Garden State blind to “Forrest” beyond trees

Before delving into the content of this installment, one must humbly offer a confession. For many years, not only has one grown to appreciate the number of varied roles this truly great character actor has skillfully demonstrated on the silver screen, but one also imagined – however ultimately unlikely – that this celebrity, both professionally and personally, represented the last grain of sanity and class to be discovered within the borders of Hollywood’s tainted tinsel town.

Sadly, however, one must dare to tread wherever evidence of the actor based reality leads.

Among the more astute, those who perhaps comprehend what exactly has been alluded to in the headline, no doubt one has already surmised where this installment shall dare to venture. However, beyond identification of the host actor portraying the high level political role, on this occasion, one shall delve into the reasons as to why the actor based reality is so effective in aiding implementation of the ruling elite Jesuit families’ social and political agendas, and additionally, demonstrate how it acts as a protective and perpetual legal shield.

The state of New Jersey – though much maligned as a geographical malformity compared to the titanic majesty of its grander neighbor of New York – can nevertheless boast of having been the launching pad of many of America’s brightest and most cherished stars of the popular music stage, including Bruce Springsteen, and Jon Bon Jovi.

But, the “Garden state” also harbors a dark secret, in that one of Hollywood’s most renowned, brightest and arguably most talented stars once inhabited the governor’s office of its state capital – and can still be seen on corporate network television portraying the character of former New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.

One has previously articulated, the legal apparatus of Admiralty law governed by the Middle Crown Temple amid London’s one square mile – the residence of the true board of directors of the US corporation – represents the Achilles heal of the prevailing global commercial system. Laws consist of words with meanings and connotations, logically implying there exist interpretations that can be routinely distorted and transformed to suit any argument, whether legal or otherwise. Unbeknownst to the general public, this is the occult secret hidden from them, the one weapon at their ready disposal should they decide to utilize it to effect genuine social and political change in their favor.

Alas, since general comprehension escapes them, or the wherewithal gained by the requisite discipline applied to learn the true meaning of the terms and conditions which bind them is lacking, they remain bound and enslaved by the very words they have ironically been conditioned to believe secure their so-called freedoms and liberties.

This is primarily why the actor based reality remains persistent, and why the all-pervasive veil of deception remains intact. Speaking of which, one shall now reveal a most stunning discovery, that of yet another well-known Hollywood celebrity impersonating a nationally recognized public figure posed in the office of high politics.

Chris Christie (2 C’s=33/Christ consciousness)

The election, or more likely selection, of Chris Christie to the governor’s mansion in Princeton, New Jersey, represents one prime example of how the ruling elites, by employing actors to pose as pubic officials to legally carry out their bidding, thereby shield themselves from public prosecution for their conspiratorial and criminal malfeasance.

Set up as political proxies, the puppet operating under a pseudonym carries out the specifications of his public script, and all the while, the genuine directors and executive decision makers are hidden from the public’s sight. When and if, the proxy is caught or suspected of committing illegalities while in office, and even if a public hearing is convened, such proceedings merely represent a theatrical stage play demonstrating to the public the mere appearance of fair and impartial jurisprudence.

However, since the hearing involves a proxy operating under a character pseudonym, and since his or her “identity” has been verified only by an anonymous third party, that “person” or corporation doesn’t legally stand under admiralty proceedings, and therefore cannot be held truly accountable, and despite uniform reports broadcast to the general public to the contrary, cannot be legally prosecuted or sentenced, since he or she doesn’t really exist.

Therefore, in summary, while the public remains satisfied by mere appearances of legal due process, the true conspirators afford themselves perpetual anonymity and legal indemnity from prosecution, and the host actor, having successfully carried out the specifics or his or her role, is free to assume another role with yet another pseudonym legally attached.

Great scheme, huh, folks?

But, this is how the business of high politics is routinely carried out, and the public, preoccupied with bread and circus and day to day economic and social navigations, remains blissfully oblivious. Lacking the intention to appear presumptuous, perhaps now, with greater numbers of readers discovering Newsspell, that unfortunate state of affairs will begin to positively shift.

Meanwhile, this unlawful but legal state of affairs continues apace.

Case in point – the scandal that embroiled Garden state governor, Chris Christie, who after an “election” that was made to appear as a public mandate for a political sea change and bi-partisan cohesiveness, was subsequently called forth to answer for charges of political and fiscal corruption. Apparently, Christie, despite denials to the contrary, had decided to use pubic funds and resources to act out a political vendetta against an ideological rival who failed to endorse his candidacy. However, and as usual, there was much more to this story hiding beneath the superficial gloss painted over by mainstream media sources.

Behind the latex disguise

The tenure of 55th (55/Tetrad/transformative energy) New Jersey governor, Chris Christie (2010-2018/8=mark of the Jesuit order), after his response to and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, was soon trumpeted as a hallmark of bi-partisanship and strong leadership. In 2017, Christie was even chosen to chair what was termed the Opioid and Drug Abuse Administration. But, Christie was soon to plunge from the apex of political triumph into the dregs of infamy, after it was alleged his staff appointees had misused public funds and resources during what was dubbed as the Fort Lane closure scandal, or “Bridgegate.”

The scandal alleged that key members of Christie’s staff colluded (or conspired – and yet, per CIA, conspiracies aren’t supposed to exist) to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey, by closing lanes at the main toll plaza of the George Washington Bridge.

During the “investigative” hearings that ensued, a gubernatorial aid from the Christie administration attested that the traffic jams were, in fact, not a deliberately staged vendetta against a political rival carried out by Christie’s political operatives, but rather occurred as the result of an official “traffic study.”

And, there one has it, folks – the clue as to what may have been actually going on out of the sight of the public, while trained actors played out their assigned roles in a charade of publicly staged, political theater. This is what is done time and again by the ruling elites – the deliberate creation of crisis accompanied by the introduction of a prefabricated solution. In this case, the purpose of the “traffic study” was to cause massive and repeated public chaos, all so that the public would demand public officials address the problem.

Of course, to make it appear as if New Jersey’s public officials were performing their due diligence, they decided to convene blue ribbon panels filled with “experts” who proposed what appeared to be plausible solutions of their own creation. But, folks, as with everything in American high politics, appearances are indeed deceiving. The “solutions” offered by the blue ribbon panelists were merely regurgitated and prepackaged talking points, vital elements of an agenda planned well in advance of the initial crisis.

So, what did these so-called public officials do in response to governor Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal?

They proposed additional toll booth lanes be constructed on the bridge to mitigate further traffic snafus, and while purposely prevaricating by omission concerning the massive tax expenditures necessary to facilitate such a project, also failed to mention the additional taxpayer profits to be collected from the construction of the toll booths, and the exorbitant and ongoing costs of their maintenance.

But, folks, that is what these public puppets are employed to do on behalf of their elite masters – to seduce more tax money from your pockets and paychecks, while simultaneously promoting, accentuating, and even exalting the virtues of public efficiency, convenience, and progress to the average Joe and Jane Q. Pubic, who are never privy to the tragic reality of the confidence game foisted upon them.

That’s right – the entire slew of public hearings, the news reports of New Jersey’s public officials forced to testify against one another in the interest of the public good during the scandal that came to be known as “Bridgegate”, represented a massive smokescreen, while the underlying scenario that planned to filch millions of the public’s tax dollars went unreported. That is, after all, the paramount reason for government to exist – whether statutory or federal – to produce a tax profit for the holding corporation of the US.

This political imbroglio, however, did not seem to hamper Christie’s public perception of “electability”, as he went on to position himself into the running for the Republican presidential nomination. Soon, however, after a poor showing in the New Hampshire primary, he was forced to bow out of the race. For those who still hold out hope the man who eventually triumphed in America’s most recent presidential election may be a maverick, and opposed to the bidding of the thirteen ruling elite families – think again, folks.

For, “Donald Trump” is no different than any puppet that came before.

The general “elections” sanctioned by the ruling elite, Jesuit families are tantamount to horse races, only the elite ruling class own every stable, and indeed, every horse scheduled to run in the main event. Thus, no matter who the public chooses to “elect”, the elites never lose.

As usual, however, the public was the big loser, because, folks, the political character of Chris Christie was portrayed by a host actor – a very famous one.

Click the link provided below to take a very close look at Christie’s facial contours – does anything strike one as odd? No, you say? – what about the layers of facial, latex stippling, the same type that is used by Hollywood wardrobe and makeup artists in creating character illusions, the very same advanced grade of latex stippling used on the production sets of most Hollywood science fiction epics, of the kind that can withstand the repeated glare of hot studio lights and still maintain its structural and aesthetic integrity.

Chris Christie:

Tom Hanks:

One shall also notice, when comparing the facial contours appearing in both photographs displayed above, that some photoshop morphing has been applied to Christie’s teeth, and that there has also been additional layers of latex stippling applied to the ear lobes and to the character’s nose to perhaps aid in concealing the true identity of the host actor. However, the contours of the brow ridges remain noticeably comparable. But the element that sealed the deal, in identifying Hanks as Christie’s host actor, were the results of a voice comparison analysis. Additionally, there is ample evidence of the application of post-production voice synthesis during Christie’s recent appearances on corporate network television as a political commentator.

One should admit, however, of all the characters populating American politics, Christie is perhaps one of the more convincing. Then again, that is solely due to the superlative acting performance of one Tom Hanks.

But, as loyal readers here at Newsspell have learned, no volume of superb acting will serve to redraw the ruling elite’s veil of illusion once it has been permanently ripped away.






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