LA Riots: Violent revolution or staged operation? (Part II)

Shills happen to think they are so clever. One supposes any two-bit coward hidden by the protective shield of anonymity can attack with impunity then abscond behind the backs of their equally pusillanimous handlers. Should the target become provoked into retaliation however, they are accused of “bullying.”

Ironic, huh folks?

So it is with cowards hiding behind their thinly veiled facades of perceived respectability.

One knows who you are, and so do you.

Nevertheless – one shall proceed with the subject at hand.

When analyzed from a segmented perspective, it becomes readily apparent the LA Riots were planned to erupt after a crescendo of prior and linking events – of which the Rodney King incident played a significant part – had been successfully staged, performed and psychologically settled in the public mind. The music industry – as it so often does in the case of these psychological operations either through providing crisis acting talent or as a bolstering operational element – played a major role in fanning the incipient flames with its incessant marketing of what came to be known as “gangster rap.”

The next and final instalment of this series of posts will further examine the role of the music industry element in building racial tensions to an inevitable apex of apprehension that appeared to explode into violent revolution on the urban streets of Los Angeles in the Spring of 1991. For now, one shall begin an analysis of yet another staged event leading up to the grand televised denouement – the alleged murder of “Latasha Harlins.” Now that the more than possible involvement of one of the music industry’s seminal figures in the psychological operation of the Los Angeles riots has been established, one shall examine yet another event that helped set the stage, as it were – the Latasha Harlins event staged in LA’s Korean town.

The masses – and this includes most of the bloggers one observes promoting – whether wittingly or not – the latest government sponsored psychological operation known as the #metoo movement – have not yet largely caught on these sort of operations are formulated by Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and financed by the ruling elite’s central merchant banks to keep the masses divided along demarcations of race and gender, and to play upon the masses subconscious fears magnified by the mainstream and alternative media’s fabricated melodrama, thus continually justifying the ruling elite’s hegemonic protective security and debt based tax rackets through the manufactured and emotionally manipulated consent of the masses.

In essence folks, the ruling elites will stoop to any means necessary into fooling us the protection and security of their tyrannical governance is necessary.

Truth is folks, no matter the gender or race, all of us together have been equally oppressed for centuries within the confines of the global commercial and legal system established and maintained by the ruling elite Jesuit royal families. In that sense, there are no demarcations save one – there is only us ruled over by them.

But that is the reverse psychology the ruling elites utilize and the masses deceive themselves into believing slavery equals empowerment. The essence of the ruling elite’s black magic is in the artificial induction and reinforcement of controlled emotional responses, leading one to feel and believe as if they are acting out of their own free will, when in fact they have been merely manipulated into helping reinforce the parameters of the established commercial and legal status quo. In always creating and leading a duality of oppositional forces to greet one another in social and political struggle, order is constantly being reinforced and reshaped out of fomented chaos. Once one is able to see beyond this fabricated duality, the false perception of manufactured reality constantly foisted upon the masses through mainstream and alternative media sources becomes incredibly transparent.

In every sense, the LA riots and the incendiary events leading up to it were designed to first create and subsequently exploit a state of prevailing fear to severely segment the American masses along racial lines – a psychological operation still ongoing today.

Latasha Harlins

Although by now virtually forgotten, the Latasha Harlins event, perhaps even more so than the Rodney King incident, served to foment what appeared to the American public to be violent revolution on the streets of Korean town in Los Angeles. But like Rodney King’s violent encounter with Los Angeles law enforcement, there does appear to exist not only fundamental problems with the conflicting narratives presented by mainstream media sources, but incredible anomalies with the alleged video documentation of the event. For one, the surveillance video, even for footage allegedly taken from a stationary in-store video surveillance camera, seems suspiciously blurry and unfocused, and also appears to have been altered with crude and hasty post-production. Examining the footage further, one notices more than a few of the video frames appear to have been shot from a hand-held camera and not from a stationary in-store surveillance lens.

Why would this be?

Could it be the violent scene depicted in the video was reenacted several times as would be performed by actors taking direction on a Hollywood movie set, and the footage was perhaps culled from both stationary and hand-held camera angles then sloppily composited together during post-production?

When observing closer still, several of the frames from the video in question, particularly those depicting the fatal gun shots, appear to have been re-edited and re-shot several times – again what one would expect to see from the raw excerpts of Hollywood film “rushes” if they had been subjected to the post-production efforts of an amateur film maker. Could it be what was presented to the public as video documentation of the Latasha Harlins event is in fact raw “B-roll” footage scraped from the cutting room floor of some Hollywood film project contemporary to the era and was then poorly and perhaps purposely doctored to psychologically test and or manipulate mainstream news audiences?

If so, was this done to further test the overall credulity of the American public, even after being subjected to CNN’s green screen shenanigans presented as live and on-location coverage from the Middle East during the first Gulf War and prior to events such as the alleged Oklahoma bombing and the massive psychological operation known as 9/11? This would appear to be the case. However, with the video sample provided below, one shall be given leave to ultimately judge:

It is alleged on the morning of March 16, 1991 (316=3 7’s/777 joker code/bible John 3:16 “for god gave his only begotten ‘son'”/sun=Lucifer/Jesuit object of worship) Latasha Harlins, (birth date July 14/777/intelligence joker code) a student at Los Angeles Westchester high school entered Empire Liquor store located in South Los Angeles to purchase a bottle of orange juice priced at $1.79 (117/11X7=77/Wizard of Oz/twin lightning charges of Lucifer/orange/33+juice/33=66/12/777) when it is alleged the youth was apprehended and subsequently assaulted by store clerk Soon Ja Du who harbored suspicions Harlins was attempting to shoplift the item in question. A violent scuffle ensued which culminated with Ja Du retrieving a hand gun kept underneath the counter. Ja Du proceeded to fire the weapon  from a distance of 3 feet (33/highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry), mortally wounding Latasha Harlins.


Additionally, it doesn’t appear the photos of the deceased Harlins appear any more credible. In fact, in the tradition of creating victim simulations for these various psychological operations, it appears the photos of  Harlins are backdated, and could even be the spouse of Rodney King’s host actor, soul singer Marvin Gaye. And of course, there are the usual numerology markers evident with the pedigree details given by the mainstream media for both the deceased and the alleged assailant. As in the case of the Waco incident (See: US government goes wacko in Waco ) one observes the esoteric tetragrammaton (555/masonic/pythagorean triangle) playing a prominent role, but this time augmented with the esoteric concept of mirror reversal, for it is alleged Harlins was 15 (555) and her alleged assailant Soon Ja Du, later reportedly convicted of involuntary manslaughter was 51 (555) at the time the event took place.

Still more details avail more masonic numerology coding:

Latasha Harlins was alleged to have been killed 13 (summit of masonic pyramid) days subsequent to the Rodney King event and Ja Du was fined 500 dollars (555) and sentenced to five (manifestation of elements of fire/air/water/ether/earth) years probation and 400 (4=Kabbalah door of perception) days of community service.

Of course, the mainstream media trumpeted ad infinitum the fact Ja Du never served any jail time for what they suggested and implied was a heinous and cold blooded murder. In retrospect however, it turns out the mainstream media’s barking, baying and stirring up the desired emotional outrage of the masses proved moot – because folks, as usual, it was all a cruel and manipulative hoax.


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    1. Thank you for your continued interest in Newsspell. As a frequent visitor, I’m certain you must realize the content discovered is quite atypical, and requires a great deal of corroborative research before it can be published. Nevertheless, I am most appreciative of your gracious suggestions.

  2. Thank you for this article. It is the only info I can finds out the LA riots being a hoax. I saw several things earlier this year but suspiciously everything has been taken down.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Newsspell and for the kind comment. In retrospect, I too, was genuinely surprised at how staged the MSM footage appeared. The MSM reports on the Rodney King incident were not only inundated with numerology, but it became almost immediately obvious “King” was a manufactured character portrayed by a host actor.

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