The Unmasking Of Yet Another Monkey

It seems one of pop music’s most iconic groups has been responsible for spawning a number of actors who went on to portray the roles of some of the entertainment industry’s most renowned stars.

This installment shall offer a detailed analysis of the career of yet another child actor born in to a show business family, and who from the earliest age, was swept up and became accustomed to the lifestyle of the Hollywood milieu.

Turns out, the former Monkey, Mickey Dolenz, has performed as the host actor behind more than one recognizable star throughout his long and award-winning career in the entertainment industry.

Although most would never suspect such was the case, former Monkey Mickey Dolenz (sums to 142 in English gematria which reduces to 7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon and 852=15/6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry) has connections to one of pop music’s most iconic and best-selling acts, the Eagles.

Unknown to many, Dolenz became a star in Hollywood at the tender age of 11 (masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin), after being cast to play the leading role of “Corky” on the children’s television show, Circus Boy, under the pseudonym of Mickey Braddock.

Right away, from examination of the biographical details of Dolenz’ early Hollywood acting career, we are provided a significant clue that Mister Dolenz, born into the ranks of wealth and privilege, was most likely drafted to participate in the post-modern phenomenon loyal readers of Newsspell have come to recognize as the actor based reality.

It is rather noteworthy that in the video posted above, Dolenz as “Corky” the Circus Boy tells his adult co-star, he has no experience playing the drums, the very instrument he would play when cast as part of the four man comedy ensemble of the Monkeys. The link posted below the video, features an image of the young Dolenz’ posing for a television promotional publicity still. Thus far, the career of Dolenz as a child actor represents a trend, in that many of his adult Hollywood peers were also stars while still in pubescence.

Comparably speaking, the career of Mickey Dolenz – at least according to official biographies – seems to differ from other such official celebrity accounts in one small but significant way, in that there seems to be a huge gap in show business activity between his two seasons on network television as Corky the Circus Boy and his more well-known career as the drummer for the Monkeys. In the interim, it is claimed Dolenz began attending classes at Ulysses S. Grant High School in Valley Glen, Los Angeles, California in 1959, the very year of its inception.

What is noteworthy concerning the moniker of Dolenz’ high school of record, it is named after a manufactured historical character empirical analysis indicates was most likely portrayed by William Avery Rockefeller Senior (See: History’s story of “Honest Abe” fiction? (part II).

But Dolenz’ former high school has a rather interesting history.

Indeed, upon further examination of the school’s official history, there are indications the school campus may have been utilized to stage certain government sponsored psychological operations in the late 1990’s, and again after the turn of the millennium. After a consensus of public officials and the Annenberg Media Center declared the school one of the finest secondary institutions in California, standards declined after “ethnic tensions” developed between Armenian, Hispanic and Latino students.

What is perhaps more noteworthy, other than the fact most of the official accounts of both on-campus incidents in 1999 and 2006 are coded with numerological markers, are official statements regarding on-campus rioting between “ethnic students” by an official from LAUSD, the Los Angeles teachers union. Regarding the riots, Reut Cohen, from the Annenberg Media Center, cited the fact the racial tensions may have resulted “from earthquake relief drives held in the 1980’s which were meant to benefit Armenia and Mexico,” adding, “ethnic tensions were a major factor in the decline of Grant’s reputation in the 1990’s.”

Official accounts from Wikipedia and other mainstream sources claim that on-campus “racial tensions” began on October 21, 1999 (October/octo=8/44/destruction code/21/777/999=666/occult mirrored reversal) when “a fight between an Armenian girl and a Latina girl erupted into a riot involving 200 students (2/masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin). Reportedly, the fight resulted in 40 students being detained, while 10 more students suffered from minor injuries (4+1=5/2+3/2 3’s/33). Even after a “peace treaty” was signed by students and faculty, another riot broke out on March 8, 2005 (3/33/8/44/2+5=7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon) involving 500 students (2 3’s/33).

But there exists another interesting fact concerning the noted curriculum at Ulysses S. Grant high school.

From its inception, Grant has been noted for its student film program, which allows students with a keen interest in entering the profession of filmmaking to – per Wikipedia – “freely create their own stories,” and in the past, students have been awarded for their creations with “certificates, trophies and ‘golden eagles’.”

As many loyal readers are certainly aware, the eagle holds great occult significance, and this majestic fowl is symbolic of the manufactured cultural, ideological, social, and political dualities often utilized by the ruling elites for divisive purposes in maintaining and even bolstering their hegemonic rule over mankind.

For more than a century, since its emergence as a source of commercial profitability and a propagandizing force, the concept of film has served as a valuable tool for the ruling elites, both to manipulate and shape the collective perceptions of the masses.

Regarding the “riots” at Dolenz’ alma mater, the incitement of racial tensions has always represented a hallmark manipulation of the ruling elite families, and time and again, they have chosen to utilize children (Sandy Hook) to better emotionally entrench the viral effects of their psychological operations into the minds of the rest of the populace.

Though the aforementioned incidents at Grant high school cannot be held up as empirical evidence to indict Dolenz’, a famous alumnus, as a key participant in the actor based reality, they nonetheless represent a curious and even circumstantial synchronicity. In addition, considering the biographical chronology of the characters for which Dolenz has served as host actor, that fact alone exists as a firm enough foundation upon which to build a more than circumstantial case to indict the former Monkey as yet another actor in history’s grand stage play who has helped his ruling elite masters in monopolizing the music and entertainment industries.


From the early 1970’s until the emergence of the 1980’s MTV era, the Eagles represented one of pop/rock music’s most consistent chart toppers. However, once again, the band’s official biographies are filled with both numerology and occult symbols. As alluded to earlier, the eagle is not only symbolic of duality, but more than this, it is also symbolic of the pursuit of mankind’s higher spiritual nature and the concept of eternal youth.

In occult circles, it is believed the eagle, an animal of superior sight, possesses a rather unique method of restoring its youthful vigor by soaring close to the sun. After the majestic bird’s decrepit plumage is burned and discarded, it seeks to plunge back to earth into a body of water, and performs this three times to restore it feathers completely anew.

That this is similar to the narrative of the ancient Greek myth of Icarus is certainly no coincidence, nor is it unlikely this was lost on the ruling elite families who own the music and entertainment industries and chose to heavily promote the band on their way to iconic status.

Through the course of their stellar career, the Eagles reportedly sold a remarkable 150 recordings (6/33), have been awarded six (33) Grammys, garnered five (2 3’s/33) Billboard Number 1 singles, and charted a total of six (33) number 1 albums.

It is no coincidence that one of the band’s key members, Don Henley, who performed the lead vocals on what became arguably their most renowned and controversial hit song, Hotel California, also became the Eagle’s drummer. The biographical similarities between Mickey Dolenz and Don Henley (102/3/English Ordinal gematria/48/Full Reduction/12/21/777/141/Reverse Ordinal/6/33/Reverse Full Reduction/33) grow into sharper focus when one considers that Dolenz also performed lead vocals on some of the Monkeys’ biggest hit singles and performed as the band’s drummer.

As for the song Hotel California, composed by Henley with the help of his bandmate, Glen Frey (more on him very shortly) and songwriter Don Felder, much has been made about its meaning, and even the low-level intelligence shills at Snopes – who’ve recently teamed with the slightly more elevated intelligence shills running Facebook – have apparently and suspiciously gone to great lengths in their efforts to discourage free thinking individuals from coming to their own conclusions.

Before continuing on with one’s own concise analysis of that iconic pop song –  although the following may be labeled wildly speculative at best – here’s something else to perhaps consider concerning Don Henley AKA Mickey Dolenz:

Although on the surface, the lyrics of the song Hotel California may appear deceptive and even cryptic, upon much deeper analysis the song describes an initiation into the Knights Templar Degree, which includes the imbibing of five libations, the fifth of which is the drinking of blood from a skull cap after performing a human sacrifice, and is meant to be a blasphemy of the Lord’s Supper.

After imbibing the fifth libation from the skull cap of the human sacrifice – adrenochrome blood – the Templar candidate becomes aware he has taken a solemn oath. Thereafter, he can never reveal its secrets upon pain of death, and his membership within the order is forever sealed, meaning, he is free to come and go from the temple of worship to seek fellowship of his own volition with other sworn members and whenever he chooses, but the candidate is well aware, he can never renounce his vow nor leave the order.

As for Don Henley, ear biometrics, along with facial comparison recognition, reveal that former Monkey, Mickey Dolenz, is in fact his host actor.

Mickey Dolenz:

In the first image of Dolenz, one shall notice he is performing a masonic gesture with his hand resting against his face which is the sign of the pyramid.

Notice that in this second image, as has been observed so many times before with participants in the actor based reality, Dolenz has employed the use of eyewear to help conceal identification of the other public characterizations he portrays.

Don Henley:

Official biographies claim that the Eagles were formed in early 1971, after founding members Don Henley and Glenn Frey had served as sidemen while touring with pop singer, Linda Ronstadt. But while examining the biographical career trajectory of Glen Frey (Sums to 92 in English Ordinal/2 9’s/66/occult mirrored reversal/12/21/777/), one noticed facial comparison similarities with another host actor who not only portrayed a legendary Hollywood filmmaker, but portrayed an iconic music legend dubbed “the voice of a generation,” Gary Lewis, the son of comedic legend, Jerry Lewis (See: George Lucas And His Death Star Deception). 

Gary Lewis:

One shall notice in the second image of Lewis, that once again, eyewear has been strategically deployed to distort the ocular perception of the viewer in preventing the host actor’s positive identification.

Glenn Frey:

In the final analysis, it is not surprising to discover that the ruling elites who control the music and entertainment industries would see fit to pair Gary Lewis and a former member of the Monkeys in consolidating yet another platinum selling pop supergroup.

To the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, commerce is of paramount importance, and in light of that, the ends always justify the means. And, no matter how deceptive their methods, they seek not only to exploit and monopolize commercial markets, but the human resources utilized as mere instruments in making them ultimately profitable.












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  1. Do you believe the templars started out with pure intentions, but were infiltrated and corrupted?

  2. Most researchers I’ve encountered seem to think so, that the Templars were infiltrated by the Jesuits. However, given that most of written history consists of disinformation or outright lies, probability indicates this may be a cover story or outright misdirection. There is no doubt, however, the Jesuit order and the Templars are synonymous – and that the Templar degree and the 33rd degree represent the apex of the masonic order. Reportedly, this is when the initiate finally discovers the true philosophical essence of the craft. The pop song Hotel California, in my opinion, is a depiction of an initiation into the Templar order, which does, according to written Jesuit creed, includes human sacrifice or a realistic simulation thereof.

  3. There’s a rudolf steiner work available online called the knights templars and the mexican mysteries, which i think you would find interesting.
    He describes various initiations, and some of the insights about the templars and philip the fair are fascinating.

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