Wikileaks: CIA and MI6 ‘controlled opposition’

This world is filled with lies, liars and illusions.

For those still thinking Wikileaks is a legitimate source of truth, they have fallen under the spell of mainstream media sorcery. Julian Assange is neither a hero, nor does his character represent a source of anything resembling the truth. Assange is nothing more than a government paid actor, yet another controlled opposition agent presented to the public as some sort of public avenger.

Assuredly, he is nothing of the kind.

By some providential miracle, if the global intelligence matrix would cease and desist with their sordid business tomorrow, Wikileaks wold disappear right down the same filthy rabbit hole along with them.

And, the better for humanity if they did.

Wikileaks is at it again with yet more ‘deep state ‘revelations’ inherently filled with disinformation intent on wreaking psychological havoc upon the bewildered herd. Regarding Julian Assange, does one suppose if the information being leaked were even remotely damaging to the flow of banking or government commerce, he would still be allowed to operate with impunity?

The answer is a decisive negative.

By now, if the information leaked by Assange were perceived to be even remotely threatening or revealing, he would have been shut down.


Perhaps for the uninitiated, one should go about explaining exactly what is meant by ‘controlled opposition’. Controlled opposition agents, often employed by alphabet intelligence and law enforcement agencies, are primarily deployed, to infiltrate, permeate, and by virtue of assuming leadership positions within dissident movements, charged with the task of marginally disrupting the activities of any groups construed as dissident or threatening to ongoing politically motivated government agendas. This sort of tactic has been used numerous times throughout American history, and is now being deployed on the internet. In the case of the American civil rights and student protest movements during the 1960’s, what began as legitimate examples of genuine political dissidence, were soon infiltrated and disrupted by controlled opposition agents of the American CIA and FBI. Often, any political movement advertised by mainstream media sources and appearing to be superficially legitimate, is in fact thoroughly monitored and compromised, to the point that any sort of grass roots political or organizational virility the movement once possessed in the initial stages is incrementally and effectively neutered and tamed. There have been other examples of such political dissident movements in American history, though having appeared to be organically grass roots in nature, were in fact created and controlled at every step by the government.

The two most significant examples that come to mind, were in the case of the American feminist movement, and most recently, the Occupy Wall Street movement. Though designed and marketed to the public as organic in nature, these movements were in fact funded, trained, and led by the very object of oppression being protested against. In the case of the feminist movement, Rockefeller money funded the movement with an ulterior agenda in mind, for the purposes of permeating American culture propagandizing the idea women were an oppressed gender. With Rockefeller money in complete control of the American media, propaganda was mass marketed to the American public in order to exploit prevailing masculine prejudices. But, as usual, there was an inherent ulterior political and social agenda covertly at work. The Rockefellers, owners and operators of the American economic and banking system, wanted to expand the tax base from which could be drawn enormous profits. With more women out in the workplace, the available labor pools of prospective employees and prospective tax payers expanded exponentially, thus making the Rockefellers immensely richer. See: Feminism all about profits not freedom.

Propagating and propagandizing these sorts of controlled opposition movements keeps the public divided by ideology, race, creed, religion, economic status, and sex. When significant percentages of the American population have been distracted, disenfranchised and hopelessly fragmented by targeted propaganda, they are much more easily exploited and controlled, both socially and economically.


It can now be reported, Julian Assange is a character tasked by the American intelligence cabal in acting out his role on the historical stage. Assange is a family relation of actor Ben Stein, who, in turn, is related to the Greenberg family, the very same intimately involved with carrying out the Sandy Hook hoax school shooting crisis. One may also recall family patriarch Maurice Greenberg as the former head of AIG investment bank, the very same the US government allegedly chose to ‘bail out’ in 2008 under threat of martial law.

But, here’s where the web grows more complex.

Edward Snowden, the alleged NSA contractor in exile and wanted by the US government, is also an actor and a Greenberg family member, whose cousin happens to be Jacob Michael Greenberg, AKA Mark Zuckerberg, front man for the massive public surveillance and intelligence matrix called Facebook sold to the public in the benign guise of ‘social media’. Unknown to most, billionaire Warren Buffet also appears as part of this immense family tree, no doubt lending public credibility to felonious financial malfeasance committed with the complicity of the US government corporation.


Here is a hypothetical scenario for one to consider. In the ‘real’ world, given present circumstances, perhaps not so hypothetical. Imagine if your family were connected to other relatives who owned the media and the government, and possessed significant financial influence with Wall Street to manipulate the markets with impunity and without detection from the SEC-imagine the profitable white collared scams one could pull off?

With a powerful family member such as Warren Buffet operating under a pseudonym, would it be so difficult? The possibilities for covert criminality without suffering prosecution or detection would seemingly appear limitless.

Here’s a hypothetical scenario: 1.) Get a family member to front some stock picks, someone whose very name (Warren Buffet) whispered on Wall Street could grow the stock’s marginal value by at least thirty percent, if not significantly greater. 2.) SEC doesn’t detect any insider trading because there is no connection between the pseudonyms and the actual trading performed under birth names.

Utilizing pseudonyms is the protective layer of truth these criminals hide behind, and a significant part of the ongoing illusion sold to you by the mainstream news apparatus. Also remember the families involved in maintaining this illusion and committing crimes under selected pseudonyms own most, if not all major corporate media outlets. Therefore, producing such stories as the heroic myth of Julian Assange provides greater ratings and sizable market share for not only the networks but greater profits for shareholders and greater profits for corporate advertisers.

That’s right folks, not only is the world presented through your television screens an illusory theatrical production, but the game to acquire the so-called ‘American Dream’ has been rigged towards favoring nepotism over merit.

STAY TUNED for GRENFELL TOWER INFERNO HOAX: controlled demolition (part II) coming soon!


One thought on “Wikileaks: CIA and MI6 ‘controlled opposition’

  1. Julian Assange is also connected to the Rothschilds and he was used by the banking dynasty as a mouthpiece (at least initially) to discredit a rival bank in Switzerland – Bank Julius Baer. In fact, Assange’s rise to fame began with The Economist bestowing him an award in 2008. The magazine is owned and ran by the Rothschilds.

    (NOTE: The Rothschilds were Bauers before they changed their surname in the 1760s. Perhaps cousins competing with each other? Or is this simply the usual case of phony competition, manufactured to conceal something more important? At any rate, it’s not imagine, since there is a direct link between the two, at least in their commercial transactions.)

    He also received bail money from Jemima Goldsmith (Khan), who is related to the Rothschilds and the British aristocracy. (She also was a good friend of Lady Diana Spencer, who is rumored to be a Goldsmith/Rothschild. Also, one of Diana’s lovers was Dr. Hasnat Kahn.)

    They even made a movie about Assange starring A-list actors in 2013. Does he look like somebody who is “censored” by the system? I think we know the answer to that question.

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