America goes completely blind in Texas

America goes completely blind in Texas

This installment shall be divided into two parts, the first of which shall briefly examine the recent government sponsored emergency crisis drill in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Yes folks, once again, despite whatever spell the media sorcerers have attempted to weave, what happened was only a drill. One needn’t belabor the obvious; what occurred in Sutherland Springs was merely yet another example of a staged piece of television theater and profit driven content created to emotionally incite the American masses. A quick examination shall be proffered, then one shall move on with another story that is perhaps even more pertinent.

The second part shall proceed with a brief analysis of what can only be described as truly surreal, although not, as it turns out, without precedent on American shores. Apparently, former crisis actor Chris Hurst has been ‘elected’, or rather selected as it were, to the United States Congress as representative.

This however, as shall be explained, is not completely, incredible as it may seem, unprecedented.

Now, it appears the manipulations of the ruling elites and their handmaidens the media sorcerers have decided to push the psychological envelope. Perhaps they realize the American masses have eclipsed such a level of hapless apathy, that any degree of nonsensical rubbish peddled on any major mainstream news network will be believed.

Beyond the obvious contradictions and psychological manipulations of the alleged church shooting massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the media sorcerers have been instructed to undermine the authority and accuracy of their own reports, accentuating the psychological component of the predetermined crisis event. Beyond shadow of doubt, the mad scientists of Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, on behalf of their ruling elite Jesuit masters, have engineered a psychological program designed to turn the American masses into a week herd of cynically divided and bewildered victims of emotional manipulation. If history has taught anything, it is that a population mass weakened by division, is far easier to manage and ultimately control. Continue reading “America goes completely blind in Texas”