All in the game: NFL fixed or legit? (Part VIII)

Utilizing keen analysis, certain psychologists have managed to delve into the depths of the almost hysterical devotion demonstrated by those sports enthusiasts who from week to week and game to game seem willing to vicariously live and die based on the success or failure of their favorite hometown team.

Upon first glance, the average sports fanatic’s most extraordinary devotion would appear irrational. Sports fans seem dedicated to a tremendous risk taking venture in balancing on the emotional and psychological knife edge.

Perhaps for many, therein lies the inherent thrill.

But, too often for most NFL fans, their extreme and almost sadistic emotional attachment appears to ricochet between the apex of euphoria when one’s favorite team is victorious, but when the same team goes down to perilous defeat, euphoria invariably transforms to utter despair.

This has always seemed to be an extraordinary phenomenon. On the other hand, when one learns and understands what truly occurs in the mind of the average NFL fan during such wild pendulum swings of emotion, this state of affairs no longer remains so extraordinarily mysterious. One wonders however, what sort of rapturous reaction will occur when millions of sports fans finally come to the realization their emotional investments have been artificially manipulated by psychological forces of which they remain largely unaware, and that their great expenditures of energy were wasted on predetermined entertainment spectacles they’ve in fact been conditioned to believe were legitimate sporting contests?

Yes folks, in the final analysis, NFL football is truly more than just a game – it is both a grand and predetermined spectacle derived from the traditions of masonic ritual.

In this installment, one shall examine the details of just how it is the NFL and the larger world of sport represents a scripted theatrical production.

One shall also attempt to proffer a freshly conceived hypothesis – what loyal visitors to may consider an intriguing hypothesis as to not only how professional sports such as the NFL may be scripted, but precisely why, and for what ultimate purpose. 

For those who still find themselves perched on the proverbial fence as to whether or not the commercialized product of American professional football is indeed tightly managed, or even scripted, one should seriously consider the overall implications of the scenarios presented in the following video:

Alluding to the pair of NFL football contests featured in this eye opening video sample, one must objectively admit these are some rather odd occurrences. The contest between the Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, for example, stands out as particularly egregious, even to the extent the broadcast commentators feel compelled to point out the obvious anomaly of the Redskins being awarded an extra down with which to attempt to score a touchdown. But, as if that weren’t odd enough, when the Redskins lined up for the ensuing extra point attempt (and a field goal kicker on the field with a nearly impeccable kicking percentage) things get even stranger. But then, improbable though it may have seemed, due to a mishandled ball on the part of the designated  placeholder, the kicking attempt goes awry, leaving the score at the predetermined point spread desired by those in the Vegas gaming industry.

The following example of the contest featuring the victorious Pittsburgh Steelers strangely seems to follow the identical anomalous pattern. For, after a wild but clear attempt on the part of Pittsburgh’s opponent in the waning moments of the game to advance the ball via lateral (later ruled by the head linesman as an illegal forward pass) goes awry, the ball is recovered by a Pittsburgh defender and clearly advanced beyond the goal line for a score. However, the head linesman intervenes to disallow the Pittsburgh touchdown, and the six points resulting from this truly bizarre game ending scenario are summarily wiped from the scoreboard. One shall notice, as the video content astutely points out, the games final point tally of 21 (777) then happened to fall in exact accordance with the established Vegas gaming line.

Coincidence? Not a chance, folks.

But from the larger commercial considerations of big business, perhaps not so extraordinary. The gaming industry, in collusion with NFL executives and corporate owned television networks, is akin to the mega structure of any other cooperative corporate business venture, in that each colluding party seeks not only to protect their vested interests, but also seeks to make or exceed their targeted profit margins, and therefore increase the overall value of their considerable investments. In other words, as is the case with Wall Street operating under a similarly collusive business model nearly as controlled and regulated, the ‘house’ is always set up to win. The average sports fan, meanwhile, remains in their role as host to the parasitic nature of the NFL’s legal but unlawful business model, and remains largely and perhaps wholly unaware of the colluding machinations designed to exploit them in the name of maximizing corporate profits.

One must also consider, that the NFL, a tightly controlled and regulated business model annually profiting over six billion in revenues shared among the array of commercial franchises, is virtually supported by the television networks owned by the ruling elite Jesuit families and the influx of literally billions in advertising dollars.

In hooking the average sports fan in with an emotional investment, not only do they want your time, your money, and emotional investment, but NFL football, as a commercial product, whether consumed through the electronic conduit of the television or by season ticket holders witnessing sporting spectacles from a stadium seat, is ultimately about the profitable collection, redirection, utilization and consumption of mass human energy. This is the true nature of all commercial transactions, in that considering the overall global scheme of trade in all commercial markets, the transfer of funds from one interest to another represents quantum transfers of energy.

What in the devil is he talking about, one may ask?

Bear with me, folks, for the hypothesis one is about to proffer, perhaps at first, shall no doubt be perceived as more bizarre than any idea discovered here at Not only are NFL sporting events coded with numerology and colors, but they are also a psychological instrument utilized to establish the process of hypnotic suggestion for the purpose of facilitating subsequent emotional manipulation to maximize commercial and corporate profits.

But, it is not just about the money. In tandem with making profits, and much like the overall purpose of Hollywood cinema, another purpose of the NFL marketed as America’s favorite sporting spectacle is to incrementally alter or tweak the prevailing social paradigm through the precise application of mass behavioral modification.

Believe it or not folks, the broadcast distribution mechanism of television, along with the instruments and tools utilized to create television programming, are perhaps the most potent mass psychological weapons the ruling elite Jesuit families possess in their arsenal.

The NFL is used to provoke hypnotic spells

NFL broadcasts are tightly scripted, and every component, from the timing of the commercial spots down to the actual cadence of the actual broadcasters trained in the use of Neural Linguistic Programming is played out with the practiced precision of a Hollywood screenplay, or Broadway production. Indeed, nothing is left to chance.

During the commencement of NFL pregame presentations, has one never noticed the swirling movement of colored graphics, interspersed with flashes of sharp cut edits? This is done to induce alpha brain wave patterns in the minds of the millions of viewers, arranging mass consciousness into a prime position to be seduced by the power of suggestion. Numerous studies have demonstrated a rather curious and anomalous transformation occurs in the hemispheres of the human brain during the act of television viewing, regardless of the content.

When one views television, the right hemisphere of the human brain becomes suddenly more active than that of the left. This transfer of energy induced by the electromagnetic pulses emitted from one’s television during the average NFL broadcast releases a surge of what are called endorphins, which are structurally identical to that of opiates such as codeine, morphine, and heroin. Studies have also demonstrated any activity which induces this artificial release of endorphins in the human brain risks becoming dangerously habit forming and even addictive, to the extent that any sudden attempt at immediate or prolonged withdrawal can produce a jarring effect on the human nervous system, and even cause a dysfunction in the brain’s natural opoid receptors.

In essence, addiction to NFL sporting contests can and most likely will promote a state of unhealthy cerebral disequilibrium.

Additionally, has one never noticed the splashy graphics demonstrated during both the average NFL broadcast and even the accompanying advertisements during the numerous scheduled station breaks are color coded? Even the official jerseys of the individual NFL franchises are color coded, and the corresponding jersey numbers coded with numerological significance. This is done with the intention of activating the appropriate chakra centers of the human nervous system to manipulate mass human consciousness in the name of commercial profits.

Sound crazy folks? Then please, allow one to more fully explain.

The human nervous system is designed with seven chakra centers, moving in corresponding order traveling upwards along the human spinal column. Each chakra center, from lowest to highest, from root to crown, is designated with a corresponding color that reflect frequencies of light and electromagnetic energy. The colors, from lowest to highest frequency in corresponding order are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white. Indeed, it is not coincidental Homeland Security’s color coded terrorist alert warning charts demonstrated to the American public subsequent to September 11, 2001 were also designed to correspond with this particular chakra color array, as are most, if not all corporate logos. However, this is but one part of the volume of secret knowledge the high masonic orders and the ruling elite Jesuit royal families they serve wish to keep hidden from the public.

This is why this knowledge is designated as occult, and is never taught either in public schools, or on college campuses. Instead, the masses are fed what is known as exoteric knowledge, or what they have been conditioned to imagine is science, when what has been taught to them – as a valuable body of scientific knowledge – is in truth pseudo-science. Though by now, loyal readers may have certainly surmised as much, everything perceived as ‘reality’ consists of number patterns, and the number patterns themselves represent energy systems, and it is humanity’s subconscious awareness subjected to the ruling elite’s constant manipulation of these energy systems that manifests the matrix of mass perception, or what is perceived as solid three dimensional reality. The hypnotic ritual of NFL sporting events, in tandem with the great numbers of participatory spectators, creates massive quantities of energy which are efficiently funneled into the physical maintenance of the commercial status quo.

Please, and by all means, don’t take my word for it folks, look into it for yourselves, and tell me what you think.






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