handsome-wizard-fireball-showing-black-background-49846858First off, one has a confession to make, I have never qualified as an avid television watcher. Nor, have I ever qualified as a rabid consumer of all forms of media in general, whether television, radio, magazines, etc. etc. One generally finds it healthier to observe life first hand, rather than through the vicarious spectrum of modern mass media. And yet, this is generally from where most derive their homogenized world view.


Think about the true source of most of your valued opinions, do they truly derive from objective and empirical observation? Has one chosen to view the world and their place in it from the result of a truly objective and independent analysis? Or, has one been psychologically conditioned, either through public schooling, or perhaps the social pressures of an overriding desire to conform to some popular notion of political correctness?

Rare is the individual unencumbered by the strictures set by stultifying societal norms, for it is far easier to swim with the tide of popular opinion rather than dare rage against it, and risk drowning. Better to be numbered among the protected herd, than become a pariah existing on the fringes, bait for the wolves. One may consider they are well-informed in constantly remaining up to date on the latest television news broadcast by the media sorcerers at the major networks. But, you have been deceived. In turn, one deceives themselves into thinking the version of reality presented through mainstream media sources is a true representation of events as they’ve happened. Falling for this deception out of prevailing ignorance one might conceivably forgive, but willingly allowing for a constant diet of self-deception results in incurable neurosis.  And yet, the following will no doubt be considered the ravings of a misogynist. Allow me to say, I don’t think anyone should be denied advancement simply on the basis of gender, sexual preference, or for that matter race. However, one shouldn’t be advanced in life simply on the basis of political correctness either.


In an earlier post, I outlined the true sources of the feminist movement from decades ago, and why, from an objective standpoint, it was, and continues to be, an artificially designed social movement interested not in advancing the interests of the female gender, but in ironically enslaving them. The bankers, industrialists, and their media handmaidens are expert at promoting chaos, then establishing a new social order-a phoenix from the ashes-ready made solutions for the very problems they engineered. But, if we have learned anything about history, the masses of people fall into this trap, set time and again by those who secretly rule over us. The true purpose of the feminist movement was never emancipation, but exploitation. Divide and conquer is the Crown Temple overlords stock in trade, an effective method of operation inducing mass psychological neurosis. This sad state of affairs is meticulously kept intact, merely because it is profitable.

Unhappy people make for excellent consumers, consumers of overpriced material goods they don’t need, all to impress people they don’t even know. Only in the most neurotic of societies would artificial material acquisition become equated with elevated self-worth.

As for the relationship between the sexes, it seems to have deteriorated into a state of hopeless disrepair.Although this may represent over-generalization, both sexes seem to be terminally unhappy. Which is a welcomed state of affairs for the industrialists and the Crown Temple bankers ruling over the world. If the masses are stunned into a state of perpetual melancholy, the more time they will spend at the local mall, hoping in vain the investment in mindless material goods will compensate for their acute unhappiness. This also benefits the pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatrists who prescribe them to desperate patients thinking happiness can be found at the bottom of a medicine bottle.

In truth, unhappy people are easier and more malleable to overt government control.

The myth of the independent woman, bolstered by the non-stop promotion of the feminist movement, against the inclinations of biologically driven human nature, has almost totally compromised the integrity of society’s most enduring organizing principle- the nuclear family.

At last check, the divorce rate of newly married couples is well over fifty percent, an alarming state of affairs that has lead to a spate of social problems left unaddressed.

But this is by design.

As I outlined in my first blog post concerning this subject (Feminism all about profits not freedom), the financial catalyst for the feminist movement was the enormous largess provided by banking foundations, and lead by controlled opposition agents trained by CIA sub-departments. Unknown to the well-meaning followers of the movement, was that the bankers intentions to psychologically manipulate woman into the workplace and out of the kitchen were not socially progressive. While ostensibly the movement may have appeared progressively motivated, it was nothing of the sort. Banking families like the Rockefeller’s had figured out, that if there were more woman out in the workplace, the tax base would be exponentially expanded, from which enormous profits could be derived. This confused state of social affairs, has ironically wrought entire generations of ill-behaved woman worse than the male chauvinists they have traditionally decried.

The media sorcerers have fostered, and, to an alarming degree, promoted the dominance of the female gender at the expense of the traditional male role model. So much so, that the denigration of men has become a popular staple.

Seeking to manipulate the transformation of gender roles is but one part of a grand formula on the part of the Crown Temple bank in establishing a New World Order of affairs. One of the first steps in achieving this goal is to neutralize the American male, for they are the only ones capable of fighting back against this nefarious program of cultural tyranny, and, more importantly, most likely to be the majority of gun owners. Is it any wonder feminism and gun control continue to be the predominant social issues constantly and heavily promoted by the media sorcerers? This sort of activism is promoted as a purposeful attack on traditional notions of societal and cultural cohesion.

A nation divided on the basis of gender confusion and lack of united cohesion is much easier to control going forward, than a strong society with the integrity of the traditional nuclear family still intact.

Combined with the media sorcerers promotion of the LGBT community, this only serves to confuse traditional notions of gender even further, with the strength of the American male completely neutralized and feminized, and relegated to complete cultural insignificance.

Most, will assuredly disagree with the aforementioned opinions.

So be it!

Stay tuned for Part II of How the Crown Temple rules America!


  1. We’re all easily manipulated dupes?
    Talk about elitist.
    I get your point though.
    I don’t dwell on all the negative aspects of every day life or I’d jump off a bridge.
    Have you considered that we’re all in the matrix?

    1. Thank for your graciously taking the time to leave a comment. Though, I agree, the message isn’t pleasant, I believe we must all realize we are all unwitting dupes. But we must also collectively realize this is so, merely because we have wittingly given over the great power we all inherently possess as individuals to those who are the true elitists! We have been conditioned to buy into the presumption the common man is not sufficiently equipped to govern himself. And yet, ironically, America is supposed to be a democracy? The first step towards ultimate liberation is in realizing we are all slaves to an economic and social system designed to operate against our best interests. It is only then, that real change for ourselves, and future generations, can begin to be realized.

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