Tavistock: pop culture mind war masters (Part III)

Don’t believe mind control exists?

Perhaps, one should rethink that perspective.

The weapons of mind war are not kept in some remote laboratory, nor do they exist in the black netherworld of some James Bond 007 derived fantasy. No, the weapons of 21st century mind war one would discover in closer proximity. For decades, the ruling elites, through the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London, have been funding research in to the development and ultimate commercial marketing of technologies that could first predict, and then control mass behavior, through electromagnetic mapping and ultimate control of the human mind.

And to what sort of technologies is one referring?

Why, the portable digital technology clutched firmly into the palm of one’s hand, the cell or smart phone, of course. This digital technology is yet another weapon in the arsenal of the ruling elites.

Believe it or not folks, your cell and smart phone, though cleverly and ostensibly marketed to facilitate one’s personal convenience and entertaining amusements, is in truth, a tool of Tavistock’s technocratic sorcery. 

That’s right, folks, the pop culture mind war masters of Tavistock Institute are programming human behavior through portable digital technology. The cell or smart phone one can’t seem to go anywhere without, represents the ruling elites most effective weapon to condition mass behavior to their desired will.

Oh, one can hear the scoffs.

Rubbish, one may say.

Be that as it may, portable and mass marketed digital devices such as the smart phone represent merely a more advanced and modified delivery device for manufacturing and shaping mass human consciousness into a consensus hive mind, a singularity that will never question the prevailing desires of those feeling entitled to rule over the rest of humankind. What the television was used to achieve less efficiently, digital smart phone devices have proven more effective in consolidating the masses obedience to prevailing authority.

Deadly web

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations may seem rather benign upon superficial examination. However, in the case of Tavistock, appearances are ultimately very deceiving. They represent the spider in a vast web of insidious and sinister manipulation of technocratic sorcery. Although Tavistock claims to be non-profit, their source of funding is the Bank of International Settlements and the Crown Temple bank centered within the city of London’s one square mile.

See: How Crown Temple Rules America.

Both the Crown Temple bank and BIS, or International Bank of Settlements, are siphoning off wealth and laundering money derived from the global narcotics trade in private Swiss bank accounts. BIS was established by the Crown Temple and its largest stockholders, the Rothschild family, wealthy merchant Italian nobility and European royal families. The profits from the international drug trade, and the poppy crop, which once harvested in Afghanistan then refined in Iran, Syria, Iraq, and other Middle Eastern countries, is laundered through private Swiss accounts worth billions. The substantial interest, along with massive tax revenues, is siphoned off to fund the establishment of Tavistock’s global electronic surveillance and digital control grid.

This web extends from Tavistock’s headquarters in the city of London, all the way across the Atlantic to the American continent’s western coast, to Hollywood and Silicon Valley, and to the Church of Scientology. Tavistock, in conjunction with the Church of Scientology, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, is using the commercial distribution of smart phones, wireless frequencies, and personal computers, along with accompanying social media such as Facebook, to create an artificial singularity of human consciousness that can be summarily monitored through hacking directly into the human nervous and electrical cortex systems of human biology, to manipulate bodily chemicals, pain, sexual arousal, and to induce various psychological states.

Tavistock’s ultimate goal is to replace human governance with this technocratic control grid.

The old political control systems are being incrementally phased out in lieu of this global technocratic control system, which once fully operational, shall be monitored in real time by artificial intelligence.

To say that Tavistock is a scientific organization would not be wholly accurate. For, at the highest levels, the organization is tied in with high degree Freemasonry, which, despite adamant claims to the contrary, does subscribe to some pseudo religious doctrine.

That doctrine is known as Hermeticism, or modern Gnosticism.

Unlike in the past, the ruling elites, now working their agenda through organizations like Tavistock Institute as proxy, have decided using modern digital technology to upgrade the older doctrines of political, economic, religious and social systems of manipulative sorcery or witchcraft, could be most useful in securing their unchallenged global hegemony in perpetuity.

The development of modern technologies such as smart phones and laptops allows Tavistock’s prevailing doctrine of Gnosticism to more efficiently focus their efforts on the manipulation of human consciousness, which is known as alchemy, or the manipulation of human biological chemicals and psychological and emotional states. With digital technology at their disposal, the manipulation of the human mind and physiology through geometric sounds and vibrations is much more effectively carried out.

The Jesuit Order

This deadly web overseen and frequently tweaked by the mind masters at Tavistock is connected to the Vatican, specifically the Jesuit order, and the Knights of Malta. The Knights of Malta, a military organization, and the black Jesuit Pope, have authority over the white Pope presented to the world as the Holy Father of the Vatican. In America, the Church of Scientology is tied in with the Jesuit founded Santa Clara University, which in turn is heavily involved with the US military and intelligence agencies.

The Vice President of Corporate Development at Google and member of the Knights of Malta, Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mazilla and JavaScript, has frequently lectured at Santa Clara on the important role the utilization of modern technologies such as smart phones and laptops shall play in the erection of a new global technocracy. The Jesuits have long been in control of the Vatican, which is tied in with the Rothschild family, who are the Vatican’s official merchant bankers.

In partnership cooperation with Tavistock’s agenda of cementing global control on behalf of their masters, the ruling elite royal families, both DAARPA (Department of Advanced Research and Development) and the US Department of Defense are working to incrementally construct this artificial global singularity control grid, consisting of digital electronics, chemical trails, and modulated wireless frequencies to geometrically redesign mankind’s conception of society.

Artificial singularity

DAARPA and the Department of Defense, and Silicon Valley, have developed a technocratic singularity through HAARP, electronics, cell phones, laptops, and chemtrails. In tandem, these technologies are generating a geometrically designed surveillance control grid. The chemtrails, sprayed by the US Air Force into the upper atmosphere, are constructed of Nano-conductive particles that create an electromagnetic fuzz in the air and enhances the overall effectiveness of this electronic singularity. The frequencies generated by this nascent control grid are hacking, via one’s smart phone and laptop, into the nervous systems of humans to conduct real time psychological and physiological surveillance. Eventually, when this Nano-conductive singularity is fully operational, the need for cell or smart phones as a vital component will no longer be necessary and shall be replaced by commercially marketed Nano-chips that will be inserted via vaccine syringe deep beneath the skin. The Nano-connections will cause actual physiological changes to the human nervous system, essentially transforming the vessel of the human body into a biological antennae for electronic and other wireless signals. The transgender agenda is but an incremental step on the way to conditioning humanity to the idea of trans-humanism, the merger of human consciousness with digital technology resulting in populations of obedient techno zombies whose allegiance will be all but assured. Personal liberties, human rights, freedom of speech, and other such high minded concepts will be thrown into the dustbins of history.

Now that the world of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World has arrived at last, the question remains, is this the future one desires for their children?

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  1. Powerful post. Oh yes we believe “mind control” exist. When one really steps back away from the mainstream it becomes very clear. The problem is many think we’re the crazy ones, lol.

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