urban zones kept under constant and intrusive digital surveillance.

Just as an aside, the aforementioned role of the town sheriff in the film is portrayed by the late American poet-Laureate Bill Dickey, the author of the novel from which the screenplay of ‘Deliverance’ was adapted. The following video excerpt from ‘Deliverance’ depicts a dramatic scene where the four men, while endeavoring to travel downriver, encounter a pair of armed hunters with rather questionable, ulterior intentions. Brando AKA Reynold’s character, Medlock, an experienced woodsman as well a crack shot bowman, saves two of his compatriots – each portrayed by Ned Beatty and Jon Voigt – from mortal harm at the hands of the pair of ‘hillbillies’, but not before Beatty’s character suffers from a brutal, sexual assault.

From a purely metaphorical standpoint, this scene is indicative of how perhaps the ruling elites choose to speak to the proletariat while utilizing an artform the masses have been conditioned to accept as pure fantasy concerning their future intentions and, the psychologically visceral methods they intend to utilize in order to see their grand achievements come to fruition.

The redneck assailant is killed, but rather than informing law enforcement of their foul deed, Brando AKA Reynold’s character, Medlock, through sheer force of personality, convinces his fellow adventurers they should bury the dead man in the forest and continue on with their journey as if nothing exceptional had occurred.

Take note of the fact that initially, Medlock’s three companions object to his suggestions.

“Anybody familiar with the law,” Medlock enquires of the three others.

“This is a matter of the law,” Medlock’s most vocal companion, Drew exclaims.

“The law,” Medlock laughs while scoffing in reply, “where is the law,” he says, gesturing to the surrounding, vacant wilderness.

Could it be, the dead redneck is intended to be symbolic of the final demise of all human inhabited traces of rural America, in lieu of the environmental and ‘sustainable open spaces’ articulated by the Rockefeller funded Agenda 21? Furthermore, could it be, the construction of the river’s dam represents the metaphorical triumph of  the ruling elite’s commercial interests in successfully and finally clearing all remote, rural areas of human settlements in order to completely facilitate their completely unmolested, future access and monopolization of the rich, natural resources existing on the land they plan to ultimately acquire through legal, eminent domain?

Is this what California’s Governor Brown was alluding to, when at the conclusion of his press conference he uttered, “we have the most expensive lawyers who will argue it out in exquisite detail?”

Of course, no matter how forcibly coercive the ruling elites plan to be in their final execution of Agenda 21, the realization does certainly exist that they must make their gross and willful criminality appear to be “legal”.

Comparatively speaking, does this not seem to be what is currently happening in remote Paradise, California?

Recall the town sheriff’s final words in the movie ‘Deliverance’:

“I’d like to see this town die peacefully.”

Could this be what the ruling elites prefer, that ultimately, they’re meet with no resistance from the compliant masses while they incrementally implement Agenda 21, their grand program of global, commercial dominance?

It is important to point out that the ruling elites have utilized the ‘climate change’ mantra to clumsily mask their genuine plan to monopolize all human and natural resources. This grand masquerade of climate change is merely a psychological tool to foster peaceful and non-violent consent among the masses to their own demise of total and permanent enslavement.


The movie ‘Deliverance’ also serves as a prime illustration of the audio-visual conversion schemes deployed to perpetuate the actor based reality. For, Burt Reynolds was not the only actor to have appeared in this award-winning film as a conversion scheme of a host actor operating under a legal pseudonym. In a previous installment, actor Ned Beatty was positively demonstrated to have portrayed the host actor of NFL head coach, Bruce Arians (See: All in the game: NFL fixed or legit? (Part VI) 

Ned Beatty:

Bruce Arians:

Would one be surprised to discover Beatty’s and Brando AKA Reynold’s co-star, Jon Voigt, is also the result of a Hollywood characterization conversion scheme?

Turns out, folks, ear biometric and facial recognition analysis prove Academy-award winning actor, Jon Voigt, is a genuine joker!

Jon Voigt:

Jack Nicholson:

Regarding Voigt’s career, it is interesting to note that not only was he chosen to star in ‘Deliverance’, a Hollywood instrument of predictive programming propaganda for the Rockefeller funded Agenda 21, but he also starred with Will Smith in 1998’s ‘Enemy of the State’, a film which featured yet still more predictive programming. Only in the latter film, the subject matter primarily concerned itself with America’s then emerging, all-pervasive grid of digital surveillance prior to September 11, 2001.

Yes folks, the MSM’s latest propaganda is nothing new, just a much older product rebranded and repackaged.













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