Many of you may have wondered, why an entire installment has never been dedicated to the subject of the maligned former NFL star, Orenthal James Simpson, better known as simply O.J. or, as he was also known during his NFL glory years of the 1970’s, “The Juice”.

Well, your virtuous patience has now been duly rewarded.

On this occasion, it will be proved – once and for all – the “murder trial” of Orenthal James Simpson was a scripted Hollywood-styled production, and wholly fabricated to serve a social and political agenda.

But not for the reasons you would expect.

No, we will not bother with an analysis of Johnnie Cochran’s – one of Simpson’s legal “Dream Team” – bloody glove (“If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” Cochran beseeched the jury during closing arguments), or the numerous anomalies present at the so-called “crime scene”.

Rather, our investigation shall take a different tack; the road less traveled.

It shall be proved Simpson’s lead “lawyer”, Robert Shapiro, was a fabricated media character, portrayed by a host actor, an actor with which, by now, we have become well-familiar.

It shall also be proved, not only were Simpson’s victims media fabricated victim simulations, it shall also be, conclusively, demonstrated Simpson could not have served any jail time upon being convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in 2008.

And why is this so, you may wonder?

Because as everyone shall soon learn, while he was alleged to have been imprisoned, and prior to being “paroled” in 2017, Simpson was busy portraying his other Hollywood created persona, a well-known film actor with a long Hollywood resume of on-screen performances.

Stay tuned, folks.

On this occasion, everyone will find the following conclusions are supported by prior information drawn from previous investigations which revealed the true identities of some of the role players in the O.J. Simpson “murder trial”. This prior information – to be now accompanied by greater supporting and empirically-based evidence – has led us to this revelatory pass.

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Indeed, we are about to discover, Simpson’s legal ordeal was handled by an actor, a man who possesses a more extensive gallery of masks than, perhaps, any other actor we have yet encountered in the long and well-documented history of Post-Modern Reality Simulation,

Of course, everyone is likely more than familiar with Simpson’s role in Capricorn I, the 1970’s cult-conspiracy movie about a faked space mission to the planet Mars which, unfortunately, did not end well for Simpson’s character. Both the movie and its theme have aged spectacularly well, and its subject matter, relating to the rather recent and well-deserved controversies swirling around NASA and their alleged “space missions”, is still-to-this-day, rather prescient.

But while delving deeper into Simpson’s biographies, we are sure to discover numerous anomalies, including a great deal of numerological markers, and occult symbolism. Additionally, we will find Simpson’s “Dream Team” lawyer “Robert Shapiro” was a fabricated character whose host actor had direct connections to Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre hoax.

Not only did Shapiro’s host actor have connections with the Port Arthur “event”, it turns out, he and the host actor who portrayed “Nicole Brown Simpson” have royal European genealogy in common, royal families which are related to the royal house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, better known as Windsor.

First, however, let’s start with that name – Orenthal James Simpson.

When summing Simpson’s full name – Orenthal James Simpson – in English Ordinal gematria, we get 246, which equals 12 (21/777/joker code) and also reduces to the number 3 (EE=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).  In Full Reduction, the name sums to 84, which also equals 12 (21/777) and can be reduced to – once again – 3 or (EE) 33. And, in Reverse Full Reduction, we get the sum of 114, which equals 6, or 2 3’s for – you guessed it, folks – 33.

Then, there is Simpson’s DOB: July 9, 1947.

The year of 1947 marked the official inception of the CIA, the US corporation’s Praetorian Guard – as it were – which was established to watch over and protect the monopolistic economic hegemony of America’s true founders, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

July is, of course, the seventh month, and when multiplied by the number 9 (9X7), the sum equals 63 or 3 6’s (666).

The consistency of these identical gematria codes – in relation to O.J. Simpson – should appear more than coincidental, even to those hopelessly stricken with the most acute condition of cognitive dissonance.

Accordingly, we are able to observe the identical gematria coding in this short summary of official statistics drawn from Simpson’s 11 (twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) year NFL football career: 4.7 yards per carry/4X7=28/2 8’s/88/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order/Saturn/the Sun, 61 rushing touchdowns/7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon/the hook.


For the majority of Simpson’s NFL career, he wore the number of 32 on his player’s jersey (2 3’s/33). During his tenure in the NFL, Simpson could often be seen in numerous television commercials – like the one observed in the video, displayed above – and, of course, he starred in various Hollywood cinematic productions, such as the epic science fiction/action drama Capricorn 1.

In fact, for the entire span of his lifetime in the public’s eye – given the NFL is also a scripted profit-making and socio-political propaganda vehicle for the thirteen families – it could well be said, Simpson’s primary profession has been as an actor.

It could also be said, however, Simpson’s finest hour as an actor arrived while performing in the starring role – the live action television melodrama – of his own “murder trial” in 1994.

The award for Best Supporting actor in the Simpson murder trial drama, however, should go to Simpson’s “Dream Team” lawyer who, as shall soon be revealed, is one of Hollywood’s most powerful executive figures. Not only, in fact, does Robert Shapiro’s host actor share genealogical connections – along with the host actor who portrayed the media-created character of “Nicole Brown Simpson” –  to Europe’s most prominent royal families, but to the Port Arthur “shooting massacre” of 1996.

And, as it turns out, Shapiro’s host actor once served as a former “president” of the US corporation.


The first of many anomalies encountered in the “official” biographies of “Robert Shapiro” concerns the exact nature of his alleged law degree.

Before examining that biographical tidbit further, however, it should be pointed out –  comparable to those of similar stature in American popular culture which we’ve examined in the recent past – Shapiro’s “official” biographies appear to offer a paucity of detail, regarding either his personal or professional life.

Nevertheless, Shapiro’s biographers have left us enough clues among these rather sparse details to build a case of our own against O.J. Simpson’s former defense lawyer, clues which prove Shapiro is a fabricated popular culture persona; another prime exhibit to be included among the most illustrative artifacts of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

It is claimed, in 1965, Shapiro graduated from University of California at Los Angeles, and received a Bachelor of Science in Finance, rather than law. During his undergraduate years at UCLA, Shapiro is alleged to have formally pledged to the Beta Zeta Tau fraternity, which was established in 1898 by Richard J. H. Gottheil, a professor of languages at Columbia University, and a Zionist.

Though it is claimed, from its inception, ZBT was a youth organization dedicated to the Zionist cause, the fraternal brotherhood became “non-sectarian” in 1954, when it “opened its doors to non-Jewish members,” and, subsequently, altered their “membership policy” to welcome in “All men of Good Character”, a slogan which sounds eerily similar to the theme espoused by the international Brotherhood of Masons, which claims it is dedicated to “Making Good Men Better.”

After clicking on the link, displayed immediately below, you will notice ZBT’s coat of arms features the Roman Fasces, symbolizing imperial power over life and death. It should also be noted that, curiously, Wikipedia goes out of its way to state, “The original Hebrew meaning of Z.B.T. is not esoteric.” Yet, in the same mealy mouthed breath, they state the following: “However, it was publicly revealed in the official history of Zeta Beta Tau, Here’s To Our Fraternity: One Hundred Years of Zeta Beta Tau, 1898-1998, by Marianne Rachel Sauna.”

As for Professor Gottheil, further research indicates, he is connected to Theodor Herzl, an Austro-Hungarian journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer who is best- known as the “father” of modern political Zionism, and the State of Israel.

For those familiar with 20th century post-war history, the State of Israel was formulated by the UN (a geopolitical trojan horse/holographic political structure controlled by the thirteen families) in 1948 and, soon thereafter, became a geopolitical stalking horse and international banking haven. Herzl’s ‘Austro-Hungarian’ nationality exists as a key clue to the genuine identity of Robert Shapiro’s host actor.

But further examination of Shapiro’s biographies provides another clue of even greater significance, a clue which, conclusively, supports the investigative premise Shapiro’s appearance on Simpson’s legal “Dream Team” represented nothing more than a scripted theatrical performance.


“Official” biographies of “Robert Shapiro” allege he earned a “Juris Doctor” degree from Loyola Law School (as in Ignatius Loyola) a catholic school established by the Society of Jesus or the Jesuit Order, in 1968 (6/33).

One year later, in 1969, it is alleged Shapiro was admitted to the California State bar (1+9+6+9=25/2+5=7/Kabbalah Zayin/the mind weapon/the hook).

Though alleged to have been the author and to have published commercially available texts which provide the impression Simpson’s defense attorney is some sort of legal guru Shapiro is, in fact, nothing more than an impostor, an actor who closely followed a script, an actor who was dressed up to appear as a conspicuous figure in the American legal community.


Shapiro’s biographies also indicate, he is associated with a non-profit organization (Brent Shapiro Foundation), which he founded in 2005, after the death of his son, Brent, from an alleged drug overdose.

As we’ve discovered through past investigations, non-profit foundations, paradoxically, are very profitable financial instruments. Such organizations, their associated foundations, and the income they generate are not, generally, subject to the scrutiny of either an audit from the IRS or the prying eyes of legal probate proceedings.

For these specific reasons, non-profits are excellent sources of covert funds, which can be secretly siphoned to either fund or offset the costs of the execution of mass marketed psychological operations such as the O.J. Simpson “murder trial”.


During the closing arguments of Simpson’s “murder trial”, Shapiro, along with another member of Simpson’s legal “Dream Team”, Johnnie Cochran, endeavored to stage a theatrical prank which, under normal circumstances – had Simpson’s “trial” been an actual legal proceeding and not a scripted television reality show – would have resulted in the presiding judge holding both attorney’s in contempt of the court and, very likely, disgraced and disbarred.

However, since Simpson’s trial amounted to nothing more than a scripted charade –  designed as a profit-making vehicle for the thirteen families, a financial windfall and promotional boon for the LAPD, and a vital spectacle of propaganda for the ruling families and their sociopolitical agenda of racial division – rather than scorned and met with punitive measures from the presiding judge, such absurd theatricality was not only allowed but tolerated and, most likely, even encouraged.

Reportedly, Simpson’s legal “Dream Team” thought the infamous “bloody glove”, alleged to have been warn by Simpson when he committed the murders of “Nicole Brown Simpson” and “Ronald Goldman”, represented a pivotal piece of evidence which would not only raise reasonable doubt among the members of the presiding jury, but also might result in his subsequent acquittal on all charges.

During the closing argument phase of Simpson’s trial, and after defense attorney Johnnie Cochran’s absurd remark to the jury, “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit,” Shapiro was alleged to have advised his client, Simpson, “when you try on the glove, get as close as possible to the jury and hold it up like the Olympic torch and tug on it.”

One’s loyal readers are assuredly aware, Shapiro’s reference to the “Olympic torch” while advising Simpson, his alleged client, holds occult significance.

Like the hidden significance of Simpson’s trial, Shapiro’s reference to the “Olympic torch” is symbolic in nature, and represents an occult reference to the masonic light of Lucifer.

In the texts of high-degree freemasonry, “Lucifer” is described as an anthropomorphic symbolism, the life-giving light energy which flows through the “pyramid” of the sun rising in the east, the same light which – according to such masonic texts – is reflected from its dualistic mirror, the hidden black sun of the star of Sirius.


Before revealing the true identity of Robert Shapiro’s host actor, there exists yet another piece of evidence Orenthal James Simpson could not have “murdered” “Nicole Brown Simpson”.

He could not have, because “Nicole” is still very much alive.

In fact, you’ve probably seen her – up until 2018 – hosting a highly-rated morning television show broadcast on the NBC network, starring as Megyn Kelly.

In 2017, Kelly interviewed Russian Premiere, Vladimir Putin, who has been identified as a political character portrayed by the iconic Hollywood actor, Burt Reynolds AKA Marlon Brando.

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But facial recognition and image comparison analysis conclusively demonstrate – like “Nicole Brown Simpson” – “Megyn Kelly” is a fictional and media-driven character conversion scheme, portrayed by a host actor, an actor who is a European royal in disguise, Princess Mary of Denmark, and the Countess of Monzepat.

Princess Mary has been honored with Denmark’s highest-ranked chivalric honor, the Order of the Elephant.

Order of the Elephant:

Megyn Kelly:

Nicole Brown Simpson:

Princess Mary of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat:


After allegedly absconding to Florida in 2000 to skip out on a 33.5 (33+{2+3} 2 3’s/33=66/12/21/777/joker code/33+5=38/3+8=11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin/3X8=24/2+4=6/33) million liability awarded against him by a civil court in 1997 (9X7=63/3 6’s/666/19+16=35/3+5=8/aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order/the Sun), Simpson found himself, once again. beleaguered with criminal charges.

In 2007 (9/6/33), Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas, under charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. When appearing in court to face the charges, Simpson was convicted and subsequently sentenced to 33 years imprisonment, with a minimum of 9 years without parole.

Surely, in both cases, it doesn’t require the investigative mind of a Sherlock Holmes to detect the presence of telltale gematria coding.

It is claimed, Simpson was granted parole on June 20, 2017 (6+2=8/aces and eights/19/Jesuit sun #/19+8=27/2 7’s/77/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/angelic transformation).

But ear biometric, facial recognition, and voice analysis confirm, this is impossible.

No folks, Orenthal James Simpson could not have been in jail.

Rather, he was to be found employed on a Hollywood movie set, doing what he has always done throughout his entire career – acting.

Simpson, as it turns out, is the host actor behind the modified mask of the Hollywood character conversion scheme known to the American general public as Danny Lebern Glover.

In fact, while Simpson was alleged to have been imprisoned, his Hollywood character conversion scheme, Glover, was acting in such films as The People Speak, the epic disaster film 2012, 2010’s I Want to Be a Soldier, and 2012’s Donovan’s Echo.

O.J. Simpson:

Danny Glover:


Ear biometric, facial recogntion, and image comparison analysis confirm that, behind the “reality television” mask of Robert Sharpiro, Simpson’s “Dream Team” attorney, was none other than our old friend – perhaps the greatest perpetrator of the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation – former Coca-Cola executive, Hollywood mogul and former US president “Ike Eisenhower” Barry Diller AKA Austro-German prince, Eduard von Fursternberg, spouse of the iconic MSM personality, Barbara Walters.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis also confirm that John Avery, the man who served as Martin Bryant’s defense attorney in the wake of 1996’s Port Arthur “massacre”, was merely another of Diller’s plethora of character conversion schemes.

Robert Shapiro:

John Avery:

Barry Diller:

Ike Eisenhower:

In fact, the same analyses also confirm one of Simpson’s victims, Ronald Goldman, was a character scheme of Hollywood actor, Matt Lattanzi, who not only starred as “Martin Bryant” in the Port Arthur “shooting”, he also portrayed the brother of Jean Benet Ramsey.

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Matt Lattanzi:

Ronald Goldman:

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