Perhaps, many of you who visit Newsspell on a regular basis may not be familiar with the subject of this installment. Nevertheless, and suffice to say, Harry Reasoner’s considerable on-air reputation was not merely that of just another run-of-the-mill mainstream newscaster.

In fact, Reasoner was considered the premiere mainstream news commentator of his era.

Beyond the limited scope of on-air corporate television network talent, he was also renowned as both a keen wordsmith and a heavyweight opinion-maker; opinions which were not only trusted by a great percentage of Reasoner’s targeted audience demographic, but valued by a majority of American television viewers.

But – as it turns out – “Harry Reasoner” was another fictional television character and, more than this, for the entirety of his career, while acting under a calculatingly created pseudonym that slyly suggested occult implications, he was a European royal hiding under the disguise of a carefully crafted and cultivated public persona.

When encountering the official biographies of renowned mainstream news commentator “Harry Reasoner” for the first time, we observe more evidence of a fabricated character accompanied – what by now- appears to be the usual, well-calculated, cliched, and even shopworn rags-to-riches narrative; an improbable transcendence from disadvantageously humble or obscure stock to the glorious pantheon of fame and fortune.

However, Reasoner’s moniker has an occult relationship with a pantheon of another sort: the classical mythology of ancient Greek gods and goddesses. The mythological etymology of the famous ABC news commentator’s name also represents a colossal clue as to the genuine identity of the character’s royal host actor. Regarding ancient and classical Greek mythology, the goddess Athena was a deity known for her wisdom, war and – wait for it folks – REASON (

This fact harks back to the author’s response when a recent and inquiring visitor, wondered what the occult purpose and – exoterically speaking – the ultimate end game happened to be behind the ruling elite’s perpetration of the phenomenon we have come to know as PMRS, or post-modern reality simulation.

On an occult or hidden level, the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families are actively promoting – through the effective conduit of the MSM and the propaganda spread by the feminist/#metoo/#timesup/LGBQT/climate change agendas – the feminine energy of the ancient goddesses Isis and Athena to both America and the West.

This feminine energy is most conspicuously represented by the edifice rising over New York’s skyline which popularly – and exoterically – is known as the “Statue of Liberty”.

While standing proudly erected on the shores of New York’s city harbor, “Lady Liberty” not only clutches the occult book of spells kept – for centuries – secreted away by the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, but she holds high the torch of knowledge, or Lucifer’s eternal/divine flame, which was given to mankind by the legendary Prometheus.

In the case of the goddess, Athena, legend has it she sprang – in full anatomical form – from the forehead or pineal gland/third eye of Zeus.

Athena is one of the protagonists of Homer’s classic work of literature, The Odyssey, and she is also the spiritual guide who mentored Perseus and Heracles through their spiritual and physical tribulations as they ultimately worked their way towards enlightenment. Athena is also one of the gods of the classic Pantheon, a temple in Athens, reported to have been named in her honor.

The predominant social conditioning and mass propaganda currently and incessantly promoted by MSM represents the spiritual resurrection of Isis/Athena’s ancient spirit, the grand purpose of which is to socially indoctrinate the mass populations of the West to accept – much like Perseus and Heracles in the days of classical antiquity – the guidance of Athena’s feminine spirit. Incrementally, and whether they realize it or not, the masses have been bombarded with this program of social/psychological conditioning over a period of several decades. The ultimate goal, therefore, is to induce a majority of the masses in the West to wholeheartedly accept the new universalist (what is essentially the old world order occult religion) global pagan religion, in lieu of the established exoteric and traditional faiths of Christianity and Islam.

Once accepted by a majority of the masses, this new global faith shall then place the spirit of Isis/Athena’s feminine energy at the head – much like the pope in Rome – as not only an object of adoration and worship, but as the new religion’s symbolic high-priestess.

To perhaps place this occult transformation into a more lucid perspective, Isis/Athena is the occult equivalent of the exoteric Mother Mary, an edifice who, for hundreds of years, has been the object of adoration for millions of followers of Catholicism, a religion which, for centuries, has merely represented the exoteric veil hiding the true occult faith of Isis/Athena, goddesses of the divine feminine.

From the grander global and commercial perspective, the human resources populating the West are being downsized, and while all economies of the West are amid a period of social transformation, America – established as a corporate asset of the thirteen, ruling elite families – has been specifically targeted for mass deindustrialization, a grand transition from her former position as a primary global producer/exporter to an import/service-based economy.

Since the dawn of the medieval historical period, the ruling elite mentality has viewed the masses as human resources or as commercial inventory with a trade bond value, legal bonds/corporate assets which – over the last few decades – have steadily devalued.

The population of corporately owned ‘persons’ in the West, which are legally represented by the publicly traded monetary value of their Crown Temple/Vatican issued bonds or birth certificates, have been observed – for some time now – to routinely consume more than they profitably produce. Thus, and from a macrocosmic perspective, when a business owner has determined inventory maintenance costs have begun to exceed productivity and profitability, the inventory volume – due to expedient business efficiencies – must be downsized or liquidated.

More simply put, the aforementioned scenario points to why the MSM has promoted the feminist/transgender/LGBQT agendas, along with promoting the proliferation of certain fabricated psychological operations featuring “health scares or epidemics”. This is also why vaccines are being manufactured and distributed both widely and freely; to mitigate further population growth, and to cull the aging inventory of human resources among the Generation X and Baby Boomer generations now retiring from the work force and closing in on the average life expectancy.

REASONER TURNS “60 MINUTES” INTO TV HIT (6/33/high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry)

The iconic “Reasoner” was not only universally lauded by his peers in the mainstream news industry, he was also feted three times (EE=33) with an Emmy Award, and once with a prestigious George Peabody Award in 1967 for his pursuit of excellence in the field of television journalism and news commentary.

Before beginning with our analysis of Reasoner’s official biographies, it must be pointed out that Reasoner’s full name, Harry Truman (does that name sound familiar from a past installment, folks?) Reasoner, sums to 257 in English Ordinal gematria

SEE: Honesty not Harry S. Truman’s best policy 

This number – 257 – reduces to five in Full Reduction, or 23, an occult number which is symbolic of the Fibonacci spiral; the source of spiritual creation. 23 can also be – of course – broken down into the elementary mathematical equation of 2+3 to represent 2 3’s, or 33 (high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

The number 33 – for purposes of further occult edification – is also symbolic of the total number of human vertebrae leading to the pineal gland which, when illuminated or activated by the scared oil traveling upwards along the spinal column, a candidate or inductee into the higher degrees of Freemasonry is then acknowledged to have become “illuminated”, or has reached spiritual enlightenment.

The 33 human vertebrae can often be observed symbolically depicted – in the context of high-degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry – by the image of the spiral staircase which is also, in turn, representative of the freemasonic candidate’s journey to eventual spiritual enlightenment (pineal gland/third eye activation).

Images of this masonic spiral staircase – in the form of a masonic tracing board and depictions of other symbolic forms within the masonic lodge – can be seen by clicking the following links below:

Masonic tracing board:

Fibonacci spiral:

Masonic Grand Lodge:

Harry Truman Reasoner –  regarding the moniker’s English Ordinal gematria sum – is also equivalent to double 7, the code for Lucifer’s twin bolts of lightning cast from heaven, and angelic occult transformation, meaning, before “Harry” became known to the American public as a renowned news commentator/spell caster, his host actor had transformed from a previous identity into the character he publicly and successfully portrayed for decades.

Alleged to have been born in Dakota City, Humboldt county, Iowa (a hotbed of not only intelligence activity, but a haven for witchcraft covens and several masonic lodges), on 17 of April (17+4=21 or 777/intelligence joker code), 1923 (there’s the #23 again, folks), Reasoner was said to have been an inquisitive child, and learned to read before he entered school. Reasoner’s official biographies reveal a most interesting anecdote of when, while attending classes at West high school in Minneapolis – where he was said to have developed a keen interest in the vocation of journalism – he authored a story inauspiciously entitled “The Wench of the Week” (sums to 151 in English Ordinal gematria/7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon/56 in Full Reduction/11/twin masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin), which not only garnered the scornful attentions of the school’s principal, but reportedly got the young Reasoner summarily expelled.

Interestingly enough, an investigative search on the term “wench of the week” and “Saul Bellow” yielded this gem of an article listed at the following address among the internet archives:

Apparently, the text of this article is drawn from an entry into the Lupum Auribus Tenemus, (which translates from the Latin – assuredly meant to be ironic – into Thank god I’m an atheist), the title of a school journal published by Laurentian University, a campus located in Canada, a country alleged to be have been author Saul Bellow’s place of birth. Not only does the journal entry mention Mister Bellow and a scathing critique of his novel Herzog, but also mentions this relating to the title of the offending high school article allegedly penned by a young “Harry Reasoner”:

“O.K. GANG, DOUBLE FEATURE: Just lo get all girl watchers warmed up in a hurry, and because we missed having a ‘wench of the week’ In our first issue, we present for your enjoyment two lovely examples of female pulchritude lo to be found on and around Laurontian’s Campus.”

But this rare journal entry also mentions the “Company of Jesus” relating to the year 1057, during the papal reign of Stephen IX:

“The college (Laurentian was officially founded in 1960) is this year celebrating its tenth year in existence since the 1013CotlegoSacreCoeur university charter was realized by the Company of Jesus in 1057.”

The Sacre Coeur is a reference to the Roman Catholic basilica in Paris, France which, according to historical records since its inception in 1875, is the second most-visited monument in the entire city. The term “basilica” derives from a Greek term meaning “royal house.” The “Company of Jesus” – of course – is a reference to the Jesuit order and, it would seem, whenever we endeavor to research official celebrity biographies – whether those belonging to historical figures, noted Hollywood luminaries, or stars of stage, screen, and television – the ubiquitous presence of the Jesuit order simply cannot be avoided.

As for the brief papal reign of Pope Stephen IX during the 11th century – christened Frederic de Lorraine (a papal reign lasting from the 3rd of August 1057 until his death in 1058) – which is referenced by the Laurentian college journal entry, he was the younger brother of a warring French noble, Godfrey III, Duke of Lower Lorraine, a noble figure who would survive his papal sibling to play a major role in the politics of medieval France and Europe.

Frederic was born in the Duchy of Lorraine, which became part of the classically notorious Holy Roman Empire.

Holy Roman Empire coat of arms:

You will notice the coat of arms – depicted in the image at the link displayed above –  features both a lion and an eagle set against the backdrop of the color yellow, which is symbolic of the sun.

But where else have we observed the symbolism of the eagle?

Official Seal of the US:

Yes folks, the bald eagle was officially chosen in 1872 as the emblem of the US corporation. This marks a clear indication – despite the claims of historical scholars otherwise – the Holy Roman Empire never went away, it has merely lain dormant since the medieval historical period, behind the occult veil of the Vatican and Crown Temple’s legal and financial global bureaucracy, represented by Admiralty Law.

These facts exist as even greater clues to the genuine identity of the host actor hiding behind Harry Reasoner’s character portrayal.

Regarding the appearance of “Dakota” in Reasoner’s official biographies (sums to 52 in English Ordinal gematria or 7/Kabbalah Zayin, the mind weapon), this particular geographical place name establishes an historical and occult symbiosis with the alleged site of the “assassination” of Beatle, John Lennon, near New York’s Dakota hotel.

In fact, other than his helping to popularize the iconic network news hour program, 60 Minutes, Reasoner’s initial claim to fame in the news industry came when he reported on the JFK “assassination”, covering not only the president’s faked funeral, but the televised farce of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald’s arrest and subsequent “assassination”.

Later, after starring with Mike Wallace on “60 Minutes”, Reasoner became part of ABC’s late-night news team with Barbara Walters AKA Austro-German Princess von Furstenberg. Though Reasoner’s reputed on-air truculence toward Walters became legendary, such shenanigans between he and Walters were likely scripted to stir up psychological fireworks with the public, and to draw ratings and advertising dollars.


We should also take note of the other notable place name present in Reasoner’s official biographies, Humboldt.

Not only is Humboldt county, Iowa the site of a masonic lodge (Humboldt lodge #79 or 63/3 6’s/666), but Humboldt was also the name of a titular protagonist in the Pulitzer Prize winning novel written by renowned author, Saul Bellow. Bellow’s novel featured the tragic story of a prize-winning poet who rises to fame and then falls into a self-induced plague of loneliness, drunkenness, and dissolution.

Believe it or not folks, these are the precise but obscure biographical details mainstream biographers like to leave out in the open, details that – though nevertheless thought to be slyly clever – when dropped into the hands of a thoroughly inquisitive investigator, represent clearly drawn sign posts leading straight to the identity of a fabricated character’s host actor.

Several elements stuck out when observing author Saul Bellow’s official biographies and his official Wikipedia page.

One – his death came in April (4th month/22/symbolic of a masonic master builder), the same birth month as our man of the hour, Harry Truman Reasoner.

Two – Bellow’s alleged death came at the age of 89 (8X9=72/27/occult mirrored reversal/2 7’s=77/angelic transformation/Lucifer’s twin lightning bolts) on the 5th of the month, which equals the 777 intelligence joker code, corresponding in relation to the identical gematria sum coded within the alleged and official birth date of “Harry Reasoner”. Before revealing the results of further investigation with comparative facial recognition between images of the pair of historical character’s Harry Reasoner and Saul Bellow, and, as well, the results of voice recognition analysis, here’s a video excerpt from an interview conducted by a BBC presenter with the alleged “Pulitzer Prize winning” author:

The following article, published by The Guardian in 2013, features a concise retrospective on not only Bellow’s generously lauded and award-studded literary career, but a list of what is considered to be his most “essential” works.

The titles of these award-winning literary works alone – in the way of occult significance – are more than worthy of note.

The first of Bellow’s essential works listed by The Guardian is “The Adventures of Augie March.”

A quote from Bellow’s debut novel describes the protagonist as “a Columbus of those near-at-hand.”

Though this was not alluded to in the previous installment that dealt with the legendarily popular television character portrayed by actor Peter Falk, the name “Columbo” is a symbolic occult reference to the goddess of Isis, who is synonymous with Athena, the feminine goddess of the classical Greek Pantheon.

The next of Bellow’s titles listed by The Guardian is “Henderson the Rain King.”

Similar references to the “Rain man” or “king” – as it turns out – have been a long-time staple of the entertainment industry throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and, most notably, diversely appear in the classic Hollywood film “Singing in the Rain”, starring actor/dancer Gene Kelly, in a once popular song performed by rapper Eminem and, of course, within the pages of a novel written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Saul Bellow.

Within the context of the occult, the “Rain man” is synonymous with the ancient Egyptian god, Horus, the son of Isis (synonymous with the goddess of Athena), who was depicted as a falcon-headed man wearing the pschent, or a red and white crown.

The Rain man is also a metaphorical reference to the Devil’s semen, and the sodomite rituals of high-degree Freemasonry.


It should also be noted, the cover of Bellow’s “Henderson the Rain King” features the depiction of a lion which, to those initiated into the highest degrees of the Templar/Jesuit/Masonic triumvirate, symbolically represents the worshipfully revered pagan object of the sun.

After going into radio with CBS in 1948, Reasoner was employed by the US Information Agency, located in the Philippines, USIA. Officially, USIA began under the auspices of the US State Department as a branch of its overseas ‘diplomatic’ communications corps, and was formulated at the behest of former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower AKA Hollywood mogul Barry Diller/Austro-German Prince Eduard von Furstenberg, the current spouse of Diane von Furstenberg AKA Barbara Walters.

Well-cognizant the state department’s organization operated as a government pipeline of propaganda while acting undercover as an agent of overseas diplomacy, the former US president was once quoted as having said this concerning the true function of USIA, “audiences would be more receptive to the American message if they were kept from identifying it as propaganda. Avowedly propagandistic materials from the United States might convince few, but the same viewpoints presented by the seemingly independent voices would be more persuasive.”

Yes folks, that about says it all, doesn’t it?

While mulling over the significance of what amounted to a most revealing statement from former US president Eisenhower AKA Barry Diller/Prince Eduard von Furstenberg – one of the most renowned figures starring as part of the phenomenon known as post-modern reality simulation-  there is this stunning fact to consider: ear biometric, facial recognition, and voice analysis positively confirm the character’s of former news commentator Harry Reasoner, and that of award-winning author Saul Bellow, were portrayed by the identical host actor.

The host actor of both characters has been identified as His Majesty, King Paul of Greece, the royal father of King Constantine II AKA Dan Rather/global financier George Soros/Greek billionaire shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis.

Harry Reasoner:

Saul Bellow:

King Paul of Greece:


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  1. Hellpo neswsspell, hope the new book is doing well.

    Would you consider writing something on the q anon psyop?

      1. I think its leading a lot of people down the wrong path. They’re saying for example that robert Kennedy is alive and being sheltered by the resistance. Of course you have written about him before.

        Also Jeb mcafee and his campaign for the presidency. That guys wiki bio and the fact he’s being promoted by msm says all you need to know.

        It would be cool to have the many obvious flaws highlighted in a post.

      2. I’ve written more extensively concerning JFK AKA Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper. who, is also a hidden family relation of Danish Prince Henrik AKA Jack Nicholson. Suffice to say, RFK’s “assassination” was also a hoax, for the purpose of heightening the chaos that would follow at Chicago’s Democratic convention. It is important to understand, these sorts of psychological operations are no different – in terms of method of operation – than what the ruling elite families have been doing for centuries. They set up heroes – like “JFK”/”RFK”/MLK, etc. etc., then – symbolically – martyr them for the purpose of creating historic myths venerating their pagan and occult deities. Since you are a loyal reader, however, I promise to look into it. You won’t want to miss what’s coming up next, an installment revealing connections between the Flat Earth psychological operation, the royal family of Monaco, ABC’s Brian Williams AKA Joe Biden/former US president George H.W. Bush and the historically manufactured Bush family to which he is purported to be related!

      3. Thanks. Q anon concerns insiders working to overthrow a corrupt system headed by the Clintons, Obamas etc. The ususal divide and conquer narrative.

        Ah the flat earthers lol I must admit they had me convinced for a while.

      4. All of those family names are pseudonyms, corporate fronts for unlawful, criminal, but profitable conversion schemes. Turns out, the “Flat Earth” phenomenon is heavily funded from off-shore accounts which are held as money laundry’s for the international narcotics trade – profits from the Afghan poppy crop refined in Iraq, Iran, and Syria, then shipped to the front door of Western Europe and, eventually, to distribution cartels in North America protected by the masonic police guilds, homeland Security, FBI.

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