What do an 1980’s American exercise icon, a Hollywood actress, and a famous congressional representative from the sunshine state of California have in common?

Why, a great deal, it turns out.

One fact bears repeating; all politicians at the highest levels are portrayed by actors.

And, in the case of Nancy Pelosi, congressional representative from the sunshine state of California, this certainly proves to be no exception.

While the elite ruling families continue to manufacture ruses to rob the proletariat of their tax dollars, the common man, in the hope that something, anything, may change in their particular favor, chooses to keep voting for clowns donned in make-up and prosthetic disguises. These actors are hired by the ruling elite families to act as proxies to aid and abet in the perpetuation of their criminal economic and political pyramid scheme.

These actors, while posing as the people’s so-called political representatives, are both liars and frauds.

Believe it, folks.

In examining the political career and official biography of California congressional representative Nancy Pelosi, one discovered, as usual, stark anomalies. Here, we have a story of yet another American high profile public figure scratching their way to the top of America’s political hierarchy, the typically inspiring ‘American dream’ biography. It is claimed Pelosi was the last of six children, born to Annunciata M. ‘Nancy’ (nee’ Lombardi), who was born in Campobasso, South Italy, in 1909, and Thomas D’Alessandro, Jr., who was a Democratic party US congressman from Maryland and a Mayor of Baltimore. Her older brother, Thomas D’Alessandro III, also a Democrat, was a mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971, when he chose not to run for re-election. Like the biographies of pop and Hollywood movie stars, and all other heralded public figures in high level politics, one must learn to absorb the details with a very large lump of salt.

If one has perused the content of the last few installments here at Newsspellcom.org, one will begin to comprehend how it is the ruling elite families who own the media, and any profitable industry worthy of note, can very easily manufacture not only the biographies of the so-called rich and the famous, but can also concoct the entire history and genealogies of families such as the mythical Kennedy’s. Genealogically speaking, one’s attempt at tracing Pelosi’s family tree back to Italy on her mother’s side proved difficult, in that some of the relatives had been mysteriously scrubbed. The relations on her father’s side, proved an even greater exercise in futility, to the extent one would think the Pelosi family tree had been entirely manufactured by some mid-level lackey toiling in a cubicle at Langley. One did, with perseverance, happen upon a beacon of hope, however, with the name D’Alessandro. The mainstream historians, no doubt at the behest of their ruling elite masters, love to leave behind subtle, but deliberate clues, merely to remind the masses of just who is really running things here on earth.

The De’ Medici’s

Alessandro de’ Medici, called ‘il Moro’ (The Moor), was Duke of Penne and also Florence from 1531 until 1537. Though, it is claimed he was an illegitimate offspring, Allesandro was the last of the ‘senior’ branch of the powerful De’ Medici family of merchant bankers to rule Florence, and the first to become a hereditary Duke.

Speculatively, this may signify a colossal clue, as to who is really behind the power of the Jesuits, the Rothschild’s, the Crown Temple and Swiss central banking establishments, and those that have assiduously worked to spin and distort perceptions of human history for these long centuries.

Though, historians would like the public to believe, as time progressed from the sixteenth century on, the immense power and wealth aggregated by the De’ Medici family of merchant bankers strangely dwindled and withered away to the four corners of the earth, one believes this simply is not the case. One happens to believe, supported by more than scant empirical evidence, the De’ Medici’s are the descendants of the Piso’s, the powerful family of merchant bankers and aristocrats behind the imperial throne of Rome during the first and second centuries AD.

Throughout history, to hide their identity and covert involvement in the unfolding of global events, they chose to hide under various pseudonyms, and to create further genealogical confusion, split off their family tree into various factions that have appeared to war and compete with one another, while secretly continuing to act in concert as a cohesive monopoly.

The reference to the name D’Alessandro when perusing the genealogical details of ‘Nancy Pelosi’, may provide a clue as to the true financial and political power behind not only the US government, the global central banking system, the Vatican, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, but the royal thrones of Europe as well. The De’ Medici’s may be the covert rulers of the Anglo-American empire, or what has come to be known as the New World Order, which in truth, is a veil hiding the old world order still exercising global influence and power.

One speculates, the De’ Medici’s are now hiding behind the latter day moniker of Rothschild. Peeling away the false layers of genealogical pseudonyms, may be the key to unraveling the hidden source behind all of recorded human history, stretching back to the formation of the Roman empire. The character of Nancy Pelosi then, merely represents yet another fictional character in a long line of historical actors portraying their roles on the stage of world history.

Actors play many roles during one lifetime

Though, it may be difficult for one to imagine even one actor portraying the role of a public figure, empirical evidence suggests one actor may play not just several roles during one lifetime, but several simultaneously. The political system is designed so that any political candidate can run for office using a pseudonym validated by an unnamed third party. Although unlawful, this process has been made legal, which enables actors in the guise of public servants to seek and hold office, without the voting public ever becoming largely aware the candidates are indeed, not who they say they are. The intelligence agencies, and so-called law enforcement, right down to the local gendarmes in blue suits sporting guns on their hips, are sworn to protect, serve and help perpetuate this illusion consisting of lies and liars termed the American political system.

‘Echo feedback’

As has been pointed out by even mainstream researchers such as Michael Moore, and contrary to what one may have been instructed and conditioned to believe through public school civics class, one’s congressional representatives do not compose legislation, nor do up to more than half of them bother to cast a vote during congressional sessions. No folks, rather than performing the actual job of public servants and legislating laws, one’s so-called ‘elected representatives’ are full-time campaigners, schmoozing rich campaign donors to fund their next political campaign. In truth, the US congress represents nothing more than a staged dog and pony show, consisting of actors portraying the role of ‘elected’ public figures, whose handlers, using real time ‘focus group’ statistics, manipulate constituencies into voter consensus to tweak their candidates electable public perceptions.

Digital technology, such as smart phones and laptops, has served to greatly streamline this process, resulting in what is termed by political campaign professionals as ‘echo feedback’. In each state of the union, party chairmen, both Democrats and Republicans, possess ready access to names listed on the registered voter rolls. Personal information, consisting of emails, social security numbers, and other pertinent pedigree data, along with Facebook and Twitter profiles, made readily available from cell phone carriers and internet service providers, is handed over to outsourced statisticians and then matched up with the names of registered voters.

Once compiled, the data streams of internet traffic, including data culled from Facebook and Twitter chats, and other social media sites, is then used to tailor the campaign pitch of each prospective candidate to the needs, desires, and emotional states of the corresponding target voting demographic. This process of ‘echo  feedback’, meticulously designed to deliver a tailored message to each prospective voting demographic, based upon what they’re feeling good about, or not, has now, in the 21st century, been scientifically streamlined to tell the people exactly what they want to hear.

While the common man still largely imagines candidates are there to talk about the so-called real issues, they are merely actors repeating sentiments and slogans based upon what has been determined to make the voting constituency feel good. In essence, the political process boils down to the candidates of political campaigns spewing back lies to the people seduced into believing the lies they have told about themselves. To complicate the illusion of lies even further, the media sorcerers create fake whistle blowers to bolster public perceptions the democratic system of checks and balances is in fact intact and is still working. A grand example of this would be the Watergate hoax concocted during the Nixon administration.

What a country, huh, folks?

Nancy Pelosi, fake politician

If one thought Ronald Reagan was the only Hollywood actor to transform to high level politician, think again. Nancy Pelosi, not surprisingly, turns out to be a fake politician, a mocking joke played on the American public. And, the masonic masters in charge of the ‘American political system’, who think they are all somehow of a superior breed to non-masons, love nothing more than to mock the public.

This time out however, forensic examination, in terms of ear bio-metrics, facial and vein hand pattern analysis, turned up some rather surprising results. Not only does Nancy Pelosi turn out to be a fake politician, but Senator Diane Feinstein, turns out to be as well. In fact, the host actors for both characters have been routinely switched out to better obfuscate identities. The two host actors for the political characters of congressional representative Nancy Pelosi and California senator Diane Feinstein are none other than Jane Fonda and Shirley MacLaine.

The American pubic has been bewitched. This gives an entirely new meaning to the idea of witchcraft, right folks?


18 thoughts on “Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part X)

  1. So much truth in your opening statement, “all politicians at the highest levels are portrayed by actors.”. Thankfully over the years we see more clearly their charades. Good nuggets to hold onto here Stephen. Thank you.

      1. That will be a great one to read. We have family in Florida and the weather warfare had them more wound up then the storm. We realize reporting is important but the fear that is instilled is something.

  2. This was very very well written and spot on. Your understanding of this game is beyond that of the average person. I agree 100 percent with your analysis and could easily add to your Pelosi/Fonda theory. I could see the same actress in Pelosi and Fonda when I studied Pelosi but, no one would believe me so I dropped it. Thank you for affirming my thoughts on that match.

    1. Though your specialty may be in the identification of the actors in this grand theatrical game known as ‘reality’, I am more concerned with the larger picture of conveying the idea that not just politics, but every endeavor of human achievement in terms of historical significance should be held to question. At any rate, thank you for the gracious compliment, and your continued interest in the material presented at Newsspell.

  3. I am happy that someone is grappling with with the bigger picture. I am content with working on my small piece of the puzzle. Keep going. You are a great penman.

    1. In return for the gracious favor of your glowing compliments, I shall provide another ‘tip’ of sorts. Look into identifying the host actor now portraying the North Korean dictator Kim Sun Un, one has a wild hunch he is merely a character actor straight out of central casting, perhaps even the actor formerly portrayed one of the rappers in the duo Kid and Play House Party movies. The country of North Korea is a strange oddity itself. While performing limited research into the treaty signed after the Korean conflict in the 1950’s, North Korea has since existed under the legal designation of ‘corporate protectorate’ held in trust directly under the Bank of International Settlements, of which the Rothschild family are one of the largest stockholders. Technically, therefore, legally speaking, North Korea is not even a ‘country’.

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