Actors in history’s grand stage play (part XIV)

Actors in history’s grand stage play (part XIV)

Many may still recall the era of America’s polio scare. Before the AIDS hoax was foisted on the American masses, complete with celebrity victim spokespersons, the hearts of the American masses were stricken with fear over the manufactured threat of a polio pandemic.

The lifeblood of the ruling elite families is commerce, and the pharmaceutical and medical industrial complex is one of their largest revenue generating businesses. With the colossal media machine representing the voice of authority at their disposal, it is possible to create the threatening specter of viruses, pandemics, and disease seemingly at will.

Unlike perhaps today, America during the mid-twentieth century was more completely in thrall to the media sorcerer’s spells, and thus more vulnerable to the inherently ominous emotional effects of corporate driven media. During the era of the mid-twentieth century, the information put forth from the mouthpieces of the medical and pharmaceutical cartels was certainly taken as largely gospel.

After all, the American masses too often ponder with ill-reason, why would a doctor like Jonas Salk and others, benign men in lab coats sworn to the tenets of the Hippocratic oath lie to us?

Well, no surprise, they in fact did.

And, as usual, the chief motivation hidden behind the manufacture of such lies was driven by the pursuit of profits. As for the celebrated Jonas Salk, he was but another actor in history’s grand stage play.

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