The year was 1947, and a morbid specter lingered over the neon sparkled boulevards of Hollywood, California.

1947 turned out to be a seminal year, not only for staged media hoaxes, but because it represented the birth pangs of a new government agency-CIA.

It was claimed an unknown actress, Elizabeth Short, was found dismembered in the wastelands just outside the environs of Los Angeles, California. Per official history, though a long and protracted investigation was conducted by the LAPD, and even suspects questioned, the murder was never officially solved. The publicized coverage of the case aroused a nationwide furor, and would later, not surprisingly, spur the publication of books and the production of Hollywood movies and television productions for decades to come.

In essence, the ruling elite Jesuit families that own Hollywood know that murder mysteries sell.

In many ways, what came to be known in American urban mythological lore as the Black Dahlia murder, represented the creation of a profitable vehicle for mainstream media distraction, a piece of intriguing theater that would not only appeal to the dormant morbidity hiding in the mass collective subconsciousness, but would serve to well draw the American public’s attention away from much more significant issues that somehow never got reported on the six and eleven o’clock newscasts, or appeared on the front pages of the major news periodicals of the day.

The answer as to why the LAPD was never able to collar any suspects in the case of the Black Dahlia murder will soon become self-evident. Official biographies claim Elizabeth Short, better known as the Black Dahlia, was a native of Boston, Massachusetts, which as it turns out, is a major hub for the Jesuit ruling elite families, intelligence, and the establishment of the first official American masonic lodge at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern on King’s street. It is a safe bet, these biographical details serve as major clues as to from whence the origin of the Black Dahlia story’s gory gestalt originated.

Throughout the array of articles found at, regular visitors have certainly noticed a pattern regarding the creation of such sensational media stories, and the utilization of host actors derived from the ranks of the ruling elite families themselves, those who own and operate the major corporate television and newspaper outlets. No surprise then, the creation of the Black Dahlia murder happened to coincide with another major publicized event during the year of 1947, the Roswell crashed alien saucer hoax reported in New Mexico.

Major and mass publicized media stories such as Black Dahlia and Roswell serve two ostensible purposes; one, to distract the public from more significant issues the ruling elite families do not wish for the public to know, and to also test the gullibility of the public-a psychological trial balloon of sorts-to observe exactly what will comfortably fit within the realm of mass public credulity, or not.

In the case of the Black Dahlia murder, the story of an aspiring actress living on the fringes of Hollywood’s world of film entertainment, involved with an array of shadowy but intriguing and even attractive and dashing characters like George Hill Hodel (more on him shortly), is the very stuff of epic legend, the sort of grandiose story tailor made to not only ignite the bonfires of popular imagination, but an idea designed specifically to titillate those subterranean demons known only to the human subconsciousness.

What has become standard mainstream media operation in latter days was just business as usual then as well; the media sorcerers spin their tales and broadcast their spells upon the wicked and bristling electromagnetic dots of the television set, and the fervent subconsciousness of the mass public comes alive to fill in the details. Stories like the Black Dahlia play on a dark psychology bubbling just beneath the facade of those living lives of quiet desperation in the nooks and crannies of suburban hinterlands or on the fringes of the middle American landscape secretly yearning to be part of something bigger than themselves.

So too, major organized religion plays upon this curious psychological human desire.

That the case was never solved, while keeping the pubic intrigued and entertained with wild imaginings, is not surprising. And, for good reason. Because, you see folks, like so many times before and since, the entire saga of what came to be known as the Black Dahlia murder was a staged, albeit profit making hoax.

The subsequent ‘investigation’ by LAPD was wholly meant for public consumption, and merely went through the procedural motions, while predictably failing to arrive at any definitive conclusions.

Remember too, law enforcement is part of the masonic brotherhood and controlled by the thirteen elite ruling Jesuit families. The international brotherhood of the masonic orders, both Scottish  and York Rites, as well as the Eastern Star (masonry for the fairer sex), are the handmaidens of the ruling elite families, and at the highest degrees are designated as gatekeepers of secrets covered over with a thick sheen of pseudo-religious and mythological nonsense, secrets of how the world really works the uninitiated or profane are not supposed to ever become privy to, while those relegated to the lower levels of ‘blue lodge’ masons, the first three degrees, are merely utilized as do-good philanthropic dupes and a source of revenue through masonic connected organizations such as Rotary club, the Elks, and Knights of Columbus.

Black Dahlia murder was masonic derived public theater

One of the more high profile suspects in the wake of media furor over the murder of twenty-two year old (22, or double eleven, masonic master builder) aspiring Hollywood actress Elizabeth Short was a man by the name of George Hill Hodel (See:

Hodel’s official biography poses him as an American physician, who while never formally charged with the crime, came to even wider suspicion after his death in 1999 for not only the Black Dahlia murder, but the highly publicized Zodiac serial murders in San Francisco. If one but for a moment shall allow an off topic analysis, the Zodiac killings appear to be a hoax as well, for cursory analysis of that media event appears to be rife with the same masonic markers extant not only in the Black Dahlia case, but the infamous Son of Sam murders that took place in New York during the 1970’s.

Indeed, without going into great detail, the narrative of the Zodiac murders reads like a lost Dan Brown manuscript, complete with secret codes that never get solved and an intriguingly drawn cast of colorful characters readily created either for the best selling printed word or a highly rated television mini-series.

Turns out, there exists an inextricable link between intelligence and the creation of serial murders, and the fictional character of George Hill Hodel was posed as a suspect in several high profile cases. It is claimed Hodel was intimate friends with Man Ray, a surrealist and Dadaist photographer, and noted Hollywood director John Huston. These are curious relationships to be sure, since in the case of Man Ray, his specialization in the creation of a sub-genre of modern or abstract art, was a twentieth century phenomenon heavily promoted by none other than the intelligence agencies MI6 and lo and behold, CIA (See: How CIA destroyed American art culture).

As for Hodel’s relationship with John Huston, who better to turn to than a noted Hollywood director and producer with a team of professional script writers at his disposal to create a wild and imaginative saga such as the Black Dahlia murder?

Turns out, the creation of the character known as George Hill Hodel, posed as a child musical prodigy and born to an upper middle class pair of Russian Jewish immigrants, was played by a host actor, an actor, who, famously, became known as the Man of One- Thousand Faces’, Sir Alec Guinness.

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm this.

Sir Alec Guinness:

George Hill Hodel:

Sir Alec Guinness:

George Hill Hodel:

Everyone shall readily recognize the host actor as the very same which was cast not only in iconic roles of traditional British theater, but in the immortal role of Obi-wan-Kinobi, the all seeing Jedi master known to the Star Wars cinematic legacy.

Yes, folks, ear bio-metric and photographic analysis indicates the true identity of one George Hill Hodel was none other than the inimitable Sir Alec Guinness.

This rather curious Alec Guinness interview with a renown British talk show host begins with his account of the untimely and tragic death of young and iconic actor James Dean. Listen very carefully to Guinness’s account. If one has become a regular visitor to, then one shall notice the inherent utilization of numerology during the interview as well as NLP, or neural linguistic programming. Guinness actually claims in this recounting that he somehow foretold Dean’s tragic death, right down to the specific day of the week and even the time of day.

Could it be, Guinness was an all seeing Jedi swami after all, or, did he have connections with an intelligence agency, perhaps, CIA, or, better still, he was James Dean’s intelligence handler, charged with informing the young actor he was being given another assignment?

Not only does Guinness utilize the 777 hoax code from the outset of the interview (probably to let the host in on the fact he is telling a concocted story) but during his description in the recounting of the fantastic tale, he utilizes the rhythmic verbal cadences which are recognizable as Neural Linguistic Programming.

Undoubtedly, Guinness skillfully employs NLP to more effectively trigger the imagination of the studio audience, and to further galvanize their mental attentions.

But, there is more to Alec Guinness revealed in yet another interview, from the mid-1970’s, with British presenter Tony Bilbo.

In this interview from the early 1970’s, presenter Bilbo starts off by asking Guinness about his childhood and how that related to his ultimate desire to become an actor. The response is quite revealing, if one knows what to listen for. Guinness recounts how his father, whom he claims to have never known, was a bank manager, and that he “was on his own from the age of 14 or so,” (14, or double 77, the twin lightning charges of Zeus or Lucifer being cast from heaven).

Guinness will also claim that, while setting out on the path in his initial quest to become an actor, he worked at an advertising agency as a print layout man in his teens. While there, he was “put on to Martita Hunt,” with whom he later starred in David Leans’ film production of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.

Indeed, how is it that Guinness, an admittedly incompetent young print layout employee, was able to so easily connect with such a renowned British actress of both stage and screen, and at such an early age?

Was it fate, or was had there been a fortuitous arrangement which was made?

Perhaps, the father Guinness never claims to have known was a bit more influential than the average bank manager.

Was Guinness’s unnamed father a Rothschild, perhaps?

Nevertheless, Guinness’s reference to his father ‘the bank manager’ pricked one’s ears. Looking more closely at Guinness’s facial features, there is a stunning resemblance to Lord Jacob Rothschild, the infamous British merchant banker, and true identity of the current British monarch’s consort, Prince Phillip.

Could it be that, like other children of royal and noble lineage deemed to be artistic dilettantes from an early age, Guinness was pushed in the most feasible direction: into the arts for example, to help greatly increase the financial portfolios and overall renown of the family’s reputed nobility?

Speculations aside, there can be no doubt, Sir Alec Guinness, not only due to his role as George Hill Hodel in the infamous but fictional case of the Black Dahlia, but his unusually fast rise in the British theater and still later in Hollywood, was, at some point, and, perhaps, at the earliest junctures of his illustrious acting career, connected to the international intelligence octopus, and under the auspices of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Striking one’s curiosity still further, Guinness, in yet another interview with BBC’s Roy Plumley, recorded for the network’s ‘Desert Island Disc’ series, stated that, while serving time in the royal navy during WWII, he posed as a ‘crowd artist’.

Meaning, folks, Guinness, even while allegedly serving in uniform during a “war”, was doing exactly what he was renowned for: ACTING

More royal connections in the case of the Black Dahlia

Just at the juncture of research when one thought there couldn’t be yet another royal connection in the case of the mythical Black Dahlia, alas, there is.

Nailing down the true identity of Elizabeth Short was at first, a chore, but once the involvement of a noted actor with more than probable royal connections was established, the rest was rather a simple matter.

Extensive facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirms, the host actor chosen to pose as the mythical Black Dahlia was none other than Fawzia Fuad, daughter of Egypt’s King Fuad I and the royal consort of Iran’s monarch, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the very same monarch for whom CIA fomented a coup in 1953, to replace the democratically elected president, Mohammed Mosaddegh.

Below, from L to R: Elizabeth Short, Princess Fawzia Fuad, consort to Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

images[5148]download (1)[5149]images (1)[5150]download[5147]

Starting to observe the intricate web of connections here, folks?

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  1. FIrstly, thank you for continuing to post these articles. You often mention the numerology and I have a good idea of the 7s also 18 33 and a few others. However I read an article toady that was littered with 15s and I have no idea of the meaning, could you shed any light on this please? Better can you recommend a link that has the information on all of the numbers used?

    An additional question if I may? Lots of people have claimed Prince Charles is Keith Richards, do you have any info on who Keith Richards really is?

  2. Thank you for the response.. wow Part X. One for conspiracies by Hans perhaps? Or am I missing something?

    The article in question was not one of yours but from the Guardian newspaper regarding the death of a mafia boss in Italy today. I have been paying more attention to the numbers as advised by this blog and would appreciate more information on their meanings.

    1. Please keep in mind, one only utilizes videos made by others as visual aides in helping the reader better understand the esoteric concepts being introduced. If you’re seeking a primer to better understand numerology and the role it plays as a concept accompanying news stories, one shall attempt to briefly, but by no means, due to the limitation of space, completely explain. Any news story encountered, whether via television or printed word through periodical or internet, represents the process of alchemy, or programming the subconscious mind with new ideas. This is where the concept of duality comes into play; the introduction of light via the triple seven or mind weapon into the darkness of the subconscious. In this way, the subconscious darkness becomes merely the reflection of the light of the conscious mind. Each detail accompanied by a master number represents a geometric progression of the building blocks of ideas, or cornerstone erected upon the subconscious. Meaning, the darkness of your subconscious is receiving the programming light of new ideas which are then reflected into the conscious mind and on a macro scale become mass perceptions. In turn, these perceptions of programmed reality then manifest into the collective consciousness and become reflected in the manner of social behaviors. Each number represents a metaphorical brick or idea, placed at a specific angle, laying a cornerstone for further details until a complete story, or pyramid, represented by the 13, or programming capstone is completed. When one encounters the numbers 9 and 11, both together represent the destruction code, in that old ideas are being destroyed to make way for new ideas to be programmed. The number four represents the opening of the door of perception through which the light of new ideas can shine upon the darkness of the subconscious. Five is often representative of a transition, preparing your mind for the introduction or reinforcement of further ideas, or more light. From there, you have the triple 6 or number of man, meaning now that one has been reprogrammed with the new ideas, one has been metaphorically reborn into a new consciousness from the darkness of the old. In summary, this is order out of chaos and the process of psychological alchemy, as above (conscious mind), so below (subconscious), or as written in the bible, the two have now become one.

  3. Thanks for the reply, it is very kind of you to share your knowledge so freely. Does this mean the numerology that appears in stories is used as a kind of secret coding system for the elites? For example they can read any news story and have an idea of how close it is to becoming the metaphorical pyramid you mention by deciphering the numbers?

    1. Precisely, it is a code. And, also take note of the names, which are sometimes anagrams. They seem to have a perverse preoccupation with anatomical references as well. This is yet another from of programming, in that it keeps the biological vibration at a low frequency. The last thing the elites want is for the hoi polloi to ascend to the higher mind.

      1. I naively assumed the anatomical references were for their own amusement it makes more sense as a subtle way of lowering our frequency. What is your opinion on using binaural beats as a way to raise vibrational levels

      2. With regard to the numerology, I should also inform that the 777 has a deeper meaning, in that it is a reference to the Kabbalah tree of life, which is itself a metaphorical representation of the human nervous system and cerebellum. I would advise making this subject an elemental part of your own research to better understand the methods of psychological programming utilized by mainstream news networks. With regard to binaural beats, I believe anything that aids in raising one’s consciousness to a higher state could indeed prove beneficial.

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