Weather weapons unleash war on America (Part II)

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There can be no doubt, weather is modified, and climate can be altered.

The prevalence of geoengineering is becoming more apparent. Worse yet, the media sorcerers are faking weather satellite images of hurricanes to engineer storm crisis psychological operations. Though that information is not exactly top secret to those who frequent, there may be another reason why the ruling elites are hyping their ‘climate change’ agenda.

Indeed, one has always wondered, is there an ulterior agenda behind all of this? And, is there a connection between the chemical trail spraying and the heralded technological colossus known as CERN, or the Hadron particle accelerator?

In this installment, one shall explore the phenomenon of geoengineering from a different perspective, with the reasoning that perhaps there is an ulterior reason the ruling elites and their puppet scientists are belching chemicals such as strontium, barium, and aluminum into our skies, other than to manipulate the world’s climate. Maybe, there is a connection to CERN, which may not have been built for the purpose the public is being told.

Then again, knowing the true nature of the mainstream media, perhaps that isn’t such a surprise.

The following information one may find surprising, perhaps even outlandish.

Needless to say, however, was there a single soul in America, or perhaps the entire world prior to September 11, 2001, thinking the scenario presented to the public on that fateful day would have been even remotely conceivable?

If one still disputes the fact of chemical trails sprayed into the atmosphere on an almost daily basis, please consult Harvard University’s own website. There, one shall find stunning information and even more stunning admissions by climatologists that chemical geoengineering is in fact a reality.

See: Geoengineering is climate change says Harvard

But, there is more to this story than just the overall admission the concept of geoengineering has emerged from the shadowy world of mere conspiracy theory into the light of scientific reality. Scientists and climatologists may adamantly claim geoengineering of the earth’s atmosphere is being done to stem the negative effects of global climate change, but that very premise is undermined by the fact a majority of scientists and climatologists have made an array of counter claims the earth suffers no threat whatsoever from apocalyptic climate disaster. Assuredly, a more than cursory glance at just who is funding the growing industry of climate change research will undermine the very premise apologists in the scientific community continually espouse.

See: Climate change: politics, science, or religion?

In fact, it turns out, the so-called climate change agenda has very little to do with science, but everything to do with a vast social and political agenda with global implications, funded by the multi-national banking cartels and associated NGO’s, or non-government organizations, accompanied by think tanks, and non-profit partnerships. When one examines what it is being sprayed into the atmosphere, and the chemical properties thereof, one’s intuition is immediately stricken with the notion some ulterior agenda has been enacted, contradicting the ostensible purpose touted by scientific consensus.

Per scientists directly involved with the geoengineering program, the chemicals strontium, aluminum, and barium are useful in reflecting the light of the sun, the true common denominator of climate rather than human carbon emissions, which make up an infinitesimal percentage in comparison with other more predominant factors effecting overall global climate. Barium powders, for example, upon interaction with ultraviolet sunlight, immediately photo-ionize. When ionized in combination with aluminum and strontium, the barium powders become a dense plasma with metallic properties due to the intense electromagnetic particle charges taking place high in the ionosphere.

If this dense plasma, like a vast aerial plasma screen, is able to reflect enormous amounts of sunlight, what else could it be utilized to reflect?
Per official government documentation entitled ‘Air Force 2025’ (, there is every indication with the combined metallic properties of these ionized chemicals, the US military may be planning to project holographic pictures, sounds, and sensations off of the dense plasma, much like a movie screen would project the fast flicker of audio and visual effects from a film projector.

And why, one may ask, would they want to do that?

This folks, is where the role of CERN comes in to play.

But, before detailing the role of this technology in terms of weather modification and geoengineering, a historical examination of the development of geoengineering is felt to be necessary.

Project Cirrus, 1947

There is a little known biographical fact concerning the noted novelist Kurt Vonnegut.

Before composing his best selling novels, Vonnegut worked as a press agent under the pseudonym Gregory Ellis, in the employ of General Electric, a company long noted as a kingpin in America’s military industrial complex. Vonnegut also had an older brother named Bernard employed at GE during the post-war era. Apparently, the elder Vonnegut sibling worked on a project called Cirrus, as an assistant to project head and Noble prize winner, Irving Langmuir.

By all accounts a raving and absent minded eccentric, Langmuir was the first American scientist to investigate the cutting edge of weather modification technologies. As for Langmuir, the rock star of General Electric’s research laboratories, Kurt Vonnegut, after walking out of the company due to a dispute over an article condemning the company’s foul working conditions, years later, in 1984, gossiped to a newspaper reporter attesting to the Nobel winning scientist’s eccentricities and overt absent-mindedness.

Vonnegut revealed that Langmuir would muse to himself, in front of colleagues, as to whether or not turtle’s spines would buckle or contract when they pulled their heads back into their shells. Another anecdote had Langmuir, while at home, leaving a tip underneath his plate for his wife to collect after finishing his breakfast.

Vonnegut also told of how while Langmuir was perhaps the best example of pure and natural scientific genius, he seemed to lack inherent empathetic abilities in considering the destructive consequences of tinkering with Mother Nature while developing weather modification technologies for General Electric’s Project Cirrus.

In 1947, Langmuir and his colleagues successfully seeded a hurricane brewing off the east coast of North America with silver iodide. This was the first of many tests, conducted before October 22, 1947 (note the numerology of the date).

The hurricane, officially dubbed Betsy, changed direction and crashed into Savannah, Georgia, reportedly wreaking more than a fair amount of destruction to both property and real estate.

A stern congressional inquiry followed.

While the congressional panel may have implicated both Langmuir’s project and General Electric for negligence, any and all subsequent law suits brought forth were squelched by the government’s Department of Defense which covertly funded the weather modification experiments. The matter seemed to quickly fade from public memory, allowing General Electric and Langmuir to henceforth continue with their sinister and morally questionable experimentation.

Langmuir, in fact, began to openly boast about the project’s god-like capabilities.

Apparently, the eccentric Noble winning scientist considered playing the role of god a higher priority than ever pondering the moral consequences of his work.

Still later, Langmuir and his colleagues tested their more fully developed weather modification technologies on the unwitting people’s of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Nixon’s strategically questionable Christmas bombing of Cambodia during America’s war with North Vietnam was most likely, in addition to the military’s experimentation with agent orange, a cover story for Langmuir’s continued experiments with Project Cirrus. It must also be noted that the largest stockholders in General Electric have historically been the elite merchant banking Rockefeller family.


Though there are those numbered among Newsspell’s regular readers who may not recall the Star Wars missile defense shield so highly touted during the era of America’s ‘cold war’ tussle with the former Soviet Union, discussion of it here is nonetheless apropos. During the presidential reign of Hollywood ‘Actor in Chief’ Ronny Reagan in the 1980’s, huge sums of congressional appropriations were set aside to build what Reagan officials called a vast nuclear missile defense shield, to keep America safe from possible incoming intercontinental ballistic Soviet missile attacks.

Doesn’t it always seem, folks, the public safety mantra is always echoed whenever justifications need to be issued regarding the raping and pillaging of American’s hard earned tax dollars?

As ridiculous as the notion of a ‘Star Wars’ missile defense shield seemed then, mention of it now has faded back into the fog of American historical memory. Combined with the huge sums of American tax appropriations in green lighting such a quixotic project, constant mainstream media propaganda trumpeted the missile shield had become an absolute priority and government imperative, given the apparent ongoing Soviet hostilities to the American capitalist way of life. Nonetheless, the cold war justifications could not silence critics of the obvious pragmatic difficulties in making such a vast system a technological reality, some, even from within Reagan’s own administration.

But, as so often in the past, government justifications in stressing the absolute need for such technology turned out to be merely a facade for an even more sinister end game. In retrospect, the most telltale event was Ronny Reagan’s appearance before the UN assembly during the latter part of his second term as US president. In truly dramatic Hollywood fashion, Reagan mentioned that an alien threat, from outside this world, was perhaps the only event that could serve to calm hostilities between not only the Soviets and the US, but bring the entire world together into a united front against a common enemy. Though Reagan’s remarks at the time seemed borderline bizarre, and are largely forgotten, they are nonetheless prescient today.

Considering the ramifications of Hollywood Ronny’s remarks in the present day, could it be possible, given the admitted metallic properties of the chemicals being sprayed from US Air Force planes, the US military is using chemical trail technology to construct a vast movie screen across the sky, upon which could be projected fearsome holographic images of invading aliens?

Could it be, Hollywood, considering all of the movies containing themes of alien invasion over the decades, is working in tandem with the US government, to psychologically prepare the general public for the eventuality of a previously unthinkable invasion from outer space?

Fact is, like the communist threat, the reality of climate geoengineering and the climate change agenda are merely the same sort of cover story the government always concocts to hide the true motivations of its hidden corporate masters, the ruling elite royal families. It has now become clear, going all the way back in American history, to the post-war years subsequent to 1947, from before the beginning of America’s ‘cold war’ with the Soviets in the late 1950’s and the beginning of NASA’s so-called space program in the late 1960’s, stretching forward all the way to the ‘climate change’ propaganda of the early 21st century, that all of these imperatives have merely served as a thin layer of disinformation for a project siphoning off trillions of American tax dollars over a span of more than seventy years.

Could it be, a hoaxed alien invasion, utilizing holographic images cast against a photo-ionized reflective shield assiduously constructed for seven decades under the cover of an elongated but fake cold war and NASA’s decades of simulated space missions, is about to be unleashed?

Does the possibility exist, that for decades, a virtual revolving door of propagandizing justifications were purposely created as a government facade for the same ongoing project?

Consider, that this is how the ruling elites operate, folks, patiently, painstakingly, and covertly working their agendas through corporate entities called governments, while using their handmaidens in the mainstream media to distract the public with fabricated cover stories.

If history has proven anything, it is that while the people’s attention is drawn to what the right hand of the government puppet is doing in plain sight, the elite puppeteer’s always ensure they never are allowed to discover what the left hand is doing as it remains clandestinely hidden behind the puppet’s back.


The Large Hadron Collider, is allegedly the world’s largest and most powerful and complex experimental facility ever built. Constructed by European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 in collaboration with over ten-thousand scientists and engineers from over one-hundred countries, it lies in a tunnel over seventeen miles in circumference, and as deep as five-hundred and seventy-four feet beneath the border between France and Switzerland. The particles accelerated within this vast tunnel consist of protons and ions requiring a vast amount of electric power. Could the vast amounts of electric power required by the Large Hadron Collider account for the periodic power outages and largely unexplained blackouts recorded in major US cities and other metropolitan regions around Europe and the world?

Of course, scientists working at the facility claim they are attempting to recreate or simulate the ‘big bang’ event that brought about the creation of the universe as we all know it. But, that smacks of just another propagandizing cover story for what may be the facility’s true purpose.

It is clear, deception, judiciously mixed with dollops of fear, is the ruling elites chief method of operation in governing the social, economic, and political behavioral conduct of the masses. What is to prevent them from using deception to achieve their global population reduction goals stated in the UN document Agenda 21?

Would the ruling elites stage a fake alien invasion, utilizing massive holographic projections produced by the Large Hadron Collider, cast against their invisible LCD screen constructed high in the earth’s atmosphere?

Could it be, these so-called alien beings, themselves holographic projections, will be posed as mankind’s saviors? Could it be, the ruling elites, through programmed messages placed in the mouths of these holographic out-world simulations, will broadcast to the world the only solution available in sparing humanity from a coming climate catastrophe, is to voluntarily sacrifice the lives of millions? Could it be, by virtue of the fact a large percentage of the masses, already awed and hypnotized by this massive holographic show, will willingly consider sacrificing their friends, family members and loved ones, perhaps even themselves, positively convinced what they do will be honorable?

History repeats itself because it is staged in advance.

The ruling elites once convinced you, through the sheer judicious application of fear based programming, fake communists with fake nuclear missiles were a clear and present danger to America and the world. Then, merely through the power of suggestion and subliminally predictive psychological programming, they fooled you into thinking the routine and controlled demolition of some buildings in New York were the result of a terror attack by some non-existent terrorists that hijacked simulated aircraft badly doctored into post-production news footage.

And yet, you dare scoff, because you think the simulated alien invasion scenario may seem far fetched?

Just think about it, folks. That is, if you dare.




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