Now that a growing percentage of the American population have caught on to the mainstream media’s actor based reality, the elites have decided to wisely change up their game. Sites such as have performed the yeoman duty of informing the public of the simulated nature of mainstream media promoted terror hoaxes.

But the ruling elites, using Google, social media platforms, law enforcement fusion centers, and armies of internet trolls, continue to perform their best in attempting to silence those loudly sounding the alarm of truth.

In a cowardly effort to expunge freedom of speech, these treacherous and pusillanimous puppets of the ruling elite families, while hiding behind their computer monitors under ridiculously transparent pseudonyms, have now stooped to labeling any alternative narrative to mainstream propaganda as ‘fake news’.

Surely, the irony is lost on them.

For, such Orwellian tactics only serve to underscore the deceptively weak political and philosophical position of their elite masters. However, the prevalent nature of CGI in the public presentation of these government sponsored crisis management emergency drills is also indicative of the direction the ruling elites wish for humanity to travel, in that reality is quickly merging with virtual reality, such that soon, the general public will be unable to discern the difference. The implications of this are truly staggering, and stand to distort human perception to unprecedented degrees. 

Your nightly mainstream news, whether it be CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other corporate owned networks, is the product of illusory sight and sound, or as Shakespeare would have put it in Macbeth, full of sound and fury-signifying nothing. And lately, with the occurrence of this latest mass casualty crisis drill, this fact has become terribly transparent to anyone with any degree of rational discernment still intact.

Media trickery and skewing human perception with smoke and mirrors is nothing new. Long ago, the billionaire press baron William Randolph Hearst, portrayed by Orson Welles in Citizen Kane as a satirical commentary on acquisitive society, would create scandals out of whole cloth and instruct his editors in every major American city to present the fabricated stories as absolute gospel truth. These sorts of media fabrications were evident in the dialogue when Charles Foster Kane orders one of his minions dispatched to Cuba, “You supply the pictures, I’ll supply the war.”

In addition to becoming perhaps the greatest example of twentieth century American cinema, Citizen Kane, like 1984 and Brave New World, in retrospect seems to represent a comparable harbinger of nefarious things to come. Ironically, in posing himself not as a man of the people but a man for the people, Kane abused the trust and the very essence of the social compact he claimed he had sworn to uphold. In the end, Welles’ conception of the character of Kane was not a man at all, but a child seeking mass approval to compensate for his overwhelming sense of matriarchal and parental abandonment. Be that as it may, it could be argued current latter day press magnates such as Rupert Murdoch and his fellow ilk represent real life examples of the fictional Charles Foster Kane-members of the elite clan, who while subjugating the minds of the public with egregious psychological operations, secretly wish to be adored and even worshiped.

Indeed, media fabrications, whether to serve political agendas, or simply to improve mass circulation, are not a novel concept, and such shenanigans undoubtedly began taking place shortly after the invention of the printing press. With monopolization of each technological advance over the centuries, and even within the past few decades, the elite ruling families have sought not to liberate or improve the overall lot of their fellow man, but to ultimately and completely subjugate them with an enduring and systematic slavery.

In fact, unbeknownst to the general pubic, this systematic and total subjugation is just now in the 21st century coming to fruition. Only now, with the advent of artificial intelligence and rapid advances in computer generated imaging, the scale of trickery on the part of the mainstream media sorcerers has exponentially grown to unprecedented levels. When it comes to nationally promoted mass casualty crisis events however, it is becoming no longer necessary to place ads on Craigslist for crisis actors or to photo shop pictures applied with aliases to create what are termed victim simulations. Perhaps some years ago, as recently as a decade, such a possibility seemed thoroughly theoretical.

But, that is no longer the case. Artificial intelligence is now being used on a mass scale to shape human consciousness and perception.

With constant innovations in CGI software capabilities, it will be possible to not only rewrite history, but alter it completely and in real time. It may be safe to conclude, humanity, with increased speed, is entering the post-history and post-truth era. Of course, one of the obvious advantages in creating crisis victim simulations through artificial intelligence is eliminating the possibility of tracing any genuine pedigree or personal information back to a genuine source or a live host actor. With the advances in artificial intelligence, all that is necessary for a victim simulation to appear publicly legitimate is to pair the simulation with an actual live actor either coerced or claiming to pose as a surviving friend or family member.

To the unpracticed eye, the pictures, or even video produced with advanced digital video morphing accompanying the mainstream media’s official narrative and report will appear to be legitimate. Perhaps, the ramifications of the growing predominance of artificial intelligence will be felt more broadly than that of just the general public’s inability to any longer discern between what is real or fake. One can only speculate what havoc will be wrought by black market criminals armed with an array of artificial intelligence tools in tandem with their usual ingenious and innovative ability to scheme new and improved methods to scam the public, to say nothing of the implications on the growing market of identity theft. So to, Hollywood may find itself at somewhat of a disadvantage in preventing the sale of black market versions of major studio films altered with artificial intelligence to the particular tastes of a certain international market or demographic without any way to track royalty payments to major studios, actors, managers and agents.



Nvidia is an American technology company established in 1993 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Primarily, it specializes in the production of computer graphics processing units or what is termed GPU for video games. However, as recently as 2014, the company shifted its commercial focus onto the production of artificial intelligence. Most interestingly, the company moniker is derived from Greek mythology, from the name Invidia adopted by the Romans for the ancient goddess Nemesis. In Latin, Invidia is the source of envy.

More interesting still, the vice of envy has been historically associated with that of witchcraft and spell magic. As with everything the ruling elites oversee, the occult seems to occupy a ubiquitous presence. The GPU’s produced by the company have been increasingly utilized with artificial intelligence, accelerated analytics and ‘deep learning’. The concept of deep learning concerns the process of training machines to simulate the neural activity of the human brain, so that they might someday become capable of thinking on their own. Through the process of deep learning the company has been able to produce what is known as ANN’s or artificial neural networks. Various biological brain mapping techniques have enabled the artificial neural networks to be constructed in the same layered fashion one would find in a human brain, and the company claims that perhaps someday, tasks such as vision, image and speech recognition, and even language processing will be performed by artificial intelligence just as well, if not better, than a biological human would.

That day, some boldly speculate, may arrive sooner than anticipated.

The fact that large sums of capital are being invested in the development of artificial intelligence is not coincidental or accidental, nor can it be described as some fantastical ‘conspiracy theory’. One shall recall from a previous installment (See: Vegas shooting hoax: the real story) I proffered the thesis that with the accelerated development of artificial intelligence, the ruling elite families will soon no longer require the economic servitude of entire swaths of the global proletariat. No longer will they require workers to man the machines in their production factories, nor will they need human administrators to manage such facilities when artificial intelligence can fulfill these functions more efficiently and cost effectively, thus greatly expanding their profit margin, even with a severely reduced global human population.

However, in order to bring this eventuality forward more quickly, the ruling elites overarching plan is for human consciousness to merge with artificial intelligence. If the words of Google spokespersons combined with statements of a similar nature made by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Space X luminary Elon Musk prove legitimate, the true purpose of social media combined with digital computation platforms is to analyze and collate patterns of human behavior so that human consciousness and artificial intelligence can come together in some merger of mutual benefit. But one senses those assurances merely serve as a thin veil to conceal the true agenda of their ruling elite Jesuit masters. One surmises that humanity will not, in the end, benefit from such a merger. Speculatively,  are there fatal consequences to consider, or are such speculations the product of Luddite paranoia?

What if, for example, after this merger of collective human consciousness is achieved, and the AI has determined the learning process in credibly simulating humanity has reached an apex, will the artificial simulation decide the presence of the actual human host is no longer required?

Indeed, what then? Once the proverbial genie emerges from the bottle, will there be anyone around to dispense it back again? Will there be anyone around to pull the plug should any catastrophic scenario emerge?

From a larger perspective still, is this part of the elite’s genocidal plan, per the UN mandated Agenda 21, to reduce the human population from over seven billion to just under five-hundred million? Perhaps, folks, the ruling elites don’t plan on pulling the plug at all.

Follow the money

Who are the major stockholders of Nvidia? Indeed, what specific financial entities are making colossal investments into the mass development of Artificial Intelligence? Some of those among the uninitiated arriving at for the first time, are perhaps bewildered that they would find information bolstering the argument that indeed, multi-national corporations not only compete within the realm of certain commercial markets, but on a higher level not generally known to the public, may be conspiring with one another towards the achievement of a collective political, social and economic agenda. Turns out, the pair of largest stockholders in Nvidia are Vanguard Group and BlackRock Inc., corporate monikers one shall certainly recognize from previous installments (See again: Vegas shooting hoax: the real story)  involved with substantial investments in the production of brain mapping body scanners.

Hopefully, by now, regular visitors to, are starting to gain a clearer vista into the monstrous conspiracy intent on undermining the longevity and hegemony of human life on this planet. Perhaps some would consider this overly theoretically speculative, but one has considered that the ruling elite Jesuit families, as evidenced by the tales told in their published history books of ancient Egyptian pharaohs seeking immortality, have finally found the magic elixir in artificial intelligence that will finally allow them to eclipse what they have so long sought.

While their media puppets such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Michio Kaku extol the virtues of a merger between artificial intelligence and human consciousness, the larger implications and true agenda shall continue to go largely unaddressed, that is, unless one continues to visit this blog to get the real news.

In conclusion, the ruling elites, through their corporate mouthpieces, shall soon appear to dangle the carrot of immortality in front of the masses. But, don’t be surprised when humanity’s collective hand greedily reaches out to grasp it, the seemingly wholesome carrot turns out to be a poison apple that could lead to its ultimate demise.






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