American Camelot: The Kennedy’s mythical dynasty (Part III)

Some things never change.

Rather, it may be more accurate to say, things never change, they only appear to.

Lies, even when mixed with some measure of truth, still qualify as lies.

Lately, there seems to have emerged a predominant theory regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A theory propagated by those in the so-called alternative media. The premise of this widely held theory is that the Kennedy family hoaxed the assassination to create a covert dictatorship.

This premise smacks of clever disinformation.

Yes, folks, the assassination was indeed a massive hoax. But, why covertly create a diversion to institute a hidden dictatorial American monarchy, when the host family (the Rockefeller and Rothschild ruling elite bloodlines) behind the mythical family labeled ‘Kennedy’, already owned and controlled the US corporation, the banks, major industry, and the office of the presidency?
No, the ‘assassination’ represented a media driven psychological operation, of the sort that was ultimately designed to manipulate mass consciousness on a grand scale, not for the purposes of covertly creating a family dynasty-because the ruling dynastic power in America, long prior to 1963, already existed-but for the purposes of controlling and directing the masses behavior on a subconscious and conscious level. The assassination was not about establishing a covert American dynasty, but to psychologically reinforce the ruling power of the covert dynasty that already controlled not only America, but the entire Anglo-American empire, and the world.

However, with regard to JFK and revelations as to the true identity of the host actor portrayed the mythical character, the title of the vaunted biographical portrait ‘John we hardly knew ye’, shall soon take on ironic significance.     

It is interesting to note, the so-called conspiracy theories regarding the JFK assassination are themselves psychological operations designed to augment the prevailing  narrative established by mainstream and alternative media sources. These theories, like the one described above, while perhaps providing some measure of verifiable information, and may even contain a kernel of truth amid the layers of misdirection and misinformation, are in fact designed, like the hoax assassination itself, to direct mass mental intention through psychological manipulation away from investigating the ultimate truth.

The psychology behind this sort of misinformation promulgation is performed under the implicit understanding that a great percentage of the public have been conditioned to desire instant gratification instantly, and will settle for having their perceptions spoon fed to them, rather than taking the time to walk the path less traveled in discovering it for themselves.

More incredible still, are the great numbers of those, while posing themselves as progressively minded alternative thinkers, who readily buy into these theories when they emerge from sources set up to appear as experts or luminary researchers in the so-called alternative media. This is same method of operation utilized by the mainstream media sorcerers for generations-setting up ‘trusted’ experts, news anchors, and authority figures to rigidly define the accepted parameters of mass perception.

Think about it folks-what alternative is really being offered?

The same lies the mainstream media sorcerers have produced for decades are now being spun into new and perhaps more sophisticated and intriguing narratives-then marketed as an ‘alternative’.

But, the new lies are the same as the old-merely re-marketed and re-branded with new and improved packaging.

‘Honey Trap’

While the new psychological propaganda regarding what actually occurred that fateful day in Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1963 may now be offered complete with the free admission the assassination was a staged hoax, this merely serves as an introductory teaser to attract those perceived to be possessed of a ‘conspiratorial’ mindset. While many may be seduced with the attraction of becoming nourished with the truth, they are summarily misdirected and poisoned by the sour after taste left by the accompanied digestion of noxious prevarications thrown in with the packaged product ingredients. This is what is known in intelligence parlance as a ‘honey trap’.

One has observed this phenomenon time and again.

A fine example of this is the ongoing ‘flat earth’ and the ‘Mandela effect’ psychological operations. The premise behind this sort of clever psychological technique, is to first dangle ‘information bait’ consisting of disinformation disguised as truth before the targeted demographic, for the purpose of later discrediting them, thus reinforcing the prevailing narrative desired by those perpetrating the psychological operation.

This has happened repeatedly in the alternative media when it comes to discussion of the so-called JFK assassination. The most blatant example was the release of the ‘Zapruder’ film (Z=7, the zayin of the Kabbalah, or mind weapon) nearly ten years after the fact to the American public. The idea was to reinforce the narrative there may have been more than one shooter conspiring with Lee Harvey Oswald. The trick is to lead those inquiring segments of the public away from the truth by presenting them with what may have seemed, at the time, a plausible scenario, when in fact, just as there were no planes on 9/11, there were also no assassins present in Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1963, either shooting from the Texas School Depository, or from the grassy knoll. The film was a sloppy piece of propaganda that was later dismissed by JFK researcher Jack White, himself an actor and Rockefeller family member who also starred as the MLK assassin, James Earl Ray.

Yes folks, the very researchers one has been conditioned to believe are selling you the ‘truth’ are in fact the very ones perpetrating historical hoaxes.

(See: Mandela effect is intelligence psychological operation)

These operations are heavily  funded by the ruling elite bloodlines through non-profit foundations in cooperation with the Crown Temple bank and disseminated through Tavistock Institute in London. Tavistock Institute represents the ruling elites ‘thought police’, and a great deal of financial resources are expended to keep the masses inside their intricately constructed ‘Skinner box’ of thought perception.

See: Tavistock: pop culture mind war masters 

JFK conspiracy theories are publicized by the perpetrators of the hoax

While prior reference was made to JFK assassination researcher Jack White, over the decades, other prominent researchers have emerged. Though seeming to possess credibility, their superficial facade of manufactured cache crumbles under diligent scrutiny.

Though, these alternative media figures have managed to garner public trust, they have turned out to be massive frauds. Has one never considered, the very individuals seeming to offer truth are perhaps fanged wolves covertly donned in woolen sheep white?

Many of these alternative media figures are either paid shills of the elite ruling families or family members hiding behind pseudonyms. Prime examples of these nefarious JFK assassination disinformation artists are Bill Cooper and Jordan Maxwell. In truth, the host actors portraying these characters are Rockefeller family members. It can now be reported that Bill Cooper is David Rockefeller Jr., while Jordan Maxwell is David Rockefeller Sr., family members of the same elite family behind the perpetration of the JFK assassination hoax.

It can now also be reported, the host actor portrayed Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby, and the role of conspiracy researcher William Cooper, has been positively identified, and confirmed by ear bio-metric analysis, as the late David Rockefeller Junior.

David Senior has also played other prominent roles throughout the years. Among the character short list, are Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo, Johnny Carson Tonight show sidekick Ed McMahon, and most recently, Arizona county Sheriff Arpaio.

While posing in the confrontational role of Sheriff Arpaio, Rockefeller was able to control the media noise on the ‘birth certificate’ controversy foisted upon the Rockefeller family presidential puppet Barack Hussein Obama.

It can now also be reported, that voice print analysis has positively identified the host actor portrayed Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged JFK assassin, as none other than American pop and country and western singer, Jim Reeves. Curiously, Reeves also starred as Tonight show host Johnny Carson, replacing original host Jack Parr.

Undoubtedly, at the behest of Rockefeller patriarch Nelson, Reeves was awarded the Tonight show gig in 1962 in exchange for his prior agreement to star in the JFK assassination hoax, cast as the notorious and villainous assassin. Soon after Reeves took over as host of the Tonight show in 1962, under the pseudonym of Johnny Carson, and the show began to garner prime ratings and profits for the Rockefeller family, the Reeves character was killed off in a staged ‘plane crash’ in 1964. This would not have been a problem for Nelson Rockefeller, since as prime stockholder at NBC network, it was well within his immense purview and elitist prerogative to do so.

The primary consideration of the ruling elite families is the perpetuation of commerce, and JFK assassination conspiracy theories presented through movies, books, public lecture tours, and television exposes, have proven quite profitable indeed for the Rockefeller elite ruling family, and their subsidiary stockholders. While the Rockefeller’s have profited commercially from the JFK psychological operation they created, such operations also serve to solidify, through psychological and emotional manipulation, the continued obedience of the masses to their unlawfully criminal debt and taxation driven central banking pyramid scheme, known as the American economy.


Before one reveals the identity of the host actors portrayed John F. Kennedy and his alleged First Lady Jackie, one must understand the massive scope of deception wrought by the ruling elite families through their creation of off-shoot mythical bloodlines consisting entirely of host actor elite family members. This is done, not only to control how American history is written in terms of controlling mass perceptions of the past, present, and future, but to perpetuate the even more deceptive myth of a free economic system, and democratically elected federal government.

In this way, the myth of the ‘American dream’ is kept alive as an eternal idea fixed in the mind of the masses, when in truth, America has been governed by one elite bloodline and its pyramid of corporate monopoly control since its inception.

In essence, the idea of democracy in America remains an historical demonstration of rule by the prevailing philosophy of the iron hand well hidden within the velvet glove.

In consideration of the larger perspective, one believes deconstruction of the JFK assassination hoax reveals a textbook example of the overriding deceptive methods of operation continually utilized and employed by the ruling elite Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

The story of the host actor eventually portrayed the character that would become known to posterity as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, began in the 1930’s with the establishment of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie studio, and the era that came to be known as the ‘golden age of Hollywood cinema’. This is rather appropriate, because the entire myth of JFK, and indeed, the entire American historical myth of the Kennedy family, amounts to nothing more than the acting out of a mythical cinematic production or movie script on the world stage.

At the close of the era dubbed by F. Scott Fitzgerald as the ‘roaring twenties’, the predominance of Hollywood as the entertainment capital of America and the world was rumored to be on the decline. However, the Rothschild ruling elites have always seen the value of entertainment, not only as a grand source of profitable revenue, but also as a tool with which to occupy the fleeting attention spans of the masses.

The answer to Hollywood’s profitable malaise was for the Rothschild’s, through the Rockefeller’s as proxies, to create Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, a mass production movie studio that gave birth to the new commercial phenomenon of the ‘talking picture’.

Soon, by the dawn of the 1930’s, the ‘golden era’ of Hollywood was launched, giving rise to the upstart careers of future US president, Ronald Reagan, and the actor that would become the world’s first successful ‘child actor’, Carl Switzer (note the Z, or 7, the Kabbalah mind weapon).

Switzer, the son of Quentin Roosevelt AKA Joseph Kennedy, who one shall recall faked his death in a plane crash (the Roosevelt family is in truth yet another mythical off-shoot family bloodline of the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s), soon became Hollywood’s first successful child actor, starring in the role of ‘Alfalfa’ under contract for Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer.

The biography of Carl Switzer claims he died in 1959, over a bizarre confrontation with Moses Stiltz (there it is again folks, the Zayin, or 7 mind weapon). Allegedly, the dispute between the pair was over the reward money for a lost hunting dog that Switzer had agreed to train for Stiltz. When Switzer showed up at the Mission Hills home of Rita Corrigan, where Stiltz was reportedly staying, shortly after 7 PM (a pair of Zayin mind weapons and an additional 7 for a 777 black jack, the joker code), he adamantly demanded of Stiltz ‘give me the fifty bucks you owe me or I will kill you’. A violent struggle ensued and Switzer struck the first blow with a glass globe which wounded Stiltz in the left eye (reference to the ‘one eyed man is king’ Cyclops legend and the masonic ‘all seeing eye’).

Stiltz produced a firearm and proceeded to wound Switzer in the groin, a wound from which he allegedly suffered massive internal bleeding, and was pronounced dead on arrival at Mission Hill hospital. Forgetting for a moment all the esoteric symbolism and numerology inherent in the official account of Switzer’s death, the story is, on its face, both bizarre and absurd in the extreme.

For, here was an actor, who had made a literal fortune over the course of not just a successful career as a child actor, but well into adulthood, with celebrated films to his credit such as Cecile B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments and Going my Way with Bing Crosby. Do the media sorcerers really expect anyone with two brain cells functioning to believe Switzer, no matter how adamant his demands to be paid the money owed from Stiltz, would have been inclined to commit attempted murder because he was refused the paltry sum of fifty dollars?

Not likely, folks.

At any rate, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

Ear bio-metric analysis reveals ‘Switzer’ as the actor portrayed the mythical John F. Kennedy, a president whose entire tenure in the white house, in addition to his hoaxed demise in Dallas’ Dealy plaza, was filled with hoaxes such as the Cuban Missile crisis, which declassified documents available from the Library of Congress admit was nothing more than a staged joint military exercise (Code named Ortsac=Castro spelled backwards) planned and executed with the full knowledge and cooperation of the highest levels of the Soviet Politburo and the US State Department.

As for First Lady Jackie, ear bio-metric examination reveals her host actor was country and western star Patsy Kline AKA child actress Darla Jean Hood, who starred both acting and singing in the popular Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer ‘Our Gang’ series, produced by Hal Roach, the identical producer who worked with Carl Switzer during the same era, and at the same studio. Curiously, ear bio-metrics also indicates Kline may have also doubled as Lee Harvey Oswald’s sometime wife and Soviet defector Marina Oswald.

However, further ear-bio-metric comparison and analysis with photographs of Kline, Hood, and that of Nelson Rockefeller spouse Happy Rockefeller have come up a probable match.

That’s right folks, the ruling elites put on public stage plays and not only portray the starring roles, but several others during one lifetime.

This is how a massive hoax such as the Kennedy assassination could be faked in plain view of the public-roles are limited and played by family members of the rich and the powerful. That is how the lid is kept down so tight.

And, when one owns the banks, the US government and the media, it becomes rather a simple matter for one to comprehend how history is ultimately made-it is, and always has been, scripted.

Believe it, folks.




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  1. Wow again Stephen. There is a lot of meat in this post. We have read it a couple times and it warrants being read another couple times. It provokes though and research on our part and we are finding it very interesting. How do you go about unraveling these topics?

    1. Research regarding this post centered around MGM and Joe Kennedy’s reputed involvement with Hollywood and mobster Mickey Cohen, who not only served as an enforcer for MGM in making certain the movies were being distributed and shown in all major American markets, but was involved with Kennedy and the bootlegging rackets during prohibition, the profits from which established MGM. Goldwyn and Mayer were merely fronts for the Rockefeller’s. When I looked at MGM’s major output during this period of the 1930’s, the meteoric rise of the child actor Switzer and the bizarre story of his death opened a proverbial can of worms. Also, examination into Patsy Kline and the anomalous circumstances with her alleged plane crash death raised red flags. I would also urge taking a look at the Zapruder film. When one looks closely, the fact that this is a staged scenario becomes obvious- it is a complete Hollywood production, perhaps even more obviously staged than the alleged NASA moon landing footage.

      1. This is so great that you have done this research and are sharing it. We need to hear it but so often folks want to dismiss what they know has truth yet don’t want to admit it. We were always the kids in school with our hands up asking questions. We still ask lots of questions and leave our minds open. Thank you for sharing with us. And yes I still wonder about the “alleged NASA moon landing footage”. Of course our government isn’t going to share the truth, lol.

      2. Honestly, until very recently, I had never viewed the Zapruder assassination film and was absolutely shocked that anyone at the time couldn’t detect it represented a Hollywood production-almost like something out of a B-grade action film. Stay tuned for the next article which will deal with how DAARPA ‘black box’ technology is being utilized to program the masses through the internet and social media with trigger words and what Tavistock Institute terms ‘echo feedback’.

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