Kavanaugh scandal: media sorcerers gaslight America

Loyal readers have often observed a great deal concerning the subject of predictive programming here at Newsspell. Considering the Kavanaugh scandal, the latest hoax perpetrated by the mainstream media sorcerers, it appears that concept has clearly been parodied. For it appears, the alleged victim of sexual predation possesses psychic abilities. One is referring to a revealing snippet from the recent public testimony of Christine Blasey-Ford.

Ford recently testified to a confession she had allegedly made to her husband, six years prior to the congressional proceeding, concerning her alleged perpetrator, Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

One will not bother to recount Ford’s exact testimony here in this installment’s introduction. Rather, one shall provide one’s loyal readers with a key visual aid, so that they might better determine for themselves.

Needless to say, Ford’s implication she may have known that Brett Kavanaugh, well beforehand, would become a nominee for the Supreme Court is quite stunning, and demonstrates this formal congressional hearing to have been the poorly conceived psychological gaslighting of the American public it truly was.

Could it have been an oversight on the part of the scriptwriters or was this merely another deliberate component of the psychological operation?

Along with the author, other researchers noticed too, the Coca-Cola product placement featured throughout the proceedings. To loyal readers and regular visitors, this should not be a surprise, for Coca-Cola has long been a valuable corporate asset for the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, and they are never loathe to forego profitable commercial opportunities.   Continue reading “Kavanaugh scandal: media sorcerers gaslight America”

Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part II)

The government one observes broadcast on mainstream television networks is merely a scripted theatrical production. The real government is elsewhere, standing in the shadows, away from the pubic limelight. Policies and real decisions are made by individuals attached to names one is not familiar. The US government is a corporation, owned and operated by a board of directors and stockholders, meeting at the Crown Temple in the city of London. The proceedings televised on MSNBC and other corporate owned mainstream networks are nothing more than a movie, produced to both pacify and misdirect the masses. By virtue of voter registration, one is giving their legal consent in allowing the unlawful, but legal to perpetuate. Everything one has been taught via American public school civics class is a blatant deception, designed to indoctrinate one into the consumer based society ruled by multi-national Uniform Commercial Code-slavery sold as freedom.  Continue reading “Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part II)”