When considering stories promoted by mainstream media outlets, whether online, magazine, periodical, newspaper, or television, the real story is always concealed behind the headlined facade. As is the case with all simulated crisis drills, there is usually an ulterior agenda. And, that agenda, usually has to do with monetary profiteering.

Of course, the looming question for any prospective investigator is, who ultimately benefits? The thorough investigator, however, will take it a step further once that initial question has been satisfied, and then ask, exactly how?

In the case of the staged crisis shooting drill in Vegas, the obvious answer to the first question as to who ultimately benefits is, of course, the elite ruling families holding the monopoly umbrella under which all major revenue generating corporations are placed. For the independent investigator, finding out the true end game can prove a bit more difficult. But, after more than a bit of perseverance, patience, and exhaustive research, one thinks they just may have the answer. The proliferation of live crisis drills across the nation has spawned, in addition to increased grants to local and state police agencies, a host of private security industries currently performing robust business. Of course, since the majority of the American public seems convinced their society is rife with either the possibility of terrorist attacks or deranged gunman inflicting mass casualties, the proliferation of ‘security’ and almost ubiquitous surveillance feels justified.

Fearful perception having become all too apprehensive reality, a majority of the public feels it is necessary for local police departments to be outfitted and armed like marine legions ready to storm the beaches of Normandy. In the case of Las Vegas, the world’s number one adult playground, it is a city literally besieged by hosts of private security and arrays of both electronic and video surveillance. To the critically thinking minds among the American pubic-and the odds of finding one of those is about as long as finding the Hope diamond buried in one’s backyard-the plausibility of a gunman smuggling automatic weapons into a Vegas hotel room would seem justifiably remote under such prevailing circumstances. However, that is the prevailing psychology behind live crisis management preparedness drills, one has been fearfully conditioned and cowed into believing whatever the government says no matter how absurd the glaring anomalies.

Advanced imaging Technology and Millimeter-wave systems

Now, however, it is not enough that private security, along with local and state police fusion centers, can ping and scrutinize everyone’s smart phone to pinpoint one’s location, or worse yet, scrutinize their activities through email and social media through what is termed Stingray spyware. It is estimated over three million tourists, travelers, gamblers, and thrill seekers come through the slew of Las Vegas hotels, resorts, and casinos. Most of these, have installed what are termed Advanced Imaging Technology systems, typically used to detect possible illegal items of contraband concealed underneath personal articles of clothing. It is interesting to note that the Department of Homeland Security, after repeated denials the machines pose no overriding health concerns, have finally, according to Atlantic Monthly, agreed to an independent scientific inquiry to examine the issue. One surmises the public shouldn’t hold its collective breath in anticipating the agency won’t significantly tinker or withhold the report should the results prove destructive to their repeated claims the machines pose no public health risks.

OSI systems, American Science and Engineering, and Tek84 Engineering Group are the leading manufacturers of these Advanced Technology systems currently installed in public buildings, sports arenas, college campuses, shopping malls, airports. However, it now appears, an even more invasive technology in terms of personal privacy, if not danger to public health, will be installed at all Las Vegas hotels, resorts, and casinos in the wake of the live crisis simulation drill at Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel.

These full anatomical scan units are termed Millimeter-wave systems.

Theoretically, it has been reported these systems beam low powered millimeter waves over the surface of the body utilizing dual rotating antennas. The energy reflected back from the individual human body is analyzed to create body images and to locate any objectionable items. Notably, the logical fallacy trotted out when officials wish to give positive impressions reducing or eliminating thoughts of the overwhelming threat to public health in relation to these types of invasive technologies, is that because the radiation dose falls below arbitrary ANSI standards for annual radiation risk, they are perfectly safe for public use. Countering this argument is the fact the EU recently banned the use of all X-ray based airport scanners, and a scientific paper composed in 1993 by the Scientific Research Center in Moscow entitled Resonance effect of Low-Intensity Millimeter waves of cellular biology and Chromosomal DNA.  In the introduction, this ground-breaking paper states very lucidly that MMW or Millimeter waves, of the type emitted by portable Millimeter-wave machines, were in fact shown to have simultaneous and deleterious effects on cell division, gene expression, and macro-molecular synthesis. As if that bit of information weren’t discomforting enough, there is strong empirical evidence demonstrating the Millimeter-wave machines, of the sort mass produced by L3 Technologies and London based Smith Group, are also wildly ineffective for the stated purpose of detecting concealed weapons and the concealment of illicit and illegal contraband, bolstering a false positive rate of over fifty-four percent.

Could it be, these Millimeter-wave machines were mass produced to serve an altogether different role than their ostensible purpose?

Could it be, these machines were not designed to detect contraband, but to scan for electromagnetic cranial signatures, or human brain mapping?

Unknown to most, the electromagnetic pulses emitted from the cerebral cortex of each human being produces a unique signature, and much like ear bio-metrics, and fingerprinting, can be measured, verified, and used for personal and positive identification purposes.

No, this is not science fiction folks, brain mapping technology has existed for decades. It is only until the 21st century, the ruling elites have created a confluence of social, political, and most importantly, portable technological basis for utilizing it publicly.

Returning to the results of the study performed by Moscow’s Scientific Research Center, one surmises there is a tie-in with Agenda 21’s global population reduction protocols. One doesn’t have to hold a doctorate in cellular biology to surmise, that in light of the MSRC study’s alarming conclusions, and with the nearly ubiquitous presence of these Millimeter-wave machines placed in not only public buildings, sports arenas, airports, and virtually anywhere commerce is conducted, what havoc will be invited upon the DNA of literally millions unwittingly neutered from devastating exposure to what amounts to electromagnetic terrorism.

This is the future the elites have planned for mankind, to genetically neuter the mass population, in effect making reproduction for the great majority impossible. Per Agenda 21, by the year 2030, humans will be forced into densely packed cities, and into stack and pack ‘environmentally sustainable’ urban housing projects. Meanwhile, wide access to an array of destructive vices, in the way of alcohol, gambling, and chemically designed foods will transform a great majority into physical and mental zombies. This will ensure a reduced, and easily controllable population totally reliant on the government for their survival and sustenance through universal based income programs distributed by UN regional councils.

But, one believes, there is yet another ulterior purpose, beyond personal identification, as to why the ruling elites would want to scan, record, and collect the electromagnetic brain signatures of the general population.

Brain Mapping, EM’s and AI

Though official spokespersons from Homeland Security and other government agencies such as TSA may inform the public Millimeter-wave scanning machines do not possess the ability to penetrate the skin and map the internal organs, this is simply not so. Does one really think the government would be so insistent on deploying more of these machines while remaining cognizant of the well documented false positive rate of fifty-four percent, unless they were being used for an important ulterior purpose?

Clearly, these devices are not being used to catch prospective terrorists, that is only the cover story being given the general public too busy working paycheck to paycheck to validate or corroborate the bogus information the government issues forth. The fact is, with the proliferation of Millimeter-wave scanning machines, the ruling elites and their bureaucratic puppets in Homeland Security, NSA, FBI, CIA, and any other government alphabet lettered agency one wishes to name, will now have the ability to collect, collate, analyze and share, in addition to the usual pedigree and personal information, the electromagnetic brain signature of each and every individual American citizen, just as easily as local, state, and metropolitan police departments have previously collected fingerprints for decades.

But, don’t think for one moment these agencies will be content to keep this information stored in some computer server.

In the near future, this information will become valuable informational currency, sold to corporations now working on the production of what has been termed AI, or artificial human simulations, or EM’s.

That’s right folks, the ruling elite families are using brain mapping technology to build a better robot to replace the majority of systematically exterminated human beings.

The thing to remember, what one sees today on the Hollywood movie screen, or reads in a popular novel, marketed to the public as science fiction, is in reality, and real time, already been made science fact decades before.

The ruling elites have long planned the next evolutionary step for mankind will be to transcend the human form, into trans-human Artificial intelligence or EM human simulation. Whether one realizes it or not, some form of AI already runs our society, and probably has for a lot longer than one’s so-called public officials would ever be willing to admit.

Which is why, it cannot be stressed enough, the government one sees on television is merely for the sake of appearances, nothing more than a theatrical Punch and Judy puppet show.

In terms of the maintenance of global commerce, to the ruling elite families a great portion of mankind, especially among the global proletariat, has now become obsolete. After all, why hire humans to run your businesses, production factories, and corporate board rooms, when AI and EM’s can, at least from their distorted perspective, do it much more efficiently and cost effectively?

Shareholder collusion

As revealed at the outset, profit making commerce is undoubtedly one of the prime reasons for the overall proliferation of these simulated crisis emergency drills. Entire police departments across the nation are now being supported by a constant stream of Homeland Security grants in exchange for their participation in crisis simulation preparedness drills.

The immediate purpose of the crisis simulation scheduled at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Hotel Resort was to psychologically condition the public in consenting to the proliferation and mass installation of Millimeter-wave scanners.

It should be no surprise then, to discover one of the largest shareholders in both MGM Resorts International, L3 Technologies and London based Smith Group, the two companies mass producing Millimeter-wave machines, is the Vanguard Group Incorporated. This, of course, constitutes flagrant collusion, and a colossal conflict of interest. Also on the list of major L3 Technologies and Smith Group stockholders are Blackrock Incorporated and ClearBridge American energy.

Both companies share Vanguard Group as their largest shareholder.

Is one starting to get the picture here? One can see it all now, as the board members sat up in their cushy corporate towers colluding to pull a hoax, and then profit from their government windfall.

And, who does one think will ultimately have to shoulder the financial burden to build and maintain this newly constructed technological infrastructure of surveillance and information gathering? That’s right folks, the American taxpayer, driven further into debt, penury, and third world slavery status.

Once again folks, the den of wolves has been unleashed to not only scare the sheep into the pen, but to fleece them as they file in.


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    1. I must tell you, some of the research completed just in the last week has changed everything, The coat of arms of the thirteen ruling families is in every corporate logo, displayed on government buildings in every capital, and is even embroidered into the pope’s ceremonial robes-all hidden in plain sight.

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