I apologize in advance for the tone. But in a jaded and increasingly cynical age, when attention spans are shorter than the last television commercial, one finds such an approach is sometimes necessary!


Did that get your attention, perhaps rupture your social media womb long enough to face some reality? It is high time for humanity to reconsider history, to reconsider what they’ve been told to believe by politicians, priests, and professors, for they have fed you falsehoods, existing for no other purpose, than to solicit your willing submission to their authority without protest. Why do you continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans with nothing more to offer than carrying out the shopworn divide and conquer agenda of the elite bankers housed at the Crown Temple in London?

Exploitation is the elites stock-in-trade, formulating scenarios of hope soon degenerating into frantic states of manic depressive sorrow. Why do you think most of the fading baby boom generation, and the now middle-aged Generation X, are among the leading consumers of pharmaceuticals?

Keeping the masses in a constant emotional state of panic and fear makes them much easier to hold under crushing boot. Those of the so-called middle-class, are you really free when demanded to pay increasingly higher taxes, car payments, mortgages, no matter the ideology of the ruling administration in Washington? You may think you own something, but you don’t, the bankers own everything, including those politicians in whom you’ve made grossly ill-advised emotional investments. Why do you continue to bow, support, even cheer, and provide one shred of credence to an enthroned group of pretenders given the legal but unlawful right to call themselves presidents and prime ministers, when the inherent power to govern yourselves is well within your grasp?

That’s okay, scoff, huff, and click off the page, returning to something that satisfies your own petty desires, because that’s probably all you care about anyway, right! Go ahead, watch CNN, FOX, or some other mainstream ‘news’ that will spoon feed reality to you like dosages of pablum.

Many shall surely scoff at the conclusions reached here.

Though this may be the final installment of this particular series of posts (*), that by no means entails any degree of closure. The elite Crown Temple bankers shall continue to exploit the hopes and dreams of the masses, and the people will continue to react with passive acceptance. The ramifications of the information about to be divulged are shockingly tragic, tragic in the sense so many could be fooled for so long. Understanding the nuances of this story, accompanied by the historical backdrop previously provided in the first two installments, is key in deciphering how it is the elites, the Rothschild’s, and their Crown Temple banking minions, maintain their stranglehold over the masses. This, they do, with the systematic creation of historical myths, myths offering hope to the downtrodden, offering transcendence, salvation from the mundane boredom of lives in the throes of quiet desperation, only to later pull the rug out from under.

And why, one might ask, is this systematically done throughout history?

It is done, because the elites possess keen insights into mass human psychology; a narcissistic population constantly distracted and preoccupied with emotionalism, one lacking a penchant for logical and analytical faculties, are far easier to manipulate, and ultimately govern. Again and again, throughout history, they offer the unwashed masses heroic figures to worship and admire; JFK, RFK, MLK, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc. All of these had one thing in common, they were mythological constructs, created, supported, and funded, installed into place by the elite bankers. So it was, with the creation of Diana, the people’s princess. For a time, she represented a shining beacon, a distracting focal point to keep the masses in thrall to a cult of personality, while behind the scenes, the elites were casting spells, spells that would once again create order out of chaos. Her brief period of mass popularity must be put into context. During this period of time in Britain, the economy was on the skids, with tens of thousands unemployed and unable to find gainful employment, with many of the country’s public services – gas, water, electricity – sold into the hands of private interests.

What better way to pacify the growing disaffected, than to offer a shining princess, a beacon of symbolic hope to pierce the prevailing gloom?

Of course, the media sorcerers, owned and operated by the Rothschild’s, and their Crown Temple banking friends, never bothered to inform the public their country was literally being sold down the Thames. Meanwhile, many thousands of tax burdened, nearly homeless and starving masses swooned over the beautiful princess as she pranced around damask-decked Buckingham palace in her flowing silk gowns.

From the beginning, a meticulously crafted story line was constructed for the character chosen to play the public role of Diana. She was an elite debutante, sold as a modern day Cinderella, swept off her feet by Prince Charles, and summarily donned with supernatural glass slippers.

To many, Diana represented a demigoddess, but, she was not who one thought, for she was merely an actress and, as so many of her ilk had before, she was merely appointed to portray a scripted role.

The history of the royal family is thought to be known to many.

And yet, the public sees only what the media sorcerers want them to see, or to put it more accurately, the people only see what they allow themselves to see. Many, one suspects, subconsciously realize their closely guarded perceptions of this world fully consist of lies derived from the mealy mouths of egregious liars. But, to contemplate the extent of those lies, and the scope of their inherent ramifications, would require too much attention, or, perhaps, considering the inconceivable is too great a psychological burden. For, if most ever considered the extent of the grand illusion, that grotesquely false perception of artificial reality, force fed and instilled from infancy, they would shrink in fear, horrified to find the life they thought they knew, torn asunder into shredded tatters.


To demonstrate more fully the recording of history is nothing more than a magic trick, enacted to transform the perceptions and consciousness of humankind, we shall once again delve into other examples of elite deception. The history of the British monarchy is riddled with clever deceptions involving sleight of hand, and outright faking of deaths. One analyzes patterns in the telling and retelling of history, the same methods of deceptive operation utilized over and over, to the point of utter redundancy. Perhaps, the most telltale sign of this, comes in the form of the mythologizing of Richard III who as a result of the War of the Roses – itself an historically deceptive concoction rife with narrative inconsistencies – magically transformed to Richard VII:  (Kabbalah numerology: III and VII, or three sevens=777, or black jack, you’ve been fooled!).

It is a safe bet that, when the history of a particular bloodline is immortalized, not only in so-called academic annals, but by modern media – a monopolistic monolith controlled by the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families – something is truly amiss.

None other than George Orwell put it best: “Whomever controls the past controls the future.”

Princess Diana did not die on that fateful night of August 31: (August, the eighth month, 31, or 3+1=4, or 8+4=12, or 21=777, blackjack, Kabbalah numerology hoax code), because she never existed. She was a character portrayed by Ondine Rothschild, a character dutifully playing out a role on the stage of history, as so many have done before.

While the masses remain transfixed with the action on stage illuminated by blinding rainbows of colorful footlights, they remain forever oblivious to what routinely occurs behind the theatrical curtain, where the genuine political maneuvering takes place.

Not only did the Princess Diana character AKA Ondine Rothschild not die in a tragic car crash, but ear biometric, hand vein pattern, facial recognition and ear biometric analysis appears to confirm she was modified to portray the role of Prime Minister Theresa May after her predecessor David Cameron, under suspicious circumstances, chose to renounce his position at ten Downing Street.

Below: Princess Diana Spencer, Theresa May

Below: Princess Diana Spencer, Ondine Rothschild

Below: Princess Diana Spencer, Ondine Rothschild, Theresa May

Ondine de Rothschild

48 thoughts on “Diana: The Myth Made People’s Princess (Part III)

  1. Well that was a disappointing article. Where’s the proof that Diana is Ondine Rothschild? Where’s the proof that she’s now playing out the role of Theresa May? Hey, maybe she’s actually Donald Trump! I mean, they’re both blond right? I accept that her death was faked and that she wasn’t the person we were told she was but your theory is ridiculous.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Newsspellcom.org., but I in light of your disappointment, one would encourage you to fully investigate the matter yourself and then based on empirical evidence decide rather than choosing to scoff at the hypothetical assertions made with knee-jerk emotionalism.

      1. Allow me to ask, other than the power of suggestion, neural linguistic programming, and actors dressed up as ‘expert’s, do mainstream news sources provide the public any genuine empirical evidence for the claims they make? And yet, you and the masses at large never bother to question or corroborate. Did you read the entire series of articles – did you not observe there exist matching hand/vein patterns and ear bio-metrics? Here’s a suggestion, get the necessary tools and conduct your own investigation to either corroborate or refute what one has asserted, for that is the basis of true empirical and scientific inquiry. And, you’re yet another individual with a generic icon accompanied by some anonymous moniker – suspicious to say the very least, correct?

    Theresa May was born in 1956 and is only 5’7″ Diana was born July 1 1961 and was 5’10

    1. Surely, someone clever enough to hide behind a faceless and generic icon can provide a greater and in depth analysis than that? Surely, one is aware biographies can be routinely fabricated? Surely, one is cognizant photographs can be shot with lens distortions and altered with photo shop in post-production? And what of comparative hand print/vein analysis from a series of photographs the elite handlers forgot to photo shop proving beyond shadow of doubt both historical characters known to the world as PM Theresa May and Princess Diana were indeed portrayed by the identical host actor should be duly considered and ultimately cannot be denied?

  3. Was the first Lady Diana an actress as well or was she genuine? Was there an original Theresa May who was replaced by an actress? Which of the Lady Diana actresses is now playing Theresa May?

    1. Thank you for your interest in the material found at Newsspell. Forensic examination indicates the public figures of Lady Diana Spencer and British PM Theresa May are characters portrayed by the same host actor known as Ondine Rothschild. If one is so inclined, it is recommended one please consult the series of articles entitled “How Crown Temple rules America” for a near thorough explanation as to how the actor based reality legally functions through holding corporations operating within a global commercial system allowing for political proxies acting under pseudonyms,

    1. Thank you for your interest in Newsspell. The same thirteen families have not only been ruling over us since time immemorial, they have also managed to monopolize every profitable field of commercial, human endeavor.

    1. Indeed, Charles, You may want to check out the most recent installments posted here at Newsspell. When you do, you shall learn that European royalty represent the crux of the post-modern actor-based-reality phenomenon. Many of them are Hollywood celebrities, pop stars, and even mainstream newscasters in disguise.

      1. Learn to write English!

        “…..you WILL learn that European royalty representS….. ”


      2. Nothing more substantive to do with your time than troll this blog and diagram the sentences haphazardly typed in the comments section?

      3. wow, they’re hitting you full frontal assault using letters, sentences, and grammar corrections ..tough crowd! ..smiles..
        I usually just read what you put up and follow silently but for some odd reason I am pulled into responding to this one. Carry on!

      4. I’ve heard it said, when you’re taking flack, you know you’re flying over the target. I say, let them fire bullets; every single volley is a harmless blank.

      5. nutspielcom.forge

        *Novelist/Indepedent researcher/creative writer/free thinker*

        Novelist/independent researcher/creative writer/free thinker/oddball/flake/fruitcake……..


      6. Ah, yes, another member of the pusillanimous troll patrol hiding behind a faceless icon with nothing substantive to offer but ad hominem.

  4. I have went to school & graduated as an esthetician (skin care specialist). This is especially interesting to me bc I know what trickery can be done with regular makeup, no Photoshop. You can make a big nose look smaller and anything a different size just by using lighter or darker makeup. If your eyes aren’t deep set, you can make them look like they are by putting darker skin-colored eye shadow in the crease of your upper eyelid. Take a look at YouTube videos “makeup shading” & “reverse makeup shading” & you’ll see how people can change their entire face. And this stuff you can do with Walmart or rite-aid general normal people makeup. You can do so much more with stage makeup, pancake makeup, & other specialty makeup such as what may be used on the deceased.

    More of what I am thinking…. Diana has fuller lips than Online,
    In the pic where Diana has the fullest lips, she’s wearing a very glossy lip-makeup, & the glossy/shimmer/wet look applied ANYWHERE on the face draws attention to where it is applied bc it catches the light, so you can’t help but look at it. ALSO lipliner can be applied outside the natural lipline, making the lips look a little fuller. ALSO your lips lose fullness & collagen as you age, so all this could account for the difference in lip size. You can see Ondine ONLY wears matte opaque lipcolor makeup, which does NOT catch the light, and may be making her lips look smaller.
    I have definitely read this with an open mind and my opinion is that there’s a possibility Diana and Ondine may be the same. There’s other makeup tricks one can do but I believe this is enough that you can see where I’m coming from… But I’m not sure I’m sold on the PM being the same. She definitely looks like she could be related… But then again, as I am also a former model, I know that a certain pose, camera angle, & lighting can put 20 pounds on you or take it off you, without using Photoshop, & you can make your face look longer or rounder as well. Another factor has to do with how close you are to the camera lens. I’ve heard Ondine has had nose surgery – which may or may not be true, but I’m simply looking at & explaining what is possible, very possible, without Photoshop or surgery, with simple materials that almost anyone can easily access.
    This is very interesting to me bc of my perspective. I’m sure there are other people who also have a unique perspective as well with certain information they may have attained in their life.

  5. I meant to add that Diana does look as if lipliner is applied just outside her natural lipline in the pic where her lips are glossy & pretty.

    Thank you for this article & pictures.

    Ananasha (Elohim Angel language for “thank you” or “gratitude”)

    1. Thank you for graciously demonstrating keen interest in the material presented here at Newsspell. Forgive me, for failing to respond to your reply with greater alacrity. Although you formulate a well-articulated argument designed to raise reasonable doubt regarding the author’s empirically-based assertions – presumably based on both your experiences in the modeling and business world – you’ve merely succeeded in outlining and underscoring the photographic and post/pre-production methodologies which have already been thoroughly touched upon and described throughout previous and subsequent installments. Nevertheless, though you have astutely pointed out the various methodologies utilized to distort ocular perceptions in terms of comparative facial recognition/photographic analysis in the case of the former British PM, and, as well, those used to well-conceal the positive identity of her ‘host actor’, those would not significantly altar or effect the existence of identical biological markers or characteristics identified through vein/hand pattern comparative analysis. Regarding your secondary comment, am I to correctly assume you’ve performed some study of the occult? If so, you may want to consult Part IV of this series of installments to acquire a greater and grander scope regarding the phenomenon of post-modern reality simulation, the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit families, Crown Temple, and the interconnected global network of legal esquires/ international bankers/financiers.

      1. Brb. Gotta grab my thesaurus & educate myself on some of those words. I’m not a writer/author/journalist & I don’t make my living with words, so you know more words than I do, lol.

        Ok I’m back with my thesaurus.

        Hold your horses! I haven’t seen any other installments. This is the first time I’ve dipped my toe in this theory, & this is the first site I’ve done any research on it. I definitely believe that “they” feed us a lot of lies & make distractions for us to focus on, so we become so busy focusing on that, that we aren’t focusing on their major control plans. But there’s so much that it can feel a bit overwhelming to research – where to start? Which one to start with? Which info is genuine & which is doctored? Which is put out by “them” & designed to mislead us to false theories?

        Some people literally dedicate their lives to finding the truth bc there’s so much to go through. That comment I made was after not having read any other article other than this one, & I was saying what I personally know to be true about photography & makeup. So maybe I repeated you. I’m sorry. Everyone else is not as educated as you are in every field that you are educated in. I’m an everyone else, & I was commenting with what I am educated in. I’m really leaning towards believing your theory. I’m not debating bc I don’t know enough about this to debate either way. I have questions! Many questions, that, with honest answers, would help me to form a more solid opinion.

        Idk what the hand vein pattern computer program is you mention so I can’t comment on that. I don’t even know where to begin on the questions bc I’m not educated on that.

        The reason I am not sold on Theresa May being Diana/Ondine is bc the shape of her mouth when she smiles seems different. I believe they could be relatives bc there are a lot of facial similarities, & bc “they” have big families, & so many family members play parts in this big “play”.

        Should I start asking my questions now? Or should I look up whatever other info I can find? Bc there are so many rabbit holes that lead to other rabbit holes… I’ve already taken the red pill, I’ve went down some of those already… So here I go again!

        The answer on if I studied the occult – you can see I do have some familiarity with this stuff. My theory prior to stumbling on this one was that Diana was real & that she was murdered, but it was staged to look like an accident. I remember seeing pictures & film of her sons crying their eyes out. Maybe they were lied to about her death? I was a kid too, I was spending the night with my best friend Amy when the news broke that she died.

        I’m going to research what you suggested & some more too.

        Sorry if I didn’t organize this well. My mind is all over the place thinking about it. I’m schooled in skin, not writing.

  6. You needn’t apologize for attempting to respond with what you’ve considered to be salient points. To my knowledge, you’re one of the first in attempting to do so regarding the premise of this particular article. These widely promoted historical events – like that of Princess Diana’s death – work on dual levels. One – as occult, Shakespearean rituals portrayed by genealogical relations of the thirteen families who also portray Hollywood celebrities, newscasters, politicians, premieres and other public figures of note in all spheres of human endeavor. Two – these rituals are carried out on specific dates in veneration of occult/pagan gods and in accordance with numerological/astral significances. On a purely exoteric level, such events – as the ruling elites and their minions have done for centuries through word-of-mouth and in print form before the advent of mass media and digital technologies – are now widely promoted to the mass public through the television and mass communication medium to not only satisfy and increase profitable commercial interests, but to direct the public’s mass energy in bringing to fruition specific political and social agendas. This has become evident most recently with the MSM’s promotion of the LGBQT/#metoo/feminist/racial divide/climate change propaganda. Regarding the overall global agenda of the thirteen ruling elite families, the economic structures of America, and the West, are being transitioned from industrial centers of material mass production into purely service-based/consumer economies. On an occult/esoteric level, this represents the promotion and spreading of the mass energy of the mother goddess, Isis, in superseding the historically predominant male energy/male patriarchy. I’m happy to hear you are dedicated to further investigation into these matters, and hope you would choose to remain a regular visitor to Newsspell.

    1. You’re correct, Danny, former British PM Theresa May is not Princess Diana, they were both theatrical characters portrayed by the identical host actor, Ondine Rothschild. Tell me, did you bother to peruse the entire article, or was your mind too preoccupied with preconceived notions to fully consider the empirical argumentation?

      1. [apologies if double posted..didnt see it show up first time, but will not attempt again a third time..maybe set up for moderating before posting. It is fine]

        Hi, I am not trying to lend credence to this youtube channel. i just now found it in a search entry of google for images of O Rothschild. https://youtu.be/6RoVNkKjkFE

        Only lends however more credence to the fact that THEY are treating us as cretins.

        Even though THEY are the Cretans which lend credence to liars, thieves, murderers, rapists, debauchery and all because they are jealous that they can’t light up a room like we can. They can of course use artificial lighting and appear larger than life on the big screen, but our screen is much bigger when we aren’t busy wearing human grab and watching their shows.

        I’m taking liberties with words here of course. I am always amused at the depths of deception they need to actually continue to build their false claim of property rights when in fact they themselves are in violation of their own Copyright statues and bylaws.

        You can claim the body, sure, but taking my ‘energy and light’ to be used for your own sustainability is a crime.

        You as in THEM, plural, not you newsspell.com, not you reader, unless you reader are one of them keeping an eye on things here. [or running interference to throw the occasional false story to discredit the whole story, of which I highly doubt. They simply know we are too programmed to care [APATHY] and too willing to continue allowing them to rule over us through ignorant ritual, ceremony, praise and which transmutes into CONSENT.

        Just my opinion here, not trying to gain a thing by posting it other than to add to the youtube with my own opinion piece.
        Hope you are alright with that newsspell.com.
        Also I just want to add I do not need proof to know they are doing this fraud through character acting for nefarious reasons. I see proof daily, or I used too, in the mirror.

        have a great rest of your day.

      2. There is no need to apologize for choosing to express your opinion here at Newsspell. In a roundabout way, you’ve underscored the primary point I’ve been articulating since the inception of this blog. The thirteen, ruling elite families and their court of Crown Temple bankers are still ruling over the proletariat by proxy. They choose to govern by proxy – with what I’ve termed Reality Simulation – to remain clandestine, and to maintain the illusion of democracy and self-determination among the proletariat. However, rule by stealth and subversion, while utilizing fiat money, and with psychological warfare through their media/entertainment complex – so they’ve discovered over the centuries – is far more effective and profitable – in the long-term – than with occupations of standing armies equipped with guns and bombs.

  7. The last woman to play Lady Diana was Ondine Rothschild. Theresa May is a Rothschild minion, but she looks nothing like Ondine de Rothschild.

    1. Thanks for you interest in Newsspell. I must concede, despite growing levels of sophistication, facial recognition is still somewhat unreliable in terms of accuracy. This is why ear biometrics are often the ultimate determining factor in making a positive identification. In the case of PM May, her facial geometry has been modified with strategically placed prosthetics and makeup. Most of her still images indicate lens distortion, photo shop and lightning angles have also been applied. However, one must also consider, vein/hand pattern analysis is consistent between Lady Diana, Rothschild and May.

  8. Spot-on article, as usual. “Arizona Wilder” (formerly Jennifer Greene, who claimed to be an “Illuminati Mother Goddess” and allegedly performed satanic rituals for the British royal family and other elite premiers) said that the number 31 is a reversal of the number 13, which is a blood sacrifice number. Princess Diana’s Mercedes-Benz allegedly struck the 13th pillar in the Pont d’Alma (passage of the moon goddess) tunnel. And eight is the number of infinity, concern, ISIS, etc. Diana’s “death” of course was a ritual event as well as a media psyop/hoax which involved a (mock) sacrifice of a fictional character scheme to the moon goddess Diana in a tunnel named after that deity. It was a transformative occasion which led to the rebirth of Diana, in a Satanic extasis, as different personalities (Theresa May, Ondine Rothschild, etc.) after a false and tragic death.

    The number thirteen also carries a significant historical past in its own right. Friday the 13th was the day the Knights Templar were allegedly burnt at the stake in Paris for heresy and treason against the Catholic Church and the French Crown. (The Templars, in reality, never really died out. They simply went underground and resurfaced as different secret societies and powerful organizations, such as the Tavistock Institute, that fabricate or manipulate world events to this day on behalf of the thirteen elite bloodlines. They also established the Temple Bars in the City of London).

    Allegedly, during the French Revolution, King Louis XVI and his family were incarcerated in the Temple Prison (built by the Templar Knights in the thirteenth century, btw) in Paris (again) on August 13th, 1792, three days after the insurrection of August 10th, a “bloodbath” which happened at the Tuileries Palace. 8 and 13 = infinity/ISIS and blood sacrifice. ISIS also represents the fictitious terrorist group in the Middle East, famous for “beheading” Christians in the front of the world media. You always see the themes of terror and death associated with these numbers due to the fact that these numbers are often mentioned in media stories about tragedies and upheavals to convey a certain tone or message to the public. The Reign of Terror (1793-94) also happened shortly after the fall of the Bourbon monarchy in August 1792.

    For more information:





    1. Thanks, once again, for the kind compliment and for your continued interest in Newsspell. Without doubt, all of these historical “events” are coded with numerology and, many such fabricated narratives – as we’ve discovered – harbor deeply symbolic and metaphorical significance. But I truly believe, I should begin to consider you as an informal research assistant. Due to all the information you’ve compiled and graciously provided, I plan to revisit – beginning in the new year – the subjects of both the American and French revolution and their role in shaping the world as it exists today.

    2. By the way, I’ve performed research on London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and, I must tell you, they are a scary bunch. If one travels to their site, the methods of psychological warfare, which are now ongoing, are in-no-way hidden.

      1. Yes, I am very familiar with the Tavistock Institute and their psychological manipulation tactics. As for their methods, I think it is appropriate to say that their modes of operation are “hidden in plain sight” – that is, they are not completely hidden (since they are accessible), but they are veiled by the nonexistent coverage from the media establishment (who receive their cues from think-tanks like Tavistock in London, of course) and by the lack of interest or awareness from those who encompass the vast majority of the general population that are heavy consumers of mainstream propaganda. That is what I meant to convey in the above post about “Princess Diana” and her relation to the occult world and fabricated history.

  9. Speaking of “Arizona Wilder”, she reminds me a great deal of “Patricia (Patsy) Ramsey”, the mother of “JonBenét Ramsey”, famous murder “victim” and child beauty queen. They look very similar in appearance. And of course beauty pageants are often fronts for black-ops (like mind control projects and drug trafficking) and especially illicit money laundering schemes – just like the modern art market. I wouldn’t be surprised the same was true for Patsy/Arizona since there were apparent links they had with mind control programs and the powerful clandestine networks behind them. The same appears to be true for the “JonBenét” character.

    Arizona also looks a lot like another celebrity – Cindy Williams, Hollywood actress and producer. Patsy was too an actress as well as a pageant queen before she became famous due her relation to her “murdered” daughter.

    Cindy also bears a strong resemblance to celebrity TV chef Ina Garten AKA the “Barefoot Contessa”. Ina is Jewish (she was born Ina Rosenberg). Arizona claimed to descend from an illegitimate branch of the Rothschild dynasty, so there’s a possible genetic link. She used to work as a White House staff member (Office of Management and Budget, OMB) under the Ford and Carter (FKA Kennedy) administrations, making her a gov’t asset.

    Anyways, here are links to the pictures of the four women for comparison:

    Patsy Ramsey (images):


    Arizona Wilder (images):


    Cindy Williams (images):


    Ina Garten (AKA “Barefoot Contessa”) (images):


    Videos of Arizona, Patricia, Cindy, and Ina for comparison:

    Arizona Wilder Interview with David Icke (1998):


    Cindy Williams Star Wars Audition:


    The Ramseys Grant Interview With Local Press (1997):


    “Barefoot Contessa” Cooking Video (2020):


    Patsy Ramsey had a younger sister named Pamela Paugh. She was a singer and pageant queen herself before she entered the spotlight defending the Ramsey family’s involvement in the JonBenét murder case. She bears a striking resemblance to an acclaimed Hollywood actress who played in many blockbuster films, including Titanic (1997) as Molly Brown – Kathy Bates.

    Pamela Paugh:



    Kathy Bates (images):


    Here is some information regarding Pamela’s background:



    What do you think?

  10. About Diana’s death, of which many aspects of the story prove it a hoax:

    For starters, evidence proving actual death is very scant. We really have nothing reliable to go by proving anyone died at all. The photos & footage looks staged and/or faked and tell nothing meaningful, and what real evidence has been captured was destroyed by the authorities immediately after they got them.

    There are only three available photographs purporting to show Lady Diana inside the Mercedes-Benz after the car crash in the Pont de l’Alma (passage of the Moon Goddess AKA Diana) tunnel. All appear to be of terrible quality and at least one of them is fake.




    The last one is a blatant fake. The corpse in that photo looks nothing like her at all, aside from the blonde hair, and her face looks damaged and bloody. This contradicts the testimony of one alleged eyewitness, who thus said:

    “She was laying on the floor of the car, she was unconscious … The first thing I had to do was to lift up her head, apply the respiratory bag so she could breathe a little bit better. What I could see is that she did not have any injury on her face. Her face was intact. Just a few drops of blood and that’s it….”


    It’s also odd that she did not suffer any serious physical injuries after the car crash. Remember, they tell us she wasn’t seatbelted inside the car that night, and they say the impact of the collision was very serious, due to the vehicle moving at high-speed. Had there been any mortal automobile accident, she should’ve been horribly injured from the event, with cuts, bruises, & broken, possibly potruding bones all over her body (graphic, I know, but it’s expected).

    Another clue that it was staged is that they admit Diana & co. utilized Mercedes-Benz decoys during their “last” stay in Paris. There were two identical cars near the Ritz Hotel at the time: one at the front of the building to distract the paparazzi, another at the backside of the building for the famous entourage, far away from prying eyes.

    “Henri Paul, the deputy head of security at the Ritz, had been instructed to drive the hired black 1996 Mercedes-Benz W140 S-Class in order to elude the paparazzi;[12] a decoy vehicle left the Ritz first from the main entrance on Place Vendôme, attracting a throng of photographers. Diana and Fayed then departed from the hotel’s rear entrance, …. heading for the apartment in Rue Arsène Houssaye. They did this to avoid the nearly thirty photographers waiting in front of the hotel.”


    “2337: …. Mr Paul exits and tells bodyguards Mr Wingfield and Mr Rees-Jones that a decoy plan has been hatched to escape the paparazzi. The two cars the couple had been using that day, a Mercedes and a Range Rover, are to leave from the front of the hotel with the bodyguards. Princess Diana and Mr Al Fayed will leave from the back in an unmarked car, driven by Mr Paul. ….”


    It’s likely that the decoy car, which was empty of people, crashed into the d’Alama tunnel with the help of remote control (or they simply just placed an already wrecked Mercedes-Benz, taken from a car dump, into the tunnel from a moving truck). The actual vehicle containing Diana and her circle probably drove off to some private airport in the outskirts of Paris, where the entourage took their private jet and flown to some luxurious hideaway in the Virgin Islands or something similar.

    (Also, the wrecked Mercedes-Benz inside the Pont de l’Alma tunnel suffered another accident three years earlier, and it was written-off by the insurance indsutry. So they basically crashed an already damaged automobile that was soon to be scrapped and which was an financial write-off. Brilliant.

    “… three years before the fatal accident, when the Mercedes-Benz S280 was still new, it was stolen from its owner at the time, Eric Bousquet. An escaped prisoner had taken it on a joyride, crashed and rolled it several times in the countryside outside Paris. The car was then declared a write off by the insurance company.”

    https://mercedesblog.com/the-mercedes-lady-diana-died-in-had-been-written-off/ )

    It’s likely that the decoy car, which was empty of people, crashed into the d’Alama tunnel with the help of remote control. The vehicle containing the real Diana and her circle probably drove off to some private airport in the outskirts of Paris, where the entourage took their private jet and flown to some luxurious hideaway in the Virgin Islands or something similar.

    (Also, the wrecked Mercedes-Benz inside the Pont de l’Alma tunnel suffered another accident three years earlier, and it was written-off by the insurance indsutry. So they basically crashed an already damaged automobile that was soon to be scrapped and which was an financial write-off. Brilliant.

    “… three years before the fatal accident, when the Mercedes-Benz S280 was still new, it was stolen from its owner at the time, Eric Bousquet. An escaped prisoner had taken it on a joyride, crashed and rolled it several times in the countryside outside Paris. The car was then declared a write off by the insurance company.”

    https://mercedesblog.com/the-mercedes-lady-diana-died-in-had-been-written-off/ )

    And finally, we cannot forget the farcical spectacle that was Diana’s state funeral. Her boys, Wills & Harry, showed no sign of genuine devastation or grief over the loss of their dear mother. In fact, they seem to be chuckling inside, finding the whole thing to be hilarious, as they knew she didn’t die that night. Neither were the royal family or attending members of the British establishment besotted with any real sense of loss or remorse, either.


    Contrast that to the masses’ reaction to Diana’s “death”, which was beyond hysterically emotional.


    1. Indeed, I well remember how hysterical the general public was over the “death” of Diana. You ‘ve made several pertinent points, and I believe the theoretical scenario you’ve described seems very likely to have been the method of operation utilized to execute the psychological operation. Also – as I believe I pointed out previously, Dodi Fayed, alleged to have been Diana’s illicit lover, worked in the movie production industry.

      1. That is a very perceptive observation. Oddly, I never thought to look into Ondine Rothschild’s boyfriend. Now that you’ve mentioned it, however, yes, indeed, it does seem rather blatantly obvious. In fact, this entire event is a classic example of psychological warfare perpetrated upon the public, much in the same manner of the trauma perpetrated by the JFK “assassination” hoax which was executed decades earlier. I’m sure you’ve also noticed, in the wake of these series of articles concerning the hoaxed death of Diana and Ondine’s other role as the fabricated character scheme known as PM “Theresa May,’ a great deal of deliberate misdirection and distraction has been generated.

      2. Correct. They always have to surround people with misdirection in order to either mislead them from considering other more plausible options (that these events are often hoaxes) or even in the event when they do realize they’re fakes, give them false reasons for why they were faked. One example is Q-Anon, which admits that Diana did fake her death, but they spin it into an attempt to “take down the pedophile Deep State” with the help of JFK, Jr., who (they admit) also faked his death almost two years later, and Donald Trump (LMAO).

        “One of the most prominent is the long-running Q theory that John F. Kennedy Jr. is alive and for some reason working with Trump to take down the Deep State. Also: Apparently Princess Diana as well.”


        Ironically, allegedly as Theresa May, she helped to cover-up pedophilia in the British establishment during her tenure as U.K. Home Secretary long before she became Prime Minister in 2016. So, if anything, she abetted the “Deep State” in their crimes and advanced their agendas in her role as a leading politician in Britain.


      3. Your analysis is quite comprehensive. While the CIA created the term “conspiracy theory”, that is what they, in turn, use it as a pejorative against anyone who dares to contradict concocted MSM narratives, which are nothing more than dramatic narrations of hoaxes spun into reams of social and political propaganda. As well, yes, Q-Anon is a creation of the intelligence agencies and, I believe, designed as a sort of sting operation to gather information concerning possible dissidents.

      4. “As well, yes, Q-Anon is a creation of the intelligence agencies and, I believe, designed as a sort of sting operation to gather information concerning possible dissidents.”

        They don’t even hide that Q is basically an intelligence operation, no different to older psyops like InfoWars (which, in part, inspired it) or the Flat Earth movement. It originates from Q clearance, a high-level security clearance status in the U.S. Energy Department, connected to fake nukes.

        “The poster’s username implied that they hold Q clearance,[69][70] a United States Department of Energy security clearance required to access Top Secret information on nuclear weapons and materials.[71]”


        “Q clearance … is the United States Department of Energy (DOE) security clearance required to access Top Secret Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, and National Security Information, as well as Secret Restricted Data. Restricted Data (RD) is defined in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 and covers nuclear weapons and related materials.”

        “A Q Clearance is equivalent to a United States Department of Defense Top Secret clearance.[2] “…the Q access authorization corresponds to the background investigation and administrative determination similar to what is completed by other agencies for a Top Secret National Security Information access clearance.”[2]”


  11. And here’s the cherry on top of the Diana death hoax cake:


    In the above photo (to your right), it appears that the car Diana is walking to has a license plate that has a black background with a white inscription. The license plate on the back of the infamous wrecked Mercedes-Benz in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel had a yellow background with a black inscription. Also, the inscriptions didn’t compose of the same letters & digits. This is further proof of a hoax. Diana did not ride in the car that crashed into the 13th pillar underneath the Alma Bridge.

    1. That’s a very good observation. But as we’ve both pointed out, the Diana death psychological operation hoax was filled with such narrative inconsistencies and anomalies. The JFK “Zapruder” film is but another better known example of this. I believe such blatant inconsistencies are purposefully programmed into these operations, to not only test the overall credulity of the masses, but to also mercilessly mock their collective sorrow over the loss of a juvenile emotional attachment. After all, inducing psychological trauma is part and parcel of operations such as this.

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