American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (Part IV)

Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]John F. Kennedy Jr., at least for a time, was known as America’s golden boy. Such is the mystique of the mythical Kennedy name. Before his tragic demise, there were even whispers Kennedy Jr. may have been a viable candidate for American president. But, these are the sort of fantastical narratives, the very sort of spells the media sorcerers love to inflict upon a gullible American public.

Would it interest one to know, John F. Kennedy Jr. never existed?

Oh sure, the character, as so often in American history, was portrayed by a flesh and blood host actor. As one shall soon learn, however, American history and the characters that populate it’s hallowed texts are but images fixed in the public mind. Without images and the mythical narratives that accompany them, there is no history.

In truth, John F, Kennedy Jr. was merely but another mystical spirit wandering through the pages of history. For, here was both a character, and a story, tailor made to be enshrined in American history’s grand pantheon of great myths.

What follows, happens to tie in with the recent media driven crisis event in Las Vegas.

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