“Entebbe raid” made in Hollywood, USA

One apologizes to those loyal visitors perhaps anticipating the third and final installment concerning the LA riots. Don’t despair, that is coming very soon, but in the meantime another topic of interest happened to suddenly capture one’s attentions.

The studio executive puppets in control of Hollywood on behalf of the ruling Jesuit royal families recently decided to memorialize and sear into the public’s memory yet another mythical tale – that of the alleged Israeli hostage crisis on the Ugandan coastal city of Entebbe during the mid 1970’s.

Though younger readers may certainly not be familiar with this event or its alleged details, the so-called ‘raid on Entebbe’ represented a bit of Tavistock composed psychological branding that helped introduce the terrorist meme to America and the world at large.

One must always be cognizant of the fact what is sold to the masses as “reality” is nothing more than a reflection of geometrically constructed illusions of sight, sound, colors, numerology, and neural linguistic programming.

As masters of these tools, the spell casting sorcerers of both the Hollywood cinema and television medium are the purveyors of grand illusions. Productions such as 2018’s “7 days in Entebbe” represent but one foundational brick applied to bolster and reinforce the pyramid of illusion perceived as reality in the callow and pliable minds of future generations now coming of age.

And judging from the results, a majority of the masses still choose to emotionally invest in whatever is sold to them – whether through Hollywood cinema or the television medium. Predictive programming is a prime weapon the ruling elites utilize for their ongoing psychological war upon the rest of humanity.  The alleged “raid on Entebbe” ensured the psychological memes of “terrorism” and hijacked aircraft would begin to become firmly established in the public mind some decades prior to the event known as 9/11.

With the recent cinematic production of “7 days in Entebbe”, the ruling elites hope to psychologically reinforce the mythical stories of the manufactured past. In recounting the official mainstream version of events, one must remember the state of Israel – whose commandos allegedly carried out the daring hostage rescue as portrayed in the film – was established in 1948 (one year after the official establishment of CIA) as nothing more than a central banking haven for the laundering of profits garnered from various rackets controlled by the global intelligence octopus such as armaments, narcotics, and child trafficking.

In essence folks, the state of Israel represents the Switzerland of the Middle East.

As usual, analysis of the dubious mainstream details yields anomalous revelations.

The charge of the Zionist brigade

First, for those readers not familiar with the chronology of events, one shall provide a thumbnail sketch. The year was 1976, the year of America’s bicentennial. It is claimed that on 27 June, an admixture of seven terrorists, the majority of five sporting the dubious moniker of PFLP-EO, with the remaining two hailing from what was called the German Revolutionary cells, hijacked an Air France commercial airliner carrying 248 passengers on route from Tel Aviv, Israel to Paris, France.

However, right from the outset is where the first glaring anomaly comes into play, folks.

Once the terrorists had gained control of the plane, rather than choosing to redirect the flight to a closer airfield destination, of which there were many, the PFLP-EO decided to chart a 2,500 mile course for the main airport in Entebbe on the coast of Uganda near central Africa after a stopover in Benghazi. Reportedly, the Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin welcomed the terrorists and offered them safe haven.

This is the sort of anomalous detail never addressed by mainstream sources in their melodramatic  documentary accounts. After all, if one is hoping to run a successful terrorist operation, why bother risking to transport your human captives halfway across the region to some backwater on the African continent rather than your home base in Palestine which is much closer? Apparently though, the hijackers stated objective was to free 40 Palestinian and affiliated militants from imprisonment in Israel and at least thirteen others in four other countries in exchange for the release of the airline hostages. Regarding the so-called German Revolutionary cell assisting the Palestinians, Wikipedia claims their overriding philosophies included anti-Zionism and – wait for it folks – FEMINISM. Wow, feminist terrorists – how is it the sub-departments at Langley deign to come up with this stuff and pass it off to the public while maintaining a straight face is truly more mysterious and wondrous than the fantastic mythical story of the “Entebbe raid” itself.

Alas, the Palestinian terrorists efforts were foiled when on 4 July a 100 strong Israeli commando unit raided the airfield, and in a mere 36 minutes rescued the passengers while amid the alleged mayhem managed to terminate the seven hijackers and kill another 100 plus Ugandan soldiers. The answer to the question of why the hijackers chose Entebbe airport as their base of operations from which to negotiate the release of the Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the hostages: Uganda was a beachhead for the international intelligence octopus, meaning both British intelligence and CIA.

I think it needn’t be detailed by now the familiar numerology markers recorded in the official mainstream account of the Entebbe saga. But, for those new visitors experiencing the esoteric nature of the material discussed at Newsspell perhaps for the first time, one shall provide a brief breakdown:

Minutes of operation: 36=3 6’s (666)

Date of operation: 7/4=4+7=11X7(# days of hostage siege)=77(Lucifer fallen from heaven/Wizard of Oz code)

Year of operation: 1976/(19/Jesuit sun number/76(7+6=13/summit of masonic pyramid)1+9+7+6=23/2 3”s=33(high degree Scottish Rite Freemason)

Date of Air France flight departure from Tel Aviv: 27 June=2 7’s+2,500 (7) miles to Entebbe=777(intelligence joker code)

PFLP-(EO): EO/essential oils/sacred fluid in the spinal column activating the pineal gland (See: Biggest secret of the bible Part III)

Idi Amin: Jewish Gematria=102/1+2=3(thr(ee)/mirror reflection)=33/high degree Scottish Rite Freemason)/English Gematria=354/3+5+4=12/21/777/Simple gematria:59/5+9=14/77

Could it be Idi Amin, at one time known as the monster of Africa was merely a character portrayed by a host actor? Turns out folks, the answer is affirmative. But, it is no surprise there were also other actors in this alleged “raid on Entebbe.”

The host actress (Joyce DeWitt) portraying the role of one of the hostages in the second clip at approximately 2:57 derived from an ABC news cast of the era can also be seen in the Listerine commercial in the first video clip below at 1:40 with her Three’s Company (ABC long running situation comedy) co-star John Ritter from 1976:


Idi Amin trained by CIA

Documented fact substantiates the Ugandan dictator, Amin, spent time training for the role he would portray on the world stage at CIA’s SOA (School of the Americas) which served as a training ground for host actors rehearsing their saber rattling roles as brutal and heinous dictators of third world regimes. After all, by the 1970’s, the international intelligence community under the auspices of the ruling elite thirteen Jesuit families had had plenty of practice in preparing Kermit Roosevelt in the guise of world class boogeyman Adolf Hitler and others over the following decades in playing out similar theatrically villainous roles on the world stage.

Loyal readers will recall one posited a theory that the world has long been consolidated under the corporate umbrella of a global governing body ruled over by the thirteen ruling elite Jesuit royal families with the triumvirate of capitals established in Washington D.C., London Crown Temple’s one square mile, and the Vatican controlled by the Knights of Malta, and that wars and rumors of wars, national squabbles and conflicts are merely theatrical psychological operations and propaganda broadcast through the corporate mainstream media mouthpieces (CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/FOX) under the total control of the global intelligence octopus (CIA/MI6/Mossad). Accordingly, psychological operations such as the “raid on Entebbe” and the related Israel/Palestine conflict are merely theatrical pantomime played out on the world stage and sold to the public as actual world events to legitimize the perception the continued hegemony of the UN over international disputes is necessary.

However folks, the UN itself is merely yet another prop on the world stage concealing the genuine rule of the thirteen Jesuit families.

So, while you’re enjoying your popcorn and candy at the local cinema and the Hollywood/CIA jointly produced cinematic propaganda “7 days in Entebbe” try to remain ever vigilant and cognizant of what is actually being presented: Another hoax sold as world history.






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  1. Air France departure date is only 2 7s!

    Are there rival factions within jesuits which could undermine them?

    1. That is duly noted and thank you for pointing it out As for rival factions within the Knights of Malta at the Vatican one would imagine those ordained within the order are always jockeying for power but to my knowledge the order shows no signs of imploding from within due to the ruptures of insurrections or attempted coups.

      1. Research indicates the Jesuits of the Knights of Malta are in control of the international brotherhood of masons which also includes the international intelligence octopus of CIA/MI6 and Mossad. The Crown Temple represents the banking and legal apparatus holding the global administrative structure together and Washington D,C. act as the armed enforcement arm or the global police, which is why one imagines the US military has bases established all over every region of the world.

    1. The legal system is their Achilles heal. Laws consist of words which can be interpreted and reinterpreted and therefore with a united effort can be changed in the people’s favor.

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