The thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families have mapped out the future of humanity.

In the near future, with technological advances in artificial intelligence and robotics –  technologies which are being used to construct the “smart” cities of the 21st century – vast numbers of human resources, from both the middle and working classes, will no longer be required to maintain sufficient levels of profitable industrial and economic production.

For those who still think such a notion should be classified as “conspiracy theory”, below, everyone will find three links leading to documentation which verifies the construction of this global technocratic 5G/60ghz smart grid and its effects upon the human nervous system.

While perusing the information provided at the first link, take especial note, the text refers to Specific Absorption Rates (SARS), a term which was synonymously utilized by the MSM in an earlier iteration of the Covid-19 “pandemic”.




This global economic transformation is being  hidden by the Covid-19 psychological operation and covertly carried out under the umbrella of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030.

As can be expected, one of the most instrumental figures marching humanity towards its nightmare future is a royal genealogical relation of the thirteen families.

This European royal’s family, for decades, has been associated with the Bilderberg Group, the annual meeting of global financiers, business tycoons, and Silicon Valley giants.

Now, it turns out, this royal – one of Europe’s reigning monarchs – has also partnered with the royal family of Saudi Arabia and has actively lobbied for the creation of what is being touted as the world’s largest “smart” city, called NEOM.

Not only has this particular royal – a king of the Netherlands – starred as an American mainstream media and alternative media personality, but yet another family relation – a Dutch prince who is rarely seen in public – is also starring in the guise of Space X’s Elon Musk.

But for the majority of the working and middle class populations in the West and in America, the implementation of Agenda 2030 – rather than in the direction of a shining global Utopia – is designed to lead them into widespread unemployment, poverty, starvation, and, eventually, even mass genocide.

The latter scenario is what no one will dare address, particularly public officials – those numbered among the ever plentiful throngs of useful dupes – at the state, municipal, and local levels, here in America.

These “officials”, however, are nothing more than cowardly masonic puppets; script reading bureaucratic sociopaths best classified as an enfeebled class of mediocrity, all of whom, are deluded into thinking they belong to the elected or those who’ve been ‘illuminated’.

By the time they realize the shocking truth of their own pathetic predicaments – when they’re lined up against a wall facing a military firing squad to be collectively eliminated – it shall be too late.

Certainly, there are many who shall interpret this particular installment’s introduction as rather ominous.

Nevertheless, can there be nothing more exhilarating than facing one’s fears?



In 2017, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced its commitment to the construction of NEOM – from the ancient Greek prefix neo meaning “new” and the Arabic word Mostaqbal meaning “future” – what is being resoundingly hailed as a “mega international business zone”, an independent state which, according to an article published at, “will have its own tax and labor laws.”


The article, available at the link provided above, goes on to detail that Saudi Arabia’s “planned business and industrial zone would link Jordan and Egypt.”

“The 26,000-square kilometer (10,230 square-mile) area, called NEOM, would focus on industries including energy and water, biotechnology, food, advanced manufacturing and entertainment.”

In other words, folks, comparable to what the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 has both proposed and outlined for the construction of mega ‘smart’ cities here in the West and in America, every aspect of the lives of the citizens of NEOM would be monitored and, essentially, controlled by a ‘smart’ surveillance grid which is planned to work in tandem with biotechnologies.

But it appears, the scope of the Saudi Arabian kingdom’s NEOM project, according to the reigning Saudi monarch, Mohammed bin Salman, is much more grand than anyone first imagined, “NEOM is situated on one of the world’s most prominent economic arteries.” Salman went on to say, “Its strategic location will also facilitate the zone’s rapid emergence as a global hub that connects Asia, Europe, and Africa.”

NEOM, in addition to having its own tax and labor laws and an autonomous judicial system, will “power itself solely through renewable energy.”

The construction of NEOM, the world’s first mega ‘smart’ city, was first proposed, in 2018, at the annual Bilderberg meeting.


SEE also:

One of the attendees at Bilderberg, in 2018, was Maria Rannka, CEO of Sweden’s Chamber of Commerce, who, in the past, has worked very closely with the Brookings Institute, here in the US.

The Brookings Institute has been instrumental in propagandizing the existence of extraterrestrials and, peculiarly enough, in 1960, the Institute also published a formal paper commissioned by NASA – entitled “Proposed Studies on the implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs” – which theorized about the sociological, psychological, and cultural implications of an encounter and possible interactions, in space, between human astronauts and an extraterrestrial race from another world.

In other words, folks, NASA stole billions in tax dollars, fraudulently claimed they sent manned missions to the moon, and Brookings Institute, a “think tank”, composed and published what appeared to be scholarly papers which, in the eyes of the American general public, served to solidify their emotionally manipulated perceptions such extraordinary technological feats had been, in fact, legitimately accomplished.


SEE also:

Anecdotally, this provides a clue as to the identity of one of the character fabrications portrayed by the particular European royal – from the Netherlands – who was mentioned in this installment’s introduction; a character fabrication which was famous, or infamous, for promoting the discovery of a “face on Mars”.

As we’ve discovered, through in-depth investigations into the activities of NASA, which exists as nothing more than the entertainment/psychological operations division of the military/industrial complex, both NASA’s space program and the ET phenomenon are tantamount to Hollywood-created fictions.

A truthful analysis would paint an even harsher picture of both NASA and Brookings.

In truth, both organizations are staffed with paid propagandists and exist to produce psychological operations which, though they are funded with the public’s own tax dollars, are widely promoted to manipulate the perceptions of the American general public.

As for Bilderberg’s Maria Rannka, who is featured in the following video excerpt, posted immediately below, she, too, is a paid propagandist and thoroughly committed, not only to the construction of NEOM, but, to the establishment of a privacy-invasive technocratic global surveillance grid.

Another notable Bilderberg attendee, in 2018, Klaus Kleinfeld, has not only been a fixture on the Bilderberg’s steering committee and the CEO of both Alcoa and Siemens, a company which is involved in the production of cybersecurity infrastructures and linked with Disney corporation, but, he has also been intimately involved as a lobbyist for the development of the NEOM project and, upon the project’s launch in 2017, was named as the project’s inaugural director by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Siemens – a company which is also preoccupied with research and development into human resource data harvesting and biometrics – is linked with the DOD (Department of Defense) and with the US corporate government.

Of course, from its inception, Disney corporation has been nothing more than a front for the military/industrial complex and, through the decades, their theme parks, both in Florida and California, have actively served as covert beta testing grounds for sociological/psychological behavioral studies and the field testing of developing digital surveillance technologies.

As everyone, by now, has learned, the late “Walt Disney” has been identified as a character fabrication/modification who played his role in the perpetration of the phenomenon which everyone has come to understand exists as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

SEE: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XII)

But the dark secret behind the mask of Walter Elias Disney goes much deeper, and a final installment as to his true identity is coming, very soon.

Not only did the man known as “Disney” portray many significant historical characters (Adolph Hitler/Kermit Roosevelt/newsman Walter Cronkite), but he also portrayed one of the 20th century’s most renowned, beloved, and legendary entertainers.

The host actor behind all of these historical masks, unsurprisingly, was a European royal related to the thirteen Jesuit families and to the royal House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha.



According to Wikipedia, one of the earliest advisors to the NEOM project was Daniel L Doctoroff, “chief executive officer of Sidewalk Labs, a startup company developing technology focused on city life. Previously, he was the CEO and president of Bloomberg L.P., deputy mayor for economic development and rebuilding for the City of New York under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, led New York City’s bid for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, and was a managing partner at Oak Hill Capital Partners, a private equity investment firm.”

Of course, everyone has discovered that, the former mayor of New York and ill-fated 2020 presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg is a character fabrication scheme portrayed by Hollywood mogul David Geffen, the son of former Coca-Cola executive Barry Diller/Austro-German Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg AKA former US president “Ike” Eisenhower.

Geffen AKA Bloomberg’s hidden family, the Austro-German/Swabian royal von Furstenberg, are heavily invested in and are currently profiting from America’s devastating economic transition.

SEE: Mike’s Bloom crashes into Truth’s Titanic ‘Berg

Investigating further, and we discover another name, architect Sir Norman Foster, in connection to the NEOM project, which also connects to the City of London’s Crown Temple, the “One Square Mile” burrowed within London’s capitol; the global legal and banking hub which, in turn, is connected to Vatican City (controlled by the Jesuit order) and Washington’s District of Columbia.

For those who have yet to read the series of installments detailing the history of the Crown Temple in the City of London, briefly, the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha AKA “Windsor”, while posing under the pseudonym of “Rothschild”, is the legal exchequer for Crown Temple ( a non-corporate entity which cannot be litigated, audited, or sued).

Legally speaking, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha AKA “Windsor”/”Rothschild”, through the IRS, a private corporation held by holding companies connected to the Jesuit-controlled Vatican, acts on behalf of Crown Temple as the legal tax collector (exchequer) for the Crown Estates of America, which, contrary to what has been published in the American public school history texts, consists of Crown Estates owned by the Crown Temple.


SEE also: How Crown Temple Rules America

The architect, Norman Robert Foster, or, as he is more formally known, Baron Foster of Thames bank, is not only listed by Wikipedia in connection to the NEOM project, he has also been granted several prestigious titles, including the royal Order of Merit.

In addition to being granted the right to call himself a “Sir” and having been raised to the peerage, Foster was also recently granted another prestigious honor.

According to Wikipedia, “On 24 April 2017, he {Foster} was given the Freedom of the City of London.

Keep in mind, Wikipedia, as shall shortly be explained, is not referring to London, the capitol of Britain/England, which consists of 32 districts, but to the 33rd district, the City of London, or, the Crown Temple, the “One Square Mile” which is ruled over by the Lord Mayor.

It is interesting, and even amusing, however, to read Wikipedia’s description of Crown Temple, as they tiptoe around describing what the “City” actually is: “The City of London is a city and local government district that contains the historic centre and the primary central business district (CBD) of London. It constituted most of London from its settlement by the Romans in the 1st century AD to the Middle Ages, but the city has since grown beyond the City’s borders.”

Everyone should take especial notice of how Wikipedia respectively distinguishes the “city” (London) from the “City” (Crown Temple or “One Square Mile”) with small case and capital letters. This is a legal distinction, and an important one, which, nevertheless, provides a key clue as to how persons (corporations/human resources) and America (consisting of Crown Temple Estates) could legally gain their freedom from Crown Temple.

Long ago, the American people were fooled into thinking they had secured lawful independence from the Crown.

But this wasn’t so, simply because both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, when drafted, cleverly utilized the term “State” to signify a legal estate of possession.

However, if the term “states” had been utilized, within the text of both legal documents, what would ordinarily appear to be an insignificant alteration would have irrevocably altered the terms and conditions of the legal agreement, in favor of the legal possession of the people (corporations), rather than in the legal favor of the Crown Temple.

Given Wikipedia’s elaborate semantical dance, regarding the description of the City of London, everyone can be most assured it is the Knights Templar (in league with the Jesuit order at the Vatican and the freemasonic networks in the US) and the Attorney’s (Esquires) and bankers called to the Temple Bar in the City of London whom are behind the systematic economic dismantling of the West and of America, an incremental but devastating economic transition which is being hidden by the Covid-19 psychological operation.

A brief but comprehensive history of the Knights Templar and the Jesuits – in relation to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – was published in a most recent installment.

SEE: Rebel Conspirators in a Deceptive Cause?


If the information provided concerning the Crown Temple – as it relates to the legal status of America as a Crown colony – doesn’t make everyone’s blood begin to positively simmer, the following may well serve to induce cardiac arrest.

The U.S, according to Wikipedia, is on the list of “prospective” members of Britain’s Commonwealth of Nations?

What is the Commonwealth of Nations, everyone may be wondering?

Once again, according to Wikipedia, “The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary organization of 54 sovereign states. Nearly all of them are former British colonies or dependencies of those colonies.”

Semantically speaking, the Commonwealth of Nations exists as merely another legal instrument or obstruction behind which the thirteen Jesuit families hide their global economic and political hegemony, while, at the same time, continuing to perpetuate the illusion the “voluntary” members of the Commonwealth are still “sovereign” and “independent” nations.

First officially formed in 1926, the British Commonwealth’s original members consisted of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Irish Free State, and Newfoundland.

Today, the Commonwealth has 54 members, along with several more sovereign nations who are considered to be “prospective” members, among these are Bahrain, Cambodia, Egypt, Israel, Libya, Nepal, Palestine, Yemen, and the United States.

Neither, is it any coincidence, many of those nations listed as either members or “prospective” members of the Commonwealth of Nations are also those which are heavily invested in the NEOM “smart” city project and signed on with the UN’s Agenda 2030. These are also “sovereign” nations home to prominent figures, from the vocations of business and politics, many of whom have regularly attended or have been invited to attend the exclusive Bilderberg meetings.



For decades, members of the royal family of the Netherlands have been Bilderberg attendees.

Most recently, in 2019, both the reigning monarch of the Dutch royals, King Willem-Alexander and the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, attended the Bilderberg summit in Montreux, Switzerland where the development of the NEOM project was, reportedly, a main topic of discussion.


To the American general public, however, King Willem-Alexander is, perhaps, better known in the guise of both MSM and “alternative” news personalities.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands starred as the host actor behind the mask of former Dateline NBC anchorperson, Chris Hansen.

Willem-Alexander has also starred as alternative media personality “Richard C. Hoagland”, who became best noted for his promotion of the controversial “Cydonia/Face on Mars” farce, yet another psychological operation covertly promoted by the Hollywood/Disney-trained special effects clowns at NASA.

Regarding the proper place name given in relation to Hoagland’s ridiculous “Face on Mars” psychological operation, “Cydonia” sums to 37 in English Ordinal Reverse Full Reduction, a sum which is also equivalent to 3 7’s, or 777, Alistair Crowley’s Liber Al/joker intelligence code.

Hoagland’s middle initial, “C”, of course, sums to 3 (EE) or 33 (high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry).

Even the CIA-trained hacks writing at Wikipedia have been forced to point out the lack of credibility related to Hoagland’s “scientific” credentials.


“Face on Mars”

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands:

Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen:

Richard C. Hoagland:

But, it also turns out, King Willem-Alexander isn’t the only member of his royal family to try his hand at the Hollywood-inspired acting trade, nor was he the first from his royal family to regularly attend the annual Bilderberg meetings.

His mother, Queen Beatrix Wilhelmina, according to the Dutch press, attended Bilderberg in 2012.

Queen Beatrix-Wilhelmina of the Netherlands


It also turns out that, for decades, Beatrix has harbored secret identities, identities which would be more familiar to aficionados of American cinema and vintage television.

Extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis indicate, Queen Beatrix-Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was also the host actor behind the famous faces of two of Hollywood’s most renowned actresses, Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins.

Elizabeth Taylor starring in “Cleopatra”

Joan Collins in American television’s “Dynasty”

But wait, folks, there’s more regarding the Dutch royal family.

The former Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix-Wilhelmina, has a son who, though he is rarely seen by the Dutch public, is more familiar to the American general public as the CEO of Space X, “Elon Musk”.

According to Wikipedia, Musk’s host actor, Dutch Prince Constantijn Christof of Frederik Aschwin, “spent a summer working for the international Finance Corporation of the World Bank group in Washington D.C. He worked for Booz Allen Hamilton in London. Since 2003, he works for the Rand Corporation Europe in Brussels.”

Nevertheless, though, also according to Wikipedia, “Prince Constantijn rarely attends public events in his capacity as a member of the Dutch Royal House,” his presence has certainly been more conspicuously observed here, in America, starring as “Elon Musk”, CEO of Space X and Tesla.

Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands:

Elon Musk of Space X:

Would it, therefore, be any surprise for everyone to discover, the host actor behind the mask of Musk’s alleged “mother”, model “Maye Musk”, is confirmed to be none other than a character modification of Elizabeth Taylor/Joan Collins, Hollywood characters formerly portrayed by Queen Beatrix-Wilhelmina?

Of course, it is also no surprise, the initials MM equal 33 (high-degree Scottish Rite freemasonry) in English Ordinal gematria.

Maye Musk:

Certainly, Prince Constantijn AKA Elon Musk’s connections with the Rand Corporation (a main cog in the wheel of the military/industrial complex) and the World Bank help to explain from where, he obtained the necessary technological and financial largesse to establish both “Space X” and Tesla.

Of course, Space X, like NASA, is nothing more than a cinema production house established for the purposes of widespread promotion and dissemination of both psychological operations and propaganda.

In the ironic words of Musk himself, regarding the dubious authenticity of Space X’s launch of a Tesla vehicle, “You can tell its real because it looks so fake.”

That’s right folks, simply because you allow such a tragic state of affairs to continue to exist, those belonging to the royal thirteen Jesuit families will continue to fool you with their propaganda which is designed to suit the perpetual profitability of their global economic interests.

Meanwhile, these are the very same royals who continue to trick you – with their Covid-19 psychological operation – into legally consenting to the covert genocidal intentions of the UN’s Agenda 2030.

Believe this, folks: there is nothing fake about that.














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  1. Greetings! We can be sure 5g wouldn’t be rolled out unless the people at the top had a way to protect themselves from it. Do you think they will simply hide out somewhere off grid, or do they have another solution?

    As you know, I believe tools like biogeometry can be effective against 5g.

    1. Greetings to you. Good to hear from you, once again. The widespread activation of 5g/60ghz microwaves will most effect that percentage of the population with immune systems which have already been weakened by poor dietary/lifestyle habits and have been subjected to regular flu and other vaccination programs. Certainly, the ruling families are quite aware and have been provided with accurate statistics indicating both the percentage and clustered location specifics of population demographics in the West and in America already afflicted with these adverse conditions. Regarding speculation as to how they plan to ‘protect’ themselves, it is likely they may retire to palatial retreats far away from the major cities, such locations where 5G towers and other similar infrastructures are non-existent.

    2. By the way, I’ve managed to confirm, once and for all, Paul McCartney and Elvis Presley are one and the same. An expose on this subject – as well as “Walt Disney” – will be arriving, very soon.

      1. In spite if everything, I’m always interested to read about the Beatles.

        How do you see the 2nd wave playing out? I’m thinking perhaps the 5g is turned on within a couple of months. The ensuing chaos gets Trump re-elected on a law and order campaign.

      2. Not to give too much away, but, there may also be a connection with the rock band Iron Butterfly and the story of a musician, named “Kramer”, who mysteriously went missing. Your speculations about the “2nd wave” could turn out coming to fruition. Nevertheless, I am expecting an additional psychological operation designed to deceive a number of Americans into hysterical reactions and to exponentially increase their calls for accepting mandatory vaccinations. I am aware that teams of “contract-tracers” have already made a number of reports concerning my refusal to wear a mask and non-compliance with “social distancing guidelines”. These “tracers” are being handled by a pair of local masons – one from Beverly and the other from North Andover. They’re using their fellow low-level masons and recruited police informants, including their wives and children. Needless to say, I’m very well-aware of their covert methods, and I am also aware of the identities of a number of their “informants”, most of whom are rewarded with retail gift cards.

      3. Sadly, I believe that most of the people causing all this trouble think they’re working for a just cause.

        There’s a quote that I never really thought about much, but heard again recently, and now it seems so profound. The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

      4. Yes, perhaps, that particular adage is apt. However, given their psychological weaknesses, I think they’re mostly either manipulated or motivated by fears of ostracization from their peer groups, prospects of giving meaning to otherwise mundane and empty lives and, as well, the promise of fulfilling the pettiest of carnal desires.

      5. Lol. You’re probably right.

        From what I understand theres an energy/consciousness shift underway. Perhaps things will start to change for the better soon.

      6. I share your optimism. On the other hand, if this psychological operation has demonstrated anything, it has exposed the preponderance of fear-ridden followers and the dearth of brave leaders in American society. And yet, ironically, the popularized characterization of America as the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ still somehow persists.

    1. I’ve also been able to confirm the host actor of both characters also starred in a popular television situation comedy – “the show about nothing” – with the host actor of Barack Obama. As for the link you provided, I’m not surprised at the prognostications for GDP or population growth regarding the US. In retrospect, they’ve been programming the West to commit voluntary genocide. Truth is, the economic transition, which has been planned for decades – considering the rapid development of AI and robotics in the 21st century – does not require current levels of human resource reproduction. With the Covid-19 operation, it is clear, behavioral modification is being utilized to prepare mass numbers of the population to psychologically accept their own downsizing. From objective observation, it appears to be working.

    2. I apologize, if the first part of my initial reply to your first comment seemed muddled. It was mistakenly assumed, I was replying to another comment made during approximately the identical time frame. But yes, regarding the link you provided, although not aware of the specific statistics, I was somewhat aware, the GDP growth of most European nations and America, as well as their population growths, had begun to decline, in some cases, significantly.

    3. You’re also quite correct, the ruling families, while speaking through their teleprompter-reading robots, employed by the monopolized MSM, are deliberately and sadistically gaslighting the public-at-large.

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