Every time you click on your television set, you risk becoming bombarded, overwhelmed by weaponized frequencies consisting of light and sound which have been designed and engineered to influence, shape, and, ultimately, control human thought, perception, and behavior.

Though such is true of all major MSM news broadcasts, this is especially the case if one chooses to tune in to CNN and to Anderson Cooper’s weeknight propaganda fest, dubbed 360 (3 6’s=666).

Though, by now, this MSM kingpin’s connections to CIA and to the Vanderbilt family – about whom much more shall be revealed – may be well-known, as yet there are many more sinister secrets harbored by CNN’s “Anderson Cooper”.

Extensive investigation has not only demonstrated CNN’s most popular anchor host is a fabricated character scheme, but the famous image familiar to millions of television viewers known as “Anderson Cooper” – portrayed by a renowned Hollywood actor/classic rock legend identified as his live-action role player – was also modified into a “frontline doctor”, one who became nearly ubiquitous soon after the beginning of the “Covid-19” “pandemic”.


Before delving more deeply into the deep secrets harbored by CNN anchor/Jesuit-controlled CIA operative “Anderson Cooper”, there is some new information concerning the digitally based global economic system (AKA UN Agenda 2030/2050/”Great Reset”) now being covertly implemented under the guise of the Covid-19 “pandemic” and the fabricated phenomenon known as “climate change”.

Though, soon after the beginning of the “pandemic”, this site was perhaps the first to reveal the global implementation of a digital ID/crypto currency graphene nanoparticle blockchain financial system based on body activity as the true end game of the “Covid-19” psychological operation, the details of just how such a system would be structured and efficiently function were, at that time, still largely unknown.

Now, however, some rather stunning information derived from further research into this matter can be revealed.

From an account confidentially related by a trusted source, a financial advisor who works for a major brokerage firm, one was made to understand that a digital/AI social credit system – called CSRQ – has already been covertly Beta tested in some major American cities such as Los Angeles.

Reportedly, over the last several months, there have also been a wild flurry of transactions involving billions of USD which have been converted into USDR, a gold backed digital crypto currency.

CSRQ/social-credit – each letter representing a social credit/financial class: Common, Sovereign, Restricted, or Quarantined – is tentatively designed to work in tandem with a system of Universal Basic Income (UBI) payments made in monthly installments in accordance with a citizen’s tabulated social credit status/score.

Reportedly, in American cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle where CSRQ/social-credit system Beta-testing is already well underway, CSRQ payments were digitally transferred to the bank accounts of those designated as “Common” in monthly stipends of no more than $1200 USD. Spending limitations – as to where and how monthly state government issued payments could be individually spent – were mandated and strictly enforced for those segments of the population designated “Common”, “Restricted”, or “Quarantined”.

However, for those few designated as Sovereign, earnings or spending limits were left unenforced or unregulated and the threat of social credit penalties were suspended.

As most can likely surmise, physical cash – derived from either banks or ATM’s – is soon to be a thing of the past. As well, the socio-economic status of the upper and middle-classes is being incrementally eliminated to uniformly establish global social and economic “equity”, a euphemistic/bureaucratic term which derives straight from the seventeen “Sustainability Goals” of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050.

Don’t expect, though, to ever hear anything about CSRQ from CNN’s “Anderson Cooper” or, for that matter, from any other major MSM news outlet.

The bankers in the City of London at Crown Temple, at the Jesuit-controlled Vatican in Rome and in Switzerland appear determined to fast-track this standardized CSRQ/social-credit system and have it fully implemented in first world financial markets – both here in the West, in the US and Canada, and in Europe – before the year 2030.

Of course, the recent proposal and imminent passage of the “Inflation Reduction Act” in tandem with the legal implications of H.R. 1808, a recently proposed “assault weapons” ban both serve as an excellent MSM smokescreen to hide the ongoing Beta-testing of the CSRQ/social-credit system.

SEE: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/1808//text

Though one remains hopeful the coordinated efforts of a growing and awakening majority will unify to at least marginally disrupt the progression of CSRQ/social-credit system’s eventual and full implementation, the likelihood of that transpiring seems, at present, tantamount to wishful thinking.

Realistically, judging from the almost uniformly obedient posture demonstrated by the American citizenry in response to federal and statutory “Covid” mandates and lockdowns, a significant pushback to the eventual nationwide implementation of the CSRQ/social-credit system isn’t likely to occur. In fact, about as much chance as the trolls/police informants who dominate the comments section of this site can be expected to ever choose to take a vacation from collectively executing their ineffectually childish and petty entrapment schemes – known as “cognitive infiltration” in intelligence parlance – in exchange for retail gift cards to satisfy their even pettier desires.


According to Wikipedia, “Anderson Hays Cooper (born June 3, 1967) is an American broadcast journalist and political commentator from the Vanderbilt family.” Cooper’s official biographies also note that he is a graduate of Yale University, home of the notorious masonic Skull and Bones fraternity, and that, in addition to his duties at the CNN anchor desk, Cooper also “serves as a correspondent for 60 Minutes on CBS News.”

Perhaps unknown to even those most familiar with Cooper’s professional trajectory in the television industry, earlier in his career, shortly after graduating from Yale in 1989 and “traveling the world” and before finally joining the anchor staff at CNN in 2001, in 1995, Cooper was hired as a “reality game show host”.

Around this time, one of Cooper’s first jobs in the television news industry was with Channel One News which, until closing up shop in 2018, was owned by Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt, the American publisher of public-school textbooks and instructional technology materials headquartered in the heart of Boston’s Financial District.

According to Wikipedia, “Channel One was controversial largely because of the commercial content of the show. Critics claimed that it was a problem in classrooms because it forced children to watch ads and wasted class time and tax dollars. While supporters argued the ads were necessary to help keep the program running and lease TV’s, VCR’s, and satellite dishes to schools, as well as commercial-free educational video through Channel One Connection. In 2006, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that research indicated that children who watched Channel One remembered the commercials more than they remembered the news.”

One’s intuition signals that may have been the point all along.

After all, the American public school system exists as a standardized system of strict indoctrination, designed to train and psychologically condition generations of children to become obedient tax paying workers and rabid consumers of commercial goods.

According to both Wikipedia and other “official” biographical sources, “Anderson Cooper” was the offspring of Wyatt Emory Cooper, an actor and the fourth husband of Vanderbilt heiress and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt. Research indicates the genealogical legacy of the Vanderbilt family includes connections to the Spencer family of British aristocracy, the Dukes of Marlborough and the Earls of Sutherland.

In addition to genealogical connections to Winston Churchill (AKA Alistair Crowley/Prince George Duke of Kent/Bob Hope/Jack Benny) and to the “late” Princess Diana Spencer (AKA Ondine Rothschild/former British PM Theresa May) – SEE: Diana: The Myth Made People’s Princess  –  according to famouskin.com, “Anderson Cooper” is also genealogically related to King Edward I, King Henry III, King Louis VI, William the Conqueror, King Robert I, Alfred the Great, and to Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor.

SEE also: Thanks for the Memories, Your Highness

What is particularly significant about these aristocratic/monarchial genealogical connections of “Anderson Cooper”, these same connections pop up in relation to the renowned Hollywood actor identified as the live-action role player in portrayal of his fabricated character scheme.

Sure enough, further investigation into biographical anecdotes relating to CNN’s “Anerson Cooper” provides us with a key clue as to the identity of this particular award-winning Hollywood actor.


According to an article published at businessinsider.com, entitled “Anderson Cooper says he realized he was gay after meeting a shirtless Richard Gere backstage at a Broadway play”, it is alleged that, “Cooper recalled watching the Broadway play ‘Bent’ in the late 1970’s with photographer Paul Jasmin and Jasmin’s boyfriend, who were friends with Cooper’s mother, the late fashion designer, and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt.”

It should be noted – something everyone should keep in mind as the details of this investigation continue to be revealed – that Gloria Vanderbilt was also known to be a close friend of Diane von Furstenberg (AKA Diane Sawyer/Martha Stewart), the spouse of Hollywood mogul/executive Barry Diller (AKA Dwight D. Eisenhower/Oliver Stone/ Mike Nichols/Alfred Hitchcock/Cary Grant/John Avery/John Ramsey/Bill O’Reilly/Robert Shapiro/Prince Eduard Egon von Furstenberg Hohenlohe), both of whom, as has been well-documented on this site, have proved to be serial perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

On the particular night in question – back in 1977 – cited by businessinsider.com involving a then ten-year old “Anderson Cooper”, “Richard Gere starred in the play {‘Bent’} about the persecution of homosexuality in Nazi Germany.”

Turns out, at that time, “Anderson Cooper” was much older, and his biographical details have been concocted, customized by his CIA/Jesuit masters to fit his fabricated character scheme’s intelligence-derived narrative. 

But more on this a bit later.    

Regarding Gere’s performance, Cooper is quoted as recollecting, “And this was Richard Gere in 1977 ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar.’ He was so beautiful. And I’m there. My mom didn’t go. It was just me and my mom’s two gay friends.”

Cooper then goes on to relate a moment of personal epiphany regarding his sexuality, “And I just remember being like, ‘Oh my God, I’m gay…I’m totally gay.”

But, due chiefly to the fact “Anderson Cooper” is a man who has made a handsome living broadcasting a volume of lies to the American public, as everyone shall soon observe, further and in-depth investigation reveals there is a dramatic twist which invalidates a key narrative detail of Cooper’s anecdotal tale.

Turns out, on that particular night in 1977 on Broadway, “Anderson Cooper” wasn’t among those in the audience. Rather, he was performing and starring on stage. Incredible as it may seem, evidence points to the fact “Anderson Cooper”, in a display of unabashed narcissism, was speaking in admiration of himself. 

“Anderson Cooper” is the pseudonym for a professional actor, one who, through ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses, has been identified as a fabricated character scheme.

But first, there is something else which should be revealed about “Anderson Cooper”, something to which the American public isn’t privy – there exists another well-known characterization – one of America’s “front-line doctors” – connected to the popular CNN news anchor.


According to thegrayzone.com, “In 2006, Cooper published an article at CNN, admitting he worked at CIA headquarters for two summers while he was a student at Yale University – an intelligence agency-linked elite bastion where former CIA director George H.W. Bush also studied.”

But as the article published at thegrayzone.com points out, written confirmation “Anderson Cooper” was an employee of CIA holds even greater implications.

Concerning Cooper’s unholy association with the Jesuit-controlled CIA (AKA Virginia Company), author Ben Norton reports, “As the Cold War kicked off in the 1950’s, the CIA initiated an operation called Project Mockingbird, with the intent of surveilling and ultimately recruiting journalists, using corporate media outlets as weapons to advance the US government’s foreign-policy agenda and bolster Washington’s crusade against communism. The Grayzone has previously referred to an investigation by renowned journalist Carl Bernstein, the former Washington Post reporter who exposed the Watergate scandal. In 1977, Bernstein published a Rolling Stone cover story titled ‘The CIA and the Media: How America’s Most Powerful New Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up’.” 

SEE: https://thegrayzone.com/2020/02/25/vanderbilt-anderson-cooper-cia-college/   


Seemingly out of nowhere, “Doctor Peter McCollough” has emerged as one of America’s foremost and most conspicuous “front-line doctors”. Although critical of Covid “vaccines” and their devastating and even lethal side effects, and while, lately, he has emerged to confirm certain facts concerning Pfizer’s mNRA technology, “Doctor Peter McCollough” has yet to publicly accentuate the pertinent fact there exists no confirmed evidence the “virus” known as “Covid-19” has been isolated under laboratory conditions during professionally sanctioned experimental analysis governed by Koch’s postulates.

Moreover, despite having been posed as a high-profile figure who appears to be working against the profitable interests of Big Pharma, as everyone shall soon observe, there is additional evidence “Doctor Peter McCollough” is a complete fraud, a fabricated character scheme modified from the CGI/mocap (motion capture) manipulated television image and fabricated persona associated with CNN’s “Anderson Cooper”.

In the pair of images posted immediately below, keen ocular comparisons of the respective facial geometries demonstrate that the geometric structures of the chins, brows and noses, epidermal contours of the lips as well as alignments of the teeth, proportional contours of the nasolabial folds, and proportionally comparative alignments of the ears are identical. Everyone will also notice, the epidermal creases running from the bottoms of the respective chins towards the cheekbones are aligned in identically symmetrical geometric patterns. But more than any other comparative feature of both facial geometries, it is the identical structural alignments and epidermal contours of the respective eyes which confirm “Doctor Peter McCollough” is a character modification of the television persona known as CNN’s “Anderson Cooper”.

Below from in descending order: Anderson Cooper, Doctor Peter McCollough


OIP (15)[5776]

In the pair of images below, while making ocular comparisons, everyone will observe – as confirmed by ear biometric analysis – the epidermal and geometrical structures and contour alignment of the left ear are proportionally identical, while further and extensive facial recognition analyses confirm, the respective geometric structure of the brows, noses, eyes, chins, and lips are also identical.

As alluded to earlier, further and extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses demonstrates, the Hollywood actor in portrayal of both fabricated character schemes – CNN’s “Anderson Cooper” and “front-line doctor” “Peter McCollough” – is Richard Gere. As everyone will observe, while performing ocular comparisons between the first two images posted in succession, geometric alignments of the teeth, and geometric contours and alignment of the chins, noses, and brows appear remarkably similar if not identical.

Below from L to R: Anderson Cooper, Richard Gere

images (3)[5799]

Below from L to R: Richard Gere, Doctor Peter McCollough

In addition, and as previously alluded to, according to famouskin.com, the royal/aristocratic genealogical connections of Richard Gere (AKA Anderson Cooper/Doctor Peter McCollough) – to Kings Edward I, Henry III, Louis VI, Robert I, Charlemagne I, Alfred the Great, and Charlemagne I, Holy Roman Emperor – are  identical with those belonging to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

SEE: https://famouskin.com/famous-kin-menu.php?name=3367+richard+gere

But here’s something else worthy of note. Gloria Vanderbilt’s third husband was Hollywood director/screenplay writer Sidney Lumet, who, in 1986, directed a political thriller called “Power”, which cast Richard Gere as leading star in the role of the movie’s protagonist, “Pete Saint John”.

As an intriguing aside, “Power” also starred a young Denzel Washington (AKA Frankie Lymon/Freeway Rick Ross/Jay-Z), cast as villainous political operative/corporate oil lobbyist “Arnold Billings”.

SEE: Frankie Died and Went to Hollywood

But Hollywood actor Richard Gere (AKA Anderson Cooper/Doctor Peter McCollough) has proved synonymous with yet another famous face, one associated with the popular music industry and one of classic rock’s most influential, popular, and legendary acts. 

While watching the video clip posted immediately below, featuring the vast cache of musical instruments and vintage guitars collected by Hollywood actor Richard Gere, everyone should keep in mind, the other musician featured in the video – legendary Saturday Night Live bandleader G.E. Smith – once filled in on bass guitar for the absent Roger Waters while on a recent stadium tour with classic rock act Pink Floyd. 



Roger Waters, renowned as the main songwriter and bassist for legendary classic rock act Pink Floyd, recently made an appearance on CNN and made what were immediately classified by the MSM as inflammatory statements in denouncement of the Ukraine “war” and the US corporate government.

Given what an extensive investigation has revealed, the fact that a majority of those numbered among the so-called “alternative media” (AKA “truther community”) have seemingly embraced Roger Waters as some sort of heroic figure is disconcerting, if not wholly unsurprising.

As shall be demonstrated, Waters is merely playing the designated role of controlled opposition agent, a high-profile role created and promoted by the MSM and designed with the goal in mind to keep the population divided into opposing factions. Of course, now that he has endeavored to embark on a concert tour of America, with tour dates scheduled from August 10 until October 15 – Roger Waters was probably well aware that a controversial television appearance would help to maximize both gate receipts and merchandising profits.


As most everyone is probably already familiar, Roger Waters is one of the founding members of the legendary classic rock act known as Pink Floyd. During the late 1970’s, Pink Floyd released their seminal album entitled “The Wall” and, soon afterwards, produced and released the semi-animated film of the same name starring Bob Geldof.

Not coincidentally, this was right around the same time “Richard Gere” was beginning his career in Hollywood films. Metaphorically speaking, the band’s hit single “Another Brick in the Wall” is a symbolic reference to the hierarchical structure of Scottish Rite freemasonry.

While examining each of the three sets of images posted immediately below, everyone will begin to notice the comparative structural dimensions and geometric proportionality of the chins, lips, noses, and brows is strikingly similar if not identical. Also, the comparative symmetrical alignments of the hairlines also appear to be identical.

Below from L to R: Richard Gere, Roger Waters

OIP (10)[5786]OIP (12)[5774]

download (1)[5773]OIP (11)[5792]

images (4)[5797]OIP (13)[5775]

Further and extensive facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirms that rock legend Roger Waters and award-winning Hollywood actor Richard Gere (AKA Anderson Cooper/Doctor Peter McCollough) are one and the same. 


After critically watching and having performed detailed analysis of several video clips featuring CNN’s “Anderson Cooper”, it becomes apparent that his television image has been heavily manipulated with CGI layering/motion capture animation. As well, most of Cooper’s reports which are claimed to be made while “on location”, whether claimed to be in Washington D.C. or elsewhere, are routinely performed while positioned in front of a green screen.

Though claimed to be “live”, with the help of motion capture, CGI animation, and prerecorded voice audio samples, Anderson Cooper 360, aired weeknights at 10 pm, is not a live broadcast. 

Such, too, has been the case for several years with Jimmy Kimmel Live, and most of the popular television productions which claim to be “live” actually aren’t.

According to decider.com, Kimmel’s show was filmed and recorded at the El Captain Entertainment Centre which was formerly known – wait for it, folks – as the Hollywood Masonic Temple. 

SEE: https://decider.com/2022/06/09/where-is-jimmy-kimmel-filmed-is-it-live/

For those unfamiliar with 21st century television production or the greatly advanced technological capabilities of CGI motion capture, the informative content of the following video excerpt will begin to facilitate a greater and more comprehensive understanding.

With technologies such as motion capture and CGI facial animation layering/modeling, it becomes possible for the “television image” of “Anderson Cooper” – skillfully layered in real-time over the facial geometry of a double or ghost talent – to appear at his regular time slot of 10 pm, while his host actor (live-action role player) performs on stage, appearing at a select location elsewhere.    


Though Wikipedia’s biographical entry claims Roger Waters emanated from a working-class background, his second wife – Lady Caroline Christie, niece of the 3rd Marquess of Zetland – originated from the British peerage. According to Wikipedia, “In 2004, Waters became engaged to actress and filmmaker Laurie Durning, the two married on 14 January 2012 and filed for divorce in September 2015.”

Further investigation into the matrimonial history of both Hollywood actor Richard Gere and rock legend Roger Waters turned up some rather interesting results. Preliminary facial recognition examination demonstrated that the respective facial geometries of Gere’s current spouse, Alejandra Silva and Waters’s ex-spouse Laurie Durning appear to have remarkable resemblances. In turn, both Silva and Durning appear to resemble Doctor Simone Gold, a “front-line doctor” who is closely associated with the fabricated character scheme known to the American public as “Doctor Peter McCollough”. Doctor Simone Gold was also present in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021, during the alleged US government “insurrection”.

Below from L to R: Doctor Simone Gold, Alejandra Silva, Laurie Durning

images (1)[5803]images[5802]images (2)[5800]

From the standpoint of objective investigation, it appears to make sense that, given the proven CIA/Jesuit connections of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper” (AKA Peter McCollough/Richard Gere/Roger Waters), a spouse of his host actor (live-action role player), Waters’s long-time girlfriend and former wife Laurie Durning (AKA Hollywood actor Richard Gere’s current spouse Alejandra Silva) would have either been persuaded or even perhaps coerced into becoming an intelligence-trained agent provocateur/social political activist and the role playing actor behind the fabricated character scheme attached to the pseudonym of “Doctor Simone Gold”.

In the final analysis, it seems, the following lyrical excerpt drawn from Pink Floyd’s seminal album “The Wall” now harbors greater, more profound significance, especially in relation to the sinister nature of Post-Modern Reality Simulation and its most egregious perpetrators. 

But it was only a fantasy

The wall was too high 

As you can see

No matter how he tried

He could not break free

And the worms ate into his brain 

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    1. Thanks for visiting, for taking the time to comment, and for offering the kind accolade.
      In answer to your question, though one has never claimed omniscience, nevertheless, it must be kept in mind, both the text of the Bible and the metaphorical story of the “antichrist” were conceived by forty-seven freemasonic/Rosicrucian scholars in the employ of King James I. I believe the reference to the “antichrist” or to the “Beast” of Revelation is meant to be symbolic of the global technetronic economic system – UN Agenda 2030/2050 – now being incrementally implemented and controlled by artificial intelligence.

    1. It’s all the same people, either way. What we’re looking at, IMO, is crypto-Jewish royalty who use groups such as the Jesuits and the Masons as fronts to do their dirty work.

      Even if these people aren’t actually Jewish, they use Judaism as a means to advance their own interests and agendas – like all other organized religions they run such as Christianity and Islam.

      1. Since the beginning of the medieval period, the thirteen royal families, about whom I’ve conducted exhaustive genealogical research – Farnese, Orsini, von Furstenberg, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Aldobrandini, the later to whom the Rothschild family married into – subscribe to no religious ideology and, therefore, their genuine nature cannot be accurately described as you’ve stated. Since the beginning of the medieval period, and though they have been identified as the modified actors behind the portrayal of slews of fabricated character schemes which have posed as supreme figures in various fields of human endeavor during the modern era, each have legally sworn themselves in fealty to the Vatican, which, since the period of “The Enlightenment”, has been under the complete control of the Jesuit order or the Society of Jesus, a military organization disguised as an order of ecclesiastical clerics.

  1. I am so deep into this now! I don’t see how others don’t see it! What about DeSantis rogan prince Alexander! Jessie Metcalf! Even Zac Efron! Casey DeSantis & Aly Kay! And the ears ong! I have screenshots of scrims rogans ears I have to show you. They’re evil! Oh Vanessa Hudgins! Shapeshifters! Mask! IAM shook!

    1. Apparently, you’re a late arrival to the party. As I’ve pointed out in a pair of recent articles – SEE: DeSantis Deception Delves Much Deeper/Florida’s Playboy Senator & Impostor Governor – Ron DeSantis (AKA Joe Rogan/Prince Alexander von Furstenberg) is also related to Hollywood executive Barry Diller (AKA former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower/Oliver Stone/Alfred Hitchcock/OJ lawyer Robert Shapiro), the spouse of Diane Sawyer (AKA Princess Diane von Furstenberg). Both of whom, in turn, are related to Hollywood executive David Geffen (AKA Anthony Fauci). You’re correct, however, once one has seen the truth, it can’t be denied.

      1. I know I know! Of course they’re all connected with all the character change. Each one traps me more in actually making a flow chart a friend said this would help him understand! Thank you for taking the time to reply I feel I am nit as intellectual as you guys haha I can’t wait till I can figure something’s out on my own.

      2. In which case, I’ll provide a clue as to the identity of a high-profile public figure in the state of New York – Kathy Hochul. You’ve seen her before on one of the corporate television networks working as an anchor/commentator and morning show host. The host actor (live-action role player) portraying her fabricated character scheme is a pop star who was popular during the MTV era of the 1980’s. Before then, she starred as a very young actress in the role of a character cast for the popular 70’s television comedy Happy Days.

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