This installment shall be divided into two parts, the first of which shall briefly examine the recent government sponsored emergency crisis drill in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Yes folks, once again, despite whatever spell the media sorcerers have attempted to weave, what happened was only a drill. One needn’t belabor the obvious; what occurred in Sutherland Springs was merely yet another example of a staged piece of television theater and profit driven content created to emotionally incite the American masses. A quick examination shall be proffered, then one shall move on with another story that is perhaps even more pertinent.

The second part shall proceed with a brief analysis of what can only be described as truly surreal, although not, as it turns out, without precedent on American shores. Apparently, former crisis actor Chris Hurst has been ‘elected’, or rather selected as it were, to the United States Congress as representative.

This however, as shall be explained, is not completely, incredible as it may seem, unprecedented.

Now, it appears the manipulations of the ruling elites and their handmaidens the media sorcerers have decided to push the psychological envelope. Perhaps they realize the American masses have eclipsed such a level of hapless apathy, that any degree of nonsensical rubbish peddled on any major mainstream news network will be believed.

Beyond the obvious contradictions and psychological manipulations of the alleged church shooting massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the media sorcerers have been instructed to undermine the authority and accuracy of their own reports, accentuating the psychological component of the predetermined crisis event. Beyond shadow of doubt, the mad scientists of Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, on behalf of their ruling elite Jesuit masters, have engineered a psychological program designed to turn the American masses into a week herd of cynically divided and bewildered victims of emotional manipulation. If history has taught anything, it is that a population mass weakened by division, is far easier to manage and ultimately control.

With this latest government sponsored crisis event staged in the tiny community of Sutherland Springs, Texas, one observes all the earmarks of a classic psychological operation-emotional manipulation, religious memes, and of course the ever present politically divisive gun control issue. In addition, one observes the obvious anomalies. First off, the official time of the massacre occurred at 11:30 am (11+3=14, or 7+7, note the numerology of the Kabbalah Zayin 77 or the twin lightning charges of the biblical Lucifer descending to earth). The same masonic codes show up with the reported speed that designated hero Johnnie Langendorff’s vehicle chased off after the alleged assailant: 95 miles per hour, or 9+5=14, or double 7, and once again with the estimated ages of the victims (between 5 and 72=77). The date of the event, November 5, sums to 115, or in Kabbalah numerology, a number representing the god Saturn, or the fullness of time.

Stranger still, is that a slew of emergency vehicles, and a flurry of preparedness activity from multi-jurisdictional law enforcement were filmed by a private bystander in the video displayed above on the scene two days prior to the reported crisis event. Strange too, that reportedly, the church pastor was not present to deliver the service on the 5th, and yet his 14 year old daughter (14=double 77) was present and listed among the casualties struck down by the alleged assailant. The presence of multi-jurisdictional law enforcement is the key in discerning the true nature of the alleged event, in that this was yet another crisis emergency preparedness drill sold to the public through the conduit of the mainstream media as an actual crisis. Contradictory to mainstream media claims, though each Sunday service at the church in question is streamed to the internet, no video documentation exists of any service having taken place on November 5 at the alleged reported time of 11:30 pm.

Also, in all of the video documentation provided by mainstream news of the scene after the alleged crime having taken place, there seems to be a dearth of automobiles in the parking lot possibly belonging to the quoted number of congregation attendees. If there were indeed 20 killed and another 26 (6+6=12, or 21 flipped in the mirror’s reflection =777, the joker hoax code) wounded by the alleged assailant, one would expect to view a relatively close approximation in terms of the number of vehicles still displayed in the church parking lot. However, one does not curiously witness any such documented proof the number of congregation members quoted by the mainstream media were present at the service. Notably, when the mainstream media finally did release footage taken from the church interior, there did not seem to be any tangible evidence of any projectile entrance or exit points. Nor, did there seem to be any forensic traces of victim’s loss of blood, either in the church pews, the walls or the floor.

There is one other salient detail concerning the township where the emergency crisis drill took place. Sutherland Springs is what is termed an unincorporated township. Legally speaking, Sutherland Springs is merely but one township making up a collective of such land areas governed by what is termed a county seat. Although details are hazy, it could have been at one time in the past Sutherland Springs became financially insolvent, and was therefore appropriated by county or even state receivership.

Could it be for its willing participation in this government sponsored crisis drill, Sutherland Springs was promised an influx of government funds, perhaps to not only rebuild its church, but refurbish and gentrify the tiny Texas hamlet, perhaps to even attract or establish corporate or private businesses?

Here’s Johnnie, or is it Heath?

The hero of the day, Johnnie Langerdorff, one thought appeared immediately familiar. As with everything about this media story, the details seemed overly scripted, just as one would expect of a theatrical production. In order to make this theatrical production appear credible for mass public consumption, a seasoned actor portraying the role of mythical hero was called for. Of all the characters portrayed in this crisis emergency production, the role of heroic avenger Johnnie Langerdorff seemed most credible, although perhaps a bit too polished, both in delivery of regional dialect, accent and appearance-though the cowboy hat, tattoo’s, toothpick, and simpleton country boy demeanor just trying to do the right thing, were all adequately presented.

Shocking as it may seem, the first element that came to mind upon witnessing Langerdorff’s performance was Heath Ledger in the academy award winning ‘Brokeback Mountain’. Beyond shadow of doubt, considering the ruling elite Jesuit family’s penchant for presenting theatrical production as history, they are fully cognizant that in order for such crisis drills to appear legitimate to the general American public, the presence of seasoned Hollywood actors cast in major roles among the incompetent crisis acting hacks is ultimately required. Though Ledger reportedly died of misuse of combined drug intoxication in 2008, initial ear bio-metric evaluation estimates indicate that in all likelihood, Ledger may be the host actor portraying the character of Sutherland Springs hero Johnnie Langerdorff.

A crisis actor goes to Washington

Though no one shall be found comparing former news anchor turned crisis actor Chris Hurst for Jimmy Stewart, who of course starred in the iconic role of Hollywood’s classic film ‘Mr. Smith goes to Washington’, it appears the only resume prerequisite for holding high political office in 21st century America is for one to have been a star on ‘reality television’. After all, being a former actor worked for Ronny Reagan and the current occupant of Pennsylvania Avenue, so why shouldn’t Chris Hurst be qualified to serve his constituents as a representative in congress? For those still wondering who exactly Chris Hurst is, perhaps this will serve to refresh one’s memory:

After perusing the content of the video displayed above, one shall soon recall Hurst’s role as the surviving ‘boyfriend’ of ‘slain’ WDBJ CBS affiliate news person Allison Parker back in 2015. Now, it seems, he has been amply rewarded for his starring role in the badly produced crisis event and been ‘selected’ by his masonic masters to be sent to Washington as a US congressional representative from the state of Virginia. Rarely is accomplishment in America based on merit, and Chris Hurst is a prime example. If anything, Hurst’s sudden ascendance is indicative of how things really work in America. If one is willing to buy into the matrix of lies, one shall be well rewarded.


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