The recent events, which have been so prominently promoted and featured by the MSM, were not organic in nature.

Neither did they come about by happenstance or coincidence.

No folks, they were systematically well-planned.

The Jesuit order loves nothing more than to use theatrical spectacle in the service of propaganda.

In addition to their other recent psychological operations, what is it, these loyal Emissaries of Satan have offered to us now?

A Grand Guignol spectacle set in the American West, in Seattle, Washington.

The creation of this ‘revolutionary’ spectacle – what appears to have been the takeover of a six block region of downtown Seattle, Washington by a group of Marxist-trained agent provocateurs – clearly signals that America is now in the throes of destabilizing crisis.

Historically, the Jesuit playbook of psychological warfare is executed in four stages: 1.) Demoralization, 2.) Destabilization, 3.) Crisis/Revolution, and, finally, 4.) Normalization.

In this installment – as they relate to the smooth execution of the Covid-19 psychological operation and the “sovereign” establishment of “Chop” within the borders of the US – each phase has been described accompanied by a brief analysis.

As alluded to previously, the Covid-19 psychological operation was well-planned long before its execution, and this meticulous planning involved the implementation of a revolutionary philosophy of redistribution of wealth termed the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Ironically, this very philosophy of psychological warfare  – the Cloward-Piven Strategy – was once reported by a member of the royal thirteen Jesuit families disguised as a well-known and heavily promoted alternative news personality.

Placing the substance of genuinely valuable information into the mouths of high-profile agitators – only later maneuvering to discredit them – has been, for centuries, an effective method of subversive psychological operation used by the Jesuit order.


The agents of psychological warfare use a special brand of sorcery.

Such agents are found to be snarling and carnivorous animals hidden behind the cloak of a benevolent savior.

While these Jesuit agents of Marxist chaos prey on the vulnerabilities of their chosen victims, the victim is tricked into innocently offering the snarling beast its hand, never suspecting that such a gesture will lead to its destruction.

Whenever the thirteen families seek to exploit and monopolize the economic potential of any market (country) which has been targeted for exploitation, the deceptive ideology of Marxist subversion has always been effectively utilized.

In America’s case, while working under the benevolent ideological cloaks of “democracy”, “safety”, and “security”, the Jesuit order has managed to divide, distract, and to control the behaviors of the American population, while the wealth of its plundered profits have been covertly shuttled offshore and hidden away under exclusive trusts or within the accounts of holding companies belonging to the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families.

Historically, this has always been observed as a systematically well-honed and efficient process of wealth redistribution from one profitable global market to another.

The irony of such Marxist subversion, which is always tactically implemented with systematic forms of psychological warfare; the targeted market (country) must be cajoled or deceived into undermining itself with exploitive subversion.

How is this subversion so systematically and effectively carried out?

The targeted market’s (country) most visible institutions where public opinion is most visibly formulated – religion, educational systems, social life (sports/entertainment), public administration, military/law enforcement, and labor and business relations –  are sought out to be incrementally subverted and ultimately controlled.

More generally, this must be done to ensure the information the public receives uniformly derives from centralized mainstream media sources which are perceived to be authoritative.

Beginning in 1913, with the legal establishment of the Federal Reserve central merchant bank, a corporate subsidiary of the Crown Temple in the City of London, America, time-and-again, has demonstrated itself to be a willing victim at the skilled hands of systematic Jesuit subversion.

But, by no means, did the recent Covid-19 psychological operation represent the first attempt of the Jesuit order to subvert America into accepting the compliant surrender of their independent sovereignty to the covert political tyranny of the thirteen families and to the destructive policies of their global economic monopoly.

Decades ago, during the post-war period of the 1950’s and 60’s, America suffered a nascent campaign of active Jesuit subversion, a psychological warfare campaign of demoralization which sought to attack its chosen target on all fronts – social, political, and economic.

But the history of psychological warfare – which has always been an extension of state policy and Machiavellian politics – goes back even further.

Long ago, during the era of Imperial Rome in the 1st century AD, governments had well- learned, rather than counter-productively risking the unstable outcome of armed conflicts or bearing the cost prohibitive deployment of occupying armed forces, the efficient execution of psychological warfare campaigns proved exponentially more effective in subverting and, ultimately, controlling a taxpaying population.

During the 1st century, when the ruling Roman imperial family of Claudius was faced with civil unrest in the region of Judea, to demoralize the resistance of the targeted population into obedient compliance with Roman imperial rule, rather than needlessly waste blood and treasure with armies taking the field against the armed forces of the Judaic tribes they wished to subdue, the emperor, instead, dispatched a revolutionarily disruptive counter-intelligence operation, against which the revolting Judeans could be collectively galvanized to cease and desist their resistance in favor of the ordered security offered by the Roman-appointed governor.

Comparative to the destabilizing influence of the agent provocateurs known as both Black Lives Matter and Antifa, today, in the 21st century, the Roman counter-intelligence agents were instructed to marginally disrupt the merchant banking trades of the Judeans.

After a time, when the Judean merchants cried out to the Roman governor to restore order, a trio of scapegoats – Jesus of Galilee among them – appeared to be publicly crucified.

Of course, the powerful narrative of the crucifixion and subsequent “resurrection” of “Jesus Christ” developed and emerged into a transcendent myth which could be utilized, for centuries to come, as a perpetual weapon of psychological warfare against disgruntled and dissident populations.

The forty-seven high-degree Jesuit/masonic scholars employed by British King James I – including Sir Francis Bacon AKA “William Shakespeare” – to compose the texts which, when finally printed in the 17th century, comprised the entirety of the Biblical “New Testament”, made certain to leave behind telltale gematria coding in reference to the legendary Christ figure, who, the biblical texts allege, was crucified by Roman officials at the age of 33 (highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

To those at the highest echelons of the Jesuit order, the successful execution of psychological operations are the highest art of warfare and, both in theory and in practice, its methods are routinely reflected in the covertly deceptive nature of the art of politics, economics, as well as social population control.

During the first phase of Jesuit subversion – “demoralization”- success can be best measured when as William Casey, former Director of CIA, expressed it, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”



When viewed within the context of the execution of the Covid-19 psychological operation, it becomes rather a simple matter to discern the Jesuit’s method of operation during the second phase – “destabilization” – of their psychological warfare campaign against America.

During the destabilization phase, or phase two, the emergence of unelected “officials”, “experts”, and non-government/private organizations mysteriously began to dictate the direction and administration of “official” government policies.

For example, approximately more than three months ago, when the “coronavirus pandemic” was reported to have spread to America’s shores, the American general public began to witness the MSM heavily promoting the sudden appearances of unelected “experts” -Doctors “Anthony Fauci” and “Deborah Birx” – who authoritatively spoke on behalf of non-government organizations such as the “World Health Organization” or ad hoc bureaucracies such as the “Coronavirus Task Force”.

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From the standpoint of an objective and rational analysis, however, those whom the MSM have promoted and alleged to be “experts” have often been discovered as genealogical relations of the thirteen families, actors portraying a well-defined but covert role.

Under the guise of a manufactured “pandemic”, the “experts” – these hidden Marxist agents of chaos – have been able to actively promote and worked to implement the global economic interests of their ruling elite families.


The historical correlation between sweeping economic transitions and the utilization of Marxist-inspired divisive agitations – particularly along racial demarcations –  is not a novel strategy.

Various racial agitations – whether real or mostly imagined – have been promoted by the MSM for decades, and have been used to keep those among the American general public at perpetual odds, rather than collectively uniting to fight the genuine enemy which works to divide them.

The recent stirring up of racial discord in tandem with the execution of the Covid-19 psychological operation proved quite predictable, which brings us to phase three of the Jesuit’s playbook of subversion: Revolution/Crisis.

During the revolutionary or crisis phase of the Jesuit’s program of subversion, the American public witnessed the almost total disintegration – due to the anarchic exploits of trained Marxist revolutionaries (BLM and Antifa) – of established institutions of law and order and other related government structures at the Federal, state, and even local level.

The “George Floyd” event was but one example of what appeared to have been the anarchic breakdown of law and order.

Nevertheless, as a previous investigation into the “George Floyd” event demonstrated, that particular moment of revolutionary anarchy was thoroughly staged and scripted, to, not only, further divide the American general public along racial demarcations, but, to further increase or to amplify the levels of psychological trauma which had been generated by the manufactured Covid-19 psychological operation.

The “Floyd” event was executed utilizing various segments of video surveillance footage which, in post-production, were proved to have been composited together with video morphing software.

As for the character of “George Floyd”, he proved to be an artificially created victim simulation.

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Most recently, of course, the MSM has been promoting the establishment of what has been inauspiciously touted as the “independent” sovereign territory of “Chaz” or “Chop”.

According to the MSM, “Chaz” or “Chop” consists of six occupied blocks near the Capitol Hill section of downtown Seattle, Washington.

6 (3+3)=33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry


Rather than offering condemnation of this act of gross criminality, the MSM has uniformly decided to describe “Chaz” or “Chop” as a benign “police-free zone”.

The mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, has even likened “Chaz” or “Chop” to the 1960’s counter-culture movement’s “Summer of Love”.

Jenny Durkan, “Summer of Love”

Yes folks, during her rambling and incomprehensible monologue, Durkan appears and sounds as if she may have just emerged from a three-day LSD binge at the Woodstock festival.

Durkan, however, is yet another example of the enfeebled mediocrity which has infiltrated the American body politic. In addition to her rather obtuse commentary regarding an illegal occupation of her city by Marxist revolutionaries, Durkan has shown herself to be nothing more than a dictatorial and juvenile rage monster.

Seriously, folks, who truly “elected” this apparent disgrace to American politics?

Durkan’s official biography at Wikipedia provides a key clue as to the answer to that question: “In 2008, Washington Mutual was the biggest bank failure in US history. It was seized by federal regulators and sold to JP Morgan Chase. The U.S. Attorney’s office for the Western District of Washington state announced an investigation in 2008, but in 2011 Durkan announced that no charges would be made against the company, stating, ‘Based upon its investigation, the Department of Justice has concluded that the evidence does not meet the exacting standards for criminal charges in connection with the bank’s failure’.”

Well, there, you have it, folks.

Durkan is a political tool of the Crown Temple bankers.

Furthermore, Washington Mutual, against whom criminal charges were lodged, is defined by Wikipedia as a “holding company”: “Washington Mutual was a savings bank holding company and the former owner of WaMu Bank, which was the largest savings and loan association until its collapse in 2008.”

As was pointed out in an earlier paragraph, “holding companies” exist as criminal (but legal) enterprises which are covertly held by the thirteen families as private repositories for the acquisition of stolen assets (federal/state/local tax collections), the laundering of bonds to protect top tier tax positions, and for the laundering of illicit global narcotics profits.

A similar scenario occurred in the 1980’s, involving the Silverado Savings and Loan, which involved the indicted “Neil Bush” AKA NBC newsman Brian Williams/Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco.


Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis demonstrate “Neil Bush” was, in fact, yet another character modification scheme of the chameleon prince of Monaco, Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi AKA “Brian Williams”.

Neil Bush:

Brian Williams:

SEE: The Resurrection of a Chameleon Prince

Yes, folks, “public officials” such as Durkan – those far too obtuse to make autonomous executive decisions but nevertheless barely capable of following orders – remain valuable as “useful idiots” to those at the highest ranks of the Jesuit order.

In the video excerpt, featured immediately below, everyone will observe a prime example of Durkan’s boorish and even ghastly childish behavior.

It also seems likely and even painfully obvious, that, during any other era of American politics, Durkan’s apparent mediocrity and utter incompetence would have eliminated the probability of her election to any public office, much less to the mayoral office of a major American city.

Jenny Durkan Mic Grab:

The incremental metamorphosis of the MSM into an unelected but authoritative governing body which formulates, shapes, and even dictates public perceptions is indicative of the effective degree to which the Jesuit order has successfully implemented their program(s) of psychological warfare and deliberate subversion, both in the West and in America.

It was former US president Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon –  AKA Hollywood icon and relative of the Austro-German royal house of von Furstenberg, Warren Beatty –  who once famously uttered, “the American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.”

American academia has always been a crucible for Jesuit subversion, and it is those Jesuit-trained/Marxist academics, oftentimes known as “political or social scientists”, who have also proved instrumental in formulating and deliberately manufacturing revolutionary/crisis scenarios.

One of the most well-known of these scenarios, first outlined in 1966, was entitled the Cloward-Piven Strategy, the creation of which has been historically credited to, according to Wikipedia, “American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox-Piven.”


First proposed in 1966, the Cloward-Piven Strategy called for, again, according to Wikipedia, “overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with ‘a guaranteed annual income’ and thus an end to poverty.”

In essence, the authors of the Cloward-Piven Strategy were proposing the end of the “American Dream”, a societal concept defined, not by equality based on artificially mandated outcomes, but by equality based on the concept of meretricious advancement.

The proposed strategy, in the words of both Cloward and Piven, makes no effort to hide its Marxist origins: “The ultimate objective of this strategy – to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income – will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income.”

When Cloward and Piven allude to their strategy being “questioned by some”, they are perhaps alluding to the Hoover Institute’s Thomas Sowell, an acolyte of Milton Friedman who, as everyone shall witness in the following video clip, simply dismantles Frances Fox Piven’s solipsistic pseudo-intellectual delusions.

Doctor Thomas Sowell debates Frances Fox Piven

“Alex Jones”, the well-known alternative media personality, once aired an expose on the role of the Cloward-Piven Strategy in fomenting revolution and crisis in America.

In a past installment, Jones was identified as a Jesuit-trained agitator and a European royal, Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

Nevertheless, as everyone has learned, the thirteen Jesuit families have often hid their genealogical relatives in plain view, while posing them as relevant figures in every field of significant human endeavor.

While hidden under the cloak of a famous and well-promoted alternative media figure, the fabricated characterization of “Alex Jones” is yet another prime example of the sinister methods of covert subversion which have been routinely utilized by the Jesuit order.

SEE: His Majesty, the clown prince jester

Alex Jones, the Cloward-Piven Strategy



Everyone, by now, has certainly heard the MSM’s mantra which speaks of the “New Normal”. This is a hidden reference to the Jesuit’s final stage of economic, social, and political subversion.

In the span of just three months, a large percentage of the American general public has demonstrated acute behavioral symptoms resulting from the bombardment of psychological trauma.

This “normalization” process has manifested in the commonplace donning of masks, the wearing of gloves and constant use of hand sanitizers, as well as the obedient adherence to draconian “social distancing” policies.

Soon, the imprisonment and even public execution of those suspected of dissident behaviors will be normalized and accepted by a majority of the American public.

Many Americans will also grow to accept as “normal” the forced implementation of “mandatory” vaccinations.

One may be overly idealistic, but, assuredly, the loyal readers of Newsspell will be among those very few who stand to resist such “normalization”, right?










17 thoughts on “America’s Head on the ‘Chop’ block?

  1. Obviously yes! It’s now clear as day that the best way against these parasites Jesuit is the civil disobedience, and especially to deny the consensus to their every operation/institution/ritual/bullshit. The best thing is psychologally ignore them, cause they feed and live of energy and trouble of people. This is a psy war, but an energy war too. They know well that beyond their whole house of cards built on legal fictions and scams, therefore on nothing, there is a superior law, the only real one, that they cannot violate, which is the Natural or Divine Law. That’s why they look for the perennial tacit and unaware approval of people which they got through deception. We can all take back our birth rights of free beings, which they have stolen from us, with their legal fiction scam. But they also know that they have no power over Free Human Beings. For my own part, I’m insisting a lot in my posts/comments and occasional speechs on the issue of consensus to awaken ignorant people. Our consensus is fundamental for them, it must be denied to their fictions as much as possible.

    1. Very well articulated. But here’s yet another semantic deception with which a great percentage of the American public have been programmed to regurgitate: the mantra of safety; a euphemism for control.

      1. You’re right. They’re mentally programmed, but they deserve neither Liberty nor safety, they’re now irreversibily slaves and will have the control they want, And let me tell you, that I can hardly understand them, cause I felt totally indifferent to this alleged virus from day one.
        In this psy-op I also noticed the people that didn’t undestand are literally terrified by this alleged desease and contagion. On the other side there are more intelligent people and especially people who love personal freedom. They have different nature.
        Now the Jesuits are already preparing the second wave of desease for the autumn, organizing other psy-ops to start a preventive lockdown, I must say they’re now degenerating into the ludicrous.

      2. It’s also obvious that the recommended ‘social distancing’ guidelines are military protocols to facilitate digital tracking. This would make sense, since the Jesuits are a military order. Even if, evidence of a systematic eugenics and depopulation program – Agenda 2030 – were put before the very persons you describe, their first impulse would be to deny it, at all costs, which is indicative of how deeply implanted the social programming has progressed.

      3. For instance, the smartwatch currently all the rage, the word watch has two main meanings, clock and surveillance or sentry.

      4. Yes, both terms are occult references to the concept of Saturn, or the infinite time loop. The symbolism of the clock or watchtower was utilized in the Texas “clocktower” psychological operation which starred the NFL’s Alex Karras. The masonic order, after all – though those initiates at the lower levels are informed otherwise – is nothing more than a dogmatic and theological religious cult.

  2. Probably if she was talking about dates, she mentioned 2014, 7 and 77, then G7 and G20 I think she maybe referred to the date of 20 as 2020 and 14+7=21 20+21=2021.
    Exactly the time where we are now.

    1. Yes, she was informing the audience of the coming global economic transition in 2020=21 with occult gematria, similar to how the high-level occultists communicate through periodicals, news broadcasts and every form of the monopolized mainstream media. Seven is an alchemical number and highly symbolic. I believe, during her address, she also made reference to the anniversary of other significant and related events, which always seems to be the case with high-level occultists. Of course, all of those events, to which she referred, including the global economic transition, were planned well-in-advance. From further study, it appears as if they are able to pre-link the planned dates of these events by the utilization of PI, or 3.14, the mathematical formula for the circumference a circle. PI formula, at the highest level of the occult, seems seems to be linked with the practice of gematria or numerology.

      1. In that speech there are certainly other occult messages, which deserve deepening.

      2. Most likely, there are occult parallels to be discovered, between her speech and the pope’s recent address. Certainly, given the elevated position of both figures, they would also be privy to the most minute details and methods of operation as to how this economic transition will be executed and finally culminated.

      3. If you’re talking about the pope’s speech about Eucharist, “curiously” it was pronounced on 14/6/2020.

      4. A growing number are no longer blind to the occult nature of covert messages such as this. Its become clear, as well, historical events are coded in such ways, and linked with the gematria of the Kabbalah.

    1. That is well-said, AOC. In the next post, coming very soon,, I will reveal the connection between the Covid-19 psychological operation and “pandemic insurance bonds” issued by the Crown Temple/Bank of International settlements, After reading this, there is no one who will be able to counter-argue against the existence UN’s Agenda 2030 depopulation program.

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