Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me.

The controversy surrounding the 2022 gubernatorial election in Arizona stands as a prime example of Jesuit-controlled CIA/MSM propaganda writ large.

Further investigation exposes the Arizona “election” as a carefully executed and micromanaged psychological operation, designed to work on more than one level.

While the dramatic “election” saga in Arizona now continues over a legal battle involving the final “vote count”, the swirling controversy began with democratic candidate Katie Hobbs’s decision to not only avoid publicly debating her opponent, Kari Lake, a former television news anchor, but with her steadfast refusal to campaign at all.

Instead, Hobbs hermetically locked herself away in her basement and away from the public’s eye.

When asked to address this rather unorthodox approach to political campaigning – as everyone will observe in the following video excerpt posted below – Hobbs offered a rather nonsensical reply.

“Our campaign strategy is our campaign strategy,” she said through an imbecilic grin.

It seems, not only does Hobbs harbor an aversion towards the very concept of political campaigning, but to also answering enquiries issued from the very MSM outlet – CNN – dedicated to promoting her political career.

Turns out, the controversy surrounding the gubernatorial election in Arizona has been manufactured and so haven’t the candidates.

Further and deeper investigation confirms “Katie Hobbs” is a fabricated character scheme.

As for her political opponent, “Kari Lake”, she too has proved to be a fabrication.

But remarkably, it has been discovered on this occasion, both fabricated character schemes are portrayed by and modified from the television image of a high-profile MSM news anchor who, without coincidence, was educated at Georgetown University, A Jesuit-established military-styled fortress disguised as an institution of higher learning.

Tragically, the registered electorate of Arizona doesn’t appear to have even the faintest notion they’re being played for fools.

On the one hand, they’re being driven into a divisive ideologically based struggle, while simultaneously and unwittingly forced to participate in a massive socio-political/social engineering behavioral experiment. This experiment has been meticulously designed to psychologically modify the public’s behavioral patterns into incrementally accepting a simulated reality.

Of course, after the fact, when the public’s majority has been thoroughly acclimated to the simulation, they will be told – by “experts”, “scientists”, intelligence-controlled television pundits, and hosts of Hollywood manufactured celebrity gurus – things have always been that way.

However – as everyone who frequents this site has most likely become aware – this is a massive lie.

These dubious arguments will be declared with one purpose in mind – to get the public to reject their established perceptions of objective reality in favor of adopting and embracing one which has been simulated by artificial intelligence.


Before endeavoring to take up the profession of politics, official biographies inform Kathleen Marie Hobbs was employed as a social worker. There is a paucity of information or dearth of detail provided, however, as to what the prime motivation on the part of “Katie Hobbs” must have been for her decision to enter into the arena of politics. Nevertheless, after short stints in the Arizona state senate, we are told “Katie Hobbs” ascended to the office of Secretary of State in Arizona – a position second in the line of political succession to the Arizona governor – from her previous line of work.

But “Katie Hobbs” may have possessed ulterior motivations which official biographies fail to detail.

In-depth investigation, however, has managed to uncover the name of an organization established to prepare ambitious Arizonian women for politics.

But more on that shall be shortly forthcoming.

Given what little information generally exists, nevertheless, Hobbs’s official biographies manage to inform us, she was a graduate of Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University. Before becoming interested in politics, according to Wikipedia, Hobbs “specialized in domestic violence and worked for one of the nation’s largest domestic violence centers.” 

Apparently, providing services to ‘domestic violence’ victims has developed into a rather large and profitable business.

Before attending college as an undergraduate, Wikipedia informs Hobbs is a “first-generation Arizonian, raised in Tempe in a middle-class family that sometimes relied on food stamps. She came from a Catholic family and volunteered at her church as a child. She went to catholic schools throughout her childhood and graduated from Seton Catholic High School in 1988.” 


Further investigation into Seton Hall High School led to pertinent information as to who controls Maricopa County, Arizona, where, in 2021, according to Wikipedia, “Arizona Senate Republicans provided $150,000 to fund an audit aimed at contesting the 2020 presidential election results.”

Reportedly, according to the consensus of MSM sources, “Katie Hobbs” responded to the proposed audit with a six-page letter, stating the audit’s procedures were “better suited for chasing conspiracy theories than as part of a professional audit”. 

Surely, everyone noticed the occult significance of the number six (3+3/33) which represents a freemasonic code for the number thirty-three, the highest degree of Scottish Rite freemasonry. Freemasonry is controlled by the Superior General of the Jesuit order or military order of the Society of Jesus, the Praetorian Guard of the Swiss banking consortium or Holy See. 

Rather telltale, too, to observe “Katie Hobbs” resorting to the cliched term ‘conspiracy theories’, the standard pejorative regurgitated by half-witted operatives working for the Jesuit-controlled CIA against anyone daring to either question or investigate MSM propaganda. 

Regarding Hobbs’s alma mater, Seton Hall High School falls within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix which includes Maricopa County, Arizona.

It is interesting to note, the incumbent Bishop of the Dioceses of Phoenix – John P. Dolan – was appointed by the Jesuit Pope Francis (AKA Prince Stefano Massimo).

SEE: Jesuit Pope Francis’s Papal Fraud

This is not surprising, either, considering that, historically, in 1610, Jesuit missionaries were the first to establish mission settlements in the geographical region which, centuries later, was claimed by Vatican City as the Diocese of Phoenix.

As everyone shall soon discover, the live-action role player – a CBS News anchor/personality – identified in portrayal of the fabricated character scheme known as “Katie Hobbs” was a graduate of Georgetown University, an institution established by the Jesuit order.


Though her official biographies claim “Katie Hobbs” had been employed as a social worker since 1992, her refusal to publicly debate political opponents while remaining in her basement – an unorthodox campaign strategy she decided to deploy during her run for the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial “election” – ironically demonstrates she may not be very social.

But Hobbs’s political unorthodoxy may have derived from a non-profit organization – Emerge Arizona – connected to the UN which served as her benefactor.

Wikipedia details, “Before seeking elected office, Hobbs participated in political leadership programs in multiple organizations, including Valley Leadership, Emerge Arizona, and the Center for Progressive Leadership. She was a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.”

Now defunct, the Center for Progressive Leadership was an American 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provided leadership training for advancing progressive political and policy change.

According to Wikipedia, “The organization offered 9-month part-time leadership development trainings for a select group of organizational leaders, future candidates, community organizers, and progressive activists in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.” 

Apparently, in 2012, CPL merged with Social Justice Leadership (SJL), a Marxist organization connected to the Jesuit’s vow of World Mission.

The term “Social Justice” was created as a semantical facade for the totalitarian ideological concept known as Marxism.

As revealed in a previous article, the political ideology known as Marxism was created by a Jesuit scholar, Luigi Taparelli D’ Azeglio. 

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Regarding Emerge Arizona, an organization dedicated to training women to become political candidates at the local and state level, it turns out, “Katie Hobbs” was its executive director from 2013 until 2019.

A deeper investigative probe indicates Emerge Arizona is linked to intragovernmental panels connected to larger bureaucratic organizations such as UN Women, a multi-national organization dedicated to not only promoting “gender equity”, “LGBTQ+”, and “women’s empowerment” but also the implementation of the UN’s genocidal seventeen Sustainability Goals (AKA UN Agenda 2030/2050).


On the official webpage for Emerge Arizona – which, oddly, omits the names of those among its board of directors – the organization describes their political training program as a military-styled “boot camp”.

Apparently, while attending Emerge Arizona’s “boot camp”, women such as “Katie Hobbs” learn how to best adopt and deploy media savvy diversion tactics to shield themselves from overt public criticism or scrutiny as the most effective methodology to get “elected” to public office. 

Though “Katie Hobbs” may have a penchant for hiding away in her basement to avoid public scrutiny, she didn’t hide the host actor behind the mask of her fabricated character scheme well enough. 


According to Wikipedia, “Nora Morahan O’Donnell is an American television journalist who is currently anchor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for 60 Minutes. She has worked with mainstream media outlets throughout her entire career, including as former co-anchor of CBS This Morning, Chief White House Correspondent for CBS News, and a substitute host for CBS’s Sunday morning show Face the Nation.”

In other words, Nora O’Donnell is a highly controlled CIA intelligence asset, a graduate of the Jesuit established Georgetown University. Her family is also well-connected to the US military/industrial complex. From the details of the following biographical excerpt, it becomes more than possible to ascertain Nora O’Donnell began her training as an intelligence asset for the CIA very early on, one who was groomed to become a reliable and high-level distributor of MSM propaganda.

Wikipedia confirms, “O’Donnell was born in Washington D.C., the daughter of Noreen Bernadette (O’Kane) and Francis Lawrence O’Donnell, a medical doctor and US Army officer. When Nora was three, her family moved to San Antonio, Texas. When she was 10, the family spent two years in Seoul, living in Yongsan Garrison as her father was assigned to work there. While an elementary student, she started her career in broadcasting by giving videotaped English lessons for the Korean Educational Development Institute. The family moved back to San Antonio, where she attended Douglas MacArthur high School, from which she graduated in 1991. She then went on to attend Georgetown University, where she graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and a Master of Arts degree in liberal studies in 2003.” 

Ear biometric, facial recognition, and image comparison analysis confirm that CBS/MSM anchor Nora O’Donnell is well-acquainted with “Katie Hobbs”.

While examining the series of images posted below, everyone will observe that both the slope of the jawlines and the architectural, geometrical contours of the noses and chins are comparatively identical. Though “Katie Hobbs” has been modified with eyewear to better disguise the identity of her live-action role player, closer examination of the respective brows indicates the geometrical and architectural contours are identical.  

Below from L to R: Katie Hobbs, Nora O’Donnell

While examining the pair of images which follow, everyone will observe that the geometrical and architectural structure of the respective cheekbones and nasolabial folds – circled in white – are identical.

Though, once again, the fabricated character scheme known as “Katie Hobbs” has been strategically modified with eyewear to distort the public’s ocular perceptions and to better hide the identity of the host actor, it can also be discerned that part of her modification process was to merely remove the copious layers of customized hair coloring or dye normally applied to her live-action role player, MSM news anchor Nora O’Donnell. Nevertheless, as everyone can also observe in the following pair of images, the structural alignment of the respective hairlines appears to be comparatively identical.

Additional facial recognition analysis demonstrates the geometric, architectural, and dimensional structures of the respective noses, chins, and brows are also identical.

Further and more extensive ear biometric examination confirms the epidermal and architectural dimensions of the respective inner and outer ears are identical. 

But more than any other comparative component of the facial geometry, it is the color and geometric quality of the eyes which better facilitates the discovery of the host actor – Nora O’Donnell – concealed behind the mask of the modified fabricated character scheme known as Arizona politician “Katie Hobbs”. 

Below from L to R: Katie Hobbs, Nora O’Donnell

Inkedimages (3)[6609]InkedOIP[6606]

In the next pair of images posted immediately below – featuring “Katie Hobbs”, Nora O’Donnell – everyone will observe that the angular dimensions and proportional symmetry of the epidermal flap extending from the lower region of the respective chins and observed to be plunging downwards along the contours of the necklines circled in white are identical. There are also conspicuous epidermal landmarks – lines or creases – extending from the front to the rear of the respective necklines which also appear to be identically patterned and aligned. Everyone will also once again observe, the comparative architectural and geometrical dimensions of the respective chins, lips, and noses are also identical.


Inkedimages (3)[6611]InkedOIP[6610]

Upon closer examination, everyone will observe that the respective alignments of the teeth featured in the following pair of images are also conspicuously identical. 

Turns out, Kari Lake, the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial opponent of “Katie Hobbs” has something in common with Nora O’Donnell – she was once an MSM news anchor.

As detailed in previously published articles, Fox News corporation also actively employs other serial perpetrators of Post-Modern Reality Simulation – “Sean Hannity” (AKA George Clooney/Jay Leno/John F. Kennedy Junior/Antonin Scalia/John Kerry/Michael Cohen/Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark), Laura Ingraham (AKA Rochelle Walensky/Harris Faulkner), and guest commentator Newt Gingrich (AKA George Soros/Aristotle Onassis/Bernie Sanders/Dan Rather/Evelyn de Rothschild/Michael Aquino/King Constantine II of Greece and Denmark). 

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Why MSM Won’t Talk About George

Unmasking Rochelle&Loren&Walensky


The biographical revelation that 2022 Arizona gubernatorial candidate “Kari Lake” was, for over two decades, a former Fox News anchor represented the discovery of a telltale clue, one which helped to confirm the positive identification of the live-action role player behind the portrayal of her fabricated character scheme.

On the one hand, such a biographical anecdote reveals that not only is “Kari Lake” a fabricated character scheme attached to a pseudonym and modified from her host actor who is also an MSM news anchor, but on the other, that she is also a high-level intelligence asset employed in the service of the Jesuit/Vatican-controlled CIA, one dedicated to playing her assigned political and ideological role in implementing the Jesuit’s World Mission (AKA Marxism/UN Agenda 2030/2050).

It is possible to surmise from the anecdotal details of her official biographies that the fabricated character scheme known as “Kari Lake” was set up by her CIA intelligence handlers to represent a high-profile agent provocateur, one designed to become an ideologically and politically divisive high-profile figure. 

The following excerpt from Wikipedia appears to confirm this hypothesis.

“In her last years working in the media, Lake shared false and unverified information on social media, prompting criticism and acquiring a reputation as a provocateur. In 2018, she opposed the Red for Ed movement, which sought more funding for education through strikes and protests, claiming that movement was a ‘big push to legalize pot’, she later apologized for the statement (saying that she ‘made an incorrect conclusion’) and, according to the station’s regional human resources director, subsequently took an unexpected month-long leave from her position at the station. In July 2019, Lake was caught on ‘hot mic’ footage promoting her account on the web platform Parler. She shared Covid-19 misinformation on Twitter and Facebook in April 2020. Lake’s statements and actions made her a divisive figure among colleagues in her last years at the station.” 

In essence, “Kari Lake” was designed to be featured in the political arena as a strawman, a behavioral influence/social engineering model designed to participate with a key role in an ongoing psychological operation, the primary objective of which is to alter and manipulate public perception, opinion, political and ideological behaviors.

Meanwhile, what the public doesn’t know is that both “Kari Lake” and Katie Hobbs” are fabricated character schemes portrayed by the identical host actor (live-action role player).


While examining the pair of images featured immediately below, everyone will begin to notice the respective structural dimensions of the hands – circled in white – and lengths of the fingers are proportionally identical. Upon closer examination, detailed analysis indicates the vein patterns on the respective hands featured in the following images are also identical. 

Below from L to R: Katie Hobbs, Kari Lake

While ocularly comparing the pair of images below featuring Nora O’Donnel and Kari Lake, everyone will begin to notice that not only are the structural alignments of the respective hairlines proportionally identical but biometric examination of the ears while positioned at synonymous angles confirms both the epidermal contours and geometrical architectures are also identical.

Extensive image comparison analysis indicates that many of the images featuring “Kari Lake” have been raked with photo shop paint brush to darken the hue of her skin in an attempt to conceal the identity of the live-action role player.

Also, while “Katie Hobbs” was modified with customized eyewear to distort the public’s ocular perceptions of the host actor’s facial geometry, “Kari Lake” has been modified with customized contact lenses for the very same purpose. 

Below from L to R: Nora O’Donnell, Kari Lake 


OIP (3)[6618]

While examining the architectural contours and geometrical alignments of the teeth featured in each image displayed below, everyone will observe they are conspicuously identical.

OIP (2)[6619]norah-odonnell-1[6616]

OIP (3)[6618]

Below from L to R: Kari Lake, Nora O’Donnell

OIP (3)[6618]


Below from L to R: Nora O’Donnell, Katie Hobbs

InkedOIP[6606]Inkedimages (3)[6609]

InkedOIP[6610]Inkedimages (3)[6611]

Meanwhile, the preliminary court proceedings subsequent to the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial “election” are merely yet another episode in an ongoing theatrical production or, in intelligence parlance, a force multiplier component of a psychological operation meant to demoralize and pacify a targeted enemy.

In this case, that targeted enemy is the American people. 

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