With the visual magic of Hollywood cinema production, the semantic word sorcery of the print media, and the immense propaganda machine of the MSM augmented by the sinister art of neuro linguistic programming and CGI/green screen trickery at one’s disposal, the potential for manipulating the public into believing fabricated falsehoods is never beyond the realm of possibility.

As well, too, the psychological operations of the controlled opposition “alternative media” and assorted social media platforms, which are nothing more than colossal data mining machines managed by the CIA and other alphabet lettered organizations umbrellaed under the centralized control of the Society of Jesus at Vatican City in Rome, exist as vital components in this widespread distribution of information propaganda designed for the purposes of social and political division and pacification.

Though the idea may be inconceivable or even preposterous to most, with such effective perception altering tools at one’s disposal, it even becomes possible to resurrect a man from “death” and turn him into a bona fide Hollywood celebrity, to be worshipped and adored by millions.  But believe it or not, such appears to be the case with the “late” Michael C. Rockefeller, the son of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, formerly U.S. vice president and governor of New York.

Below: Michael C. Rockefeller


According to “official” biographies and accounts, Michael C. Rockefeller disappeared in the jungles of New Guinea and was never to have been seen again.

Or was he indeed?

The answer: he did reappear – in Hollywood.

Over a period of decades, Michael C. Rockefeller has been observed by the American public time and again on Hollywood’s silver screen. As shall be detailed further, the “late” Michael C. Rockefeller, in the guise of the award-winning Hollywood actor observed in the image posted immediately below, has been modified into several high-profile fabricated character schemes operating under pseudonyms in the realms of entertainment, politics, and the medical/pharmaceutical complex.



As detailed in several previously published articles on this site, beginning in the early 20th century, the Rockefeller (AKA House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Rothschild/Hanover/Windsor) family was responsible for establishing and standardizing what has become known as the medical/pharmaceutical complex. In 1910, it was the Rockefeller family who commissioned the Abraham Flexner report which, from that point forward, revolutionized a paradigm shift in terms of the American public’s perception of medicines and the treatment of disease. Prior to World War I, the Rockefeller family was also tightly associated with Wellinton House established by Prince George, Duke of Kent (AKA Winston Churchill/Alistair Crowley/Bob Hope/Jack Benny), the psychological warfare think tank which later, in 1947, with considerable financial contributions on behalf of the Rockefeller Foundation, became known as Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the very same behavioral sciences/crisis management organization which helped manage and execute the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation.

SEE: Thanks for the Memories, Your Highness

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, headquartered in London, is also dialed in with CIA and MI6, SRI (Standford Research Institute), Rand Corporation, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, IMF (International Monetary Fund), PNAC (Project for a New American Century), Pilgrim’s Society, Wharton School, and the World Bank. Regarding Standford Research Institute in particular, it is no coincidence that its headquarters situated in Menlo Park, California is in proximity to Sequoia Capital, the capital investment firm behind the launch and execution of the recent Bankman-Fried cryptocurrency scandal/psychological operation.

SEE: Bankman Holmes & the Missing Royal Link

Bankman-Fried Trial Judge Royal Impostor

According to famouskin.com, the fabricated character scheme and famous Hollywood actor the “late” Michael C. Rockefeller was modified into after his alleged “death” in the early 1960’s is not only genealogically related to King Charles III of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but he is also related to other members of the British royal family, including the late Queen Elizabeth II (AKA Lucille Ball), Prince William (AKA CNN’s Brian Stelter), Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex (AKA Sam Bankman-Fried/Doctor Bryan Ardis/David de Rothschild/Billy Evans), and to the “late” Princess Diana Spencer (AKA Ondine Rothschild/Theresa May).

SEE: Is CNN’s Brian Stelter A Royal Jester?

Diana: The Myth Made People’s Princess (Part III)

As everyone will observe while scrolling down the list at the first link provided immediately below, the renowned Hollywood actor identified as one of Michael C. Rockefeller’s fabricated character schemes is also related to Winston Churchill (AKA Prince George, Duke of Kent, Alistair Crowley/Bob Hope/Jack Benny), the very man who, as alluded to earlier, established the ‘lie factory’ known as Wellington House which, later, due to financial assistance from the Rockefeller Foundation, became known as the psychological operation think tank Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

More tellingly, he is also genealogically related to the “late” “Anne Heche” (AKA Abigail Hopkins/Jodie Foster/Helen Hunt/Julie Greer/Julia Gillard/Caroline Bouvier Kennedy), the daughter of Hollywood actor Sir Anthony Hopkins (AKA Lee Harvey Oswald/Dick Van Patten/Gene Wilder), to Judy Garland (AKA Jaclyn Kennedy Bouvier Onassis/Shirley Temple Black/Marilyn Monroe/Madeleine Albright/Helen Thomas/Queen Silvia of Sweden), and to former U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt (AKA Prince Tassilo von Furstenberg/Jimmy Stewart/Henry Fonda/Walt Disney/Walter Cronkite/Al Jolson/Harry Truman/John Foster Dulles/Walter Sommerlath/Ray Bolger/Abraham Zapruder).

SEE: https://famouskin.com/famous-kin-menu.php?name=9361+tom+hanks

Anatomy of a Hollywood Death Hoax

Anatomy of a Hollywood Death Hoax II

FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud

JFK Hoax Executed by Wizards of Oz

Charles and Ted’s Not So Excellent Adventure

Hollywood Billy Graham’s Royal Smoking Gun


Regarding the “late” Michael C. Rockefeller, Wikipedia informs, “He was the third son of seven children fathered by Nelson Rockefeller, and he had a twin sister Mary.” As has been pointed out, Wikipedia is nothing more than an intelligence operation covertly overseen by Jesuit-controlled CIA in Langley, Virginia, created to shape, steer, manipulate, and ultimately control public perception and to manufacture collective consent regarding historical figures and related events.

Surely, everyone noticed – “third son of seven children” = 777 – the preceding biographical excerpt from Wikipedia included Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.

SEE: https://en.wikipedia/wiki/777_and_Other_Qabalistic_Writings_of_Aleister_Crowley

Not only was Crowley (AKA Prince George, Duke of Kent/Winston Churchill/Bob Hope/Jack Benny) the Grand Master of the masonic Golden Dawn or Ordo Templi Orientis, but he was also heavily involved with British MI5 during WWII as a counter-intelligence agent charged with writing pro-Nazi propaganda for the purpose of luring Nazi defector Rudolph Hess to London via Scotland. In fact, according to an article published at jaysanalysis.com, Crowley, a genealogical relative of the “late” Michael C. Rockefeller, was working at MI5 in tandem with Dennis Wheatley and Maxwell Knight, and with James Bond novelist Sir Ian Fleming who, during the war, was employed by British Naval Intelligence. Later on, after the war, the mysterious Maxwell Knight served as the prototype for Fleming’s creation of the Bond character known as “M”. It was Crowley, apparently, who initiated not only both Wheatley and Knight into the occult, but Fleming as well.

The article at jaysanalysis.com includes the following excerpt from author Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult.

“His {Crowley’s} utility to MI5 during his Berlin days, when he spied on German communists, was not forgotten. Further, he had been cultivated by Dennis Wheatley, who found the occult fascinating. {Maxwell} Knight was the prototype for Ian Fleming’s character “M”. The intelligence chief whom we always see in the movies giving Sean Connery or Roger Moore his dangerous “license to kill” assignment. What is generally not known is that “M” was also introduced to Aleister Crowley – by Dennis Wheatley – and was quite friendly with the magus…here is Maxwell Knight, “M” after all, accepting a kind of initiation into the occult from Aleister Crowley and becoming his pupil. {Nazi party member Heinrich} Himmler was obsessed by the idea that British intelligence, was being a Rosicrucian Order and that occult adepts were in charge of MI5. How would he have reacted if he had known that the formidable Maxwell Knight, head of Department B5(b), the counter-subdivision section of MI5, was a disciple of Aleister Crowley? And that Dennis Wheatley – he of the occult novels favored by {Nazi Hermann} Goering – was also a student of Crowley’s and simultaneously working for Churchill’s planning staff.”

The previous excerpt derived from author Levenda’s published text acquires even greater significance when one considers that at the same time “Alistair Crowley” was in control of top intelligence agents at MI5 during WWII in charge of writing propaganda, “Winston Churchill”, another fabricated character scheme portrayed by Prince George, Duke of Kent, was Britain’s Prime Minister, who, throughout the duration of the Second World War, was busy scaring the hell out of the British public with threats of Nazi invasion via the radio airwaves.

Below: Alistair Crowley, Winston Churchill

In light of this, does it appear to be any coincidence that both “Bob Hope” and “Jack Benny”, modified fabricated character schemes portrayed by Prince George, Duke of Kent, were also radio stars?

Below: Prince George, Duke of Kent, Bob Hope, Jack Benny

It should also be noted that “Jack Benny” was friends with “Walt Disney” (AKA Jimmy Stewart/Henry Fonda/U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt).

Below: Jimmy Stewart, Frankin Delano Roosevelt, Walt Disney

Just as significantly, neither is it any coincidence that “Bob Hope” (AKA Prince George, Duke of Kent/Winston Churchill/Jack Benny/Aleister Crowley) would meet “Bing Crosby” – a fabricated character scheme portrayed by King Leopold III of Belgium (AKA Adolf Hitler/Allen Dulles/Jack Haley/Alger Hiss/Carroll O’Connor/Danny Kaye) – at the masonic Friar’s Club in New York and that, still later, they would go on together to become both television and Hollywood movie luminaries.

Below: King Leopold III of Belgium, Bing Crosby, Adolf Hitler, CIA’s Allen Dulles

SEE: JFK Hoax Executed by Wizards of Oz

Would it be any surprise, then, to learn that Michael C. Rockefeller, a genealogical relative of both “Winston Churchill” and “Franklin Delano Roosevelt”, fabricated character schemes portrayed by actors descended from European royalty and serial perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation with deep ties to Jesuit controlled intelligence circles, would fake his death and then go on to become one of the biggest stars in Jesuit/CIA controlled Hollywood?

Below: Michael C. Rockefeller, Tom Hanks


“Official” biographies concerning Michael C. Rockefeller inform that during his formative years he was educated at Berkley School in New York City and then later attended Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire before matriculating and graduating cum laude from the prestigious Harvard University. As past investigations have uncovered in many other such cases, Michael C. Rockefeller had connections to the U.S. military/industrial complex. We are told that in 1960, for a mere six months, Rockefeller served as a private in the U.S. Army before being discharged. For what specific reason further investigation wasn’t able to determine. Suffice to say, it appears likely that, given his royal genealogical relation to “Alistair Crowley” (AKA Prince George, Duke of Kent/Winston Churchill/Bob Hope/Jack Benny) who was also steeped in British intelligence circles, Rockefeller’s military experience didn’t at all resemble those among others enlisted, and that he was being preliminarily trained for intelligence work.

Soon thereafter, at the tender age of twenty-four, Rockefeller embarked on an exotic and adventurous expedition to Western Netherlands New Guinea, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, for Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. George Peabody, the founder of the museum, was a merchant banker, a freeman of the City of London’s Crown Temple. Though born in Massachusetts, Peabody moved to London in 1837 and soon thereafter aligned with Junius Spencer Morgan.

Does that surname sound familiar to everyone?

It should.

After partnering with Morgan in 1854, Peabody’s merchant banking business became J.P. Morgan & Company. Although George Peabody is historically lauded as a “philanthropist”, that is a gross mislabeling. In fact, he was nothing more than a criminal lobbyist for financial usury. His “philanthropic” efforts in this regard were only to the benefit of his colleagues in the merchant banking trade, towards the goal of keeping the boot of the City of London’s Crown Temple firmly on the neck of its economic debtors.

But there is more about the man after whom Harvard’s Peabody Museum is named which funded and sponsored Michael C. Rockefeller’s adventure in New Guinea that doesn’t appear in the officially sanctioned American public school history texts. Peabody was also linked to intelligence activities on behalf of the City of London’s Crown Temple to bribe political officials in the state of Maryland to repay its financial debts on which it had defaulted. In 1854, Peabody conspired with Barings, a British merchant bank, to maneuver Maryland into paying the enormous financial debt owed to the Crown Temple in the City of London. The two conspiring parties set up a slush fund to spread propaganda for debt resumption and as a covert political campaign fund to “elect” legislators who could be gulled or even blackmailed into placating the interests of their investors. Through the joint efforts of Barings and Peabody, another secret account was established to bribe Daniel Webster, the American orator and statesman, to make speeches extolling the virtues of debt repayment.

As was detailed in a previous article, according to a clause in the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, it is legally verboten for public officials to enquire about or to launch the slightest protest against the national debt to City of London’s Crown Temple and the Swiss/Vatican banking consortium through its corporate subsidiary located in the U.S., the Federal Reserve, a private merchant bank. As a professional merchant banker aligned with the interests of City of London’s Crown Temple, a man such as George Peabody well understood that nations are artificial corporate constructs which exist merely as commercial markets to be exploited for both human and natural resources.

Michael Rockefeller’s adventurous expedition to New Guinea was commissioned by Harvard’s Peabody Museum for the ostensible purpose of archeological and ethnological study of the Dani tribe. According to Wikipedia, while in New Guinea, Rockefeller served the expedition as a sound recordist for a film produced by Robert Gardener, a specialist in the field of visual anthropology, entitled Dead Birds. In English Ordinal gematria, the word dead equals 14 (7+7) and birds equals 52 (5+2=7) which in turn, sums to 37’s or 777, Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code. Therefore, could it be Rockefeller’s expedition was an intelligence cover to satisfy ulterior commercial motives? The geographical area of New Guinea is rich in valuable natural resources such as gold, copper, and other valuable minerals which the Rockefeller family would certainly have been interested in mining for commercial profit. After assisting Gardner with his film production, for reasons which appear to be lacking full explanation, Rockefeller broke off from the Peabody Museum expedition to study the Asmat tribe of New Guinea.

According to “official sources”, this decision turned out to be most inauspicious.

In fact, fatal.

Regarding Rockefeller’s alleged demise, Wikipedia informs, “On November 17, 1961, Rockefeller and Dutch anthropologist Rene Wassing were in a 40 ft. dugout canoe about 3 nautical miles (6 km; 3mi) from shore when their double pontoon boat was swamped and overturned. Their two local guides swam for help, but it was slow in coming. After drifting for some time, on November 19, 1961, Rockefeller said to Wassing: “I think I can make it.” He then swam for shore. The boat was an estimated 12 nmi {nautical miles) from shore when he made the attempt to shore to safety. Supporting the theory that he died from exposure, exhaustion, or drowning. Wassing was rescued the next day, but Rockefeller was never seen again, despite an intensive and lengthy search effort. At the time, Rockefeller’s disappearance was a major news item. His body has bever been found.”

Despite the lack of a corpus delicti, Rockefeller was declared legally “dead” in 1964.

Though Wikipedia’s account echoes most mainstream narratives, other accounts exist which vary as to what exactly happened to Rockefeller at the hands of the Asmat tribe. Some accounts say he was kidnapped and murdered, while still others say he was cannibalized. Still others claim Michael C. Rockefeller is still alive and chose to remain among the natives in New Guinea.

Turns out, they’re right about the fact Michael Rockefeller is still alive – at least. Because though it is claimed Michael C. Rockefeller swam to shore in New Guinea, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirms, he seems to have made it all the way to Hollywood where he became known as actor Tom Hanks. In the latter pair of images among the series which follow, everyone will note – encircled in red marker – the identical contours and shape of the respective bicuspid teeth. Also, both Rockefeller and Hanks share an identical epidermal landmark running towards the base of the respective nostrils.

Below: Michael C. Rockefeller, Tom Hanks






“Tom Hanks” isn’t the only Hollywood star the “late” Michael C. Rockefeller was modified into. In addition to the fabricated character known as “Tom Hanks”, ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis indicate Michael C, Rockefeller (AKA Tom Hanks) also portrays the comedic actor, “Bill Murray”.

377277 01: UNDATED FILE PHOTO: Actor Bill Murray. (photo by Newsmakers)

Below: Tom Hanks, Michael Rockefeller, Bill Murray

After a long hiatus from the public’s eye, the MSM decided to roll out former New Jersey governor Chris Christie to comment on the current state of American political affairs. Everyone should pay close attention to the nuances of both the pitch and tone of Christie’s voice.

Recognize it?

Everyone should – because “Chris Christie” is a fabricated character scheme modified from Michael C. Rockefeller (AKA Tom Hanks/Bill Murray) propped in an artificial Hollywood fat suit with heavy portions of stippling strategically applied to areas of the host actor’s facial geometry.



That’s right – former New Jersey governor “Chris Christie” (AKA Michael C. Rockefeller/Tom Hanks/Bill Murray) – a manufactured pseudonym, a masonic play on words (Christ on the Cross/CC=33/highest degree Scottish Rite freemasonry) – is a fake politician, an actor trained to regurgitate scripted talking points.


“Doctor Tom Cowan” suddenly emerged from obscurity in the wake of the release of documentation demonstrating the virtual laundry list of side effects associated with Pfizer’s Covid-19 “vaccines” distributed and administered to the general public under the legal fig leaf of FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization. Recently, among a majority of those numbered among followers of the “alternative” media, Cowan has reached the status of a brave hero who dares to stand against the tyranny of the medical/pharmaceutical complex. Though his video presentations contain verifiable information concerning the Covid-19 “vaccines”, in sum total, much of Cowan’s information doesn’t differ from that which was published on this site concerning the perils of the pharmaceutical giant’s lethal and dangerous vaccine products well before the onslaught of the Covid-19 “pandemic”. Case in point: the following article published here in 2018.

SEE: CDC: Vaccines are designed to kill you

Regarding “Doctor Tom Cowan”, it is pertinent to point out that despite the fact his performances appear convincing, Cowan is, in fact, an actor. In addition to his robust posturing against the medical/pharmaceutical complex, Cowan has cast considerable doubt on the validity of “germ theory”. Despite articulating what have become socially unacceptable and even taboo opinions, opinions for which others not so highly promoted have been banned from social media platforms, his presence still persists untouched by You Tube and other platformed video formats, all of which are monitored and controlled by the Jesuit agents at CIA.

Why does Cowan remain untouched and unbanned by You Tube and other sites? Because his persona was designed as – what is termed in intelligence parlance – a honey pot operation. Personas such as “Doctor Tom Cowan” are set up and heavily promoted to algorithmically determine and target with propaganda those demographics among the general public who might be labeled “anti-vaxxers”, an imbecilic intelligence derived term that is perhaps even more insipid than the popular pejorative “conspiracy theorist”.

While examining the facial geometry of “Doctor Tom Cowan” in the following image, everyone will begin to notice the geometric structure and epidermal contours of the eyes look eerily familiar when compared to those of the Hollywood actor known as “Tom Hanks” (AKA Bill Murray/Chris Christie/Michael Rockefeller).

As well, when examined more closely, everyone will surely note the epidermal contours and geometrical structure of the respective ears, noses, and chins, are also remarkably similar if not identical. Notice also that, in the third image in succession, “Doctor Ton Cowan” is posed in a white lab coat with a stethoscope coiled around his neck, Hollywood-styled props which are designed to establish the fabricated character scheme’s credible image as a working medical professional and handsome amiable doctor who “cares” so much for the health and welfare of his clients. The revealing subject matter at the link to the following article concerning Hollywood actor “Tom Hanks” gives away key clues as to how fabricated character schemes – in addition to well utilized tools such as real-time motion capture and CGI layering/animation – are routinely modified from the host actor (live-action role player) using an artificial intelligence tool designed for facial modification and swapping. These same artificial intelligence-controlled tools were used to create yet another of Michael Rockefeller’s fabricated character schemes – Pfizer chief “Albert Bourla”.

SEE: https://people.com/tom-hanks-and-robin-wright-to-be-digitally-de-aged-in-upcoming-film-from-forest-gump-director/


Below: Doctor Tom Cowan, Tom Hanks


Handsome Friendly Doctor


In the following pair of images, everyone will notice – encircled in red marker – traces of epidermal scarring running parallel along the alignment of the respective lower lips and the identical geometrical contours of the bags situated under the respective eyes.


And – in the following series of images, everyone will also take note – again, encircled in red marker – the identical epidermal landmarks and the identical shape and contour of the respective bicuspid teeth in common between the host actor – Michael C. Rockefeller – and his fabricated character schemes, Hollywood actor “Tom Hanks” and “Doctor Tom Cowan”.


Handsome Friendly Doctor

It is no coincidence that, during the onslaught of the Covid-19 “pandemic”, the timing of Greek citizenship bestowed upon Hollywood actor “Tom Hanks” (AKA Michael Rockefeller/Bill Murray/Chris Christie/Doctor Tom Cowan) and the emergence of Pfizer executive “Albert Bourla” came to represent a rather curious but unmistakable chronological convergence. Upon further investigation, the nature of the fabricated character scheme’s Greek accent is an overly done affectation but nevertheless expertly mimicked by the modified host actor Michael Rockefeller (AKA Tom Hanks/Bill Murray/Chris Christie/Doctor Tom Cowan).

SEE: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-53554002

If examined more closely, the practiced eye will readily discern that nearly all of the public performances of Pfizer chief “Albert Bourla”, who, like “Tom Hanks, is a Greek citizen according to official biographies, are CGI-laden productions. This is why, oftentimes, the fabricated character scheme’s earlier performances shortly after “Albert Bourla” emerged into the public’s eye were riddled with noticeable glitches and technical snafus. While the majority of Bourla’s still images are well modified, one managed through extensive investigation to catch one specific image in particular which was not fully modified in post-production with photo shop. The pair of images observed posted immediately below, though inconspicuous but nevertheless discernable when examined much more closely, reveal an identically located epidermal landmark positioned just above the jawline in common between “Albert Bourla” and Hollywood actor “Tom Hanks” (AKA Michael Rockefeller/Bill Murray/Doctor Tom Cowan).



In the following series of images, everyone will also notice the identical epidermal landmarks and identical alignment, structure and shape of the respective bicuspid teeth in common between the host actor Michael C. Rockefeller and his fabricated schemes.


Handsome Friendly Doctor


It now becomes clear that Michael C. Rockefeller (AKA Tom Hanks/Bill Murray/Chris Christie/Doctor Tom Cowan/Albert Bourla) is being used by the Society of Jesus, the masters of psychological warfare in control of CIA, the international intelligence octopus, Hollywood, and Vatican City in Rome, who are working in conjunction with the Swiss banking consortium and Crown Templars in the City of London, as a vital but versatile role-playing component – in intelligence parlance, a “force multiplier” – to completely control both the MSM’s and the “alternative” media’s prevailing public narratives regarding the ongoing Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation.

17 thoughts on “‘Dead’ Rockefeller Resurrected Hollywood Star

  1. Congratulations to The Author for producing another mind boggling episode of brilliantly researched, factual reality

    Commiserations to myself for having been caught out by Dr Tom Cowan, despite having a nagging doubt regarding his demeaour which I could not shake off.

    My reply to this post isn’t to doubt or to question any authenticity as your research, backed always with links to information speaks for itself and should be held up as a shining example of how to deliver such, however I do have a couple of queries, both of which I am struggling to find answers to, which i cant be sure you’ll answer in certainty, but must ask due to hitting brick wall after brick wall with my own endeavours.

    My research has shown on many occasions that there is an amalgamation of the Royal and Papal, Black nobility bloodlines as you alude to with tge Windsor/Rockefeller/Rothschild etc…which poses the question …. are the Royals also character modification schemes ? Or are they the host actors ?
    Due diligence hasn’t provided me a character reference across both the Royals and ancient bloodlines regarding every character, of course this may be due to my not finding them, or perhaps they arent all, but I feel the prior will be the case.
    Either way it begs the first of my two questions.

    My second query and the hardest I’m sure to ascertain, be sure of, or even to be revealed if known is, the question of their aging.
    I feel sure The Author has, like myself, found the discrepancies in character ages spanning, for certain decades, but possibly even much larger time frames?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or findings regarding this most troublesome and perplexing of Mysteries. I have my own theories, none of which include cloning of man for which no real evidence exists ?
    Even breadcrumbs to follow in order to achieve such an informative goal would be like pure gold to one floundering for the truth.

    I appreciate your time taken to read and your correspondence to the same. Finally, please accept my deepest thanks and gratitude for all your work. It is always from the top shelf and unequalled in both quality and delivery.

    Kind Regards

    1. Regarding your first question – several members of European royal families have been modified into an array of fabricated characters which have been heavily promoted by the MSM – for example “Elon Musk” (AKA Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands) and his royal relative King Willem-Alexander (AKA Boris Johnson). The most recent example I’ve researched is Princess Mary of Denmark. During image comparison analysis, upon closer examination, it becomes possible to observe how each facet of her facial geometry has been manipulated and modified to obscure or distort the public’s ocular perceptions so that the host actor’s identity remains concealed behind the facade of the fabricated character scheme. As for your second inquiry, one can never rely on the veracity or accuracy of “official” biographical accounts, particularly those which include a DOB. Sources such as Burke’s peerage are likely to be more accurate regarding the latter. Extensive research indicates that, historically, a young live-action role player can always be better modified into a fabricated role requiring the portrayal of a media-driven character belonging to a more advanced chronological age. As detailed in the most recently published article concerning the Hollywood actor known as “Tom Hanks”, with the advent of motion capture, CGI – involving both real-time and post-production techniques – an actor can be readily backdated to portray a fabricated character with a more youthful profile. But let’s face it, in the final analysis, the degree to which these deceptions have been utilized still remains beyond the conception of a majority of the population.

      1. What do you think about Anthony Hopkins being a fabricated character of Guy Rothschild? And I’m curious about Baron Trump! Baron being a play on words. Baron is a rank of nobility or title of honor often hereditary. John D Rockefeller & Jacob Rothschild are the same!! And I want Trump to be Micheal Rockefeller that makes more sense to me. That he’s never not been in the White House with his many fabricated characters! Off subject, Tom Cruise & Keith urban the same! Katie Holmes & Nicole Kidman the same! Justin Bieber & the weekend the same! They both dated Selena Gomez!

  2. There’s no denying this! It was obvious to me when I saw the photo of Micheal Rockefeller & Tom Hanks. I was hoping Donald Trump & Micheal Rockefeller were the same person it makes sense to me so still trying to process it all 🙂 I just came across Dr Steven Greer & I believe this is another fabricated character of David Geffen. Thank you for your time & research once again. I think I have it all figured out & you throw me for a loop.

    1. No, there isn’t. Consider also the genealogical relations of Michael Rockefeller (AKA Tom Hanks/Chris Christie/Bill Murray/Doctor Tom Cowan) to the British royal family which confirm the “Rockefeller” surname is a pseudonym for the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Hanover/Rothschild).

      1. I’ve been investigating the Grimaldi family of Monaco for a long duration, and since then much of the necessary information to carry out a satisfactory investigation has been scrubbed. Not only that, but I couldn’t help but notice my articles have been shadow banned. They think that will suffice in discouraging or stopping me altogether – it won’t.

      2. But in an article you said trump was Micheal Rockefeller and you know I put it all on paper ( family tree) and that makes more sense to me. But I see the resemblance with Tom hanks

      3. In which case, allow me to clear up your confusion. In the article entitled FDR: America’s Royal Hollywood Fraud, I published the following findings: Donald Trump (AKA the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi of Monaco/Brian Williams/Martin Sheen), the son of Hollywood actress Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco (AKA former Cuban Premiere Fidel Castro). As you read in a more recent article, the “late” Michael Rockefeller was modified into several contemporary fabricated character schemes, including the Hollywood actor known as “Tom Hanks” (AKA former NJ governor Chris Christie/Bill Murray/Doctor Tom Cowan/Albert Bourla).

      1. Stay tuned – In my next article, I will demonstrate not only a connection between David Rockefeller Senior and a major player in the “alternative media”, but connections between David Rockefeller Junior, a dead SNL comedian, a washed-up Hollywood actor, and a “dead” man who once wrote a tome about a Pale Horse.

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