Those limited few following this blog since its inception, already suspect the information divulged, and the accompanying speculations, are not designed for a mass audience. Needless to say, the next series of blog posts are very controversial. Many believe, by virtue of living in America, that they are free. But the following information may cast doubts on that very cherished notion.

American citizens are not free.

America has never been free.

Your notions of liberty are a carefully tailored illusion. 

In truth, you are a slave, slaves to a clandestine institution which is centuries old. America does not abide by the timeless virtues of liberty and freedom, but by the byzantine uniform commercial codes of merchant law, or admiralty law, under the auspices of the Crown Temple in the city of London. Has one never wondered, why courtroom flags are fringed in yellow? That is the telltale sign that you are now standing under the legal auspices of admiralty law, and not, as you’ve been taught in public school, the US constitution!

This is not planned to be yet another conspiracy diatribe against the ‘Illuminati’, for that notion represents ill-conceived disinformation, written by those hired to mislead curious and inquiring minds. The conspiracy theorists one discovers online will only go so far to inform that there exist certain dominant banking families that may secretly hold sway over the worlds sovereign governments. But, they will never take the extra step necessary in truly informing who those prominent families are truly connected with.

Investigating the truth is never easy, telling others and spreading the word perhaps even more arduous. Nonetheless, one proceeds expecting to weather whatever slings and arrows, come what may! This may not be what you want to hear. But, if you’re looking for feel good pablum, please, go elsewhere. Here, we search for the truth, no matter where it leads, no matter what delicate emotional sensibilities it violates. This information, to my knowledge, is not available anywhere else, except for perhaps a few remote outposts existing on the internet.


The following, you shall never encounter broadcast on your local or national news programming. One will not find the following distributed by any ‘respected’ media outlet, for they are owned by the very industrialists and bankers, who would protect the wide distribution of such damaging information, at all costs. This information they avoid, as if it were a plague of locusts, or some fatal disease. The media sorcerers are only trained to spoon feed the public false perceptions of reality. Everything, every image, or news story, they allow one to see, or hear, whether broadcast via television, radio, or internet, are assiduously designed to reinforce such artificial and false perceptions. For, after all, if the following information were genuinely known, there is every reason to expect society, and the organizing economic and political systems therein, would quickly crumble into dust.

Then again, perhaps not, due to the fact both fear and apathy abound. Nonetheless, everything you think you know about the political and economic process is absolute bunk. Hopefully, if you’re suitably courageous to have tread this far, and expect to go further, you must hereafter abscond from your preconceived notions, long enough to carefully consider the following information-no matter how outrageous, no matter how conspiratorial it may appear.

America is not a country, but a corporation!

Every US citizen, by virtue of having been issued a social security ID, is a registered employee, and stock of the US corporation. Corporations exist on paper, and since the constitution of the United States exists on paper, it is therefore a contract, containing terms and conditions negotiated between ‘esquires’, or attorneys, called to the bar at the Crown Temple. All attorney’s, whether they know it or not, owe ultimate allegiance not to their paying clients or law partners, but to the Crown Temple, centered in the city of London. Legally, you are a ‘person’, a term existing on paper describing you as an individual, an artificial entity created by royal charter, prescription, or act of legislature. The legal definition of the US is a number of persons united, in one body, a body of persons.

All of America’s founding fathers, were not only aristocrats with land and title granted by the British king, but were also trained esquires, or attorneys, called to the Temple bar.

The dispute with the king, prior to the so-called revolutionary war of the eighteenth century, was merely a negotiation of terms and conditions arbitrated by the attorneys at the Crown Temple in the city of London, to settle outstanding legal disputes, between the King and his royal colonial subjects. It is important not to confuse the king with the Crown Temple, for the former is merely an agent of the latter. While the royal houses of Europe may possess actual wealth in terms of land and valuable assets in the way of stocks, bonds, and natural resources, they were, and still are, beholden to the Crown Temple, in order to maintain their vast portfolio’s. The true nature of the dispute between the American colonies and the British king, was not over gaining freedom or liberty for the common man-for that is merely a false perception published in public school history books. In truth, the founding fathers viewed the common man as nothing more than cattle, a vast pool of human resources to be exploited. In terms of the American Revolutionary war, the real dispute was over the actual land holdings of the noble aristocrats, and the taxes they were forced to pay to the Crown Temple in London. The constitution is merely an internal memo between agents of the Crown Temple, detailing the results of a legal negotiation granting certain rights and privileges. The common man, as usual throughout history, was not at all privy to this negotiation. The constitution does not guarantee anyone’s freedom. Rather, America is still a crown colony, bound by and subject to the patents and charters set down by the Crown Temple.


This concept goes all the way back to the Code of Hammurabi, having to do with merchant law conducted on the high seas. At birth, you were given a name, which from a legal standpoint, constitutes a fictional entity. The name appearing on your birth certificate is your corporate identity, meaning officially you are a stock commodity, a human tax resource, that can be legally levied, bought and sold! This has to do with legal terms and conditions, those things no one ever seems to carefully read before they sign on the dotted line of any contractual arrangement, whether paper or digital.

Every tax dollar collected by the IRS, does not go forward to pay the principle on the national debt, but merely the interest. The tax money collected to pay off the interest on the debt notes put into circulation by the Federal Reserve, goes back to the Crown Temple in London, specifically the middle temple. The IRS, which like the Federal Reserve, is a private corporation, has acted as collection agent on behalf of the Crown Temple since 1921. Every dollar printed into circulation by the Federal Reserve, is merely a paper promissory note, or a promise to pay at some future date, the interest on which can be determined or changed at the whim and caprice of the Federal Reserve Chairman, who acts as agent on behalf of the Crown Temple.

Confused already?

Well, please, I urge you to bear with me. Baseless attacks of ‘tin foil hat, and conspiracy theorist’, will only hold out against the tidal avalanche of truth for so long! But, before proceeding further, some historical groundwork must be laid. And that, requires going all the way back to the middle ages, back to 12th century Europe-to the establishment of what came to be known as the Temple church.

Referring to one of my earlier posts (The biggest secret of the holy bible), it must be understood, that it is the merchant banking class that historically has been the real power behind every European monarch and royal family. Without the bankers to provide loans, a king or a prince could not field his armies, could not provide security for his individual properties, or for his kingdom in general. Essentially, the prevailing political system of the Middle Ages was tantamount to one colossal protection racket. Taxes were collected by the merchant bankers from the noble landholders on behalf of the ruling monarch, not only to pay off the interests on outstanding debts, but to pay for the vast security infrastructures that kept the landholdings safe from foreign invaders. After a time, all the merchant bankers of Europe began to merge interests, thus the concept of central banking was born. A modern example would be the Federal Reserve, which is not, by the way, part of the Federal government, but a private institution, with stock holders and a board of directors, seated within the one square mile of the city of London.

The Crown Temple was established in two parts, known as the Round, and the Chancel. The former, established in 1185, was modeled after the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the central headquarters of the chief money lenders. The latter, known as the Chancel, houses the legal apparatus of Crown Temple, and is divided into two parts, one known as the middle temple (Lincoln’s Inn), the other known as the inner (Grey’s Court).

Both portions, or departments, contain the Crown offices of licensed bar attorneys, or esquires, and the various franchise offices of Crown Temple bank. Since the establishment of the Temple church, or Crown Temple, the very organizing principle of society has revolved around the concept of commercial trade, the trading of commercial goods and ancillary services. Every citizen of the US is by legal definition, a unit of commercial trade, the bond for which can be traded, bought or sold.

In centuries past, the working class, or peasants, toiled for the noble lord in producing certain goods and services, owing him allegiance on pain of death, in exchange for safety and security. While certainly the beneficiary of the noble lord’s security, the proletariat was denied any profitable benefit for his considerable labor toiling on the nobleman’s land. Until the official establishment of the Temple church in the thirteenth century, this was largely an implicit arrangement, known as ‘common law’. Beginning in the thirteenth century, these sorts of arrangements became legal, by virtue of being cast down in writing, thus the proverb, ‘written in stone’. Of course, the nobility always held the upper hand in this legal arrangement. The largely illiterate peasants were of course helpless in securing for themselves a redress of grievances to renegotiate the legal terms and conditions set down in the existing contract. Today, nothing much has altered this arrangement. The only difference, under present circumstances, one gets to choose their noble master before agreeing to the legal terms and conditions, set down between employee and employer. This freedom to choose ones employment master, is perhaps the only true freedom one is granted in the modern age by the Crown Temple-that is, if one can call such an unfortunate scenario ‘freedom’.


The Crown Temple is an exclusive monopoly, made up of lawyers and bankers. The catch here, is that unlike you, a person, a legal fiction, none of the Inns of Court within the Crown Temple are in fact incorporated, and for good reason. One cannot bring a claim against, in essence sue, a non-corporate entity, thus ensuring the integrity of this byzantine monopoly. This secret society extends to American Inns of Court, existing within every state of the union. These are independent organizations, auxiliaries to the London Crown Temple. Since all courts in the US are governed by Uniform Commercial Code, or admiralty law, the constitution does not apply in any case. This idea or concept, is merely a smokescreen for the public.

The US constitution is merely a legal arrangement made between agents of the Crown Temple, and it’s banking and legal franchises. The preamble containing the bill of rights, beginning “We the People”, does not apply to you and I, only to those affiliated as franchises to the Inns of Court at Crown Temple. This is why, one will often hear a civil case being dismissed when someone tries to base an argument before the bench on constitutional grounds alone. The US corporation is governed solely by admiralty law, the law of the sea, not, as you have been taught in public school, the Constitution composed in the eighteenth century.

In part two, we will examine more fully the role of America’s founding fathers in establishing the Crown Temple as central bank in the colonies. One of those that played a most prominent role in this infamous process, was Alexander Hamilton, a man with a most interesting background and back story not to be missed!

So, stay tuned for part II, coming very soon!

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