“Superman” Sharpton comes to rescue Sacramento

The tradition of using music and sports celebrities to star in mainstream media psychological operations continued in Sacramento, California recently, when a mayoral council meeting was ‘unexpectedly’ disrupted. But, once again folks, what the public saw was nothing more than masonic created theater at its most transparent and well, pathetic.

When observing the video provided as a visual aid to be found later on in this installment – at least to loyal readers of Newsspellcom.org who are no longer prone to the deceptions of mass media owned by the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families – one shall no doubt find the content resembling that of a comedy skit broadcast on Saturday Night Live.

After all, when one finally arrives at the epiphany televised mainstream news is in fact staged theater, then one has no choice but to laugh at the unintentionally comedic nature of it all.

Perhaps unsurprisingly too, one discovered host actors starring in this outrageous publicly staged spectacle, with the apparent participation and blessing of the Sacramento city council.

And for anyone familiar with pop culture and the world of sports, folks, you shall immediately recognize their names. This operation is but one more brick in the masonic wall of dividing the masses along racial lines in the hope of fomenting some sort of confrontation that would justify Martial Law.

Like the LA riots of decades ago, the purpose of such psychological operations is to spread the virus of chaos and fear, rendering the masses psychologically dependent upon a governing authority to mitigate crisis and deliver them to safety from enemies whether real or imagined.

Of course, the ruling elite Jesuit families who own the American media are hoping the masses will take the bait and begin to stir with agitation, preferably of the violent sort. But remember folks, that which is observed on mainstream news is merely a theatrical fabrication designed to induce one’s psychological concern and emotional participation.

Unfortunately, the ruling elites know they can bank on the fact most of the people still relying on mainstream sources of news will believe whatever propaganda the corporate network anchor persons happen to read to them from their teleprompter scripts, and that they will still find themselves persuaded in the perceived validity of whatever accompanying CGI images they observe reflected from their high definition television screens.

The good news is, a small but growing percentage have chosen to liberate themselves from such a prevailing and sinister dynamic.

Don’t take the bait folks, for as one of the ruling elite’s most famous puppets, ‘John Lennon’, once said, “Nothing is real, and it is nothing to get hung up about.”  Right away, when examining the details reported by mainstream news outlets in the case of “Stephon Clark” one noticed the ubiquitous masonic numerology markers. Indeed, this story, like all others reported by mainstream news and then later spun with various layers of reinforcing disinformation by so-called alternative news sources is a complete fabrication – yet another psychological tempest boiled in the tea pots of the nation’s masonic lodges. And in order to execute this operation, the masonic masters have employed some of their most trusted and high level puppets to portray key characters in carrying this absurd narrative along.

Added to this, is the requisite participation of the “Reverend” Al Sharpton, who, as a long time masonic puppet seems to only crawl out of his mouse hole when needed to either stoke or quell the fires of racial controversy and chaotic unrest. Be that as it may, Sharpton, like all the major characters presented in this nationally televised psychological operation, is portrayed by a most recognizable host actor, someone with whom the American people have grown very familiar.


When he does make an appearance in the public eye, Sharpton has proven skilled at delivering his scripted platitudes and exuding just the right frequency of cloying emotionalism and faux biblical sermonizing. His host actor is a well known television personality who has served his masters well, and continues to be rewarded with some of the most plum jobs in the television industry, whether it be as a television talk show host, narrator of television documentaries, and even mainstream news pundit.

While most here in the United States are well familiar with the “good” Reverend, most are not aware he is merely a well constructed, CGI derived character portrayed by a host actor, one who years ago was infamous for being embarrassed during a live documentary presentation on the mystery of Al Capone’s secret vault.

After an epically dramatic build-up informing the American public there may have been untold riches and valuable treasure stored within the vault, Geraldo Rivera feigned ‘shock’ to find the “secret” contents of the vault were stuffed with nothing other than worthless detritus and castoff debris.

Many fooled by this televised ruse subsequently thought the joke was on Rivera.

But they were wrong, because the object of the joke was the American people glued in front of their living room television sets waiting with bated breath for Rivera to deliver the exciting denouement.

Of course, to loyal readers of Newsspellcom.org, none of this will seem surprising after learning the date of the televised documentary was April 21, 1986 (21/12=777/joker in the deck laughs at you). And of course, Capone was yet another in a long line of historical boogeymen, a mere character in history’s grand stage play (See: Actor’s in history’s grand stage play part XV).

Yes folks, the “good” Reverend Al Sharpton is yet another shucking and jiving Vaudevillian character covered in CGI black face, a cruel hoax and psychologically manipulative spectacle at its most cynical, and perhaps worst of all, a grotesque insult to those of the African-American community. These days, he is often wheeled out like some museum curio for the American people to gawk at while the character spews his scripted propaganda composed by his Jesuit intelligence masters at CIA.

Nevertheless, now to an analysis of the bogus details proffered by the mainstream corporate media sorcerers in this absurd story of “Stephon Clark.”

Before taking that in-depth plunge, however, one feels it is necessary to digress and point out something pertinent regarding the targeted audiences for these scripted charades.

Demographically speaking, the major mainstream network executives, while sitting in their boardroom ivory towers, are nonetheless well aware of what predominant segment of the American population is most likely to not only tune in to watch the content presented, but how it is they are most likely to be emotionally effected by the content.

For example, during the postscript mainstream news reporting subsequent to the most recent presidential election, the viewership of FOX (666) – predominantly consisting of baby boomers and aging Generation Xers – was informed that Russian agents may have ‘hacked’ the election. Of course, the executives of FOX – knowing that the targeted generational demographics of their mainstream news programming were raised during the propaganda of the ‘cold war’ struggle between the USSR and USA  – thought the story would be widely believed.

And wouldn’t you know it folks, they were right.

Similarly, such stories as the Stephon Clark psychological operation prove most effective with the demographic of millennial ‘social justice warriors’ regularly tuning in to networks such as CNN. Therefore, the psychological narrative and emotional talking points are scripted accordingly for the purposes of maximizing ratings and advertising revenues.

“Stephon Clarke”

Per mainstream news reports, Stephon Clarke, 22 (masonic master builder) was shot and killed by Sacramento police in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18 (3 + 1 + 8 = 12/21/777/intelligence joker code) after being spotted by a patrolling police helicopter allegedly breaking car windows.

While Sacramento police spokespersons claim the responding officers testified to observing a firearm in the suspect’s possession, it turned out upon further investigation after the fact that Clark’s alleged gun was in fact a cell phone. The footage from the video claimed to have been retrieved from police cameras is murky and inconclusive, and upon further examination, it appears the audio of the gun fire has been added in post-production. In an effort by the mainstream media sorcerers to ramp up the melodrama, civil rights lawyer and family spokesperson Ben Crump, 44 (destruction code) raised the issue of the responding officers deactivating their communication devices shortly after the shooting incident, implying there may have been foul play.

It is noteworthy that the character of Crump also participated in the Treyvon Martin psychological operation back in 2012, and appears to be this generation’s equivalent to Johnny Cochran. The key clue in identifying the host actor behind the mask of Crump’s character came when one was informed the NBA’s Boston Celtics and other professional basketball teams were scheduled to emblazon Clarke’s name onto their uniforms ostensibly in protest of the Sacramento police and in support of Clarke’s surviving family. In connecting the dots, it is fair to assume this is indicative of Masonic solidarity, given both the police, David Stern and NBA franchise owners all belong to the international fraternity of the masonic brotherhood, and all sides are playing against the middle.

Clearly, with the NBA showing symbolic support for the Clarke family, this can only aid in the advancement of the divisive social and political agenda being generated by the “Stephon Clarke” psychological operation. This is representative of the alchemical, philosophical and occult process of population management known in high degree Freemasonry as Order (man’s artificial hegemony) out of Chaos (natural and organic, god ordained state of being). Regarding attorney at law Ben Crump, one should immediately recognize the host actor as a former all-star NBA player and a popular network sports commentator. Yes folks, one if referring to none other than Charles Barkley:

Sacramento city council gets an ‘unexpected’ visitor

Assuredly, even to those who find themselves predisposed in giving credence to whatever is observed through mainstream media sources, the content of the following video should appear to represent highly irregular circumstances. After all, in this day and age where the prevailing public perception persists that America is rife with violent and terrorist ridden danger, is it even remotely plausible that the alleged brother of Stephon Clarke would be allowed to march in unannounced to a city council meeting with no resistance and commence to cause utter mayhem?

One finds this not only unlikely but utterly absurd.

Given there were reportedly hosts of armed police outside the town hall building that evening sporting riot gear and automatic weapons, how was it Clarke’s brother was able to so easily slip inside and then so thoroughly disrupt the proceedings without even a whisper of resistance from some semblance of uniformed security? As one shall observe, not only does Clarke’s brother manage to thoroughly disrupt the meeting, but manages to hijack the proceedings to make what can only be construed as a chaotic public spectacle. Could it be, Clarke’s brother was an actor cast in a specific role as part of a psychological operation, and that not only were armed security told to stand down, but the city council and the mayor knew in advance what was to occur?

It can now be reported the host actor of the disruptive character was none other than “rapper” Lil Wayne. Of course, not only is this character infamous for creating some of the worst audio excrement it has been one’s displeasure to ever hear, but his performance in this scripted nonsense one finds to be quite juvenile and skirting the edge of incompetence. One has seen better performances from high school novices participating in their first productions of academy theater.

One wonders, was a more competent Hollywood actor such as Cuba Gooding  Junior not available that evening?

In any case, it becomes quite clear the ruling elites are becoming desperate in their quest to fulfill the ends of their social and political agenda, and one supposes at this point in time, with a greater percentage of the masses becoming cognizant of the true nature of these scripted charades broadcast by mainstream news corporations, the ruling elite families most likely figure any puppet will do in service to their sinister schemes.

But, one can take solace in the fact though the loyal readers of Newsspellcom.org may be amused by such spectacles, they are certainly not disposed to believing in their legitimacy.



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