Many may still recall the era of America’s polio scare. Before the AIDS hoax was foisted on the American masses, complete with celebrity victim spokespersons, the hearts of the American masses were stricken with fear over the manufactured threat of a polio pandemic.

The lifeblood of the ruling elite families is commerce, and the pharmaceutical and medical industrial complex is one of their largest revenue generating businesses. With the colossal media machine representing the voice of authority at their disposal, it is possible to create the threatening specter of viruses, pandemics, and disease seemingly at will.

Unlike perhaps today, America during the mid-twentieth century was more completely in thrall to the media sorcerer’s spells, and thus more vulnerable to the inherently ominous emotional effects of corporate driven media. During the era of the mid-twentieth century, the information put forth from the mouthpieces of the medical and pharmaceutical cartels was certainly taken as largely gospel.

After all, the American masses too often ponder with ill-reason, why would a doctor like Jonas Salk and others, benign men in lab coats sworn to the tenets of the Hippocratic oath lie to us?

Well, no surprise, they in fact did.

And, as usual, the chief motivation hidden behind the manufacture of such lies was driven by the pursuit of profits. As for the celebrated Jonas Salk, he was but another actor in history’s grand stage play.

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According to a recent documentary aired on PBS, “Apart from the atomic bomb, America’s greatest fear was polio.” Yes, fear, the prime weapon in the ruling elite’s arsenal in governing the masses. Upon watching the documentary, one is immediately struck with the deliberate propagandizing. Then again, this is no great revelation, given that the foundations supporting the production of the documentary are tied in with the ruling elite families and their pharmaceutical and medical industrial commercial complex.

What the documentary largely skimmed over, was the fact the polio vaccine, initially administered to over two-hundred thousand children in five western and mid-western American states, proved to be defective. Shortly after administering the vaccine, reports of reduced motor function and even autism forced the vaccination program to be abandoned.

Although, in fairness, the documentary’s narration does mention the first vaccination trials were temporarily halted, there is no follow-up as to the legal and public furor that soon followed. In essence, this sort of scenario has been repeated with every so-called vaccination proffered and marketed by the pharmaceutical and medical commercial complex. Another pertinent aspect not even slightly addressed by the PBS documentary is the fact all diseases trumpeted by the mainstream media as major public health threats such as measles, diptheria, pertussis, and polio had been virtually wiped out before the introduction of preventative vaccines with the advent of improved sanitation and cleaner drinking water.

In other words, the decrease in the number of these maladies cropping up among the general population was not the direct result of vaccinations as so loudly heralded by the PBS documentary. Confounding this scenario, however, was the rather sinister behavior of the Center for Disease Control circa 1958 when the barking and baying by the mainstream media over the threat of a polio pandemic had reached an apex. In the service of commercial collusion and profits, the CDC employed a familiar tactic of semantic deception in selling their polio pandemic to the American public.

In fact, after the introduction of the so-called polio vaccine, the CDC altered the very definition of polio. Prior to this, diagnosed cases of inflammation of the membrane that projects the brain and spinal neuron cells, causing muscular weakness and pain rather than paralysis were officially no longer classified as ‘polio’. Diagnoses involving these particular symptoms were then classified as aseptic meningitis, even, it should be noted, if the polio virus was still present. Observing the semantic tactic to have been successful the first time, the CDC decided to employ such sinister maneuvering again. Later in the same year of 1958, all classic paralytic symptoms of polio were from then on to be referred in the professional medical community as acute flaccid paralysis. Two years later, spokespersons representing the CDC went on record as declaring the world “polio free”, while documented cases of acute flaccid paralysis curiously became quite common. Does one begin to grasp the level of deception here? The CDC, the global organization entrusted as the official gospel of physicians everywhere, are colossal and habitual liars.

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Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

 Dr. Jonas Salk

Far be it for the commentary discovered here at to be accused of attempting to slay those historical figures generally accepted as ‘sacred cows’. Nonetheless, unlike the aforementioned and lionizing PBS documentary, and at the risk of making oneself a target for the cowardly shills waiting to pounce with ineffectual and puerile slings and arrows at a moments notice, one shall daringly proceed to do exactly that. Conveniently, and because the following would spoil the propagandizing nature of the PBS documentary, the producers of the program, wittingly or not, omitted one inconvenient fact concerning Dr. Jonas Salk.

Jonas Salk, the man historically credited with the creation of the polio vaccine, testified before a congressional committee in 1977 that “all polio outbreaks since 1961 were caused by the oral polio vaccine.” Still later, in 1985, corroborating Salk’s testimony, the CDC itself was forced to admit that over eighty-seven percent of the cases of polio in America between the years 1973 and 1983 came about as a direct result of the vaccine and in addition, most of the reported cases occurred in individuals already immunized. This stunning admission, of course, is not only historically ignored, but was also conveniently omitted by the producers of the glowingly propagandizing PBS documentary. And yet, to this day, pediatricians continue to insist vaccinations are a necessary element in preventing disease.

In truth, it is glaringly ironic the very doctors entrusted with the health and wellness of families and children continue to insist on mandatory vaccinations when overwhelming scientific evidence belies their universal insistence it is unwise and even foolhardy for children to go without being administered vaccinations. Not only are vaccinations a hoax folks, but the mythical hero historically credited with eradicating the threat of polio from sweeping the globe was nothing more than an actor. That is right folks, as is the case with all of the major media figures propped up as authority figures in all fields of human endeavor, Salk was nothing more than a host actor cast under a carefully crafted pseudonym as an historical character, charged in playing a role to shield the ruling elite families from being hung and quartered by the very legal system they devised to hide their clandestine corruptions. The character of Jonas Salk was played by none other than Larry David, who teamed with Jerry Seinfeld, AKA Barry Soetoro (See: 9/11: Terror’s symbolic black magic ritual part I) to create the long running network television ‘show about nothing’. Starting to see the connections?

Additionally, Edward Jenner, known as the father of vaccines, and Louis Pasteur, the so-called father of the germ theory, were both charlatans and often during their lifetimes were quietly referred to as the “Barnum and Bailey of medicine.” Although the media sorcerers would like the American public at large to believe otherwise, the scientific community is not wholly supportive of the proposed mandate for mandatory vaccination laws. Much like with the climate change agenda, one readily observes a manufactured consensus supported by political rhetoric and not scientific basis. “The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective,” says Dr. David Horowitz, with a similarly and professionally informed opinion voiced by colleague Dr. David Ayoub, “I am no longer trying to dig up evidence to prove vaccines cause autism. There is already abundant evidence. This debate is not scientific by political.”

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humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

Vaccines loaded with harmful substances

Allow one to propose a hypothetical scenario. Let’s suppose one were to inform your family physician you planned to inject your own children with harmful substances such as formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminum, but you added the caveat in assurance you were only doing so at what were considered safe levels? Well, that is the claim of vaccine apologists and so-called health and wellness spokespersons at the CDC and World Health Organization, admitting although vaccines consist of such harmful substances, the dosages are not lethal, and therefore safe for your family and therefore your children.

Pardon me, but such blatant arrogance reeks of the sort of posturing one would expect from a corner drug pusher, who would be immediately arrested, indicted, and jailed for administering such poisonous refuse to your children if they happened to be caught peddling it in the parking lot of the local middle or high school. And yet, pharmaceutical giants and your local family physician, because they are wearing suits and ties and have either what are perceived to be important titles and degrees from so-called prestigious universities are allowed to peddle the very same poisonous wares to your family and children and even have the unmitigated audacity to psychologically bamboozle the American public into thinking you may be putting yourself in harms way and endangering the health and wellness of your family and loved ones if they don’t buy the poisonous rubbish they’re pushing like two bit street corner narcotics felons.

Lest one thinks the information hereby marshaled is the product of a deranged and paranoid ‘conspiracy theorist’, one should also be reminded, that with due diligence and patient independent research performed with a mindset divorced from the prevailing emotionally charged politically driven rhetoric, one shall no doubt come to similar and alarming conclusions. After all, this only concerns the health, welfare, and future of your family and children, right?

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