The practice of “Behavioral Science” is perpetuating the Covid-19 “pandemic”.

As has been suspected, the perpetrators of this psychological operation are attempting to “nudge” the public towards adopting new behaviors and perceptions.

In fact, as the British public is most likely unaware, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has employed the services of BIT (Behavioral Insights Team) – also known as a “Nudge Unit” –  to help manage public perceptions regarding the Covid-19 psychological operation.

According to an article, published at, contrary to the British government’s insistence its decisions, throughout the “coronavirus crisis”, have been guided by ‘the science’, it turns out, this isn’t the only science the Prime Minister has at his ready disposal.


In another bit of news related to the Covid-19 psychological operation, but, left unsurprisingly unreported by the MSM, it has been discovered that, prior to the coronavirus’s “outbreak” in China and in the US, the Bank of International Settlements issued “pandemic insurance bonds”.

Yes, folks, as suspected, the sole impetus behind the C-19 psychological operation was financial in nature, and had nothing to do with protecting the safety, health, and welfare of the general public.

No, rather, the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families and their conspirators well-planned in advance to profit from the prospective deaths of millions of human resources.

The story behind such intriguing details, and much more, shall be expounded upon in a following installment, coming very soon.

But before further delving more deeply into the “Nudge Unit” of behavioral scientists at BIT and the covert financial chicanery of the Crown Temple-controlled Bank of International Settlements, yet another well-publicized MSM “story” has emerged and, this time, involving the US military and the “disappearance” and alleged “murder” of US army soldier, “Vanessa Guillen”.

An examination, concerning the details of this well-publicized story, yielded some very interesting conclusions.





According to MSM sources as well as the “official account” published at Wikipedia, PFC “Vanessa Guillen” went “missing” from Fort Hood, Texas on April 22 and, reportedly, more than two months later, on June 30, pieces of her body were discovered, buried in three remote locations, along the Leon River.

Initially, judging from the story’s synopsis, the presence of gematria and masonic symbolism becomes readily apparent.

1.) April 22/26/2X6=12/21/777/Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code, 2.) June 30/6th month+30=9/6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry and, 3.) ‘the Leon River’/reflecting pool’ symbolic of alchemic transformation from spirit into matter.

The “official” account’s mention of the Leon River also provides a clue as to the underlying and ancient occult legend cleverly submerged beneath the superficial layer of the MSM’s publicized narrative.

As everyone, by now, has been made to understand, the concept of “journalism”, at least in the traditional sense, no longer exists, that is, if it ever really did.

Today, in the 21st century, MSM news stories are uniformly formulated and efficiently contrived by artificial intelligence algorithms programmed to utilize the ancient art of Kabbalah gematria which is numerically based on a geometrical principal or mathematical concept known as PI or 3.14; an occult system designed to work in correlation with the arrival and waning of the seasonal equinoxes as well as the movements of the stars, sun, moon, and their celestial positions.


As everyone has discovered, there are two levels to every story promoted by the MSM.

One, the exoteric, is most observable and comprehensible while, the other, the esoteric, remains hidden and mysterious.


Upon encountering the “breaking” stories reported by the MSM, there is always, first, the superficial or exoteric narrative which the general public interprets and consumes on a purely literal level.

Then, submerged beneath, there always exists a deeper or esoteric message, which is intended to be interpreted on a purely symbolic level by high-degree masonic initiates.

Interpretively, the exoteric narrative of the recent MSM story involving the “disappearance” of PFC “Vanessa Guillen” consists of an esoteric message which works on dual symbolic levels.

Of course, as we’ve also learned, traditionally, the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate  has been wedded to the time-honored concept of duality.

While closely examining and looking beyond or beneath the “official” MSM narrative of the story of “Vanessa Guillen”, the esoteric symbolism begins to clearly emerge beneath the opaque but superficial layer of propaganda.

Additionally, given the multi-jurisdictional law enforcement response, the tandem “investigations” conducted by both the US Army and FBI, and the organized “marches”/”protests” which, as always, were made to appear as organically inspired, there exists sufficient evidence this “story” was deliberately contrived as a psychological operation.


The “official” account of, which begins, in the opening paragraph, with an emotionally-driven salvo, offers us even more conspicuous evidence the story of “Vanessa Guillen” was purposefully designed as nothing more than a distractive bit of fabricated but, nevertheless, heart-stirring melodrama.

In fact, as the following analysis will surely demonstrate, the story of “Vanessa Guillen” represents but another example of the art of media ‘spin’, the MSM’s most routinely utilized manipulation, and its most effective psychological weapon with which to mesmerize the American general public with its casted spells.


“When Vanessa Guillen was a little girl, she dreamed of joining the Army, her family said.”

From the outset, after clicking the link to the article, everyone will surely notice the emotional cue or hook – “dreamed” (as in fulfillment of the illusive “American Dream”) – proffered by which, subsequently, is followed by the generically vague reference to the alleged victim’s “family”.

With the recent technological advances in AI “machine learning”, the programmed algorithms which compose such MSM articles have learned to recognize, in addition to the fact most people are all-too-easily given over to maudlin sentiment, the plummeting attention spans of the American general public and the propensity they possess for  being all-too-easily distracted.

The emotionally-charged opening paragraph of the article is composed in such a way as to not only ensure the public’s emotional investment, but, to galvanize the attentions of its intended audience.

Shortly, thereafter, beginning in the next paragraphs of the article at, appears the first conspicuous examples of gematria: “The Houston native graduated Cesar E. Chavez High School in 2018 and shortly thereafter enlisted, becoming a private first class who worked to repair small arms and artillery while serving with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment.”

1.) 3=EE/33/high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry, 2.) 2018 (2X18)=36/3 6’s or 666, 3.) Cesar E. Chavez sums to 116 in English Ordinal gematria, or 8 (aces and eights/mark of the Jesuit order).

Before moving on with an analysis of the rest of the article’s content, it is also instructive to point out the manipulative nature of the article’s title: “Timeline: What to know about missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen”

Alluding to strictly legal parlance, the manipulative nature of the article’s title could be best characterized or described as being synonymous with a prosecuting attorney while, during the process of cross-examination, performing what is termed as ‘leading the witness’.

Clearly, the title of the article is designed to shape the mental expectations of the reader, as if they need to be told or spoon-fed, like a toddler, as to how their impressions of the story should be formulated.

After enlisting in the army, the article goes on to inform us, “At some point, her family {family of “Vanessa Guillen} says she confided in her two sisters, Lupe and Myra, that she was having problems while posted at Fort Hood, the sprawling army base outside of Killeen, Texas.”

The next paragraph, while beginning to get to the crux of the matter and by way of formulating further impressions, is structured to establish a “motive” in the minds of readers as to “why” the “victim” “Vanessa Guillen” may have gone missing or was possibly “murdered”.

The content also implies the propagandized promotion of the ongoing #MeToo social agenda.

“Her sisters said Guillen, 20, told them and fellow soldiers that she was being sexually harassed by a superior and was fearful of reporting the incident because of potential retaliation.”

Everyone surely noticed the number of 20, which is symbolic of the masonic twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

Furthermore, through the power of suggestion, once Guillen’s victimhood is solidified in the minds of the reader, it is then reinforced – using the logical fallacy of an “appeal to authority” – by the “family attorney”.

“Family attorney Natalie Khawam said while Guillen was taking a shower, a superior came into the bathroom, sat down and watched her.”

Added to this, further on in the article, the power of suggestion is, once again, utilized to bolster the impression there may have been a conspiratorial connection between the unnamed “superior officer” and Guillen’s alleged assailant and to establish some semblance – albeit thoroughly circumstantial – of criminal motive.

“While at work on April 22, Guillen was contacted by a fellow soldier, Specialist Aaron David Robinson, via text message to deliver paperwork regarding a machine gun that needed to be serviced, according to court documents.”

Notice, the article’s allusion to sexual innuendo and the symbolic phallic imagery (“machine gun”) coupled with the phrase “needed to be serviced” which is, undoubtedly, intended to influence the subconscious mind of the reader.

Furthermore, the following statement, published by, exists as evidence this story was a complete fabrication: “Fort Hood investigators said on their Facebook page that they ‘have no credible information or report that Guillen was sexually assaulted.”

If this had been an actual and credible account of an ongoing investigation, no one, acting in an official capacity, would be allowed to make public statements regarding the details prior to the investigation’s completion, for fear of compromising the impartiality of a pending legal hearing or trial.

In which case, the accused’s defense attorney could file a motion, forcing the judge to rule any prior public statements made by official investigators as inadmissible.

Furthermore, a legal petition could be filed requesting the declaration of a mistrial.

Conveniently, however, both the MSM and Wikipedia have made certain such a scenario was rendered moot.

Wikipedia, in an effort to mirror the uniform time line reported by the MSM, reports that, on June 30, the suspect, Aaron David Robinson, “fled Fort Hood and killed himself shortly after midnight when approached by law enforcement in Killeen, Texas.”

Once again, the “official” account presents us with additional gematria coding: ‘midnight’/12/21/777/Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

The public statements of investigators – prior to the completion of an investigation and the commencement of a pending trial – to social media platforms, combined with the multi-jurisdictional response in collaboration with Federal, state, and local law enforcement, these reported details exist as prime evidence the story of “Vanessa Guillen” was thoroughly concocted for psychological effect upon the American general public.


Both the MSM and Wikipedia reported the involvement of “Texas EquuSearch (TES), “a search and rescue organization dedicated to searching for missing persons.” Wikipedia goes on to inform that TES “has increasingly become involved in high-profile abduction cases, including that of Natalie Holloway, working through local law enforcement agencies.”

Everyone may recall, an in-depth investigation into the “Natalie Holloway” case demonstrated that event, too, was an MSM concocted hoax.

SEE: Chelsea Clinton’s Three-Ringed CGI Circus

Wikipedia also reports, “Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, added a $25,000 reward to the existing $25,000 reward announced by the U.S. Army for finding Guillen.”

Further investigation into the United Latin American Citizens organization reveals a connection to the Swiss Templars.

According to Wikipedia, the organization’s motto, “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno, or, translated from the Latin, “One for all – all for one”, is also the identical motto of Switzerland, inscribed on the dome of the Swiss Federal Palace. As everyone can clearly observe, after clicking the link provided below, carved into the Dome of the Swiss Federal Palace, in addition to the identical motto of the ULAC, is the Red Cross of the Knights Templar.

Dome of the Swiss Federal Palace

Switzerland, of course, is also the location of the SNB or Swiss National Bank and BIS, the International Bank of Settlements, which connects the Vanessa Guillen story, the Knights Templar, the Crown Temple in the City of London, and the International Bank of Settlements, located in Basel Switzerland, to the issue of “pandemic insurance bonds” in the wake of the Covid-19 psychological operation.

The “Vanessa Guillen” hoax was created – not only to distract the American public from investigating the possibility of malice aforethought in relation to the Covid-19 “pandemic” – to synthesize the #Metoo and third-wave feminism agendas (all of which are part and parcel of the UN’s Agenda 2030) with the Covid-19 psychological operation in an attempt to create a full-spectrum surge of psychological trauma upon the American general public, further weakening their resolve to resist the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030.


Then, of course, there are the alleged images of “PFC Vanessa Guillen”, which appear – even upon first glance – to be highly problematic.

Thorough image comparison analysis not only confirms the images provided to the public depicting “Vanessa Guillen” are the result of photo shopped ‘rakes’, but, more extensive image comparison analysis also confirms, they are also derived from back-dated images of a Hollywood celebrity and actress, Salma Hayek.

“Vanessa Guillen” was a victim simulation created by photo shop raked trickery for the purpose of executing another military-styled psychological operation.

This folks, after all, is not surprising.

Since its inception, Hollywood has existed as merely the entertainment division of the military/industrial complex.

Vanessa Guillen:

Salma Hayek:

Not only that, folks, but further examination of the images of alleged “suspect” “Cecily Aguilar” have been confirmed as backdated and photo shop rakes of Texas Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston).

Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia:

Cecily Aguilar:

Consider also, Hayek’s official biographies, as well as Wikipedia, claim “Hayek was raised in a wealthy, devout Roman Catholic family, and at age 12 was sent to the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana.”

According to Wikipedia, the Academy of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1812, and features “a small chapel honoring St. John Berchmans” who was – wait for it, folks – “a Jesuit.”


Wikipedia’s confirmation that, on June 30, “partial human remains” of Guillen’s body were discovered by “contractors working on a fence near the Leon River”, provides a key clue as to the underlying occult legend from which this heavily promoted MSM story was derived.

Once again, according to Wikipedia, “The myth describes Osiris as having been killed by his brother, Set, who wanted Osiris’ throne. His wife, Isis, finds the body of Osiris and hides it in the reeds {near the River Nile} where it is found dismembered by Set. Isis retrieves and joins the fragmented pieces of Osiris, then briefly revives Osiris by use of magic. This spell gives her time to become pregnant by Osiris. Isis later gives birth to Horus. As such, since Horus was born after Osiris resurrection, Horus became thought of as a representation of new beginnings and the vanquisher of the usurper Set.”

Yes folks, take heed concerning that latter part about “new beginnings”.

As will be chronicled in the very next expose, those “new beginnings”, which the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have planned for the future of humanity, are not designed to be of any worthwhile benefit to either you, or to your family.








16 thoughts on ““Vanessa Guillen” sells America Down the River

  1. That was fascinating, bravo.

    A couple of thoughts on the material relating to the isis/osiris mystery.

    It was 69 days between V.G. going missing and the discovery of her body. Could it be a yin and yang code pointing to duality? In this case osiris is a female.

    The shower part of the story could represent isis tears of sorrow. Fort hood a reference to the hooded falcon of horus.

    More of a stretch but river leon shares 3 letters with nile.

    1. Your comments, as always, are very astute, perceptive, and observant. On all counts – the symbolic duality of ying and yang, Isis’s tears of sorrow and, especially, the hooded falcon – exist as part and parcel of this particular news story. In essence, it is a retelling of the classic myth but retooled for the modern era. Also, I don’t think it’s any coincidence Nile and Leon share precisely three letters (33). On a related note, the Spanish Kings of Leon are genealogically connected to the thirteen families, through the line of Katherine of Aragon who, of course was King Henry VIII’s renounced consort.

      1. According to the myth, isis spent 12 days reassembling the body parts, after which she created horus. That would take us to July 12 aka 777. The initials VG can also point to 12 using roman numerals for V and the trusty g=7. It could be another interesting day.

      2. Oh, you are so very good! I believe, as well, the presence of the numerological progression represents a method of informing fellow high masonic initiates the exoteric narrative should be ignored in lieu of the symbolic and mythical one. Esoterically speaking, the crux of the story is to remind these initiates that the feminine energy of Isis will be predominant in the newly arrived Age of Aquarius, and to also remind them, they should collectively work to bring it forward more quickly.

      3. Thats very kind, I knew nothing about these things before coming here, so you must take the credit.

      4. Well, the accolades are well-deserved. You’ve proved to be very observant and perceptive. Above all, I believe, they don’t want the hoi polloi to discover – while, as they’ve done for centuries, imposing their vision on the entire world – that the capability to visualize and create one’s own reality inherently exists in all of us and that human potential is virtually limitless.

      5. I’m starting to realize this. You wouldn’t know any good resources for remote viewing would you?

      6. I’m familiar with the term, but, I must confess, I’m not as familiar with the specifics of that particular phenomenon. Certainly, I would think, there are numerous resources to consult with a simple google search, perhaps, there are even more at the local library. Nevertheless, I’ve learned, everything is possible when one’s powers of vivid imagination are fully harnessed. In combination with focused and disciplined mental intention, it can become possible for one to achieve anything they wish.

      7. I found some instructions and they said the same as yourself. Focused intent, imagination, and a well defined and well imagined goal.

        It’s hard work though, and I was hoping for a shortcut! Anyway, I shall meditate and persevere until I can master these things.

      8. Nothing valuable, anything worth truly having, ever comes easily. However, in the end, you’ll succeed. In fact, I believe, you may already be well on your way.

      9. A devastating psychological impact on the youth – and I’m sure, that’s the point. They want to mold future generations so as to ensure there will be no chance for any sort of dissent. As for Hanks, one suspects the thirteen families are getting desperate when their using someone who starred as ‘Forest Gump’ to push their propaganda.

      10. Now that you mention it, I can’t remember the last time I left the house. Could be close to two months ago!! I may need to keep an eye on my own mental health.

        What makes you say that?

      11. For one thing, the effect of observing everyone wearing these ridiculous facial coverings is positively surreal. For example, I saw a woman, just today, wearing a face covering and a shield, while the infant in the carriage she was pushing was swaddled in a facial covering. Mind you, this was on a day when the temperature was close to 75 degrees. One feels as if their on the set of some ill-conceived Grade Z horror movie directed by Wes Meyer. Added to that, I can see the fear in their eyes, resembling utter terror. I have noticed though, that, whenever I enter my usual retail establishments, sometimes, there are those who will allow their masks to slip and they will begin to suddenly interact. One thing is certain, the Covid-19 psychological operation was well-planned and may represent the most powerful trauma-based spell ever conceived.

      12. Sounds like I’m not
        Tom Hanks was in the news today saying he won’t respect anyone not wearing a mask. Who wants to jeopardize something as important as that!?

        A recent cover of the economist had a boy wearing a soldiers tin helemt and looking like a ptsd sufferer. I wonder what impact all of this will be having on younger minds?

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