American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (Part IV)

Facebook Banner Stephen Perkins[1781]John F. Kennedy Jr., at least for a time, was known as America’s golden boy. Such is the mystique of the mythical Kennedy name. Before his tragic demise, there were even whispers Kennedy Jr. may have been a viable candidate for American president. But, these are the sort of fantastical narratives, the very sort of spells the media sorcerers love to inflict upon a gullible American public.

Would it interest one to know, John F. Kennedy Jr. never existed?

Oh sure, the character, as so often in American history, was portrayed by a flesh and blood host actor. As one shall soon learn, however, American history and the characters that populate it’s hallowed texts are but images fixed in the public mind. Without images and the mythical narratives that accompany them, there is no history.

In truth, John F, Kennedy Jr. was merely but another mystical spirit wandering through the pages of history. For, here was both a character, and a story, tailor made to be enshrined in American history’s grand pantheon of great myths.

What follows, happens to tie in with the recent media driven crisis event in Las Vegas.

Then again, all things have a way of connecting, don’t they folks?

If nothing else, the mythical story of the Kennedy dynasty proves that when it comes to American history, there are no heroes, only wolves, and shepherds watching over the vast flocks of sheep. The ruling elites have the means, motive and opportunity to create their own history of heroic images, while the proletariat, left to vicarious identification with the mythical images, are concerned only with consumption and survival, and possess no such compunction or will to define or make history. The character of John F. Kennedy Jr. perfectly represented that ancient and aristocratic image of Arthurian nobility seized from the fading mists of a bygone age, and brought forward to play out the role of chivalrous knight, refashioned for what is tantamount to a modern dress theatrical production.

Right from the beginning of this mythical character’s life, and soon after the 1963 assassination, he was brought onto the stage of American history, featured in an iconic photo opportunity all too perfectly framed for the sake of posterity at his father’s funeral, with his tiny hand raised in salute as the midnight black hearses passed by in somber funeral procession. From there, the life of the young man seemed to progress under a golden sheen of anecdotal brilliance, of a kind that only well paid scribes, professional biographers, and perhaps even Hollywood script writers would think to create. And yet, those same script writers, scribes, and biographers, perhaps purposely, left behind conspicuous clues something was amiss, that indeed, the life of America’s golden boy, the cherished offspring of America’s royal family, was perhaps just a character playing out a mythical role on the stage of American history.


Establishing the heroic image

Kennedy’s first public speech came in 1979, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum dedication, where he recited Stephen Spender’s poem “I think continually of those who were truly great”. This is truly an ironic moment, given John Jr, was nothing more than a fabricated historical figure, and in consideration of his scripted life in comparison with the rather revealing scholarly interpretations of the Spender poem.

I think continually of those who were truly great.

Who, from the womb, remembered the soul’s history

Through corridor’s of light. where the hour’s are suns,

Endless and singing. Whose lovely ambition

Was that their lips, still touched with fire,

Should tell of the Spirit, clothed from head to foot in song.

And who hoarded from the Spring branches,

The desires falling across their like blossoms.

What is precious, is never to forget the essential delight

of the blood drawn from ageless springs,

Breaking through rocks in worlds before out earth.

Never to deny its pleasure in the morning simple light

Nor its grave evening demand for love.

Never to allow gradually the traffic to smother

With noise and fog, the flowering of the spirit

Near the snow, near the sun, in the highest fields,

See how many names are feted by the waving grass

And by the the streamers of white cloud

And whispers of wind in the listening sky.

The names for those who in their lives fought for life,

Who wore at their hearts the fire’s centre.

Born of the sun, they travelled a short while toward the sun,

And left the vivid air signed with their honour.

The most common literary and scholarly interpretation of the Spender poem is of a man grappling with his own potential and the blushes of greatness thrust upon him, of someone attempting to understand the difference between the measure of true greatness and that of the pretender. The essence of the poem has been described as asking the fundamental question: Is a man defined by the short and glorious trajectory or the one who keeps the Spirit alive in spite of the steady drone of Macbeth’s “tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow?”

As it turns out, the character of John F. Kennedy Jr. was one of history’s greatest pretenders.

Per several mainstream biographical sources, there are glowing accounts of Kennedy’s visit to earthquake ravaged Guatemala in 1976 while still in his teens. The local Jesuit priest (Oh, those ubiquitous Jesuits!) claimed that Kennedy and his cousin aided in the ‘heavy building work’ and ‘distributing food’. The priest also claimed Kennedy “ate what the people of Rabinal ate and dressed in Guatemalan clothes and slept in tents like most of the earthquake victims.” One shall take note of the fact that it never fails, whenever a family member of the royal ruling elites, or one of their puppets playing a historical character goes out to allegedly help their fellow man, there are always plenty of cameras, mainstream scribes, and hand picked witnesses on hand to laud the figure with lionizing hosannas and reams of publicity. Further, the priest went on to say Kennedy “did more for his country’s image than a roomful of ambassadors.”

Image-it is always about the images, folks.

Although seemingly insignificant, the priests comment regarding Kennedy’s donning Guatemalan native garb and eating their food is rather telling. This is the mainstream media sorcerer’s way of establishing the historical figure’s heroic and virtuous credentials in the eyes of the proletariat. This represents the finest conception of image conjuring, which is the basis of modern media sorcery in creating mythical characters within a pseudo-viable reality construct, the very simulated reality that shall later be perceived by the masses as American history.


A heroic rescue in Africa

Yet another biographical tale designed to bolster the mythical and heroic cache of the John F. Kennedy Jr. character, details an account of the young Kennedy’s trip to Africa shortly before entering Brown University. The account claims Kennedy, while embarking on a pioneering course, rescued his group, which had gotten lost for two days without food or water, and summarily won him points for leadership. Yet another of Kennedy’s heroic rescues occurred in 1995, details of which were chronicled in none other than America’s newspaper of record, the ‘old gray ledger’, the New York Times. In light of the thoroughly discredited claims on the part of the Times there were ‘weapons of mass destruction’ hidden in Iraq in 2002, it has become clear this highly heralded, award winning, and prestigious newspaper should never be taken seriously ever again by anyone with two brain cells still functioning.

And yet, musty and irrelevant old rags like the New York Times, official stenographers for the ruling royal elites, will be the first to label sites like ‘fake news’.

Go figure, folks.

At any rate, the aforementioned fantastical Kennedy tale involved a kayaking incident during a trip to Aland Archipelago. Reportedly, Kennedy saved a drowning friend when the boat happened to capsize. It seems, the character of John F. Kennedy Jr., right from the time of its inception, was being groomed in the same vein of his alleged father, JFK Sr., as that of a heroic, but ultimately tragic figure. And then, there is the giveaway detail of Kennedy’s biography, concerning an acting debut in 1985 in front of an invitation only audience at the Irish theater located on Manhattan’s West side. Soon after the performance, the executive director of the Irish theater, in lauding Kennedy’s performance said, “one of the best young actors I’ve seen in years.”

One of the best, indeed.

‘George’ magazine

In 1995, Kennedy founded George magazine with business partner Michael Berman. Although George was ostensibly about politics, it’s high gloss presentation indicated it was more of a superficial vanity vehicle for Kennedy himself. During its heyday, the magazine featured interviews with cultural luminaries such as Lou Farrakhan, Billy Graham, and even country and western music star Garth Brooks. One should note that all of these figures are in fact high degree Scottish Rite masons. Most famously, or infamously, Cindy Crawford appeared on the cover as George Washington in a powdered wig and ruffled shirt. The official moniker of the magazine is the biggest clue as to the actual identity of John F. Kennedy Junior’s host actor. As one shall soon observe, the actual identity is the key tie-in with the latest American crisis simulation event at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay hotel.

See: Clooney stars in Vegas shooting hoax

Plane crash

Plane crashes seem to be the favorite method of the ruling royal elite families in killing off a character, ensuring a smooth transition for the host actor to assume yet another perhaps high profile identity without the public getting suspicious.

That is, until now.

Per official mainstream news accounts, on July 16, 1999, (note the numerology, July is the seventh month, the day of the sixteenth is 1+6=7 for double 77), at 8:38 PM, 12 minutes after sundown (19=magic number of transformation, 12, or 21=777, the ruling elite joker code), and after 48 minutes of flying (4+8=12, 21 in the mirrors reflection is another 777), Kennedy’s plane inexplicably plunged into the Atlantic ocean. Once again, after an extensive Coast Guard search and the bodies of Kennedy, his wife, and his wife’s sister were recovered, the public became deluged in a virtual tsunami of conspiracy theories, along with raising the supernatural specter of the vaunted ‘Kennedy curse’. These conspiracy theories were no doubt concocted by the mainstream media sorcerers themselves, then placed in the mouths of approved mouthpieces. Once one comprehends the method of operation concerning the ruling elites and their handmaidens the mainstream media sorcerers, the true nature of these fabricated events becomes truly transparent.

Clooney strikes again

The grand clue in all of this, as was mentioned before, was the title of the political fashion magazine ‘George’. The ruling elites like nothing better than to blatantly display clues of their numerous deceptions to the public, one suspects merely to observe if any of the proletariat they rule over are truly awake. Unfortunately, for them, some of us are, and as more of us mature in our world view and truly wake up, these royal maggots shall have nowhere to run and hide, accept to under the mossy rocks from which they emerged in the first place.

Clearly, George Clooney is one of their most cherished and most well used puppets in their continuous deceptions foisted upon the collective mind of humanity. Outing the puppets of these ruling royal elites, is merely the first step in assisting others to observe that the reality they’ve been conditioned to believe since emerging from the cradle is, in truth, a colossal illusion.






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