It could be argued that, during the brief span of his entertainment career during the late 1950’s, Franklin Joseph Lymon – better known as the “late” “Frankie Lymon” – became the American music industry’s first popular performer to garner what came to be termed crossover demographic appeal.

During the era of the late 1950’s, Lymon and his doo-wop vocal group the Teenagers enjoyed a meteoric rise to the heights of stardom.

But alas, after a string of hits, including what came to be known as the group’s signature song, “Why Do Fools Fall in Love”, both Lymon and the Teenagers duration in the limelight was remarkably short lived.

Though, official biographies inform, “Frankie Lymon” (Lie-Man/masonic play-on-words) attempted to forge a comeback before his tragic “death” from a heroin overdose in 1968 at the age of 25 on February 27 (37’s or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code), he would never again attain the heights of popularity he once enjoyed.

Or did he indeed?

Additionally, both the “official” and alleged DOB and DOD listed for “Frankie Lymon” are mirrored with the number of 33 (highest degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry). 



images (1)[4728]

Stunningly, not only did “Frankie Lymon” endure to once again reach the heights of stardom while operating under several famous pseudonyms, he was modified into a well-known Hollywood actor – observed in the succession of images displayed above – who was also educated at Fordham University, a prestigious institution of higher learning established by the Jesuit order.

As well, ironically, “Frankie Lymon” (AKA Hollywood actor Denzel Washington) was also modified into a fabricated character scheme named “Freeway Rick Ross” who became known as one of Los Angeles’s most notorious narcotics traffickers.

Franklin Joseph Lymon (AKA Hollywood actor Denzel Washington) was also modified into the “artist” known as Jean-Michael Basquiat who was also associated with Andy Warhol (AKA former president John F. Kennedy/Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper, rock singer Roger Daltry).

Still later, “Frankie Lymon” (AKA Denzel Washington/”Freeway” Rick Ross, Jean-Michael Bisquiat) was modified into a famous music industry figure, a rapper – “Jay-Z”/Sean Carter – who, according to official biographies, began his life in the streets of New York as – wait for it folks – a drug dealer.     


Regarding the “official” narrative of the “death” of “Frankie Lymon”, according to an article published at, there exist contradictory and even anomalous details. Initially, informs, it was reported that Lymon’s body had been found “in a friend’s apartment, it was later changed to him being found on his grandmother’s bathroom floor and it was even said that he was found outside in an alley.”


As is often the case with hoaxed celebrity deaths, the MSM can never seem to make up its mind as to the particulars of narrative details.

Nevertheless, it would be erroneous for anyone to think such absurd fabrications represent random anomalies and aren’t fully deliberate.

After all, time and again, the ruling thirteen Jesuit families in monopoly control over the American MSM have proved, they know how to shape and even to acquire managerial control over the emotionally reactionary public’s behavioral responses with properly and efficiently applied trauma-based psychological operations.

The video excerpt, displayed immediately above, features Lymon’s performance on the Ed Sullivan show.

Sullivan (AKA Frank Sinatra/Humphrey Bogart/Prince Felix of Bourbon-Pharma) has, of course, been identified as a fabricated character scheme. Turns out, “Sullivan” was also a close genealogical relation to King Leopold III of Belgium (AKA Bing Crosby/Adolf Hitler/Carrol O’Connor/Alger Hiss) and to Prince Tassilo zu von Furstenberg (AKA Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Walt Disney/Harry Truman/Fred Astaire/Jimmy Stewart/Henry Fonda/Al Jolson/Glen Miller/Walter Cronkite).

SEE: FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud  

SEE: The Man Who Sold the World

SEE: More Secrets Unearthed from History’s ‘Bunker’

SEE also: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XVI)

At this juncture of his career, Lymon had left his former group, the Teenagers, behind and ventured out to perform on his own.

Frustratingly, however, throughout the 1960’s, recapturing the sparkling renown of his earlier career proved difficult for “Frankie Lymon” and, until his alleged and untimely death, his much anticipated return to stardom eluded him.

Or so it appeared.


Shortly before his “death”, Lymon was drafted into the military and reported to Fort Gordon, near Augusta Georgia. According to Wikipedia, “Camp Gordon is a United States Army installation established in 1941. It is the current home of the United States Army Signal Corps, United States Army Cyber Command, and the Cyber Center of Excellence.”

Turns out, as well, the 513th Military Intelligence Brigade, which specializes in psychological operations, is also billeted at Camp Gordon.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower (AKA Hollywood executive Barry Diller/Prince Eduard von Furstenberg Hohenlohe/Alfred Hitchcock/Oliver Stone/Mike Nichols) Medical Center (DDEAMC) is also located there.

More fascinating still, according to an article published at, when Lymon initially reported to Camp Gordon in 1965, that same year, according to Wikipedia, “During one visit in 1965 he {former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower} suffered a heart attack and was treated in a large private suite in the old hospital for two weeks…” 


Surely, I think not.   


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses more than suggest “Frankie Lymon” faked his death at the age of 25 (7, Zayin, the hook or mind weapon) and was later modified into the Hollywood actor known to the public as Denzel Washington. According to official biographical accounts, Washington attended New York’s Fordham University (1973-1977), an institution of higher learning established by the Jesuit order, a military organization in control of Vatican City, in Rome.

While thoroughly investigating the official biographies of both Frankie Lymon and Denzel Washington, it was discovered both Lymon and Washington were connected to Harlem, New York.

According to Wikipedia, “Lymon was born in Harlem, New York on September 30, 1942 to Jeanne and Howard Lymon.” Comparatively, though Denzel Washington was “born in Mount Vernon, New York,” also according to Wikipedia, he {Washington} was also “partly raised in Harlem, New York.”  

Below in descending order: Denzel Washington, Franklin Joseph Lymon

images (2)[4746]Screen+Shot+2018-01-05+at+5.00.52+AM[4745]



According to Wikipedia, “Ricky Donnell ‘Freeway Rick’ Ross (born January 26, 1960) is an American author and convicted drug trafficker best known for the drug empire he established in Los Angeles, California, in the early to mid 1980’s.”

Below: “Freeway” Rick Ross, Denzel Washington 


As has been well-documented – both on this site and elsewhere – the CIA (an intelligence front for the Jesuit order or the Society of Jesus) – has been a major player in the international narcotics trade for decades. Undoubtedly, the fabricated character scheme known as “Freeway Rick Ross” was created as a scapegoat, a thinly layered cloak designed to conceal the involvement of the genuine culprits – the international intelligence octopus (CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB, Mossad, Stasi, Falon Gong) – behind the sordid operations of the global narcotics trafficking trade(s).

Accordingly, the role of “Freeway Rick Ross” appears to have been yet another acting role assigned to Denzel Washington by his Jesuit masters, the very same who shaped and molded the direction of his Hollywood career while he was still matriculating at Fordham University.  


SEE also:

Not only has ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses demonstrated the Hollywood actor known as Denzel Washington was strategically modified into the infamous drug trafficker known as “Freeway” Rick Ross”, but comparative and extensive voice print analyses between the audio samples heard in the following pair of video excerpts remarkably demonstrate distinct and identical pitch frequencies.


Jean-Michael Basquiat (AKA Denzel Washington/”Freeway” Rick Ross) achieved notoriety as part of SAMO which, according to Wikipedia, was “a graffiti duo alongside his high school friend Al Diaz, who wrote enigmatic epigrams in the cultural hotbed of the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the late 1970’s…”

Gematria analyses indicates SAMO equals the number of 48 (12/21/777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code).

In English Ordinal gematria, the name of Jean-Michael Basquiat sums to 171 which, when added together, in turn, sums to 9. When applied to the occult law of mirrored reversal, 9 equals 6 or 33, the identical masonic imprint which was discovered to be mirrored in both the DOB and DOD of the “late” Franklyn Joseph Lymon.

But that’s not the only synchronistic biographical element the “late” artist known as “Jean-Michael Basquiat” and Frankie Lymon (AKA Denzel Washington/”Freeway” Rick Ross) have in common.

According to Wikipedia, after rising to fame during the decade of the 1980’s, Jean-Michael Basquiat met an early demise at the age of 27 (2 7’s/77/symbolic of Saint Corona) from – wait for it, folks – “a heroin overdose.” 

Also, according to Basquiat’s official biographical entry at Wikipedia, in addition to having been born in New York City – “Park Slope, Brooklyn” – and “raised as a Catholic”, “At 21 {777} Basquiat became the youngest artist ever to take part in documenta in Kassel. At 22, he was the youngest to exhibit at the Whitney Biennial in New York.”

According to several sources, Basquiat’s “art” featured elements of abstract expression, a genre of painting which, as has been well documented on this site, was heavily promoted and subsidized by the CIA, chiefly for the purposes of the promotion of social and political propaganda and for the execution of money laundering operations. 


SEE also:

It must also be noted that “Documenta”, the prestigious art gallery exhibition which first displayed Basquiat’s work is, according to Wikipedia, “an exhibition of contemporary art which takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany.”

Germany, of course, is the country from which the royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Hanover/Windsor/Rockefeller/Rothschild) and the Dukes of Swabia/Holy Roman emperors, the royal House of von Furstenberg emanate.

SEE: FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud 

Not so coincidentally, soon after the demise of “Jean-Michael Basquiat” (AKA Frankie Lymon/Denzel Washington/’Freeway’ Rick Ross), a major music industry figure, a rapper by the name of “Jay-Z”, soon exploded onto the American music scene and the award-winning Hollywood career of Denzel Washington began to grow in both scope and prominence.


“Shawn Corey Carter was born in the Brooklyn borough of New York City” and, also according to Wikipedia, “Jay-Z claims in his lyrics that in 1982, at age 12 {21/777}, he shot his older brother in the shoulder for stealing his jewelry,” and, as well, “according to his interviews and lyrics, he sold crack cocaine and was shot three {3/EE/33/highest degree Scottish Rite freemasonry} times during this period.”

Surely, given the biographical and numerological similarities documented in the preceding excerpt, comparative to those present in the concocted biographical narratives associated with the other fabricated character schemes into which the “late” Franklin Joseph Lymon has been modified over the decades, everyone can lucidly observe the clear and deliberate pattern which has developed, a sinister behavioral pattern we’ve come to recognize as Post-Modern Reality Simulation.    


17 thoughts on “Frankie Died and Went to Hollywood

  1. I notice the 513th Military Intelligence Brigade uses the ‘153’. The 153 was used for the start of the royals using the Whitehall Palace (1530-1698). The ‘1698’ digits turned up in the ( ‘RFK MLK 1968). The 168 years of royals using the Whitehall Palace is ‘is’ in the Sumerian Count a=6…z=156. Bill Clinton used the ‘is is’ in his statement about his Monica relationship. The ‘is is’ becomes Isis and I.S.I.S.

    ‘take up the white man’s burden’ = 1698 in a=6…z=156 (Sumerian)

    Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital = 1698 Sumerian

    JeROME David Salinger was said to be in the Counter Intelligence Corps. Salinger spells ‘signaler’ and ‘realigns’. The J being the 10th letter and the D the 4th, we get 10-4 Signaler (i think the Ten Codes came out about the time The Catcher in the Rye showed up). (Salinger looks a bit like Dragnet’s Jack Webb)

    This is very wild: your Rome David realigns

    Henry Charles Albert David – king – a Roman= 2022 s

    Prince Harry’s – number is= 1530 s

    Operation Blackjack -the Great Reset’s= 2022 s

    I think my wife just bought one of your books. I am a fan of yours and the suzicreamcheez. 73

    1. Thanks for taking the time to visit and for your most pertinent and educative comments regarding the nature of MSM narrative coding. I’ve always believed that every element of a news story embeds a code consisting of geometrically integrative numbers, colors, and symbols. On one level, there is always a superficial but emotive narrative which is meant to manipulate and shape the behaviors and perceptions of the masses while, on yet another, there exists a deeper level which embeds an esoteric code, the actual message meant for those of the highest masonic/Jesuit degrees. Regarding “Bill Clinton”, it seems obvious that, in retrospect, every speech he ever publicly gave was embedded with esoteric coding. His “New Covenant” speech was the most obvious example of this. Also too, I believe, on an esoteric level, all news stories, whether reported through newspapers, magazines, television or the internet represent the unfolding of grand masonic rituals. This method of communication – one message for the masses and still another for adepts – represents masonic duality. The same holds for sporting events, pop songs, advertising and everything which is communicated through the broadcast and entertainment medium. I do hope your wife finds the book worthy of her time and attention.

    2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

      I noticed a coincidence with the number 153.

      In the bible, Jesus caught 153 fish, presumably in a “net”. (The Gospel of John (chapter 21:1–14) includes the narrative of the miraculous catch of 153 fish as the third appearance of Jesus after his resurrection).

      In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, chapter 153 is entitled “The Chapter of Coming forth from the catcher of the Fish”. The Vignette for that same chapter is “A net full of fish being drawn together by three dog-headed apes”

      I am sure it is just a coincidence, after all we all believe in coincidences, right? 🙂

      1. Indeed, suffice to say, there are no coincidences when it comes to the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. Your comments regarding the number of 153, as they relate to the 513th Military Brigade at Camp Gordon, are quite insightful and merit further investigation. By the way, in my next article, I shall reveal that John Lennon is still alive and performing in Las Vegas. “Lennon” also has a connection to the rock band known as Cheap Trick. The band’s guitarist has also been known by the names of other famous artists and one of these has a connection to the artist known as Carly Simon.

  2. Shyamala Gopalan – Great Reset’s= 1698 s [Kamala’s mother]
    Donald J. Harris – the Great Reset= 1704 s [Kamala’s father]

    (the ’17’ is the ‘153’ as the 1-17 numbers add up to the 153)

    Donald Jasper – is Whitehall Palace = 1698 s – is the Jesuit’s = 1698 s – white’s= 1218 s 1698 rs
    (s is Sumerian and rs is Reverse Sumerian )

    the jesuits = 816 s Whitehall Palace = 816 s
    ( the ‘168’ years digits of the 1530-1698 of the royals using the Whitehall Palace)

    looks like the ‘scribes’ arranged spellings/coding down through the years

    Winsome Sears for Lieutenant Governor >> I think he won in Virginia or somewhere up there<> the 174 is a big deal number … the 17 is a hidden 153 as the 1-17 adds to 153<> this is for your info<< i have worked on this for 6 or so years … a month ago i wrote a little Python3 program that i now use ….

    Miles Mathis was used to discredit the goldbug matches:

    In Defense of Miles Mathis | Cutting Through the Fog › comment-page-17
    May 8, 2018 — “Look DullesBoldPest, why don't you try your schtick on someone who might believe it? Do they really pay you to write that stuff?

    DullesBold – the Crown Temple= 1698 s – Crown= 1074 s

    the Whitehall's Dulles Pest = = 1698 s 2028 rs

    the great architect of the universe = 2028 s

    Trump used the 'Text to 88022'

    the scribes have made it very easy for the a=6 base 6/60 code to squack numbers for the empire 73

    1. Thanks, once again, for kindly providing such useful information. From what I’ve been made to understand, “Miles Mathis” (MM/33/MI6) has gone out of his way to attempt to discredit – actually, more tantamount to borderline slander – worldnewsspell with an array of ad hominem. I’ve been informed “he” – or, rather the collection of agents operating under the non de plume of “Miles Mathis” – is under the impression I’m an agent of the Mossad. This, however, is of no great concern. After all, if you’re taking flack, then you know you’re over the target.

      1. Thank you for the replies. I read the LaRouche sites years ago. Then, not many years ago, read some Dave McGowan and Mathis. Mathis was helpful for a time. Then, some searches turned up the goldbug site and vids and I thought goldbug was a complete scam.

        I lived near the man that goldbug said played J D Tippet (Carl Perkins). The man’s house was nice and was on a through street in a good neighborhood. I don’t know for how long; but the street was blocked on one side of his house to prevent through traffic. Looking back, I can see why he got a little special treatment.

        My thoughts on goldbug now is that he is for real.

        In the early to mid 1970s, because of friends, I stayed at a woman’s house near Hot Springs, AR a number of times. She had a nice full basement fixed for casual visitors and she interacted very little with us younger folks that visited weekends for the horse track and water sports. I talked to her now and then on the few times she came downstairs to say hello. I remember telling her something about the JFK conspiracy and she gave me a little private talk. She said to let the JFK conspiracy go. She said things are not as we have been taught. She said she worked on the hospital floor with Bill Clinton’s mother and that Bill’s mother had ‘a mother’s secret’. She said to watch Bill Clinton become governor of Arkansas and maybe US president. Looking back, she was right.

        I think I found your work because of the suzi vids. I am glad I found your work. I am thinking the year 2022 may be stressful.

        I notice the 2 2 2 in the ‘build back better’ with the 3 Bs.

        Ready to build back better for all America = 2022 a=6

        Ready to build back better for all Americans. = 2220 a=6

        (from the top of the Biden twitter)

        I think Jason B made a mistake by booting suzi from his 153 vid site.

        Yes, I believe also that sites such as Mathis are done by groups. Like firing squads operate maybe. That way the families can carry on with the depopulation/realignment and spread the blame on the ‘squad’ and maybe ease the mind a bit of some of the individual contributors.

      2. Your analogy of the firing squad, as it relates to Mathis and other controlled-opposition groups, I find to be quite fitting. As I’m certain you’re aware, “Build Back Better – could they have composed a more insipid mantra? – is merely a bland euphemism for the UN’s sustainability (carbon net zero = human resource depopulation) goals outlined in Agenda 2030.

      3. I read several years ago when someone was doing an analysis on “Miles Mathis” takes on “Elvis Presley” and the “JFK” “assassination” to take everything he states with a grain of salt. They said he gives legitimate information to gain trust but then intertwines fictional information to keep people from knowing the real truth. They stated his faith comes ahead of the truth, and ironically called him a Mossad agent.

        My weeding out process is based on who is willing to acknowledge Post Modern Reality Simulation. When “Alex Jones” was told of it and given proof, he ignored it and continued on as if he was unconcerned that some of his “guests” and “reliable sources” were host actors or were being played by host actors. This is because he has a host actor. The same with “David Icke”. He was specifically told that the “protesters” he was interviewing at certain staged events were actors from Bravo TV’s (owned by Mengele AKA Greenburg) Jack Ass cast and were not true protesters. “Icke” ignored this information and went on with the interviews. It was later determined that “Icke” was “Knight Branson”

        To me the sincere truthers will expose Post Modern Reality Simulation, and the insincere wont.

        Thank you for the great work you do.

        By the way, here is a clip of “Frankie Lymon” (aka Amos Lee Euins) lying to the Warren Commission. Deception is something that he was trained at. By the way, what the heck is he even doing in DT Dallas at the time of the assassination? He certainly didnt fit the demographic and too bad, he lost his camera, how sad!!

      4. Regarding the video excerpt, that is a most superlative discovery! I shall have to look further into this. Tell me, are you aware of the date of this particular footage?

  3. This was taken in 1964 during the Warren Commission, but I dont know the exact date. Chiarini posted 2 superb videos of “Lymon” walking through Dealy Plaza a couple of years after the “shooting” retracing his footsteps and “discussing his version of events. He also posted the actual interview with Lymon in 1963 with the MSM right after the shooting. Both videos have been taken down.

    For all the naysaysers that felt it wasnt “Frankie Lymon”, Chiarini posted an AP photo taken in front of Parkland Hospital the day of the event and low and behold, who was standing outside? The entire “Teenagers” band! Every single one of them together. This removed all doubt that “Frankie Lymon” was in Dealey Plaza on the day of the “assassination”. That photo has also been taken down.

    Whether Chiarini was a fraud or not, his information was invaluable. His website was one of the hardest websites to access, it was taken down about twice a month and most servers would not allow access due to “security” reasons. Now, all of his videos have been removed by YTube.

    Mitchell Brooks (Moor Hall Studios) calls Chiarini a genius for comparing Walt Disney’s house with the Hitler Compound. When shifted 45 degrees, every inch of the compound matched up with Disneys; residence, and a tour of the inside showed all the same crests and insignias on the windows and doors. They forgot to remove them when they allowed the inside of Disney;s house to be filmed, a huge mistake that Chiarini caught.

    1. Once again, thank you for your kind contribution. Though I’m not that familiar with Chiarini’s work, I have observed some of it. For any doubters, however, I would merely say: if ear biometric and facial recognition didn’t work, several agencies of the US corporate government would not utilize it as a definitive form of identification. The video excerpt of Frankie Lymon at Dealy Plaza is a remarkable discovery. To judge from the production values, it looks to have been recorded sometime in the mid-1960’s. Regarding the JFK “assassination”, I think I’ve managed to totally dismantle its credibility as an actual news and historical event. The Zapruder film – which is rife with continuity errors – was obviously spliced together from several different takes and, to judge from the shadows, perhaps spliced together in post-production from several different takes which were shot during various times during a single day. When the film is examined closely, it becomes apparent, the “slain” “president” is merely a Hollywood-styled prop and, if examined it even more closely, it is clear “Jackie Kennedy” (AKA Shirley Temple Black/Marilyn Monroe/Judy Garland) reaches towards the prop to pull a cord to activate some sort of blood pack. The footage of “Oswald” at the Dallas police station was yet another obviously and rather ridiculously staged television production which starred Jack Nicholson (AKA Prince Henrik of Denmark/RFK/rock star Neil Young) as nightclub owner “Jack Ruby” (Red/Mars/God of War).

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