On numerous occasions, verifiable facts regarding complete control over the narrative content reported by the MSM and “alternative” media by both the CIA and other departmental segments – Mossad/MI6/MI5/MI7 (AKA BBC) – of the Jesuit’s global intelligence octopus have been brought to light and exposed on this site.

The content found at the links to the following published articles serve to further bolster this premise.

SEE: https://www.cato.org/commentary/how-national-security-state-manipulates-news-media

The CIA used to infiltrate the media. Now the CIA is the media.

As the title of the article at the latter link to mronline.org posted above rightly points out, the Jesuit-controlled CIA not only routinely manipulates MSM narratives – including those related to the Covid-19 “pandemic” and to the present ongoing “war” in Ukraine – but it, in fact, exists as the media.

Furthermore, as everyone shall surmise from the content of the video excerpt posted immediately below, the MSM recently admitted that not only does it exist as nothing more than a propaganda vehicle planted with government stenographers/covert intelligence agents within its ranks and as a virtual promotional arm of the US corporate government, but it also routinely and deliberately peddles carefully tailored prevarications filtered through to them by covert agents of the CIA and from other alphabet styled agencies belonging to the so-called national security state.

Moreover, greater and in-depth research has now uncovered the identities of two additional counter-intelligence actors/agents working to promote various false MSM narratives in relation to the Covid-19 psychological operation while hiding in the guise of a pair of fabricated character schemes.

One of these actors – a popular Fox News anchor/commentator/host/personality – was previously identified in the role of CDC director “Rochelle Walensky”.

SEE: Unmasking ‘Rochelle’ & ‘Loren’ Walensky

Studio Portrait of Michelle Walensky in the photo department of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston Aug. 8, 2014.

Now, apparently, the host actor (live-action role player) identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Rochelle Walensky” has also been identified in portrayal of yet another though less well-publicized “doctor” working in the health/wellness industry.

In addition, as the title of this article suggests, the true face of the host actor/intelligence asset hidden behind the public portrayal of “Doctor Bryan Ardis” – best-known for his recent documentary on the “source” of “Covid-19” entitled “Watch the Water” hosted by controlled opposition agent Stew Peters – shall soon be unmasked, and he’s a well-known member of the British royal family who, not surprisingly, also appeared on the intelligence controlled Info Wars program hosted by none other than CIA controlled opposition agent “Alex Jones” (AKA Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleberg) .


Back in 2018, long before the onslaught of the Covid-19 “pandemic” began, this site was one of the first, if not the only source to detail the gross criminality of both the CDC and of BIG PHARMA, and to expose the lethal potential of vaccines. 

SEE: CDC: Vaccines are designed to kill you

For the purpose of shielding itself from criminal prosecution and legal accountability, the CDC utilizes fabricated character schemes portrayed by actors as public facades.

As most of those who frequent this site may recall, former CDC director “Robert Redfield” was discovered to be a fabricated character scheme portrayed by television actor/Hollywood director/producer Rob Reiner (AKA former US presidential candidate/”climate change” guru Al Gore) who, in 2012, also notoriously starred as the host actor behind the fabricated character scheme “Doctor Wayne Carver”, Newtown, Connecticut’s “medical examiner”.

It was also Reiner who once starred with Carol O’Connor (AKA Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye/Alger Hiss/Adolf Hitler/King Leopold III of Belgium) in the hit 1970’s television series All in the Family.

Expectantly and true to form, Redfield’s directorial successor at the CDC, “Rochelle Walensky”, was also discovered to be a fabricated character scheme, portrayed by a popular Fox News personality, Laura Ingraham. 

Now, however, comparative voice print analyses of the audio between the video excerpts displayed immediately above and below have helped to confirm, Fox News’s Ingraham has been busy playing another role, albeit one which is less high-profile than the CDC’s “Rochelle Walensky” – “Doctor Pamela Popper”. 

What is particularly fascinating and even intriguing about the fabricated character scheme known as “Doctor Pamela Popper”, is that, unlike the character of “Rochelle Walensky”, the facial geometry of the identified host actor (live-action role player), Fox News personality Laura Ingraham, doesn’t appear to have been hidden behind layers of strategically applied makeup, real time and post-production CGI rakes, and sophisticated lighting angles, which are all part and parcel of the vast production capabilities normally afforded to on-air talent employed by corporately owned MSM newsrooms as well as vital elements in the perpetration of Post-Modern Reality Simulation.

In fact, it does appear, for all intents and purposes, while assuming the character of “Doctor Pamela Popper”, the host actor’s natural facial geometry, including Laura Ingraham’s distinctive nasally toned voice, has been left completely unaltered.

One supposes, in an ironic sense, lacking the benefit of the suggestive psychological power of the Fox News logo and the benefit of the corporate network’s special television production effects, the execution of such perceptively transformative high-level sorcery becomes even better facilitated, enabling Laura Ingraham to appear as she naturally looks and sounds with only the thin facade of a badly conceived pseudonym hiding the host actor’s true identity.

In English Ordinal gematria, the letter of “p” is equivalent to the number of 16. When summed together, two P’s (16+16) are equivalent to the number of 32 or, when subjected to the occult law of mirrored reflection/ reversal, equal 2 3’s or the number of 33, the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. 

Additional facial recognition and image comparison analyses also confirms the identity of Fox News’s Laura Ingraham behind the portrayal of both fabricated character schemes known to the public as CDC Director “Rochelle Walensky” and “Doctor Pamela Popper”. 

Below, Doctor Pamela Popper, Laura Ingraham, Rochelle Walensky 

 But such a state of affairs represents the concept of occult/masonic duality in action.

While one fabricated character scheme, CDC director “Rochelle Walensky”, promotes the “safety” and efficacy” of BIG PHARMA’s “vaccines”, yet another portrayed by the identical host actor poses as a controlled-opposition agent designed to appear as an advocate of those among the general public scourged by the MSM as “vaccine hesitant”.

But deeper investigation into the stated health philosophies espoused by the organization/intelligence-controlled front to which “Doctor Pamela Popper” presides over as president – Wellness Forum Health – demonstrates the harboring of covert and possibly sinister motives.

As shall be shortly demonstrated, though the agendas of both “Rochelle Walensky” and “Doctor Pamela Popper” appear to diverge, in the case of the latter, appearances are deceiving and both, in fact, serve identical masters. 

Everyone will surely notice that, in the image of “Doctor Pamela Popper”, like “Rochelle Walensky” and her host actor Fox News personality Laura Ingraham, she is also fond of strategically wielding a symbolically phallic instrument while performing during public speaking engagements. 

This is the identical phallically symbolic imagery prominently featured in the three capitals which preside over the global system of prevailing governance, the identically shaped obelisks, as observed in the image posted below, erected in Washington D.C. (AKA the United States), at the Crown Temple in the City of London, and in Vatican City, controlled by the Society of Jesus and its Superior General (AKA Black Pope). 

download (1)[5260]   


According to their web page, published in the “About” section, the company mission statement of Wellness Forum Health states, “Our company has been in business since 1996 and offers a wide variety of services that promote health and better healthcare.”

SEE: https://wellnessforumhealth.com/about/about-wellness-forum-health/  

The company also claims to be involved with Informed Medical Decision Making, a digitally oriented information collection/storage facility developed and trademarked by a Boston-based non-profit organization called Foundation for Informed Medical Decision-Making Inc or IMDM.

At a website entitled healthwise.org, the digitized process of IMDM is described in greater detail.

Apparently, under the subtitle of “Your Content + Ours,” Informed Medical Decision-Making “Seamlessly integrates and displays your own organization-specific content with our health information in English and Spanish – including text, video, and images – on websites, social media, mobile apps, or health campaigns.” 

SEE: https://www.healthwise.org/solutions/digital-experiences.aspx  

Further explanation continues under the subtitle of “A Healthier Tomorrow – Build for Better Engagement”: “Transform casual visitors into committed customers with an extensive online health encyclopedia that features interactive tools, a comprehensive symptom checker, informative illustrations, and compelling videos that keep people engaged. Give your users trusted and unbiased health information designed for the new digital world…”

Sounds benign enough, right?

Contrarily, on the other hand, the process of Informed sounds like digitized entrapment, an informational drag net, a personal/health information warehouse deliberately set up to remain open and vulnerable to malfeasant and criminal privacy intrusiveness.  

In other words, the process of IMDM TM works much like social media, as a virtual storage platform for health related and other personal information which, while voluntarily, freely, and blissfully provided by customers/visitors, could also be freely accessed, through digital applications, at the flick of a mere keystroke by government organizations, prospective employers, law enforcement, and nefarious Jesuit-controlled intelligence agencies such as NSA, CIA, and FBI, agencies which may want to investigate which segments of the population have consented to accept Covid-19 “vaccines” and to better and more thoroughly identify whom could be listed among those dubbed “vaccine hesitant”. 

The informative and more revealing content located at yet another site, aha.org, underscores and confirms, albeit unwittingly, the potentiality for unfettered informational privacy intrusiveness built into the digital platform developed by Boston’s Foundation for Informed Medical Decision-Making.

“The Informed Medical Decisions Foundation supports research projects on shared decision making at both primary and specialty care demonstration sites across the United States. In addition, the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation: (1) facilitates a learning community, (2) provides patient surveys to help evaluate decision aids and their impacts, (3) provides access to a ‘secure’ online data warehouse to capture patient survey data and (4), performs data analyses on survey process measures.”

Everyone surely noticed the term “warehouse” is used to describe IMDF as a digital informational storage platform.

Warehouses, especially ones of a virtual/digital nature, can be broken into and things stolen from them by cyber criminals who, in turn, will sell, i.e., “share”, that information to third parties – Fortune 500 and pharmaceutical companies, for example – willing to pay a premium in order to further tweak their advertising/marketing demographics to achieve greater levels of quarterly profitability.  

Not only this, but the content at aha.org further amplifies, “The Informed Medical Decisions Foundation has developed several tools to facilitate the shared decision-making model at its demonstration sites. The decision-making aids are presented in the form of text, graphics, video, personal stories, and more.”

“Personal stories”?

It seems, the digital/virtual process of IMDM all-too-closely resembles the modern-day version of a church-oriented confessional booth where people foolishly spill their guts to doctors and medical health “experts”, those – such as the “sainted” “Doctor Anthony Fauci” – who’ve been exalted as 21st century priests of “science”. 


Gematria analysis of “Doctor Pamela A. Popper” (AKA Laura Ingraham/”Doctor Rochelle Walensky”), the name of the fabricated scheme and president of Wellness Forum Health, sums to 210 in English Ordinal and 93 in Full Reduction. Both of those cyphers, in turn, reduce to the number of 3. Respectively, in Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction, “Doctor Pamela A. Popper” sums to 303 and 96, both of which can be further reduced to the number of 6. When each of these four cyphers are aligned, they sum to 3 6’s or 666.

While scrolling through the “Our Staff” section of the website at wellnessforumhealth.org, everyone will notice the following published under the subtitle of “Julie Holbrook, Dietician and Manager”: “Her work is focused on helping members transition to a plant-based lifestyle.” 

According to meticulousblog.org, two of the top ten companies in the “plant-based” food market are Beyond Meat Inc. and Impossible Foods Inc.

Further research into the plant-based food market reveals that both companies specialize in the manufacturing, marketing, and selling of meat substitutes. According to consumerfreedom.com, there are five chemicals lurking in plant-based meats. As the subheading of the article also points out, “Veggie burgers don’t grow in the ground. They’re made in factories.” The five chemicals in plant-based foods include Tertiary butylhydroquinone or TBHQ, “a synthetic preservative that prevents discoloration in processed foods. The FDA limits the amount of TBHQ allowed in foods because studies of laboratory animals has found an association with TBHQ and cancer.”

According to consumerfreedom.com, plant-based foods also include magnesium carbonate. Not only is this chemical used in foods to retain color, but it is also “used in flooring, fireproofing, and fire-extinguishing compounds.”

Also, according to the article published at consumerfreedom.com, the three other chemicals routinely used in the manufacturing of “plant-based foods” are just as potentially dangerous when consumed by humans.

“Erythosine (Red #3) is an artificial food coloring. The FDA banned the use of Red #3 in products such as cosmetics in 1990 after high doses of the substance were linked to cancer. But it can still be used in foods like fake meat.”

“Propylene glycol is an odorless, colorless liquid used as a moisturizer. It’s also used as a liquid in e-cigarettes and is the primary ingredient in antifreeze.”

“Ferric orthophosphate, also called iron phosphate, is used to fortify foods. It can also be used as a pesticide to kill slugs and snails.” 

But wait, there’s still more alarming information which has been discovered regarding the toxic ingredients contained in “plant-based foods”. 

According to yet another article published back in 2013 at peacefuldumpling.com, an additional “mystery ingredient hiding in Vegan processed foods” is Methylcellulose.

“Derived from cellulose (used to make paper and cardboard),” author Jessica Ferguson goes on to report that methylcellulose is also “used as an emulsifier, thickener, and even a laxative. It is a vegan and vegetarian alternative to gelatin. Methylcellulose is found in shampoos, toothpastes, and mortar.” 


One of the largest investors in Beyond Meat Inc. is Cascade Investment, L.L.C, which, according to Wikipedia, “is an American holding company and private investment firm headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, United States. It is controlled by Bill Gates and managed by Michael Larson.”

Beyond Meat Inc., Wikipedia goes on to report, is one of Cascade’s most notable recent investments.

SEE: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascade_Investment 

As everyone can surely observe, while “Rochelle Walensky” (AKA Fox News’s Laura Ingraham) tirelessly promotes the “safety and “efficacy” of BIG PHARMA’s lethal “vaccines”, from what superficially would appear to be a philosophically polar opposite public position, “Doctor Pamela A. Popper” (AKA Fox News’s Laura Ingraham) promotes human consumption of “plant-based foods”, which, as it turns out, are just as lethally poisonous and dangerously jeopardizing to human health.


“Doctor Bryan Ardis” has recently appeared out of obscurity to become a nearly ubiquitous media presence. His video production, entitled “Watch the Water”, has been heavily promoted and even heralded by nearly all “alternative” media outlets.

But further investigation into “Doctor Bryan Adris” has uncovered several indications he is a controlled opposition/Jesuit-trained counter-intelligence agent and a fabricated character scheme portrayed by a British royal rather thinly disguised by a torturously affected southern inflected American accent and customized eyewear designed to lend an air of intellectual gravitas and professional expertise to public appearances and featured interviews.

For those who frequently visit this site, it shall become apparent that the timing of the appearance of “Doctor Bryan Ardis” onto the world’s stage all-too conveniently coincides with several emerging factors regarding the Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation.

For one, to distract the public away from recognizing the discovery of indestructible nano bits of graphene oxide as a key ingredient delivered into the human anatomy by the Covid-19 “vaccines”, a toxic and carcinogenic substance known to have lethal effects upon the human immune, bloodstream, cardiovascular, myocardial, and cerebral systems.

Secondly, the purpose of the sudden emergence of “Doctor Bryan Ardis” in the public’s eye is to further deter the growing awareness of the mind-bogglingly criminal content published in Pfizer’s recently released documentation detailing a virtual laundry list of life-threatening side effects which were known before-the-fact and are directly associated with and related to the US corporate government’s mandated administration of Covid-19 “vaccines” as a means to implement the Sustainability (AKA depopulation) Goals of the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030/2050.

But most of all, “Doctor Bryan Ardis” has appeared to help fortify the myth of the existence of “Covid-19” as a transmissible virus, despite the FDA’s documented confession no such “virus” has ever been quantifiably isolated under laboratory conditions. Added to this, considerable reasonable doubt was cast on the “scientific” veracity of “Germ Theory” in a recent article published on this site, the link to which is posted immediately below.  

SEE: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download

Robert Malone: Another Hollywood Doctor 

Extensive research has also made lucidly clear, behind the sudden emergence of the fabricated character scheme known as “Doctor Bryan Ardis” covertly lies the sinister objective of further propping up the fear ridden public’s uniform but misguided belief in “Germ Theory”.

Undoubtedly, fulfillment of this paramount objective was heavily underscored as an operational imperative during the official intelligence briefings given to “Doctor Bryan Ardis” by his Jesuit masters at CIA.

As has been accentuated in several articles published on this site, “Germ Theory” represents the foundational entirety of the philosophical and “scientific” basis for the profit model which was utilized to establish the inception of what came to be known as the corporate pharmaceutical/medical complex in the early to mid-twentieth century.

It should also be noted, “Doctor Bryan Ardis” is an advocate of monoclonal antibodies as a treatment for Covid-19.

Merely a cursory glance at the list of top pharmaceutical giants manufacturing monoclonal antibodies should give anyone pause when considering the authenticity and veracity of any such suspicious information emanating from “Doctor Bryan Ardis”.

According to thomasnet.com, Roche Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Roche, headquartered in Switzerland, is at the top of the list as a manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies, followed, according to another article published at fiercepharma.com, by the criminal corporate pharmaceutical cartels known as GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, and Lily.    

Referring to the audio of the video excerpt displayed immediately above, everyone surely noticed Ardis’s frequent mention of snakes in connection to the emanation of Covid-19 as well as his reference to a Chinese scientist named “Bing Liu”.

Ardis’s reference to snakes is an occult allusion to the ouroboros, which is also symbolically synonymous with the number of 888, or the triple infinity loop.

The name of “Bing” sums to 32 in English Ordinal, a sum which, when subjected to the occult law of mirrored reversal, also equals 23 or 2 3’s/33, the highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry.  


As for the results of a gematria analysis of “Doctor Bryan Ardis”, that name sums respectively to 186 and 78 in English Ordinal and in Full Reduction while, in Reverse Ordinal and Reverse Full Reduction, the name respectively sums to 246 and 102. The former cyphers reduce to 6, while the latter pair of sums both reduce to 3. When aligned in combination, each of these cypher reductions appear as 3 6’s or 666, just as everyone observed in the case of “Doctor Pamela A. Popper”.


One should certainly think not.     

According to a physician profile listed at medicalcare.com, Ardis’s “primary practice is as a Chiropractor”, working out of an office building located at “1103 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy Maryville, TN, 37804.”

Turns out, “Doctor Bryan Ardis” is nothing more than a modern-day quack, a con man snake oil salesman styled after the notorious historical personage of William Avery Rockefeller.

Turns out, as well, there exists every good reason to suspect this is so, because the surname of “Rockefeller” has proved to be yet another historically fabricated family pseudonym synonymous with the British royal family – House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (AKA Windsor/Rothschild) – from which the host actor identified in portrayal of Ardis’s fabricated character scheme genealogically derives.

A pdf document published in 2008 by the Tennessee State Board of Chiropractic Examiners cites the following licensing violation for Bryan R. Ardis, Frisco TN: “Failed to properly maintain or submit sufficient continuing education credits. Assessed $600 dollars in civil penalties; must provide proof of twenty-four (24) of continuing education credits by the end of the calendar year.” 

SEE: https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/health/dar/DAR_november_2008.pdf 


Below: David de Rothschild, Harry, Duke of Sussex, Doctor Bryan Ardis

NOPLUNN3KZU454JKOWEV4BS4YA[5248]images (2)[5244]images[5243] 

Extensive ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analyses indicate “Doctor Bryan Ardis” is a fabricated character scheme modified from another fabricated character scheme known as “David de Rothschild”.

Furthermore, additional facial recognition and image comparison analyses confirms both “David de Rothschild” and “Doctor Bryan Ardis” possess a common host actor (live-action role player) hidden behind the respective masks of their manufactured public personas – Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry, of course, is the spouse of the Hollywood derived fabricated character scheme known to the public as “Meghan Markle” (AKA Princess Beatrice Borromeo/Grimaldi of Monaco/US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/AOC), a genealogical/family relation of the “late” Prince Stefano Casiraghi Grimaldi (AKA former NBC news anchor Brian Williams/Joe Biden/Donald Trump/Martin Sheen/James Dean/George W. Bush).

As most who visit this site may recall, Prince Harry’s elder brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, was identified as the live-action role player behind the strategically applied latex mask of the fabricated character scheme known as CNN news anchor “Brian Stelter”.

Prince William’s spouse, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Sussex, was also identified as the hidden face behind the television persona of CNBC news correspondent “Nicole Lapin”.   

Royal Duchess Meghan Completely Unmasked

CNN & Stelter’s Royal Swindle

Below: Doctor Bryan Ardis, David de Rothschild, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

images (3)[5246]NOPLUNN3KZU454JKOWEV4BS4YA[5248]images (1)[5245]  

It is also noteworthy that both “David de Rothschild” and “Doctor Bryan Ardis” have made appearances on Info Wars, hosted by Alex Jones (AKA Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berlegurg), which is nothing more than a scripted theatrical showcase for the promotion of CIA/Jesuit controlled and trained intelligence assets/controlled opposition/counter-intelligence assets. 

It is also telltale that, when descrambled, the name of “Ardis” spells out Sadir which, in turn, when said aloud phonetically, sounds equivalent to the word Satyr, the Greek mythological creature which, according to Oxford’s online dictionary, is formally defined as “one of a class of lustful, drunken woodland gods. In Greek art they are represented as a man with a horse’s ears and tall, but in Roman representation as a man with a goat’s ears, tall, legs, and horns.”

In the final succession of images posted immediately above, Harry, Duke of Sussex can be observed demonstrating the occult hidden hand, a masonic symbolism, as demonstrated in the image posted below, which has been repeatedly displayed by other major figures of historical renown. 

images (4)[5258]


Pertinent to Jesuit/CIA control of the MSM, it should also be duly noted, the CDC has its own intelligence service, EIS or Epidemic Intelligence Service which, according to Wikipedia, “was organized on September 26, 1951, with the purpose,” it is claimed, “of investigating outbreaks that are beyond the control of state and local health departments, enforcement of interstate quarantine regulations, and providing epidemic aid at the request of state health agencies. The Epidemic Intelligence Service’s first staff members consisted of 21 medical officers from the U.S. Public Health Service.” 

Everyone surely noticed the presence of the number of 21 or 777, the infamous Alistair Crowley’s intelligence joker code.

Suffice to say, the preceding information serves to further bolster the premise that the CDC’s “Rochelle Walensky” (AKA Fox News’s Laura Ingraham/Doctor Pamela A. Popper) and “Doctor Bryan Ardis” (AKA Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, David de Rothschild) are well-trained intelligence assets/fabricated character schemes strategically deployed to aid the Jesuit order’s ongoing execution of the global Covid-19 “pandemic” psychological operation and to help manipulate the perceptions of the general public into ultimately accepting the eventual and full implementation of the UN’s Agenda 2030/2050.    

6 thoughts on ““Doctor Ardis” is a Royal Snake

  1. I’m seeing silicone hoods everywhere now with integrated hair-pieces. An obvious example is this video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/o4AKNOBN9OzE/
    Dr. Bryan Ardis Issues Venom Theory Update

    Look at the interviewer on full screen. Then look under the eyelids and it is obviously a mask. In the “Watch the Water” interview one can clearly see that “Stew Peters” is also wearing a rubber face. Look at the eyelids and then where the mask overlaps with the ears.

    I would mention that Jesus Almighty requires the vermin to inform us of their machinations and therefore do not entirely discount the venom theory. The water weapon is real: http://neworleans.indymedia.org/news/2007/05/10214.php

    1. I believe those to be astute observations, particularly concerning the controlled opposition agent Stew Peters. Regarding the performances of “Doctor Bryan Ardis”, upon repeated observations and audio analysis, it can be safely concluded, the actor portraying Ardis is rather thinly disguised. Not only that, but Ardis’s speech patterns sound highly stilted, almost as if the actor is straining to make more than a genuine effort to subdue the natural accent/speech dialect to which he’s most accustomed. Regarding Ardis’s claims concerning public water supplies, the routine chemical poisoning of municipal water supplies in America and elsewhere while processed through treatment plants has been going on for decades. I believe his claim concerning “venom” was primarily in relation to a toxic adjuvant used in the production of the pharmaceutical known as Remdesivir, the dangers of which one has previously detailed in more than one article published here, on this site.

  2. Love your articles. Lots to go through.

    Randomly looked up the bill hicks/cia mouthpiece/prince guy to see his face as the prince as I hadn’t heard that before. Wow.

    His brother Prince Hubertus zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg looks a hell of a lot like Reiner Fuellmich.

    1. Thanks for visiting and for commenting. Although I have yet to look into the latter case, he undoubtedly appears to be a fabricated character scheme posed as a controlled opposition agent.

      1. You bet, it’s a strange world we live in. I have more questions than answers with all this I guess.

        While it’s clearly real, there is also more research would be needed that I won’t be taking the time to do.

        Like verifying as many witness accounts of where and when these people are… Some of them, when it comes to movies for example seem way to busy for it to be feasible.

        Any ideas on how they adjust the voices? Especially with singers? I’ve read a few ideas but curious your thoughts.

        And I did a face blend thing with the prince and reiner. I’d bet anything he’s the actor behind that psyop. Eyes, nose, lips, smile lines.. They all lined up. I took a vid of it.

      2. Thanks for once again visiting and commenting. Happy to hear you’re endeavoring to begin your own research into the phenomenon of Post-Modern Reality Simulation. Many of these performers are members of the elite thirteen families. They are identified at an early age as artistic prodigies and sent to the finest performing arts schools in the world both to learn and to fully develop their craft. As for the voices, there are a variety of post-production techniques utilized, but in still other cases, a vocal technique known as vocal sub harmonics is being utilized to change not only the pitch, but the very character and color of the voice.

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