In an era dominated by the concept of Post-Modern Reality Simulation, things aren’t often what they seem.

Recently, I was made aware of a most amusing character — a gun toting Second Amendment activist — named “Kaitlyn Bennet”.

Not only, it seems, does Kaitlyn have both a penchant, and a talent for getting attention and generating chaos on college campuses across America due to her outrageous behavior but, it turns out, Bennet is also connected with Info Wars and the recently maligned alternative media figure, Alex Jones.

But there is something else, other than a shared connection to the Alternative Media, which connects Jones and Bennet together – they are both European royals in disguise.

Everyone may recall, the published revelation, in an installment from the recent past, that Alex Jones was identified as Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

SEE: His Majesty, the clown prince jester

Bennet’s host actor, on the other hand, possesses royal family ties to the House of Nassau-Wellburg as well as the European royal House of Bourbon-Parma.

Not only is the host actor behind the characterization of “Kaitlyn Bennet” an activist – a Jesuit-trained agent of chaos who represents the global commercial interests of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – she is, in fact, a royal princess.

However, before beginning our in-depth examination of “Kaitlyn Bennet”, there is a bit of new information to impart regarding the alleged coronavirus. .


Putting aside, for a moment, the ABC News testimony of Scott Sedlacek appears to be filled with anomalies, everyone will also immediately notice both the numbers 3 (EE=33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry) and 20 (2=twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin) are audibly present.

Though ABC news network, which is still owned by the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha through the holding company of Desilu Productions AKA the Walt Disney Company, does its best to spew its state-approved coronavirus propaganda, there is something else — a quite significant detail — which they’re hiding from the American general public concerning their testimonial star witness, Scott Sedlacek.

Per usual, folks, the MSM has been caught lying by omission.

Also, there is a problem with the logistics of Sedlacek’s official testimony.

Sedlacek testifies to having tested positive for the “coronavirus” and, in the ABC News video excerpt, he can be heard to have further stated, “I was feeling horrible.”

And yet, rather than staying home, Sedlacek traveled to a local Seattle nursing home to visit his father, who he alleges to be a resident. Correspondingly, it is noteworthy, Seattle also happens to be the corporate headquarters of Amazon, the manufacturers of Alexa, the voice activated home surveillance device.

Added to that, Sedlacek is a horrible actor, and everyone will surely notice that, not only is Sedlacek positioned in front of a green screen but, on several occasions, this two-bit actor pans his eyes downward, to check the script scrolling across a teleprompter.

The physical mannerisms Sedlacek demonstrates, during the entire duration of his on-camera testimony, are also quite telling.

Several times, he can be seen licking his lips and, several more times while standing in the glare of ABC Network’s television camera, Sedlalacek conspicuously blinks.

Sedlacek’s voice has also been altered by an audio voice filter.

These physical tendencies, to which any professional psychologist will attest, exist as observable evidence Sedlacek is not at ease and, because he is so observably and subconsciously stricken with such an acute case of extreme discomfort, Sedlacek’s acute psychological discomfort manifests in his physical mannerisms. Not due to stage fright, mind you, but because it is most probable Sedlacek is profusely lying.

Sure enough, while conducting a thorough search, on Intellius and other sites, a connection between Scott L. Sedlacek and Promega Corporation’s “Biological Solutions” department availed itself.


The title page of Promega Corporation’s official website @ indicates its business primarily deals with the manufacturing and delivery of forensic “Human Identification” products “used for human identification in forensic and paternity testing labs.”

Just how, everyone may be wondering, do these products truly function?

According to Promega, “DNA is extracted from a variety of samples and specific regions of the DNA are examined to develop a unique genetic ‘fingerprint’ for an individual.”

This would seem to exist as a clue to surmising the ulterior motivations behind the urgent push for coronavirus testing among the American general public.

Clearly, authorities of the corporate State want everyone’s DNA for identification purposes.

In which case, the widespread manufacture, delivery, and distribution of Promega Corporation’s forensic products would align with the West’s ongoing economic transition from the circulation of debt-based paper notes to a systematically digitized and algorithmically-based currency.

While further examining Promega’s official site, take the time to scroll to the bottom of the webpage.

There, everyone shall discover a section entitled “Coronavirus Detection and Assay Development.”

Considering this discovery, it should come as no surprise to further discover ABC Networks acting in collusion with a Promega employee, Scott Sedlacek, to help urgently and vigorously sell their coronavirus propaganda.

There exists only one pair of words which accurately and best describe this televised scenario between Promega Corporation and ABC Networks; a corporate television network which has always been owned by one of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit royal families to promote and protect the hegemony of their global economic affairs: CRIMINAL COLLUSION.

This revelation alone, to anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex, should indicate the clear but ulterior motives behind the coronavirus psychological operation.

The coronavirus psychological operation is not about securing the general public’s safety in the face of a pandemic’s rapid advancement. It is about the Crown Temple, in the City of London — of which the US corporation is but one corporate subsidiary — 1.) facilitating a global economic transition, 2.) strategic economic liquidation of targeted population demographics through the lawfully mandated administration of toxic vaccinations and, 3.) the activation of a nationwide and, eventually, a global 5G surveillance grid.

These are grand plans which have been previously documented by the UN’s Agenda 2030.

SEE: How Crown Temple Rules America

SEE also:

Like Promega Corporation’s Scott Sedlacek, we shall soon discover that “Kaitlyn Bennet”, America’s favorite “gun girl”, is also another actor, and a key participant in the perpetual phenomenon known as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.



The video clip of Kaitlyn Bennet everyone just viewed, displayed above, represents but one of the many pertinent examples of Bennet’s brand of activism in action.

Apparently, the character of “Kaitlyn Bennet” is nearly ubiquitous, both on social media platforms and on You Tube, where her controversial antics have become a source of lively discussion and even heated debate.

But that’s just the point of Bennet’s act, to draw greater percentages of the unsuspecting public — regardless of ideological persuasion — into a vortex of oppositional and divisive confrontation. While watching the video, with cold objectivity, one of the first things everyone will notice is how expertly Bennet apes both the speech and behavioral mannerisms which are often discovered to be quite common among the average American college student.

Bennet is an actor, and one who has been well-trained.

It is also likely, Bennet’s host actor was fully briefed by those among the ranks of army intelligence, those specializing in the area of psychological operations.

Before anyone scoffs and claims this is a stretch, there is circumstantial but empirical evidence, relating to a specific detail of Bennet’s official biography, which, nevertheless, well-supports this assertion.

While, again, listening attentively to Bennet’s voice audio, everyone will notice the faint traces of an accent which is rather uncommon to any known geographical region of the US.

Though it is likely, Bennet received extensive theatrical training before fully assuming the role of her character identity, she can’t quite seem to escape — from time-to-time — lapsing into the unique accent of her host actor’s homeland.

While continuing, with an especial attention to detail, to observe and examine Bennet’s performance in the video, everyone will notice the consistency of Bennet’s physical posture which, unlike most American college students and those among the American general public, appears overly dignified, remains almost regally resolute and never, to any significant degree, does she appear to slouch.

As we shall soon observe, however, this disciplined tendency is directly attributable to the hidden social and economic background of Bennet’s host actor. This may also account for the fact, Bennet’s official biographies contain such a dearth of personal information because her covert benefactors — the thirteen families –are heavily invested in keeping Bennet’s genuine identity a secret.

However, despite this, there exists one pertinent biographical detail which considerably advances our investigation into Kaitlyn Bennet: a direct connection to Kent State University.


On May 4 of 1970, official American history alleges four students of Kent State University were gunned down by Ohio National Guardsman.

I have demonstrated that this event was thoroughly staged — in cooperation with the Ohio state governor, the freemason Grand Lodge, and the US corporate government — to discredit the last vestiges of the 1960’s counter-culture social movement in the eyes of the American general public; a movement which was created, covertly promoted, and carefully stage-managed by certain government alphabet agencies, such as CIA and FBI.


Therefore, it should be considered no coincidence that Kaitlyn Bennet’s official biography at Wikipedia reveals the following, about her connection to Kent State University: “Bennet was the president of the Kent State chapter of Turning Point USA, however after a protest against campus safe spaces backfired in October 2017, she resigned.”

Further investigation into Turning Point USA reveals that it is a non-profit, legally registered as 501-3c, and a politically conservative organization affiliated with Students for Trump which was created and designed to promote fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

In other words, folks, Turning Point is a privately funded political activism/counter-intelligence cell filled with government sponsored revolutionaries who have been especially trained to create controlled chaos on American college campuses.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the idealized high-mindedness Turning Point publicly articulates as their mission statement exists as nothing more than a thin ideological veil, one which is used to conceal the sinister nature of their true intentions: “Since 2016, Turning Point USA has maintained a Professor Watchlist, which lists college professors whom it alleges discriminate against conservative students and advance what it considers to be left-wing propaganda in the classroom.”

Clearly, as president of such a subversive organization, Kaitlyn Bennet was charged with not only causing political chaos on American college campuses, she was also responsible for recruiting amateur  snitches and police informants who were charged with conducting illegal surveillance on college professors whom they found politically disagreeable.

Such a great contribution to the advancement of humanity, huh folks?

Another excerpt drawn from Wikipedia goes on to document the following, concerning Bennet’s political activism at Kent State University:

“In 2018, Bennet posed for her graduation photo holding an AR-10 long gun in front of the university sign. She stated that as a student at Kent, she should have been able to open-carry for self-defense, citing the 1970 Kent State shootings where Ohio National Guardsman fired on unarmed students protesting the US bombing of Cambodia.”

Yes folks, Bennet was quoted as having mentioned paid government activists, like herself and cut from the same cloth, those who were allegedly gunned down at a simulated crisis event. This government sponsored crisis simulation from over five decades ago — the Kent State shooting — Bennet went on to exploit and to utilize as an historical prop, a feeble excuse upon which to base her justification for further acts of narcissistic and shameless self-promotion.

A sampling of the very images to which Wikipedia refers, those which depict Bennet in ridiculous poses with firearms and appearing more like a Playboy pin-up than a solemn advocate of Second Amendment gun rights, are posted at the following link, immediately below.

Kaitlyn Bennet at Kent State:

There are also numerous examples, available on You Tube, which demonstrate an assortment of Bennet’s clownish confrontations while visiting various college campuses across America. But that’s just the point of why a character such as “Kaitlyn Bennet” was created and so widely promoted. Hers is the identical sort of radical and controversial characterization which has always been drawn straight from the standard playbook of counter-intelligence/Jesuit trained agents of Marxist-styled chaos which, first, are always built up into a position of influence and prominence and then, later, degenerated into villains and even pariahs.

The thirteen families understand the primitive psychology and child-like perceptions of the masses all-too-well, and how to routinely manipulate them. The thirteen families have long-known, the one thing the individual — those who are counted among the common masses — fears more than anything: social ostracization from friends, family, and co-workers due to the fostering of negative perceptions.

By making “Kaitlyn” look ridiculous, those who are numbered among her legions of blind followers, and even those merely belonging to a similarly perceived ideological and political stripe — by mere association — will also be made to look ridiculous and, thereafter, become thoroughly discredited.


What began to give Kaitlyn’s game away, while considering the identity of her host actor, was the appearance of the man alleged to be her fiancée.

Kaitlyn Bennet with her fiancée:

Further image comparison analysis and ear biometric examination reveals there exists facial geometrical similarities between Bennet’s fiancée and the European royal, known as Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, the son of Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg AKA David Bowie/Howard Stern/David Koresh:

Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg:

Guillaume with Belgian Countess Stephane de Lannoy:

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis also confirms that “Kaitlyn Bennet” and Guillaume’s royal spouse Countess Stephanie de Lannoy are, indeed, one and the same.

Kaitlyn Bennet:

Countess Stephanie de Lannoy:

Kaitlyn Bennet:

Countess Stephanie de Lannoy:

Countess Stephanie is the fourth daughter of the eight children of Count Phillipe de Lannoy and Alix della Faille de Laverghem.

The Belgian royal House of Lannoy is one with an ancient and historically colorful lineage, one which can be traced back to the 13th century nobility of Hainut.

Historically, many of those belonging to this royal house became distinguished in the fields of military command and the diplomatic affairs of state.

Countess Stephanie de Lannoy AKA “Kaitlyn Bennet” is directly descended from one of the more distinguished historical figures of this family, Charles de Lannoy, 1st Prince of Sulmona, who was credited as the victorious commanding general at the Battle of Pavia in 1525, a pivotal battle in the Italian War of 1521-26 fought between the forces of the Kingdom of France and the mercenary forces of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor.

Now, it seems, Stephanie’s family and those of the other thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families are committed to waging psychological warfare upon the world’s proletarian masses. And, with their latest gambit in the arena of psychological warfare – the coronavirus pandemic — many seem to have fallen under the control of its spell.

Nevertheless, the loyal readers of Newsspell have become immune to the puerile effects of such media driven spells.

With each passing day, those among the thirteen families grow fearful that significant segments of the globe’s general public are beginning to see through their games as if they were peering through a pane of crystalline glass.

Don’t be fooled, folks, their position is deceptively weak, and they now it.









7 thoughts on “Who is America’s “Gun Girl” Kaitlyn Bennet?

  1. The first thing I noticed is that she’s a beautiful girl, but she’s a very good actress too.
    What do you think about the scenery post CV crisis? A new economy? New global balance? For instance, do you think they can force you to get vaccinated, or there will be the choice to stay or leave the “system” of the new world.

    1. This entire psychological operation is a cover for an economic transition from debt-based paper notes — the handling of which will soon be propagandized as a nodal point for the spread of the coronavirus — to a digitally automated currency maintained by AI bots and algorithms. As for the vaccines, I believe most will willingly comply without succumbing to any external force while, on the other hand, remaining unaware there are legal loopholes to be exploited in their favor.

  2. Good article. I discovered these royals recently (Guillaume and Stephane) and matched them to Jimmy Kimmel and his wife, Molly. It’s nice to know what other characters they play. Nice to know their military history too. That would explain the gun theme with “Kaitlyn.”

    1. Good to hear from you, once again! Yes, indeed, I think you’re correct about Kimmel and Guillaume, the son of Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg who, as I’ve discovered, portrayed the “late” pop star, David Bowie.

  3. I don’t think these people are actors (for the most part). I think they enduce multiple briths with the host mothers that look alike, and raise them in different families. Obviously Bernie Sanders and the Evelyn Rothchild are of the same DNA, but both of them, i would assume, have time commitments that would preclude such a ruse.

    1. Thanks for you continued interest in Newsspell. Regarding the hypothesis you’ve offered, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. However, I would insist that, you merely consider, the results of both facial recognition and image comparison analysis – in the case of “Caitlyn Bennet” — between the royal host actor and the popularized character are consistent with the tenets of the scientific method, in that, the positive results have proved repeatable. As for ‘time constraints’, consider also, the potentialities of modern technologies, such as green screen, mocap markers, and CGI animation which, while fully facilitating the staging of simulated events, eliminate the necessity for the participating actors to be physically placed, as it were, on location.

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