Tragic tale of Huxtable turned media hustler

Well, folks, how the once so mighty have indeed fallen.

Or, has he indeed?

It would  appear to be so, at least to the American masses huddled around their television screens to watch a once vaunted television and entertainment icon pummeled to the ground and unceremoniously dragged through the media mud pile.

But, for those loyal readers of Newsspell, you know differently, don’t you?

By now, one’s loyal readers have become truly wise in keen discernment, enough to never bother wasting misspent scorn upon a poor actor posed as a convicted perpetrator. On the other hand, one’s loyal readers are also wise in never bothering to shed copious tears for those actors posed as indignant accusers and alleged victims. Because, quite simply, they are all frauds, hopelessly prostituted in playing out their role in the scripted clown show produced by their ungrateful, psychopathic and insidious masters, the thirteen, ruling elite families.

Yes, folks, we know the truth.

The fall of Bill Cosby AKA Doctor Huxtable is yet another cruel hoax, a bogus sham, another media manufactured sink hole of a psychological operation.

What follows, shall undoubtedly register as a very controversial and unpopular stance. Nevertheless, the truth has no regard for political correctness, nor does it heed the results of popular opinion polls, which are undoubtedly skewed and distorted by hosts of computer programmers, instructed to formulate their phony statistics to fit the prevailing agenda of the ruling elite families, who play the media and the American public, better and more skillfully than Liberace striking the keys of a concert tuned Steinway.

In this case, the hoopla over the Cosby imbroglio, like the concocted scandal involving Harvey Weinstein, was manufactured by CIA Mockingbird counter-intelligence agents and Jesuit trained media destabilization agitators, all to benefit the advancement of the #Metoo movement, which is financed by our old friends, America’s premiere merchant banking family, the Rockefellers and their Rockefeller Foundation.

You’ll want to stay until the end of this one, folks, because, the host actor portrayed Bill Cosby’s accuser was once, a very high-profile Hollywood actress.

The author is fully cognizant, the hypothesis articulated in the very last paragraph of this installment’s introduction, will no doubt enflame the passions of those who nonetheless, have been fully bamboozled by the ruling elite’s ongoing and well-funded psychological operation, that which has been publicly labeled, the #Metoo movement.

Like every other socio-political destabilization operation created by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, executed by CIA, and funded, at least here in the West, by the Rockefeller foundation, the #Metoo movement has now, as preplanned, reached unprecedented levels of complete media saturation.

Remember though, folks, repetition is the key to the overall effectiveness of all psychologically based, media driven black magic.

One might wonder though, what is the true, overriding nature of this ongoing and media driven psychological operation?

The answer one provides shall, beyond shadow of doubt, strike most observers as wildly unpopular.

However, as loyal readers have observed the author articulate many times, when it comes to the fantastical version of reality proffered by the mainstream news media, there are, in fact, no coincidences to ever be discovered. Without exception, every social issue accentuated by those corporately employed teleprompter readers called television pundits or media “experts”, is specifically contrived to fit an overall global agenda, and for a period of several decades, America has been targeted by the ruling elite families for incremental, Fabian style social and political destabilization.

Once acknowledged as the globe’s premiere center of industrial power, America, and the entire Western hemisphere, have been besieged for several decades, by assiduous and gradual deindustrialization, and effectively transformed into what has been termed by so-called economists and geo-strategists, into an “efficient, service and convenience based economy.”

Long ago, the thirteen, ruling elite families consolidated all their material and financial interests under a unified corporate and commercial umbrella.

Thus, they no longer need America to serve as it’s global policeman. The elite families no longer need successive generations of virile American males to strap on an automatic weapon for security duty overseas in strategic global locations to ensure the ongoing security of their most valuable commercial interests.

During the dawn of the industrial revolution in the West that began in the late 19th century, ship loads of able bodied, working class male immigrants were needed to build the colossal urban infrastructures necessary to establish a large scale industrial power. But now, America has been economically spent and bled dry, its former large-scale industrial infrastructures have all but been fully dismantled, and hordes of healthy males, capable of filling a wide array of blue collar factory, assembly, and manufacturing occupations are no longer required.

The North Korean and Vietnam conflicts of the mid-twentieth century, were merely geo-strategic cover stories for the vast transfers of large-scale industrial infrastructures to the Eastern hemisphere, where vast, fertile demographics of untapped and inexpensive labor pools awaited economic exploitation.

In summary, general population management programs, of the sort globally mandated for the deindustrialized West by the UN’s Agenda 21, have been in full effect for decades, but have gone largely unnoticed by the blunted perceptions of the overly vaccinated, intoxicated, and narcoticized American public.

The large-scale effects of the feminization process of the American male has long been underway, and the convergence of the Tavistock created counter-culture and feminist movements funded through the Rockefeller Foundation, have now come to terrifying fruition. Newly branded social movements, such as the #Metoo movement, merely represent the kill shot to the concept of American masculinity.

In other words, folks, it breaks down like this: the object of the current large-scale psychological operations, is to divide male and female genders, and set them at odds. This sinister operation is set to converge with America’s planned economic downsizing, and will serve to maintain population birth rates in the West at much more manageable levels going forward while simultaneously, maximizing profits from the mass marketing of commercial merchandise designed to psychologically mitigate the oppositional misery of both genders.

Statistics have clearly demonstrated, and the ruling elites have long been well aware, that large population centers steeped in a heap of emotional misery, make for especially ravenous consumers of material goods.

However, and as usual, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families needed to hold up a symbolic, sacrificial martyr for their staged crucifixion of American economic hegemony.

Obviously, they have chosen Bill Cosby as their sacrificial Christ.


Historically, perhaps more than any other performer in the entertainment industry, Bill Cosby (sums to 9 in English Ordinal gematria=6 occult mirror image/33) could always be counted on to project a pristine image that was most acceptable to a great cross section of the American public. How shocking it should be then, to see him now, disgraced and reduced to such a wretched state while thoroughly embroiled in a tawdry scandal, his image of righteous dignity forever tarnished.

For a span of five consecutive years between 1984 and 1989, the popular show that Cosby produced, the Cosby Show, was the most popular television production on the American airwaves. In fact, other than All in the Family, the Cosby Show is the only situation comedy in the history of the Nielsen ratings to have eclipsed such a feat.

Each week, during the decade of the 1980’s, millions from all walks of life would tune in to witness the adventures and misadventures of the upper-middle class Huxtables (Reverse full reduction English Ordinal gematria=6/33), residing in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Although, the premise was primarily comedic, the Cosby show set itself apart from other similar programs, and featured the exploration of a number of social issues, such as teen pregnancy and acute dyslexia. While cast in the role of the strong and decisive, all-American patriarch of the Huxtable family, Cosby’s image came to represent the last vestige of benevolent fatherhood ever portrayed on American television.

In retrospect, Cosby’s portrayal seems comparatively quaint, but no less poignant. For, if nothing else, the Cosby Show demonstrated Cosby and his dutiful wife, Claire Huxtable, working together in a shared sense of matrimonial purpose in guiding their children onward towards productive, adult lives.

Before becoming a fixture on American television, Cosby began his career in show business as a stand-up comic in San Francisco night clubs. He also produced the renowned and award winning Saturday morning cartoon television series Fat Albert, an animated urban oriented satire. But, Doctor Huxtable was not the only character Cosby has portrayed over the course of his long and storied career in the entertainment industry. He has also portrayed another vaunted African-American comedian, one who once ran for the presidency of the United States.


The ruling elites, time and again, cannot resist making vulgar references, for they seemingly possess an insatiable fixation with the male reproductive anatomy, especially when it comes to creating pseudonyms for their manufactured presidential candidates.

Think about it, folks.

First, there was Lyndon Baines JOHNSON AKA Robert De Niro, and then “Tricky” DICK Nixon AKA Warren Beatty. But most Americans seem to never recall the presidential candidacy of African-American comedian, DICK Gregory in 1968. Our old friends at mainstream Wikipedia inform us that Dick Gregory, like the late legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix AKA Morgan Freeman and Elvis Presley AKA Roger Levi (Levinson)/Michael Rockefeller, served in the army. As for Gregory, he served at Fort Hood, Texas in the 1950’s. Preliminary research indicates that Fort Hood, Texas, is headquarters to the 85th Civil Affairs Brigade, which, to no surprise, is billeted as a psychological operations group.

Is there a bigger picture starting to formulate in the mind, folks?

How is it, that all of these famous entertainment figures have been enlisted in the army or other branches of the armed forces, and also served at secure military installations where psychological operations units were known to have been billeted?

Certainly, as loyal readers have become increasingly aware, such things are never due to mere coincidence.

Incidentally folks, the logo of the Civil Affairs Association happens to be that of an eternally burning flame, which holds great occult significance.

See: upper left hand corner of web page @

And, where have we observed such a symbolic totem before, folks?

An identical, symbolic and eternal flame can be discovered in Washington D.C., at the alleged grave site of the late, assassinated US president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was, not only yet another actor in history’s grand stage play, he also portrayed the starring role in what could be considered perhaps one of the grandest and most successful psychological operations of the modern American era.

After receiving a formal discharge from the army, Gregory soon honed his comedy act and was hailed as the first of his race to perform regularly in front of Caucasian audiences.

From there, Gregory was given the opportunity to launch his maiden appearance on American television, starring on the Tonight Show with Jack Parr.

Despite ear biometrics and voice analysis demonstrate both performers are in fact identical, it is nonetheless fascinating to note the disparity between the brands of comedy performed by Cosby and Gregory.

Where Cosby’s comedic act was decidedly tailored towards mainstream tastes, Gregory’s was made to seem deliberately incendiary for American audiences of the mid-1960’s, and featured daring forays into racial satire, almost as if the character of Gregory represented Cosby’s alter ego.

Dick Gregory stand-up routine:

Bill Cosby stand-up routine:

Equally fascinating to note, when the Gregory character began his entertainment career in the mainstream television spotlight, he was obviously utilized during that 1960’s era of civil rights protest as an instrument of mass racial agitation, and to enflame racial differences. Fomenting racial division is the oldest trick the thirteen families have in their playbook. In this latter day, 21st century era however, Bill Cosby AKA Dick Gregory has been once again called upon by his ruling elite masters, but this time to foment widespread gender division.

These psychological operations are like a sinister wheel of fortune for the ruling elite families, and time and again, characters like Gregory and Cosby get to play game show host. Not surprisingly, Gregory was once deployed as a publicly visible civil rights activist, dutifully playing his role in yet another grand destabilization program executed by those handmaidens of the ruling elite’s international intelligence octopus, CIA, and lead by CIA trained counter-intelligence agent, Martin Luther King AKA Hollywood actor, Sidney Poitier (See: The death of Kings and false prophets).

Personally, Cosby’s act has always seemed more than a bit disingenuous, if not more than a bit smarmy and all too self-aware, as if he were secretly delighting in the fact his audience was never in on the real joke, even while he was delivering his classic stand-up routines.

Now, with facial recognition, voice analysis and ear biometrics serving as empirical measuring sticks, one supposes the answer as to why this may have been so, has been thoroughly revealed. Cosby was a man of two faces, and simultaneous with the time period when Gregory was alleged to have been stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, it is also claimed Cosby was serving in the US Navy as a hospital corpsman. Biographically speaking, this is significant, if only because military connections involving famous Hollywood entertainers often indicate covert training as psychological operations specialists.

Added to this, if one closely examines the details of Cosby’s biographical accounts during the 1950’s, there seem to exist strange anomalies.

Before enlisting in the Navy, Wikipedia claims that during his formative years, Cosby (allegedly born June=6/33 12=777 joker code/1937=3 7’s 777/joker code + occult sun number/Lucifer) attended Mary Channing Wister Public School in Philadelphia, a city which has for decades represented a political stronghold for the Rockefeller family.

Wikipedia describes Mary Channing as a three-story, three bay, brick building (33/high-degree Freemasonry/bricks/symbolic of masonic organizational structure).

Below, one has posted a photo image of the school’s entrance. See anything familiar in the way of masonic symbolism, folks?

Yes, you are all so very observant, and that is correct, those are none other than the masonic twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

More intriguing still, Mary Channing was named after the wife of Owen Channing, an American writer and historian (red flag), considered to be the “father of western fiction”, best remembered for having written the biography of Ulysses S. Grant, the eighteenth (666) US president.

So, folks, is Wikipedia admitting historians create fiction or history out of whole cloth?

Nevertheless, that excerpt is very interesting, no?

Most mainstream biographies claim that before Cosby entered adolescence, his reputation as a “class clown” had already been solidified. They also claim, he went on to attend a number of high schools, but oddly enough, dropped out of the tenth grade to join the US Navy, and right around the time Dick Gregory allegedly enlisted in the Army and was billeted at Fort Hood.

More oddly – after spending time in Korea during the US military intervention in the Korean conflict, which sounds like more biographical misdirection – it is claimed Cosby received his diploma through correspondence courses, and that in 1961, he was subsequently offered a scholarship to Temple University to compete in track and field.

Now seriously folks, how is it, a high school dropout, one who joins the Navy as a wartime hospital corpsman, inexplicably receives a full-scholarship to a major university to compete in a sport biographies indicate, he had never beforehand participated?

One suspects, this is more evidence of biographical misdirection, acting as a thin cover for the fact that, from perhaps early on in his life, Cosby was slated to become an intelligence asset.

There can be no doubt, Cosby’s recent misfortune is a scripted media hoax directed by intelligence operatives. In fact, aside from the anomalous similarities in both Gregory’s and Cosby’s biographies, and the similarities revealed by ear biometric and voice analysis, there is every indication Cosby’s main accuser was portrayed by a once famous and Academy nominated Hollywood actress.

Before one divulges this, one must point out the plethora of numerological markers regurgitated onto the public in the wake of Cosby’s recent sentencing for alleged sex offenses.

CNN reports online:

“14 (77/lucifer’s lightning) years and two trials later (pillars of Boaz and Jachin) Bill Cosby is led away in handcuffs.” CNN goes on to report that: “minutes before the 81 -year-old (9=6 with occult mirror reversal/33) walked out of the courtroom, he removed his purple tie (purple=symbolic of royalty/thirteen ruling Jesuit families).”

Subsequent to the sentencing, it has also been reported by CNN and other mainstream sources that Cosby owes 282,000 (12/21/777/intelligence joker code) dollars in legal fees.

However, perhaps more noteworthy than the obvious masonic and numerological markers in all the mainstream reports, is this quote from the aforementioned online CNN piece, dubbing Cosby “America’s favorite father figure.”

One supposes that is just the point of this entire psychological operation, in that Cosby’s destruction and degradation, as “America’s favorite father figure”, is symbolic of the destruction of the traditional, nuclear family, and of America itself.

Then, there are these detailed reports from the CIA Mockingbird controlled mainstream media, concerning Cosby’s alleged accuser. First, there is this numerology laden headline: “Andrea Constand, the Woman Bill Cosby sexually assaulted in 2004 (6=33), Recalls the Traumatizing Abuse (gematria sums to 9/6 occult mirror reversal=33).”

The slew of numerological markers continues:

“Constand, 45 (9/6/33) first met Cosby in 2002, when, then, 29 (2 9’s/66/12/21/777 joker code) years old, she was the director of operations for Temple University’s women’s basketball team and was introduced to Cosby by a mutual friend at the campus’ Liacouris (masonic play on words/onomatopoeia/lie-to-us) Center.”

Note, folks, the number of Bill Cosby’s alleged accusers mentioned by the anchor in the video clip above: 60 (6/33). Note also, how Constand makes a point of saying she’s a part of the #Metoo movement.

Really folks, the mind revolts at how blatantly transparent the overriding theme of this story involving Bill Cosby really is.

And now, for the grand finale, folks, the revelation you’ve all been waiting for!

Facial recognition, along with voice analysis, indicate the host actor of Bill Cosby’s accuser is Academy Award nominated (6 times without winning/and there’s that # again folks!) Hollywood actress, Glenn Close:

Glenn Close:





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