With this installment, one shall continue to dismantle the sacred cows of documented American history.  As loyal readers have observed, even sacred cows get slaughtered. The media sorcerers broadcast psychological operations not only to increase ratings, but to also propagate government funded propaganda. Upon further examination, the alleged showdown in Waco, Texas between FBI, David Koresh and his Branch Davidian cult represents yet another documented example of such propaganda.

Considering Waco however, one shall attempt to examine and ascertain the overall purpose of the government’s propaganda. And yet again folks, one has discovered the participation of ruling elite family members portraying starring roles in what amounted to a psychological operation transformed into one of television’s grandest soap opera mini-series. As one shall soon observe, all of the so-called details of this widely broadcast event were delivered to the public in the manner similar to a fiction narrative developed in Hollywood via story board fashion, complete with dramatic character arcs.

Yes, perhaps not surprisingly folks, one has discovered the starring role portrayed by a familiar figure ; a ‘thin white duke’ transformed to bible thumping fundamentalist cult leader. But, one has also discovered the participation of yet another well recognized Hollywood actress, who among other noted cinematic roles to her credit, has worked with Hollywood Kabbalah boys club member George Lucas.  

The Branch Davidian cult and its manic leader David Koresh appeared to have been dramatic elements drawn from the pages of a best-selling thriller penned by either Ludlum or Crichton. In retrospect, the congressional hearings held in Washington subsequent to what appeared to be FBI’s vicious attack upon the Branch Davidian cult compound in Waco, Texas appeared to be staged government theater at its most melodramatic.

When examining the details of this story’s curious narrative further, one was immediately stricken with the notion that not only did this story in sum total add up to sensationalist government propaganda, but also provoked the idea its captivating main character, cult leader David Koresh seemed oddly familiar. For here was a guitar strumming and bible thumping cult leader whose dramatic characterization seemed cut straight from the same cloth of most television movie of the week villains common to the era. Before delving into Koresh, one shall provide historical perspective for those loyal readers perhaps unfamiliar with this landmark event in America’s history.


The Branch Davidian compound, before it was besieged by federal marshals and Texas state law enforcement between the dates of February 28 and April 19, 1993, was alleged to have existed as the headquarters of Seventh-day Adventist Church separatists located at Mount Carmel Center ranch in the community of Axtell, Texas reportedly 13 miles (21 kilometers) east-northeast of  Waco. From the outset, loyal readers can certainly detect the details of this heavily hyped mainstream media event featured heavy doses of numerology (both 777 of angelic transformation/joker psyops code/capstone number of 13).

However, what stands out on this occasion is the presence of what is known in occult and esoteric circles as the Tetragrammaton. Without going into the minute details of esoteric teachings – which on their own could fill an entire installment – the tetragrammton represents the eclipsing of spiritual illumination represented symbolically by the triangle. This is the state of illumination referred to by one of masonry’s most esteemed gurus Manly P. Hall. In his book ‘Secret teachings of all ages’, Hall’s text explains that when a high-degree masonic candidate finally reaches illumination and understands the essence of his craft, he will find bound within his hands “The seething energies of Lucifer.”

Many have most likely observed the tetragrammatron (15, or its reflection 51=555), playing a significant symbolic role in the presentation of various corporate logos.

Reportedly, the tragic denouement of the siege upon the Branch Davidian compound lasting fifty days culminated in fire. In occult lore, fire, like the tetragammatron is represented by the three angels – or due to the law of reversal – angles of the pythagorean triangle, and is interpreted not as a destructive force, but rather a creative, alchemical or transformative one bound to the energy centers of mother earth. The question remains then, what exactly in the terms of occult alchemy is being creatively transformed?

Before delving into an examination detailing any sort of definitive answer, one feels it may be necessary to point out some of the anomalous details featured in the video displayed above. Most of the footage of the Waco event is of course culled from corporate mainstream sources, specifically the notorious CNN. As with the corporate news coverage of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, one will observe many examples of green screen, video morphing, and even crude CGI layering. The question is folks, what was it the media sorcerers desperately needed to keep hidden?

Could it have been the fact the character of Koresh (no doubt a crude anagram for Kosher) was indeed hiding the identity of a publicly recognizable host actor? Could it have been scenes from the Waco drama were filmed in front of a CNN green screen, as that network of egregious prevaricators has been want to do on so many occasions?

The answer to such a hypothetical query would seem to be a solid affirmative, in light of the fact several camera views of the compound from varying angles appear to show significant post-production pixel deterioration.

Did no one ever find it curious ‘Koresh’ was an accomplished musician, songwriter and vocalist?

Perhaps not, and yet that striking character aspect proved to be a key clue in ultimately unmasking the host actor.

Notably, the manner in which Branch Davidian cult members were posed during  in depth interviews prior to the fiery deluge utilizing the cliched methodology of most melodramatic television exposes in the style of Barbara Walters represent prime evidence something was truly amiss. If one observes closely the several scenes of the previous video supplied as an exemplary visual aid, the alleged proceedings at Waco appear eerily similar to that which would take place years later at the Sandy Hook psychological operation in 2012, in that there seem to be gaggles of crisis actors aimlessly milling around with no sense of urgency while waiting for their cues from network directors. In other words folks, Waco, like Sandy Hook, represented nothing more than a Hollywood style movie set.

Waco’s ‘slain’ ATF officers never existed?

The mainstream media sorcerers adamantly claim five ATF officers involved in the raid on the Branch Davidian compound were allegedly slain, and yet the Social Security Death Index – existing as the definitive resource for validation of the deceased – remains unable to provide any empirical data corroborating mainstream media claims.

Could it be, like Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook, these men were completely concocted figments?

One will note the time of the raid coincided with the time of the agent’s deaths: 9:45, or 99=66 in the mirror’s reflection, or 6+6=12/21 or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

One is often asked, why do the the ruling elites allow such numerological coding to remain so conspicuous?

The answer: Those that know aren’t yet numerous enough for the ruling elite Jesuit families to genuinely care, and those that don’t know most likely will never get around to noticing or caring.

Though the mainstream media claims tens of Branch Davidians perished in the flames, one discovered the presence of victim simulations listed among the alleged deceased when checking with the SSDI. Not only were many of the alleged victims not listed among the index, but with still others of those alleged to have perished in the siege, it seems clear, the names are blatantly derived from aliases. This is a detail in common with the Colleen Ritzer psychological operation (See: the terrorists are here at home) that took place near Boston in 2013, when, upon further investigation, one learned the name of the deceased was in fact a victim simulation attached to a loan closeted identity belonging to a young student matriculating at a junior college located near Newtown, New Jersey.

But let’s face it folks, your local police and public officials continue to perform these operations and promulgate such canards because the people allow it to happen. Also, officials execute such psychological operations to make the public believe they need to be kept safe from an endless array of imagined boogeymen, a psychologically manipulative ploy which, of course, demands the collection of ever more greater amounts of tax money.

Thin white duke

As expected, the biography of the alleged madman cult leader, David Koresh, is rather scant, other than the details given to us posthumously by alleged surviving cult members and so-called family. How telltale it is then, those details either alter subtly or greatly with the passage of time. This is possible only because the ruling elites recognize the masses possess rapidly diminishing attention spans. Let’s face it folks, they continue to lie to the public because the masses allow them to, while the overwhelming force of prevailing social pathology bolsters such distorted mass perceptions.

Going forward – and as the mainstream broadcast digital medium utilizes more sophisticated methods in disseminating government propaganda –  it shall indeed become a much simpler matter for the ruling elites in defining the established parameters of mass public perception. Only those most aware of the sinister methodologies utilized by not only mainstream but alternative news sources shall be able to glimpse beyond the illusion and retain their own inherent powers of perception and discernment. It cannot be understated, that the recording of American and world history as it is currently perceived through repetitive reinforcement from external social, educational and political forces truly represents the establishment and assiduous maintenance of a mass hypnotic spell. Those promulgating and utilizing their intelligence assets and paid shills in the mainstream and alternative media to maintain this prevailing state of mass hypnosis are none other than the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families.

Voice imprint, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis has confirmed, identity of the host actor behind the controversial figure known as Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh was portrayed by the “late” pop star David Bowie AKA Henri, the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg, who is also the face behind the mask of radio shock jock Howard Stern.

Further facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirm that Stern, too, is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by the “late” pop star David Bowie.

Many may recall, from a previous investigation, Bowie was identified as a European royal in disguise, Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

06_CGDL_Audience_George_Tsereteli_president_Assemblee_Parlementaire_OSCE - CGDL Audience M. George Tsereteli, président de l'Assemblée Parlementaire de l'OSCE - Luxembourg - Ville - Palais Grand-Ducal - 25/03/2019 - photo: claude piscitelli
CGDL Audience M. George Tsereteli, président de l’Assemblée Parlementaire de l’OSCE – Luxembourg – Ville – Palais Grand-Ducal – 25/03/2019 – photo: claude piscitelli

See: Actors in history’s grand stage play part III

However, there was yet another most recognizable actor participating and playing a main role in this grand stage play known as the Waco siege.

Nat- a- LIE 

The ruling elite families, those with controlling financial interest in not only American politics but with ownership of major mainstream and alternative media simply love their plays on words in addition to signs, symbols and numerology in casting their grand spells upon the public. This is not always done in such a sophisticated manner, and it is no profound revelation that most, if not all Hollywood celebrities, pop stars and American politicians are merely characters acting under the guise of crafted or appropriated pseudonyms.

Propaganda, as with any art form, must be meticulously crafted on multiple levels in order to have the desired emotional impact. This spell or intelligence craft, as it were, developed first in medieval Europe by the Privy Councilor of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir John Dee, went on to mature more fully in 19th century America with the Pinkerton Secret Police and, to an even greater and unprecedented sophistication, in the 20th century with the establishment of  MI6, Mossad, FBI and CIA. Today, in the 21st century, the long tradition of Intelligence spell craft has now become an integral element in the maintenance of the commercially driven despotic hegemony of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

In the wake of the Waco siege, the mainstream American media claimed that Kiri Jewel, a fourteen-year-old (77 or Lucifer’s lightning) acolyte of the Branch Davidian cult, had been involved in an illicit and sordid sexual relationship with the late cult leader David Koresh. As evidenced by the latest round of sexual abuse propaganda pushed by the mainstream media sorcerers, nothing stimulates the continuing interest or consumes mass quantities of human energy and attention from the general public more than lurid tales of sexual imbroglio and innuendo.

It is no coincidence then, that facial recognition and image comparison analysis confirms Hollywood actor Nat – a – LIE Portman was found starring in the role of Kiri Jewel, peddling dubious but salacious tales of sexual abuse at the hands of a monstrous male predator.


Natalie_Portman_2019_San_Diego_Comic-ConMost recently, as everyone will observe in the video excerpt posted immediately below, Nat – a – LIE was observed on mainstream networks making a speech before misguided hordes of useful dupes peddling similar nonsense, claiming upon being interviewed for her first Hollywood acting role she was sexually propositioned and summarily accosted by a Hollywood mogul at the age of – wait for it folks – 12 (777).

This is not surprising, given that in exchange for material wealth and mass public acclaim, Hollywood stars, like their counterparts in the arenas of professional sports and politics are often called upon to serve as proxy spokespersons in spreading the message of various divisive social and political agendas on behalf of their mastermind ruling elite benefactors to the American masses.

 A nexus of propaganda

Deeper examination lucidly reveals it is possible to draw an intelligence nexus between the government sponsored psychological operation carried out at Waco and the more recent spate of Homeland Security preparedness drill simulations (HSLEEP) repeatedly sold to the public as actual news events. Recognizing Waco as a deeply traumatizing psychological operation and a deliberate attack targeting the fragile psyche of the American general public, the ostensible purpose of the underlying propaganda becomes immediately transparent. America is being psychologically attacked on all fronts, and it seems the overall purpose of the Waco event represented the deliberate denigration of religious freedom, erosion of 2nd amendment rights and the promotion of the overwhelming idea popular dissent in any and all forms is futile and will be meet with uncompromising force.

The theatrical appearance of the deliberate slaughter of woman and children by government troops and state sponsored law enforcement bolstered the latter idea in the most conspicuous method demonstrable. It must be pointed out that each psychological operation carried out by the intelligence agencies employed to maintain the hegemonic control grid of the ruling elite families is planned well in advance of their execution, and that each operation is meant to underscore and bolster the underlying psychological message intentionally and subconsciously conveyed. The continued divisive nature of these operations along racial, religious, social, political, and gender lines has become more evident over the last decades even to those peripherally aware of the overarching global agenda of the ruling elite families.

Guaranteed folks, the same US corporate government – on behalf of their master in Rome, the Jesuit order – shall remain dedicated to the task of creating psychological mayhem.

The proletariat, however, will always be left paying for it, and not just with more siphoned tax dollars.

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