Oftentimes, the monopoly owned MSM is used as a vehicle for the promotion of political and social engineering propaganda.

Sometimes – as in the case of the alleged “death” of Hollywood actress “Anne Heche” – it is also used as a weapon of mass distraction.


Once again, the MSM – masters of illusion – have sold another hoax to the American public.

And yet, one has noticed some of those numbered among the so-called “truth” community mourning her “untimely” and “tragic” death.

Suffice to say, on this occasion, in-depth research into the “official” MSM narrative surrounding the “death” of Hollywood actress “Anne Heche” led to the doorstep of David Manpearl, an executive at Mandeville Studios, a hidden subsidiary of Disney Corporation, and to “Kaeto Kaelin”, a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a washed-up Hollywood actor and “dead” Australian rock star.

Though “Kaeto” now hosts his own podcast, his appearance in the witness chair during the OJ Simpson (AKA Hollywood actor Danny Glover) “trial” simulation remains his only real claim to Hollywood fame.

But that’s not all.

Not by a long shot.

One’s investigation also led to Spahn Ranch, the former residence of the “counter-culture” retinue connected to “Charles Manson” (AKA Hollywood executive David Geffen/Doctor Anthony Fauci), to Disney Corporation and its network of subsidiary studios located in Mar Vista (AKA Greater Culver City), and to Doctor Peter H. Grossman – owner/operator of the burn medical center to where “Anne Heche” was transported – who, while sunk deep in a financial and legal quagmire involving his spouse Rebecca, was found in a severely compromised position and, it seems likely, became a victim of blackmail.


Since it’s likely most who frequently visit this site have already observed the curious video footage of “Anne Heche” emerging from the white sheeted gurney, I won’t belabor that point, other than to say, to judge from that remarkable scene alone, obviously, there’s something amiss.

But given the extraordinary details and significant array of intelligence-directed principals involved in this particular MSM news story, the Hollywood actress’s unscathed emergence after allegedly suffering from life-threatening burns resulting from an alleged car crash, though remarkable and highly-irregular, pales in comparison.

Added to this, upon reflection, this particular operation’s execution was just plain sloppy, but, nonetheless, its method of executional operation was well consistent with that of the Jesuit-controlled international intelligence octopus, specifically CIA.

Informed speculation indicates, the absurd anomalies left all too conspicuous were deliberate and meant as a vicious mockery of the American general public.

Though in the weeks following the Hollywood actress’s “death”, the MSM began to uniformly babble about “conspiracy theories” regarding a “murder” due to an alleged affiliation with a production thematically tied to the controversial subject of child trafficking, such lame attempts at narrative control could only be described as blatant misdirection.

But such careless narrative execution on the part of the MSM’s blow-dried teleprompter reading lackeys is clearly indicative of one thing: no matter how ridiculously presented “news” stories become, at this point, television executives know they can get away with anything.

Fearful, confused, and desperately vulnerable while suffering from acute demoralization, a majority of the American public seems well prepared to consume whatever dross the MSM is feeding them.

At any rate, merely for the sake of thorough analysis, it should be noted, there were telltale occult elements discovered in the video clip posted below which, thus far, to one’s knowledge, have gone unremarked. Namely, the color scheme of black and white, the very same in common with checkered tracing boards found in master masonic lodges.

Also, there is the color of red, symbolic of Mars, the God of War.

When combined, the colors of black and red are symbolic of the Jesuit order or the Society of Jesus, the capstone of the masonic order.

Then, as well, clearly observed atop the emergency vehicle placed in the foreground, there is the number of 63, 3 6’s or 666.

Though the MSM claims “Anne Heche” suffered life-threatening burns, the body observed in the video appears uninjured and pristine.

Also, when viewed from an overhead angle, the numbers atop the emergency vehicle appear as 3 and 9.

Of course, when summed, these numbers add to 12 which, when applied to the law of occult mirrored reversal, also equal 21 or 777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.

If examined more closely, the MSM footage shows the white sheeted gurney led away, not from 1766 Walgrove Avenue, Mar Vista, the address of Lynne Mishele, but with no police yet arrived on scene and with no first responding EMT’s to be found, from 1802, a neighboring address.

But there are more anomalies discovered in the video clip posted immediately below, featuring doorbell camera footage of the speeding vehicle allegedly driven by Hollywood actress “Anne Heche”.

When examined closely, frame by frame on a quality high-definition screen, it becomes evident there is no driver to be seen in the vehicle. It seems probable, the vehicle alleged to have been piloted by “Anne Heche” was a complete CGI/video morphed fabrication or, failing that, likely remote controlled. What’s more revealing, when frozen, each frame of the speeding vehicle appears to suffer from color fogging or pixel deterioration, indicative of hastily performed CGI-video morphing.

More anomalous still, the audio of screeching tires and crunching metal heard seconds later appears to have been overdubbed in post-production.

These observations are not surprising when, upon further investigation, it is discovered that not only was the doorbell camera footage derived from the residence of David Manpearl, the Mandeville/Disney studio executive alleged by the MSM to have been the first to arrive on scene, but, Manpearl’s spouse, Dana Theodoratos, according to an article published at variety.com, is an executive at CW who “oversees casting of all CW series, pilots, and original scripted digital programming.”

Scripted digital programming?

Indeed, should it be considered coincidence what appears to be suspicious doorbell camera footage derived from the residence of a CW executive who specializes in scripted digital programming (AKA fabricated CGI/video morphed images) would be used to validate a widely distributed MSM narrative?

No, assuredly not.

As an executive at CW, owned by CBS Entertainment (AKA Paramount Global) and Warner Brothers, Dana Theodoratos is in charge of giving the green light for the final cut of all CW productions before they are finally aired.

In which case, how difficult would it be for such a high-level television executive employed by CW, owned by CBS Entertainment (AKA Paramount Global) and Warner Brothers, to fabricate doorbell camera footage and hand it over to her professional colleagues such as TMZ’s Harvey Levin (AKA David Geffen)?

Low brow tabloid-television network TMZ, along with the equally execrable Fox News, were among the first of MSM networks to air the doorbell camera footage of the “dead” Hollywood actress’s speeding vehicle.

TMZ is a subsidiary of Fox (666) Entertainment, a company which, according to Wikipedia, “was formed in 2019 after The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox.”

Listed among Fox Entertainment/Corporation’s subsidiaries is Mar Vista Entertainment which, according to Wikipedia, is “an American production company, based in Westwood, Los Angeles, California.”

Mar Vista Entertainment produces mainly made-for-TV films carried by, among other networks, Disney Channel.

In which case, neither does it appear to be any coincidence that Hughes Aircraft, Sony Pictures Studios (formerly MGM), and Disney Digital Entertainment are all located in Mar Vista (AKA Greater Culver City), in convenient proximity with 1766 Walgrove Avenue, the residential address where the “Anne Heche” death hoax was staged.

Culver City is also the residence of Oscar-winning Hollywood actress “Helen Hunt” who, as it turns out, has an intimate connection to not only “Anne Heche”, but – as indicated by extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses – also to Jody Foster.

Below: Helen Hunt, Jody Foster

images[5836]OIP (1)[5837]

Everyone will surely recall, from a recent article published on this site, the chief executive at TMZ is “Harvey Levin”, identified as a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Hollywood executive David Geffen (AKA Doctor Anthony Fauci/Charles Manson/Sylvester Stallone/Henry Kissinger/Sonny Bono/Dick Cheney/Gene Simmons/Willie Nelson/Greg Allman/Bruce Edward Ivins/Chris Hadfield/Michael Bloomberg/Bernie Madoff), a serial perpetrator of media hoaxes who, over the course of several decades, has become well-acquainted with the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

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This tangled web of connections predominantly involving Harvey Levin (AKA David Geffen) and Disney also ties back to Dana Theodoratos’s spouse, David Manpearl, an executive at Disney subsidiary Mandeville studios, who, MSM sources uniformly allege, was the “heroic” figure arrived first on the scene of the crash at 1766 Walgrove Avenue.

According to heavy.com, using TMZ as a main source, Manpearl testified, “At about 10:50 a.m. I heard a car go speeding by and looked out my window, where I saw the car going about 90 miles an hour. Within seconds, I heard a loud crash at which point I ran outside in my flip-flops because I knew someone was hurt and, boy, was I right.”

The article at heavy.com, confirms, “He {Manpearl} lives five houses down from the house where the fiery crash occurred, he told the Daily Mail, and caught the moments leading up to the crash on his Ring doorbell camera.”

According to TMZ, “The 53-year-old actress slammed into a garage at about 11 a.m. Friday, August 5, 2022, then backed up and careened into another house.”

TMZ also reported, “Heche was inebriated and in critical condition after the crash.”

According to Hollywood tabloids like TMZ, “Anne Heche” had a history with alcohol and drugs such as ecstasy. And yet, oddly, MSM sources such as bbc.com report, the organs of “Anne Heche” were harvested soon after she was declared “dead”.

SEE: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-62552076

However, a search at SSDI (Social Security Death Index) yields no records of a death certificate.

According to Wikipedia, “Following her separation from {Ellen} DeGeneres in August 2000, Heche drove from Los Angeles to Cantua Creek in a Toyota SUV. She left her vehicle and, wearing only a bra and shorts, walked 1 1/2 miles (2.4 km) before reaching a ranch house. The homeowner, Araceli Campiz, who had seen Heche in a movie, recognized her and let her in. After drinking a significant amount of water, Heche ‘took off her Nikes and said she needed to take a shower. Campiz assumed that Heche was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but Heche later revealed that she had taken ecstasy.”

Mandeville Studio’s executive David Manpearl’s account appears to be just as fantastical.

When he arrived, Manpearl claims, “Before I approached the car, I saw the resident of the home {Lynne Mischele} standing barefoot in the debris. She was in shock and frantically asked me to help her pets out of the house. I was able to get the leashes for her two small dogs and escorted her out of the side of her house. She had her two dogs with her and a tortoise.”

SEE: https://heavy.com/news/david-manpearl/

Regarding Lynne Mishele, strangely, no one seems to have noticed, she appears to be the long-lost twin of “Anne Heche”.

Preliminary facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicates comparative geometric structures and alignment of the cheekbones, nasolabial folds, chins, noses, and lips are very similar if not identical.

Below L to R: Lynne Mishele, Anne Heche

images (1)[5858]


In the wake of the “death” of Hollywood actress “Anne Heche”, Mandeville Studio’s David Manpearl decided to team up with both GoFundMe and podcaster “Kaeto Kaelin”, the former house boy of O.J Simpson (AKA Danny Glover).

Below: Kaeto Kaelin

SEE: The truth is loosed onThe Juice

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As detailed in a previous article, GoFundMe is an intelligence connected operation and connected to former In-Q-Tel CEO Gilman Louie. Its majority stock is owned by venture capital firm Accel and Technology Crossover Ventures. Accel’s CEO, Jim Breyer, is not only connected to the Jesuit-controlled CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), but Breyer also has connections with WEF (World Economic Forum) and to WEF’s infamous marble mouthed chairman, Klaus Schwab (AKA King Harald V of Norway).

SEE: Canadian Convoy Smells Like Royal Musk

Greta, Klaus & Hilde the Royal Schwabs

As for “Kaeto Kaelin”, turns out, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate he’s another fabricated character scheme portrayed by an Australian rock star – Michael Hutchence – who is supposed to be dead.

Below: Kaeto Kaelin, Michael Hutchence

OIP[5839]OIP (2)[5838]


Further and extensive ear biometric and facial recognition analysis indicate that “Kaeto Kaelin” and washed-up Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke are also one and the same.

Below: Kaeto Kaelin, Mickey Rourke

OIP[5839]OIP (5)[5855]


In addition to all the anomalous characteristics regarding the “death” of “Anne Heche” detailed thus far, it seems even stranger that, though UCLA Medical Center, which includes world class burn victim facilities, is mere minutes from Walgrove Avenue in Mar Vista, instead, she was transported to Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, Calabasas, near Canoga Park.

According to Google Maps, Grossman Burn Center is twenty-five miles from Walgrove Avenue, Mar Vista (AKA Greater Culver City). Grossman Burn Center is owned and operated by Doctor Peter H. Grossman, President of the Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Also, according to Google Maps, Grossman Burn Center is in close proximity to Spahn Ranch, infamous for once having served as the headquarters for the followers of faux counter-culture cult leader “Charles Manson” (AKA David Geffen).

Further investigation into Doctor Grossman’s spouse, socialite Rebecca Grossman, revealed that, according to nypost.com, in 2020, she was charged with vehicular homicide involving the deaths of two children and ordered held on over two million dollars for bail. Could it be, in exchange for his participation in a Hollywood/intelligence entertainment styled psychological operation, Doctor Peter Grossman was promised his spouse’s criminal record would be expunged?

Though without further empirical evidence to substantiate it, this thesis does appear to be speculative, nevertheless, it is plausible.


Since its inception, the Hollywood entertainment industry has worked hand in glove with the US military industrial complex, and the actors/entertainers who work within Hollywood are contracted intelligence assets and are often transitioned or modified into fabricated character schemes, roles which are designed to perform as social engineering/behavioral influence models. The case of “Anne Heche” appears to have been no exception. Further investigation confirms, “Anne Heche” was another Hollywood fabricated character scheme who has been modified into “Judy Greer”.

Below L to R: Judy Greer, Anne Heche

download[5851]download (3)[5835]OIP (3)[5847]download (4)[5848]


While ocularly comparing the pair of images below – between Jody Foster (AKA Helen Hunt) and “Anne Heche” (AKA Judy Greer) – everyone will begin to notice both the respective architecture and alignment of the sets of teeth are identical.

e114427236b6d9c986382ad5207dc558[5853]OIP (4)[5834]

Biometric analysis confirms the comparative geometric architectures of the ears – between “Anne Heche” (AKA Judy Greer) and “Helen Hunt” (AKA Jody Foster) – are similar if not identical.

Facial recognition and image comparison analysis also indicates the comparative structural and geometric alignments of the cheekbones, chins, eyes, and brows – between “Anne Heche” (AKA Judy Greer) and “Helen Hunt” (AKA Jody Foster) – are also identical.

Below L to R: Anne Heche, Jodie Foster, Helen Hunt, Judy Greer

OIP (4)[5834]OIP (1)[5837]images[5836]images (2)[5863]

Therefore, one shouldn’t bother expending the emotional energy weeping for the “death” of “Anne Heche”, because she was merely another fabricated character scheme portrayed by veteran Hollywood actress Jody Foster (AKA Helen Hunt/Judy Greer/Lynne Mishele).

In fact, Jody Foster, more than once, has appeared on the now defunct Ellen DeGeneres show.


It appears the social engineering agenda of the “Anne Heche” death hoax was spelled out for the general public in the article published at bbc.com – the link to which was posted between preceding paragraphs – detailing how the Hollywood actress’s organs were posthumously harvested and donated.

With the implementation of the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050 in full swing, this would appear to be a ghoulish practice the MSM wishes to propagandize and to acclimate the public with, in order to make it seem more socially acceptable.

After all, the commercial trade of organ harvesting – through organizations such as the Red Cross, for example – is a very profitable global business on the black market.

Though disturbing, this isn’t surprising, given that BBC (AKA MI7) was created as an arm of British intelligence, a subsidiary of the Jesuit/Vatican controlled international intelligence octopus which, not only includes CIA/FBI, but remains in firm control of both Hollywood and the MSM.

The only question is, for how much longer will the American public and the world-at-large tolerate the thoroughly bogus goods the MSM is selling to them?

10 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Hollywood Death Hoax

  1. Anne Heche also reminds me of Cate Blanchett. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the same person, or at least hidden siblings.

    On Heche’s phony demise, it reminds me of Diana’s fake death. Like in Anne’s case, Diana came out of her car ‘accident’ completely intact despite the fact that the automobile she was riding in drove and crashed into an underground pillar at *high speed* – which should’ve caused severe damage to her body (especially since Diana wasn’t seatbelted when she “died”.)

    And like Anne Heche, it’s reported by those inside the ambulance that Diana was still alive after the car crash. It’s claimed that Diana actually died in the Paris hospital where she was receiving treatment. Of course, we all know none of that is true, but those are indicators or clues of her post-Diana existence.

    I’m sure Anne Heche is probably sitting in her luxury hideaways somewhere having a laugh at the masses falling for another psyop. Or maybe a giggle inside while playing her other characters. Same with Diana herself.

    1. Your narrative comparison – between that surrounding the “death” of Princess Diana (AKA Ondine Rothschild/Theresa May) and “Anne Heche” – is an apt one. Then again, Hollywood actors are intelligence assets used for the purpose of social engineering, and not only are the actors themselves recycled into various fabricated character schemes, but the MSM narratives concocted for these characters are too oftentimes recycled. Alas, such pattern recognition escapes a majority of the American general public. You’re most likely correct about the latter portion of your comment, given “Helen Hunt” (AKA Anne Heche, Judy Greer, Jodie Foster) resides in Culver City and Mar Vista – though the MSM kept this hidden – is part of Greater Culver City.

    2. If I may add, after looking at her images, it appears you may be on to something with Cate Blanchette. Also, I’m sure you’ll agree, it does seem that, lately, the MSM and their intelligence handlers are getting sloppy with the execution of these operations.

      1. “…. it does seem that, lately, the MSM and their intelligence handlers are getting sloppy with the execution of these operations.”

        That’s largely because they don’t care to even appear believable anymore. They have the masses so brainwashed and they’ve gotten away with so much crap in the past two or so years that they no longer bother to sell their illusions better to the general public. They’ve grown tired of putting up a convincing facade, so they’re just blatantly showing off their sloppiness and contempt for the peasants knowing that the sheeple will still believe them and, more importantly, pay them (taxes, consumer spending, etc.)

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