Weather weapons unleash war on America (Part I)

The ruling elites don’t care about you. They don’t want you to know the truth. They want you to go to work and function as an obedient drone; a mindless tax paying cipher within their criminal system. Now, however, in the 21st century, with the overwhelming development and prevalence of artificial intelligence to run their machines, and perform their administrative statistics, they don’t need the plebs anymore. They want to reduce the population.

They want you to die.

But, one of the weapons they’re using against humanity to achieve the goal of global population reduction is mother nature, or the weather.

Weather no longer occurs due to the vagaries of mother nature.

supernatural-alien invasion-homicidal madness-politics-
humid Hollywood night. Beltane, the witches holiday was breaking, and death was the only escape from danger.

The ruling elites now possess the technology to not only manipulate, and control the weather, but create it. Worse, they possess the will to use this technology like a weapon, and most recently unleashed  it upon America in a blatant act of war.

What one witnessed recently with Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma was tantamount to the deliberate launching of intercontinental ballistic missile attacks on civilian targets within the US. And yet, could one expect there to be a subsequent war tribunal convened to hear arguments of crimes against humanity? Not likely, unless, assuming one still cares about the future of your family and children, one chooses to stand and make one’s voice heard. Well, does one still care enough about one’s family, children, and indeed, the future of one’s fellow man, enough to rise up and allow one’s righteous indignation to become publicly known?

One doesn’t suppose that is likely to happen, not even when evidence of such technology and it’s blatant deployment for the purposes of wreaking mass destruction is demonstrated.

conspiracy-stephen perkins-thriller-fiction-sandy hook-9/11-Boston bombing--black magic
Raging Falcon is it conspiracy or fiction?

The technology to create weather patterns and storm fronts as easily as one would order a Big Mac or Happy Meal at the drive-thru window of one’s favorite fast food establishment is no longer the sole province of science fiction or fervid imagination, but undoubtedly and undeniably exists in solid and material reality.

Believe it, folks.

If one doesn’t happen to agree with the aforementioned premise the ruling elites program of population reduction isn’t in full swing, one may want, if possible, to critically examine an article printed in all major mainstream periodicals by AP press on September 9, 2017, in the immediate wake of Hurricane Harvey. Per the details of the article, the region of Beaumont, Texas, near Houston, was besieged with an aerial barrage from military planes, spraying lethal chemicals, to ostensibly combat disease-carrying mosquitoes.

The reasoning of health officials is that the immense volume of rain dropped on the region in the wake of the hurricane was a breeding ground for the aerial pests, including those that may be disease-carrying. Concerning the ongoing program of high altitude geoengineering via the spraying of harmful chemicals such as barium, strontium, and aluminum, detailed in the last installments here at, the dubious statements of government health officials provoke a lingering question. Is it the mosquitoes causing the spread of viruses, or is it the harmful chemicals sprayed by the military planes in the wake of a manufactured weather disaster? One theorizes the hurricane threat was manufactured to create the subsequent scenario of rainwater borne mosquitoes. Government officials could then plausibly utilize this to pacify the public, a way to introduce plausible deniability in carrying out their global population reduction program. After all, in the wake of the AIDS scare, had it not been conclusively demonstrated sexually transmitted HIV was in truth not the cause of AIDS, but rather the harmful chemical ingredients in the pharmaceutical AZT administered to those diagnosed HIV positive?

See HIV hoax: hysteria’s trillion dollar virus

And then, there is the reprehensible actions of the international Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Reportedly, while thousands of displaced men, woman, and children were denied temporary shelter, food, and blankets, the International Red Cross saw fit to house its ‘relief workers’ at the Saint Regis five star hotel in Houston.

For those unaware, the occult significance of the symbolic red cross is well known, and is masonic in nature. For, it represents two sacred shapes meaning a great deal to human consciousness and permeating all levels of existence, both visible and invisible. The numbers of thirteen and five represent the circle and the square, or aggregated, the masonic principle of ‘squaring the circle’. The red cross is also symbolic of the masonic square and compass. In Albert Pike’s ‘Morals and Dogma’, regarded by latter day masons as the bible of modern freemasonry, it states, “the compass allowed us to figure out how to travel the globe using latitudes and longitudes helping to change people’s attitudes once we arrived in the far away lands. The Freemason square would then help us to build our temples and empires once we disposed of the heathens and saved the children of god and they became one with our flock.”

Dispose of the heathens indeed.

American Siren - 3D

What Pike really means is that anyone subscribing to any ‘heathen’ ideas appearing contrary to the masonic gospels, such as the ideas so expressed here at, will not be allowed into the ‘flock’ of the New World Order and summarily eliminated.

The numbers of five and thirteen represent the center of the ‘squared circle’. Added together, 13+5=18, or 666, one arrives at the number of the carbon based life form known as mankind: 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons. Thirteen is the center of the circle, the center of the twelve tribes or the twelve knights of the round table, the twelve biblical apostles, which all, by default, represent the twelve signs of the zodiac and the procession of the Equinoxes, the sun’s journey through the heavens. In pythogorean numerology, the number thirteen can be reduced to the number 4, or 1+3=4.

The number 4 is associated in Chinese mythology as the number of destruction.

One always observes the multi-colored crisis ribbons dispensed in the wake of these manufactured crisis events. The ribbon is represented by 4+4=8, or infinity=destruction, to be followed by creation, the rising of the mythological phoenix. The ruling elites are planning to reduce the world’s human populations from 9 billion, per UN Agenda 21, to what is considered an acceptable level of just under 1 billion, by the year 2030. Those population demographics targeted for incremental elimination will be replaced with artificial or trans-human intelligence. One shall also recall, it is both climate change advocates, and officials at the UN and World Health Organization, collectively calling for a reduction of mankind’s global ‘carbon footprint’. The number five represents the center of the square, or X, meaning Saturn, or the concept of time, marking or connecting the four corners of the square.

Remember folks, arrogant criminals, perceiving themselves as untouchable and even inscrutable, always desire to leave behind a signature as to who is ultimately responsible for the crimes execution.

Indeed, the devil is always in the details, folks.

Global weather manipulation

The science and technology of weather manipulation is not a novel idea, but has existed since the beginning of the twentieth century. The massive deployment of this groundbreaking science and technology in the 21st century by governments as a population control weapon, does however, represent a rather recent development.

In recent decades, demonstrations of this technology and its nefarious utilization has become quite evident. Moreover, the mainstream media sorcerers, news anchors and teleprompter reading meteorologists, have more than hinted these massive storms, including the most recent storms of Harvey and Irma, are in truth, manufactured, manipulated, and steered towards intended targets.

How, one may ask, is this accomplished?

It is accomplished, utilizing a lethal combination of geoengineering and laser technology.

Geoengineering and lasers

A US patent application publication, Pub. No: US 2010/0224696 AI, dated for September 9, 2010, entitled “Weather management using space based power systems, filed by dual applicants James E. Rogers and Gary T. Spirnak, and assigned to Solaren Corporation of Manhattan Beach, California, clearly details how weather modification technology is being utilized to create, manage, and even direct major storm systems like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The abstract details of the patent explains how space borne and laser guided control systems can be applied to a weather element to either intensify or weaken it. In the summary of the document, it is explained how collected sunlight is transformed to electrical energy and converted to radio frequency energy then applied to a weather element such as a hurricane. Radio frequency energy generated by the space based power system takes the absorbed electrical energy and converts it to thermal energy which either weakens or intensifies the targeted weather system. The energy absorbing material consists of barium, aluminum oxide and water buoyant plastics, the very material reportedly found in geoengineering chemical trails.

The laser guided and radio frequency control units utilized to create, manipulate, and guide weather systems is called NEXRAD.

Using Doppler SBX-1 RF steering devices, NEXRAD can not only create, but manipulate, and manage weather systems from the land, air and sea. It should be noted, although the ruling elites designated scientific talking head, Michio Kaku, has openly discussed this technology on CBS network television, he is always quick to add the technology is only ‘experimental’. In the following video clip, at approximately 15:15, it is amusing to note, how in the same breath, the mealy mouthed Kaku’s denials are followed up by a claim that the US Air Force, in cooperation with the Central Intelligence Agency, used this same experimental technology to ‘wash out the Vietcong’ during the US invasion of Vietnam back in the 1960’s.

Could it be, in addition to the prime objectives of taking control of the rich natural resources of the Far East, including the lucrative Golden Triangle heroin trade  routes, the ruling elites, under cover of ‘war’, were using  the Republic of Vietnam as an open air laboratory for weather modification and population reduction experiments, programs that once perfected, they planned to import back to the West, to be used on US population centers decades later?

It seems apparent, through actors and sell-out mouthpieces like Michio Kaku, the ruling elites are always blatantly telling the masses exactly what it is they have done in the past and what it is they plan to do in future.

All the more unfortunate then, how so many are still unwilling, or worse yet, incapable, of hearing the message.




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  1. Wow, this one is packed. We have noticed similar references to what you note here in newspapers from the old days when news was more believable. You are bringing back news we need to read more of.

    1. In the next installment, I plan to provide details about the mobile weather modification radio frequency modules towed by naval vehicles out to sea used to deliberately manage the direction of these manufactured storms, much like what was shown in your last video with the footage of the tow barges.

      1. We’re looking forward to your post. We think back on articles talking about manipulating weather but its like no one talks about it anymore. Another covert operation.

    1. Thank you for visiting Newsspell. The technological concept of weather modification has been in development – involving corporations such as General Electric – since the post-war period of the mid 20th century and, in fact, international treaties exist with many of the world’s industrial powers as major signatories. I have published several articles on this very subject which go into greater detail as to how and why this technology was developed as an economic weapon to protect the global economic hegemony of the thirteen families, many of whom, through extensive research, I’ve managed to positively identify. Fairly recently, a study group at Harvard University published a paper containing revelations as to how the technology of weather modification was being utilized in connection with the climate change phenomenon which, as I’ve also outlined in several articles is, also, yet another global psychological operation, to control and protect the profitability of economic and commercial markets as well as playing a key role in the continued exploitation and monopolization of both human and natural resources. Regarding Deborah Tavares, it is likely she is a controlled opposition and counter-intelligence agent and created in the similar vein of Alex Jones (who is a hidden European royal and a genealogical relation of the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) and, of course, David Icke.

  2. “Now, however, in the 21st century, with the overwhelming development and prevalence of artificial intelligence to run their machines, and perform their administrative statistics, they don’t need the plebs anymore. They want to reduce the population. …. They want you to die.”

    Hence the recent Coronavirus vaccine scam, which has helped to further curb population growth, not to mention it was a multi-trillion-dollar ripoff like HIV/AIDS, both of which involved the same usual suspects, which is no coincidence.

    Of course, the weaponization of the weather also ties into the recent droughts reportedly taking place around the world, which you can learn about, if you’re curious:

    1. Shouldn’t presume one isn’t “curious”, when the topics mentioned have been previously covered – HIV/AIDS/population management/depopulation/capabilities of weather modification/covert warfare – over the course of several articles. A topic which has yet to be reported upon and soon will be is the number of disguised UN troops mixed among the throngs of migrants transported across the borders both in UK and US.

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