Pope Francis, reputed to be the first Jesuit Cardinal to ascend to the Papal throne, is not who you think he is.

There exist two immediate reasons as to why this should be so.

For one, it turns out, “Francis” is a much younger man posed behind the mask of someone appearing much older.

For another, “Pope Francis” is a royal prince, and hails from one of Italy’s most ancient royal families, the genealogical roots of which emanate from before the era of imperial Rome.

As pontiff of the Vatican, in Rome, “Francis” presides over the Roman Empire – ruled from the trident of capitals: Vatican City, in Rome, the Crown Temple in the City of London, and the principality of Washington’s District of Columbia.

Rome’s is an empire which, contrary to the consensus of most academic historians, never died, it merely transitioned.

Like its current Pontiff, Pope Francis, the empire hides behind a carefully crafted veil.

Today, the Roman Empire, over which Pope Francis rules, is better known in its modern iteration as the United Nations, an international governing body which made its debut upon the world’s stage during the post-war era, in 1947.


Though several generations of public school and university graduates have been psychologically conditioned to believe the nation in which they live – the “United States” – is “free” and sovereign, there exists ample empirical evidence to demonstrate, this is not true.

In fact, the “United States” exists as a company or corporation, a vassal of the Crown Temple and Vatican City, ruled over by the Pontiff, the hidden emperor of imperial Rome that, unlike the claims of historical scholars, never perished, but lived on in another form; a militarized principality disguised as an ecclesiastical body.

As such, the “United States” is legally subject to Admiralty Law, administered through the Crown Temple in the City of London on behalf of the Vatican bank, in Rome.

SEE: https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/united-states-is-a-corporation-there-are-two-constitutions/

The same applies to the US’s neighbor to the north, Canada, which is a commonwealth, meaning, it is also a company or corporation.

Still doubt this is so?

Then, merely, for your own edification, try a simple experiment.

Go to the U.S. Security & Exchange Commission’s site at https://www.sec.gov.

Under “Company Filings”, type “Canada” into the search bar, labeled “EDGAR”.

SEE: https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=Canada&match=&filenum=&State=&Country=&SIC=&myowner=exclude&action=getcompany

After clicking on the link, listed above, everyone will notice that, indeed, the country known as Canada is listed, under the Security & Exchange Commission, as a company, or corporation, and under the file number 8888.

As well, if there are still any doubts as to the assertion, made in this article’s introduction, concerning the Roman Empire, consider the similarity of the following images.

The first image, the link to which is listed immediately below, features the crest of the ancient Roman Republic which, later, transitioned into Imperial Rome.

The second image, which, to everyone, is perhaps more familiar, features the logo of the United Nations.

Surely, between each design’s features, everyone will observe the obvious and startling similarities.

These similarities, however, as everyone has undoubtedly surmised, are no coincidence.

Image of ancient Roman Republic/Imperial Rome:


Logo of United Nations:



The following information, available at dnb.com (Dun & Bradstreet) very clearly demonstrates that, along with the the US, all states, towns, and municipalities, including the masonic police and fire guilds, exist as companies which are also corporations or profit-making entities.

That’s right folks, towns and cities (i.e. churches ruled over by archdioceses) are subject to international Admiralty Law, the universal law administered by Vatican City and the Crown Temple in the City of London.

The land on which each state of the US sits is known as Crown land or Commonwealth, as in, for example, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

SEE: https://www.dnb.com/business-directory/company-search.html?term=Massachusetts&term=Commonwealth%20of%20Massachusettts&page=1

As everyone will observe, from the example available at the link listed immediately above, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is incorporated and exists, therefore, as a profit making corporate entity through the collection of taxes, liens, and fines. The term Commonwealth designates Massachusetts as Crown land, the taxation of which is still covertly levied and granted by the Crown Temple’s Exchequer, the sitting monarch of the British Commonwealth who, in turn, is also subject to the Pontiff in the principality of Vatican City.

When the company name of any of your local or municipal governments are typed in to the search bar, located at the very top of the site’s page, at dnb.com, everyone will readily observe that, in fact, each of these also exist as companies or corporations.

This means, each town and city are universally subject to Admiralty Law, which, in cooperation with the Crown Temple in the City of London, is administered by the Vatican or Holy See.

SEE: How Crown Temple Rules America


The Holy See, located at the Vatican, in Rome, is ruled over by Pope Francis, a sworn member of the Jesuit order or the Society of Jesus and, as we shall soon discover, he is also a genealogical descendant of an ancient royal line with roots which extend to the inceptions of the Roman Republic and of imperial Rome.

We shall also discover, this ancient family has genealogical connections to the Windsor family (AKA Saxe-Coburg-Gotha/Rockefeller/Rothschild) and global business connections to a descendant of Alistair Crowley AKA Winston Churchill who, as it turns out, is a major investor in the aerospace industry.

Indeed, folks, “Francis” is not who you think he is.

It turns out, “Francis” is a royal prince of the Massimo family, an aristocratic and patrician family which, once, in the days of imperial Rome, was known as Fabii-Maximus.

As everyone shall soon observe, the history of the royal Massimo family is intertwined with the history of the City of Rome, with the genealogies of many of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, and with the history of the Jesuit order.


According to Wikipedia, “The princely House of Massimo is one of the great aristocratic families of Rome, renowned for its influence on the politics, the church, and the artistic heritage of the city.”

SEE: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massimo_family

Under the subtitle of “Legendary Origins”, Wikipedia goes on to inform us, “The Massimo family is sometimes referred to as one of the oldest noble families in Europe. According to Augustine historian Onofrio Panvinio (1529-1568) in his work “De gente Maxima” of 1556, the family descends in the male line from the ancient Gens Fabia or “Maximi” of Republican Rome and from Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus (c. 275 B.C. – 203 B.C.), called Cunctator (“the Delayer”).

As to the positive verification of this historical anecdote, Wikipedia goes on to issue a qualifying statement, in the very next paragraph: “When asked by Napoleon (with whom he was negotiating the Treaty of Tolentino) whether the family descended from Fabius Maximus, the then Prince Massimo famously replied: “I cannot actually prove it, it’s a rumor that only runs for twelve hundred years in our family.”

Regarding Napoleon Bonaparte, his surviving memoirs attest to the fact, the Jesuit order used him to help establish the Congress of Vienna, which served to reinstate the Jesuits into those European countries and into the royal courts from which they had been previously banished.

SEE: https://testrun1717679555.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/the-jesuit-order/amp/

Of course, the presence of “the then Prince Massimo” at such an historically significant negotiation, with Napoleon (an agent of the Jesuit order), no less, undermines Wikipedia’s disingenuous attempts to belittle or to downgrade the ancient genealogical heritage of the Massimo family.

In the very next paragraph, however, Wikipedia undermines the veracity of their own historical anecdote: “The Massimo family is also said to have provided two popes to the Catholic Church, both saints – Pope Anastasius (reigned 399-401), who denounced the Origenist heresy, and Pope Paschal (reigned 817-824), who resisted the Frankish Kings and was involved in one of the earliest attempts to Christianize Scandinavia.”

Before the dawn of the medieval period, in 950 AD with Leo de Maximis, is said to be when the better documented history of the Massimo family begins. It was then, the family’s influence among the Roman nobility began to take hold and grew to greater prominence. It was also during this time period, the Massimo family, according to Wikipedia, began “producing numerous cardinals, ambassadors, and civil and military leaders.”

As the family’s political influence and aristocratic profile continued to expand its scope, both in Rome and throughout Italy, the Massimo family gained considerable favor at the Papal court.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, several successive family members were granted the title of conservator which, again, according to Wikipedia, “was a judge delegated by the pope to defend certain privileged classes of persons – as universities, Catholic religious orders, chapters, the poor – from manifest or notorious injury or violence, without recourse to a judicial process.”

A further examination of the history of the Massimo’s reveals that, as the time period of the middle ages advanced, papal interests – both economic and political – and those of the dynastic family grew to become more closely linked and mutually beneficial.

Chiefly, such an alliance of expedience could have been forged, due to the fact, as the medieval historical period wore on, it became increasingly evident to those on the papal throne, the Massimo family possessed ample resources to maintain their own standing army, one which, perhaps, could even threaten the hegemony of the Pope himself.

Wikipedia informs us that, during the 16th century, “Two branches descended from sons of Angelo Massimo (1491-1550) who became first lord (Signore) of Intrafiumara in 1520; that of Tiberio, whose descendants became Dukes of Rignano and Calcata, and died out in 1907, and that of Fabrizio Massimo (1536-1633), who obtained the lordship of Arsoli in 1574.”

Of course, the title of Duke signifies one of aristocratic stature and even royal heritage, equal in political rank to that of a prince or the regent of a sitting monarch.

Through the centuries, the Massimo family intermarried with the Savoy and Bourbon-Pharma families, to which belong Henri, the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg (AKA David Bowie) and Felix, the late Duke of Bourbon-Pharma (AKA Frank Sinatra/Ed Sullivan/Humphrey Bogart).

SEE: US government goes wacko in Waco

SEE also: Actors in history’s grand stage play (Part XVI)

Though Wikipedia claims that, historically, only two among the Massimo family have ascended to the papal throne, it shall soon become clear, there exists a third papal figure descended from their ancient royal lineage, one which Wikipedia has, of course, conveniently omitted.


Since 2013, the Massimo family has been involved with making significant investments into the aerospace industry.

According to their website at auctusindustries.com, “Auctus Industries (“Auctus”) is a company founded with the aim of building a significant, diversified, highly profitable, global aerospace business over the long-term. Auctus was established in 2013 by Terry Twigger, Valerio Massimo di Roccasecca and Edward Spencer-Churchill and made its first acquisition in 2015, acquiring Shimtech Industries for an enterprise value of $220 million.”

Certainly, everyone who frequents this blog is familiar with the Spencer-Churchill family who inhabit Blenheim Palace, one of the most splendid and well-appointed estates in all of England, if not Europe.

Winston Churchill, as everyone may recall, has been positively identified as the host actor (live action role player) behind the mask of the infamous occultist, Alistair Crowley.

SEE: Your spell is broken, Mister Crowley

While examining their webpage at auctusindustries.com, one noticed a most remarkable and distinguishing feature concerning the company’s profile.

More remarkable than the fact one of the founders of Auctus Industries is a genealogical relative of Alistair Crowley AKA Winston Churchill, the company seems – at present – almost solely focused on mergers and acquisitions.

More generally, however, the company’s current economic focus isn’t so surprising, especially, when one considers the latest devastations wrought upon the global economy and, more specifically, upon the aerospace industry and the once-bustling business of commercial air travel.

There can be no doubt, however, given their proximity to those of the thirteen, ruling elite Jesuit families, such economic devastations were well-foreseen by both the Massimo and Spencer-Churchill clans.

Furthermore, considering the pertinent information which follows, it could also be that, all along, Auctus Industries’ economic master plan – in the wake of the Covid-19 psychological operation – was to boldly attempt to monopolize the ailing aerospace industry.

While perusing the sub-section of Auctus Industries’ site, under “Group Companies”, it appears that, only seven years after its inception, the fast rising aerospace start-up recently acquired ownership of Shimtech Industries, the largest manufacturer of aerospace materials and high-performance composite structures and assemblies.

In other words, Shimtech is the world’s largest manufacturer of vital materials virtually any large-scale commercial airline concern would need to properly maintenance their fleets of commercial passenger jets.

For example, according to Auctus’s website, “Lamsco, Shimtech’s largest US subsidiary, was recognized by the Boeing Company who awarded Lamsco its coveted ‘Supplier of the Year’ Award in 2013 in the Outside Manufacturing category, ahead of 11,000 suppliers.”

With Auctus Industries’ executives having maneuvered to acquire such a valuable supplier in the aerospace industry, the economic implications become quite clear.

Essentially, the company will become the sole manufacturer of all significant aerospace equipment needed to maintain the large-scale fleets of not only commercial airline passenger vehicles, but, as well, those companies involved with carrying large-scale air freight.

Nevertheless, as everyone shall soon discover, it is the father of Prince Valerio Massimo di Roccasecca, one of the founders of Auctus Industries, who, it turns out, has a lot in common with the current Jesuit papal pontiff, “Francis.”


According to an article, published at bereanbeacon.org, Pope Francis has composed an encyclical which appears to conspicuously articulate his pantheistic and occult vision. The papal encyclical, entitled “Laudato Si’, mi’ Signore”, (“Praise be to you, my Lord”): On the Common Care of Our Home, begins with a paganist description of the earth, inhabited by a feminine spirit(s).

“In the words of this beautiful canticle, Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us. “Praise be to you, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruit and colored flowers and herbs.”

I don’t know about you, folks, but it sounds as if Francis, during a misspent youth, may have spent one-too-many days, naked while donned with nothing other than flowers and beads, rolling around in the mud and filth at the Woodstock festival with the other clueless hippies while deluged in an LSD induced haze.

But the reigning Jesuit pope’s pantheistic, dogmatic, and environmentalist pseudo-spiritual clap trap doesn’t stop there: “This sister (the earth) now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her. We have come to see ourselves as her lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will. The violence present in our hearts, wounded by sin, is also reflected in the symptoms of sickness evident in the soil, in the water, in the air and in all forms of life.”

With that latter statement, could “Francis” actually be suggesting, due to “the violence in our hearts, wounded by sin,” that humanity is the sickness that afflicts “This sister” (the earth)?

Judging from the contextual tone of the encyclic excerpt, that would certainly seem to be the case. Does Pope “Francis” mean to imply that humanity-at-large must now pay for its sins, for its propensity to plunder mother earth “at will?” Could it be, the wages of this “sin” shall be death – the UN’s genocidal Agenda 2030 “Goals for Sustainable Development” – for a significant portion of humanity, around the globe?

SEE: https://bereanbeacon.org/pope-francis-the-fox/

The article, at the link posted immediately above, refers to Pope Francis as a “cunning Jesuit fox”, a description which is particularly apt, given the fact his host actor, a royal prince of the ancient Roman Massimo family, is married into the British Foxwell family.

SEE: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracyfact/comments/7fbuln/massimo_crime_family/

The article, at bereanbeacon.org, also points out Pope Francis’s obvious dedication and zeal to the execution of the stated goals of the climate change psychological operation, which also directly corresponds to the UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals which have been designed to actively work towards reducing mankind’s “carbon footprint.”

Could it be, this is why, the Jesuit’s trained government puppets, from around the world and in each country, have repeatedly and identically mandated the compulsory wearing of masks, health threatening implements which have proved to significantly limit the exhalation of human C02?

Masks-C02-reducing carbon footprint-sustainable development-forced vaccinations?

Certainly, the keen perceptiveness of every regular visitor to this site has, by now, well-surmised the grand and sinister scheme at play here, right?

But would it surprise anyone to discover, “Pope Francis” (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is a fabricated character scheme portrayed by Prince Stefano Massimo?

Though in the following images, available at the links listed immediately below, it will appear as if Francis’s host actor – Prince Stefano Massimo – is much younger than “Jorge Bergoglio”, extensive ear biometric analysis indicates a perfect match between the host actor and “Pope Francis”, the fabricated character scheme.

If everyone studies the image(s) of Bergoglio closely, you shall, first, discover the ears are identical, but secondly, you will also observe Francis’s facial geometry – particularly in the areas of the nose, chin, jaw line, and neck – has been heavily laden with strategically applied layers of stippling.

Additionally, in many examples of Francis’s images, his eyes and brow ridges appear to have been raked with photo shop.

Below from L to R: Pope Francis, Prince Stefano Massimo

OIP (16)[6227]OIP (15)[6234]

OIP (17)[6229]pes_153619[6228]

According to Francis’s official biographical entry at Wikipedia, “as a young man”, before joining the church and the Jesuit Society of Jesus, “Bergoglio worked as a bouncer and a janitor before training as a chemist, and working as a technician in a food science laboratory.”

How’s that, for the most improbable career trajectory you’ve ever witnessed, huh folks?

Of course, Francis’s official biography is marked with numerological coding. According to Wikipedia, Francis was “created cardinal” on 21 February 2001. Of course, elementarily, when summed, the date of Francis’s creation as cardinal at the Vatican equals 26, a pair of numbers which, when, in turn, multiplied, equal 12. 12, when reversed, according to the occult law of mirrored reversal, equals 21 or 3 7’s/777, Alistair Crowley’s joker intelligence code.

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  1. Speaking of cardinals, the Cardinal de Rohan reminds me of the occult mystic and freemason Alessandro Cagliostro. He was “unjustly” implicated in the Diamond Necklace Affair during the mid 1780s due to his intimate friendship with the highly-placed cleric (who was also implicated in the scandal), which is telling enough. They look very much alike and the dates match. And both were crypto-Jews.





    “Cagliostro’s career of deceit eventually brought him into serious conflict with the law. Because of his friendship with the Cardinal de Rohan, he was implicated in the scandal known as the Affair of the Diamond Necklace (1785–86) and consequently spent nine months in the Bastille prison and then was banished from France. In 1789 he was arrested in Rome after his wife had denounced him to the Inquisition as a heretic, magician, conjuror, and Freemason. He was tried and sentenced to death, but his sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment in the fortress of San Leo in the Apennines, where he died.” – https://www.britannica.com/biography/Alessandro-count-di-Cagliostro

    And as usual, they have a sob story that “Cagliostro” was a “street urchin” and a petty criminal who was born to poor parents in the Jewish slums of Italy. It looks like they made-up that element of his bio to hide his more illustrious background.

    “Giuseppe Balsamo was born to a poor family in Albergheria, which was once the old Jewish Quarter of Palermo, Sicily. Despite his family’s precarious financial situation, his grandfather and uncles made sure the young Giuseppe received a solid education: he was taught by a tutor and later became a novice in the Catholic Order of St. John of God, from which he was eventually expelled.” – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alessandro_Cagliostro#Early_life

    There was also some debate as to who this mystic was. Most commonly he is believed to have really been Giuseppe Balsamo, a notorious Jewish con-artist and magician also from Italy, as is stated above by Wiki.

    For more information on the Cardinal de Rohan, visit:


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