Yes, folks, you read that headline correctly.

In what shall no doubt be construed as one of the most controversial posts discovered here on yet, one shall relate a message delivered straight from the horses mouth, as it were. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recently admitted the distributors of the polio vaccine well knew of the presence of a carcinogen known as SV40 before it was administered to millions of American citizens.

In other words folks, the people who created the polio vaccine knew it contained cancer, and they also knew it would condemn an entire generation of Americans to certain death. One supposes this is not exactly surprising to loyal readers, but for those perhaps visiting for the first time, take heed – you and your children have been deliberately poisoned, and those in the pharmaceutical industry have admitted they are murderers.

In which case, will justice prevail?

Don’t bet on it folks.

For, what many do not realize, the very governments claiming they need your tax money to protect you from enemies both foreign and domestic (the solicitation of tax money funds nothing more than a vast protection racket), are the very criminal entities collecting profits from the world’s vice and narcotics rackets on behalf of the ruling elite Jesuit families.

Don’t believe that is possible?

Well, if so inclined one may read on, full with the knowledge that denial can only hold out against the empirical truth for so long.

Despite so-called advances in medical diagnoses, treatment and medicine, the average life expectancy of Americans has plummeted. This raises an ultimate question, does the medical industrial complex exist to diagnose, treat and cure the population, or are the diagnoses, treatments, and prescribed pharmaceuticals utilized to maintain the population at acceptable levels?

The answer is that like the so-called Justice system, the medical industrial complex is designed to generate profits for the commercial monopolies of the ruling elite. Think about it folks, if cancer were to be cured tomorrow, doctors, researchers, and the conglomerate corporations producing, marketing, and distributing pharmaceuticals would all be out of business, meaning that the ruling elite families and the major stockholders of the corporations involved with the medical industrial complex would stand to loose billions in annual profits.

According to a recent article published in Forbes magazine (…) quoting from a report issued by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, “the global market for caner drugs has hit 100 billion in annual sales, and could reach 147 billion by the end of 2018.”

Judging from these staggering statistics, the cancer industry continues not because doctors and researchers are feverishly toiling in laboratories to discover a cure, but because the treatments resulting from diagnoses and the subsequent prescription of cancer related pharmaceuticals makes the ruling elite Jesuit families as major stockholders in the Healthcare and medical industries monstrously rich from the pain and suffering of those kept willfully in the dark concerning the truth of the matter.

Of course, being that Forbes is a mainstream publication owned and operated by the same ruling elite family commercial monopolists peddling their poisonous pharmaceuticals to an unwitting public, the aforementioned article is spun in such a way as to report that new innovations in drug therapy are benefitting the public because the treatments offered are done so in an economical fashion.

In other words, folks, the drugs prescribed by your doctors and the treatments subsequently applied may or most likely kill you in the end, but for the present won’t cost you or your family much money.

Such a deal, right?

But this is the prevailing mentality of sociopaths disguised in uniforms and titles of respectability, as well the prevailing pathology of predatory wolves concealed in the meek appearance of  sheep’s clothing.

The spin offered by the editors at Forbes is directly contradicted by empirical facts that would dismantle the assertion cancer treatments, despite whatever innovations and economic advantages provided for those patients diagnosed, are now more beneficial than ever.

Perhaps there is an ulterior motivation behind the idea such treatments would be made more readily available and more economically feasible to obtain?

This is why critical thinking is so crucial in determining the true motivations of those in the medical/pharmaceutical industry who issue forth such justifications. If one is properly informed concerning such vital matters, then one can never be fooled and or manipulated by splashy ad campaigns and the emotionally driven neural linguistic programming utilized by corporate pitchmen.

After all, this only concerns the health and welfare of your family, a state of affairs too paramount to merely rely on the feeble assertions spat forth from the mealy mouths of corporate spokespersons put before the public without first educating oneself of the empirical data exposing these companies and their enabling corporate sycophants for what they are – which is cowardly and criminal scum. These handmaidens of the ruling elite don’t care about the health and welfare of you or your family – they only want your money, and they are willing to utilize whatever emotional manipulation happens to be handy in order to generously profit from it.

Before one takes stock in the corporate line that the products they market for cancer prevention and treatment are indeed beneficial for the health and welfare of you, your loved ones and your family, consider the billions paid out by these companies in the past over their acts of proven malfeasance and outright criminal negligence. Does it not hold true that if one has lied to you in the past, they will most likely lie to you once again, and again, especially as long as they can get away with it and profit billions in the process?

To all of those women marching in the streets donned with pink ribbons thinking they are merely “raising cancer awareness”, one may want to do more than a little homework before becoming a willful and useful dupe for the medical/pharmaceutical complex, for you are nothing more than unpaid advertisers for corporate interests, interests even against those of your fellow gender to whom you think may benefit from your vociferous and diligent efforts.  Before one thinks there has indeed been technological progress made since the twentieth century in the way of treatments for the prevention of all manner of cancers, much less progress made towards a cure, consider that empirical statistics exist – from several various sources – refuting the very notion.

Cancer treatments aren’t designed to treat you, they are designed to first get your money, then to kill you.

Retrospectively speaking, at the beginning of the last century, one person in twenty would be diagnosed with some form of cancer. As the century wore on, in direct relation to the growth of the corporate pharmaceutical and medical complex, by the 1970’s it is estimated that one out of every ten would be so diagnosed, and now today in the 21st century, the ratio has grown ever slimmer, with an estimated one in every three American citizens diagnosed by a so-called medical professional with some form of cancer during the course of their average life expectancy.

However, it clearly appears this profitable state of affairs was long ago clandestinely facilitated, and it was done utilizing the oldest tried and true method the ruling elite Jesuit families have enacted for centuries in creating crises that the public is subsequently and emotionally manipulated into demanding the very solutions the perpetrators of such fabricated crises had in mind all along. And, if one reads between the lines of the American history books, one shall eventually observe that the polio scare promoted by the mainstream media in the 1950’s and 60’s just so happens to correlate with the exponential growth of the mega profitable medical/pharmaceutical/cancer research complex.

This quote from the founder of a cancer research center underscores one’s assertion that although mainstream publications such as Forbes may trumpet the medical/pharmaceutical industry has found new, more highly progressive, and economical treatments, the truth of the matter is that, despite such so-called technological innovations, one so diagnosed with any form of cancer is no more likely today to survive any longer than someone with a similar diagnoses in the distant past:

“From 1920 to the present time, we have made little progress in the treatment of adult cancers. So, a person gets prostrate cancer or breast cancer today will live as long as someone who got it in 1920.” (Charles B. Simone, M. MS., MD., Founder, Simone Protective Cancer Center).

One surmises that such quotes will never find their way into the publications of mainstream periodicals and magazines such as Forbes for the specific reason it would stall the onward progress of profits yielded annually by the medical/pharmaceutical complex.

Perhaps even more indicting still, come these quotes, the first from a distinguished Nobel Laureate: “Everyone should know that most cancer research is a fraud.” (Dr. Linus Pauling 1986)

And this from the founder of a so-called “Wellness” Institute: “Why are people terrified when they hear the word cancer? Because they know it (conventional cancer treatments) doesn’t work.” (Doctor Julian Whittaker, M. D. Founder, Whittaker Wellness Institute)

And finally, this from the United States government:

“Current approaches to combat cancer rely primarily on the use of chemical and radiation, which are themselves carcinogenic and may promote recurrences and the development of metastatic disease.” The US government admits that conventional cancer treatments cause cancer (Patent number 5, 605, 930. “Compositions and methods for treating and preventing pathologies including cancer.” Approved 1997 USA Department of HHS page 56).

In truth, the drive for Breast Cancer Awareness month is nothing more than a grab for profits, as so-called “non-profit” companies set up to collect donations are merely a veil for the collection of tax free revenues given freely by millions of hapless and unwitting American citizens coerced by social pressures and puerile psychological ploys, initiated by the companies that make the toxic pharmaceutical Tamoxifen. As has been documented before here at, the production of mammogram machines are made by General Electric who are in fact in league with those cynically motivated and nefarious profiteers disguised as community Samaritans promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month while dangling their pink ribbons as if they were supernatural talismans.

CDC: Center for Population Control

The prevailing question would be, what exactly is SV40? SV40 is a carcinogenic live polio virus found present in vaccination treatments, and has had subsequent debilitating effects on the human nervous and motor systems of millions of Americans since the 1960’s. Not only was this virus found in the initial trials of the polio vaccine administered to millions of Americans decades ago, but has also been found today via independent medical studies to be present in vaccines marketed and distributed by such corporate pharmaceutical giants Merck, Pfizer, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, and others. In other words folks, vaccinations aren’t administered by so-called medical professionals to you and your loved ones to prevent the onset or spread of disease epidemics, they are designed to start them.

An independent study by Doctor Howard Strickler – funded by the very pharmaceutical giants administering their poison vaccines to the American public – was undergone to minimize or to refute the CDC’s own admission that in fact SV40 had in fact been found in the first trials of polio vaccinations administered to over 98 million Americans between the years of 1960 and 1965. In fact, all information regarding Strickler’s study and all admissions previously found in reports published on the CDC’s own website have since been remarkably and completely scrubbed.

Does this sound like the actions of guilty parties attempting to cover the indicting trail of footprints leading back to empirical evidence of their own willful criminal negligence, comparable to NASA and their “accidental destruction” of the original televised master tapes of the first Apollo moon landings?

The answer would be affirmative, folks, for honest men find no utility for such blatant obfuscation.

Armed with this information, folks, are you still willing to allow your children to become vaccinated by the poison peddled by these profit making corporations and their willful enablers called “doctors?”

If one is still sitting on the fence concerning this vital issue, one may want to reconsider before entrusting your life and the lives of your loved ones to such criminally profiteering murderers.

13 thoughts on “CDC: Vaccines Are Designed to Kill You

  1. Interesting post. In the UK they give you the impression that saying no to vaccinations is against the law.

    Rudolf Steiner made an interesting prediction. He said that in the future people would receive vaccinations which would prevent them from having spiritual thoughts. Perhaps the vaccinations are serving more than one agenda?

    1. Mr. Steiner’s point is well taken. Nevertheless, irrefutable evidence exists vaccinations serve as a weapon in the ruling elite’s agenda of population control as it relates to their administrative maintenance of the global, commercial status quo.

      1. Just like the COVID-19 vaccines. People never learn, do they?

        And speaking of cancer, that ties us to Betty Ford, whose husband oversaw the notorious Swine Flu vaccine campaign of 1976, in which hundreds of millions of tax dollars was given by Congress to buy and distribute the shots from flu vaccine makers. Around that time, federal funding for “cancer research” began, which she championed. When war profiteering isn’t enough, pandemic profiteering will do the trick. Or manufacture economic recessions and receive trillions in tax-funded bailouts for their businesses.

        It’s all a gigantic racket.

      2. As for the Covid “pandemic”, I believe the planning stages emanate all the way back to the Dwight Eisenhower (AKA Hollywood executive Barry Diller) administration and the implementation of MK Naomi, a CIA backed program which included the deployment of – as shall be detailed in my next article – “ethno-specific bio-weapons”.

      3. Yes, indeed, there can be no doubt, as research has clearly indicated, the medical/pharmaceutical complex is a profitable financial racket, falsely premised on the psychological operation known as germ theory, a theory which has never been confirmed by experiments governed by the scientific method. The image comparison analysis you added is intriguing and merits further scrutiny. You’re quite correct – when it comes to transitioning an actor into a fabricated character scheme, without exception, birth dates as well as accompanying biographical information are found to be complete concoctions which, nevertheless, serve as investigational clues.

      4. Correct. I think it’s worth looking deeper into the Merck dynasty and their connection to Frazier/Tupac, who look very similar. I’m sure you’ll find more interesting details about them in a future post.

  2. And to add insult to injury, us as taxpayers are footing the bill for the development, distribution, and overall societal cost of the vaccines (legal fees for “adverse reactions” victims, judicial settlements, etc.), as I’ve said before. It is a criminal scam on a massive scale, and even sadder that the moronic masses are consenting to this crime.

  3. “as so-called “non-profit” companies set up to collect donations are merely a veil for the collection of tax free revenues ….”

    They also receive generous tax revenues from governments worldwide in forms of investments on research, development, and distribution of drugs & vaccines, as I noted before. For them, as we all know, such financial investments are much more profitable – as there are more products to sell on the market to maintain this racket. Commercialism 101.

    The United States is one prime example of this. At the national level, one of the top pharma lobbyists in the country is the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, which places like Wikipedia state “is a trade group representing companies in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States…” that “lobbies on behalf of pharmaceutical companies…”, and conveniently “is headquartered in Washington, DC.” (see link no. 1). According to charts provided by Open Secrets, in 2021 alone, the industry provided at least $361,132,231 in lobbying money to Congress, et al. for tax cuts, funding, and favorable regulations (see link no. 2). It’s no coincidence why they (via Pfizer, etc.), in return, made huge profits in the tens of billions of dollars from selling the Coronavirus scam to their bought-and-paid-for governments & multinational corporations around the world (see link no. 3).




    Such influence by the pharmaceutical industry on government & corporate policy explains why the sector receives the most funding in the U.S. Federal Budget (via Health & Human Services/HHS) – now standing at almost $3 trillion – after the weapons industry (via the Pentagon/DOD). To quote (see link no. 4):

    “Each year federal agencies receive funding from Congress, known as budgetary resources . In FY 2022, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had $2.74 Trillion distributed among its 13 sub-components. Agencies spend available budgetary resources by making financial promises called obligations . In this section, we show the total budgetary resources broken out by agency sub-component and how much of that funding has been obligated for the fiscal year selected.”


    1. I would argue the “vaccines” produced, marketed, and distributed by pharmaceutical giants are designed as weapons. The financial arrangements are indicative of the behavior of criminal cartels and would explain why pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, etc. etc. were given legal immunity from the US corporate government for the “free” distribution of their Covid “vaccines” which are nothing more than biological weapons designed for depopulation/population control.

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